Tuesday, September 26, 2017


When you look at the above picture, what do you see?

Or more appropriately, I should ask…. What is it that YOU THINK YOU SEE? 

Do you think you know what you are looking at? 

Do you think you have the above picture all summed up?

Think about it for a bit and really look at it .  Tell me if you think you understand what is going on in this picture.

Your interpretation will definitely be like no one else’s.

Your idea of what you think you see may be on point or it could be completely off-base.
THIS is exactly why I created it … to make this point.

Humans go through life, thinking they know what it is they see at first glance. 

Sometimes they believe they understand all they need to understand.  

Of course this is a very ‘human’ thing to do because generally speaking humans are visual creatures. We think our eyes see everything that is going on. 

In the world of our day-to-day communications, this would be why miscommunication exists in abundance – at work, at home, in your personal life, with everyday strangers when you run your errands, and the list goes on.

Sometimes our words are misconstrued the way our eyes deceive.  We do not talk about communication in this context, which is the reason for my writing this to broaden the scope of how we ‘interpret’ what is said.

INTENT is a tightrope and it is the number one problem with communication. 

Authenticity and pure heart within your communication and your words is vital in order to come from a place of understanding and integrity. 

Let’s review our UNDERSTANDING LINK:

One’s intentions could be misconstrued, and sometimes the intention is not always received correctly by humans when words or even actions are taken in everyday communicating. Even if we are the best communicators have the ability to articulate our message, not every person will digest the information, words, thoughts, or emotions the same way.

First, we need to crush the sole link of intent as an 'idea' which causes the problem of not meaning what we say and not saying what we mean to say .

WHY?  Because INTENT clouds the entire stream of communication, as most humans use it as a “CRUTCH” or “SCAPEGOAT” for why something was misunderstood instead of operating from the place of TRUTH in the first place.

This is human sphere stuff.  Soul sphere is different. Let's identify the difference.

Human Context: 

You may argue this point… but think about it… most of the time the word “INTENT” ever comes up is usually AFTER THE FACT something is misunderstood.  Humans (unless there has been a lot of PREFACING) – don’t say “My intent in saying this is…. " before something is actually said because it is ASSUMED automatically that what will be articulated will be understood.
Remember, this is “assumed” … and we know how dangerous that can be.

Soul Context: 

If we operate from the place of TRUTH, we can crush the “IDEA OF INTENT” in the HUMAN SPHERE and its negativity because the SOUL ONLY KNOWS PURE INTENTION (loving, generosity, kindness) – because our words or our actions will always come from a place of TRUTH and AUTHENTICITY and from a positive space, not a negative and hurtful one.

Will that solve all the problems?



INTERPRETATION is still the issue.  One’s perception can screw that up in nanoseconds depending on the place of ‘presence” at the given moment of the recipient.  This again, is from the HUMAN sphere.

Have you ever had a phone conversation where one or both parties were losing reception and the phone was cutting in and out? 

If you have, then you understand how a fragmented conversation can take place where only one-third of the words were even heard, and one-quarter of those words may or may not have been received correctly or understood/interpreted even if they were delivered with authenticity. 

How we TWEAK OUR LINK of communication is by utilizing our brain’s ability to dissect logical intent and our heart’s ability to dissect applied emotion with pure authenticity.  

However, this takes a lot of time (something most people do not have) and with fragmented digital communication, the art of conversation dies because most people want to ‘rush’ connection without investing energy, time or emotion to understand anything in real communication. 

Some may run due to fear. Some take things for surface value. Others will try to slow down to really understand the intent… but even so, there is still more than meets the eye and more going on behind the scenes than one can see. 

Just like art, everyone has their own interpretation.   

Is there a solution?  YES. Ask for clarity, ask about purpose and ask about context so that nothing is misinterpreted and truth can have a clear pathway to walk and be received correctly in communication. 

Now back to the visual… there’s only one way to clarify the truth, purpose and authentic message of that picture…