Friday, June 4, 2021




Missed messages?  Undelivered emails?  Electronic glitches and malfunctions? 

How about being at a loss for words?   It’s not you… It’s retrograde season again!   With Mercury and Saturn both in retrograde, we’re experiencing an energy shift.  This affects both business and personal energy – as we are all in ‘go mode.’  

Are you noticing that even though we’re opening up to try to return to some normalcy, that not everything is going as thought-of/planned?  

Why will this season affect us more than others? 

The Universe is asking us to slow down a bit and create delays to re-evaluate, regroup and redefine goals, directions and intentions.  We cannot go full-throttle as we did before, because we are not living in the same world as we lived in prior to the pandemic. 

Ultimately, this retrograde is for our own protection because it is asking us to take a look at how we did things before, and to show us why that same exact energy won’t work exactly the same way now, in a changed world, with different behaviors affecting everything from business, economics, health and wellness and even our planet, as nature itself has changed while we were in quarantine.

While some have looked upon this retrograde time as a negative, it can actually be a positive and productive period of discernment trying to return to what you’re being asked to take a look at in terms of what you want to express now to align with our new world.

For each human, we are asked to further explore our soul’s truth in order to move past what has accumulated and then revealed in what energies needed to be changed as the world itself changed.

Much of the change has to do with time.  Why time?  Quarantine had us visit some clean-up with regard to how we process time to focus on where we invest energies, where we deplete and for some to organize time better to create the balance we were asked to create.

The bigger question now for everyone is ‘How balanced is your time, so you can show up as your best self?’

What are you feeling and thinking right now is either in reactive state or proactive state based on current energies we’re all working through in the next four-to-six weeks in relation to the realizations you’ve had during quarantine.

We are all ‘collectively’ meant to move through this pivotal time, STILL in our own individual altered timelines.

Feeling fatigued?   If you are, it has much to do with how much you are processing the surrounding energy we absorb vs. what we expend as a collective, and your own individual relationship/response to what you’ve processed already or are trying to figure out.

Be gentle with yourself during this retrograde if you are looking for a huge awakening to ‘what is next’ – as it can be tricky to navigate if you don’t allow yourself the proper reflection time to your own truth in how you want to create your purposeful communication at the next level.

Above all, patience is your friend if you lack clarity at this time.  However, you don’t have to wait to be moved by the collective energy, rather USE retrograde energy productively for yourself to go within to your soul-driven next chapters and the steps you take where you align with new clarity and epiphanies.

Quarantine time has been a time of truth more than ever before, because we were all forced to go inward, while we were inside with much time to think into overtime mode.

We’ve looked at cocooning as a refuge of sorts in many ways, but at the same time a truth-reveal of how we’re communicating internally with our circumstances will come to light in terms of moderation and balance.

During quarantine, you might have noticed people in your life repurposing and reclaiming “their concept of time” - due to digital fatigue.  You may have noticed “more thoughtful/mindful” communications coming your way, rather than impulsive immediate response at a snap.

Whether or not you are a ‘go-go-go’ type of person, we’ve all been asked to slow down in order to see what we’re meant to see at this time, in what appears to be a turning point of optimism and hope; while also preparation for the ‘what ifs’ during a time of pulling back to plan for something we cannot see.

This planet retrograde season is designed right now to literally plant ourselves in order to give deeper thought to what matters more now in HOW we choose to think before we speak, and change what is spoken to be more aligned with what productive insights were gained during quarantine.

Above all, we are not meant to second-guess our choices right now… instead we re-evaluate our own evolution in order to take the steps forward, utilizing “time” and our “new timeline” with the soul-driven consciousness instead of just the human one.  In other words, remove ego and judgment of yourself and others with how they manage time.  We have to be patient and compassionate as everyone adjusts to the so-called ‘return’ and what that means in terms of the bigger picture.

This is imperative to our next steps within our next chapter.

  • 1)      How has this affected you and the clarity of your communication steps and missteps? 
  • 2)      Where have you improved and what opportunities do you see for greater improvement?
  • 3)      When is your ‘active listening’ driving your soul vs. your human in terms of your actions?  Are these actions increasingly impulsive and reactive vs. proactively productive after taking the time you need to reflective?

Sometimes too much noise is simply just too much.  This can be everything from too much news, social media, barrage of information, cluttering up the space rather than clarifying the message with its real intention of what was meant to be received vs. how it was actually received. 

When we begin to see that finding the balance of what is absorbed, observed and digested vs. what is actively delivered, we find solutions we wouldn’t have discovered before. 

It is here we see where the barrage was simply making it challenging to be ‘consciously present’ to listen to the gaps of silence where our own GPS navigation within initially wanted to go. 

If we give into paying attention to the gaps and learn to be comfortable (!) with the value of gaining deeper insights during the silent retrograde time, new internal creative ideation can emerge if we start allowing it to flourish with that balance.

What did the pandemic teach all of us? 

Our soul-driven next chapters are now reliant upon this balance… action vs. active listening.

Need an example? 

We found it useful in our own health and safety consciousness to pay attention to what was happening, digesting it and then making mindful decisions on how we would individually take action from the place of responsibility and pro-activeness while seeing  just how DIFFERENTLY that looked in comparison to reaction, misinformation, panic and wrong steps.

This large ‘can’t be missed’ example with the pandemic is something we can apply to our daily life now – both in personal and in business relating as well.  The pre-pandemic ‘pause for effect’ is now taking shape in the ‘pause to reflect’ as we look at purposeful communication.

If we look at that “hard-learned pandemic lesson” – and now apply that to our “new normal” and our next chapter of our new lives and newly evolved altered timeline with how we move forward we are now able to pay greater attention to what the retrograde season was designed to help all of us see.

The healthy balance of re-evaluation is key to our soul-driven next chapters with new mindfulness of how we wish to communicate purposeful action. 

There is a fine-line when it comes to creating awareness vs. the excessive bullying barrage of persuasion.  One is proactive, while the other is pushing you to be reactive. 

Today’s quarantined consumer is becoming very active at being more discerning. In essence, quarantine helped humanity “decide” which side of the fence they sit on as they weed through information, communication and what they perceive as ‘important and true’ OR ‘something that must be researched further.’

Discovering just how progressive the quarantine process was to prompt greater awareness levels of this balance is what will drive us to our next life chapters with heightened consciousness, discerning real truths and transforming that into communication that is more aligned with who we are, who we’ve become/how we’ve changed in the last year and a half, and what we wish to articulate going forward just as much as to what we choose to buy into or respond to in the present moment.

Your choices from here are what will determine how you craft your own communications to purge old behaviors that no longer serve who you are now in comparison to the person you were pre-pandemic.

Clean-up is always a great pro-active and positive thing to do to eliminate communication confusion once you are stepping into the direction you wish to go in your own clarity, tone, follow-up and purposeful ways to articulate your truth.

Take the time you need to upgrade your communication during our retrograde by adapting to the unexpected changes to pivot and use time differently than what you had intended should retrograde make it all go awry. 

Ask yourself “What is the Universe wanting me to see with this right now?”

Chances are, that you will see just how adaptable you’ve become and how flexible you are with not attaching yourself to the timeline you want your way, and instead create a make-shift resolution to see just how necessary it is for others to gradually adapt to their own.   The more graceful we are in accepting the unexpected, we gather more insight and compassion to “being in the moment” (whatever that is) instead of doing what our humans had planned to do.  With this shift/adjustment, we’re actually learning the great art of acceptance for what is that cannot be changed and instead change our own perception to how we receive a retrograde.

Sending you strength, support and positive energy with the hope you’ll be patient and gentle with yourself and others as we get through retrograde season.



Stacey Kumagai