Sunday, February 13, 2022



Happy Today.   You may scratch your head and wonder about this opening.  The idea that “today is a new day” may be much easier to digest in real time as it keeps the vibe of a new beginning.   

However, “Happy Today” is both something you can question as in "Are you happy today?" 

Or you can collectively make a statement in our together consciousness – Happy Today. 

This may appear simple, and it is.  But like everything, there is a deeper context in the choice of HOW you see it, how you say it and more importantly how you LIVE IT.  

For those in the every day 3D Human Existence, this may appear elementary in context to understand.  Occasionally you may find yourself floating 'in the in-between' of your everyday 3D reality actually questioning these questions and statements from another place, battling your psyche's growth and evolution vs. your human existence.

Our own collective consciousness is beginning to realize that it is a piece of realized time where being happy today is similar to molding a slab of green clay into our own proverbial Gumby figure (Millennials, please Google it) as creator Art Clokey designed to mold ourselves into what the day brings, from whatever foundational slab we originate.

While this may not be actual news in the breath that ‘Today is a new day’ – it is when you look at what we’ve been through the past two years to understand that the context of this declaration has a different meaning than it did two years ago.  

Two years ago, humanity was happy with status quo. We can't say that it was all that in itself, but if we were to condense the consensus, this might be true.

Perhaps we have realized this evolutionary period as something far different than the mere overused term ‘new normal.’  In reality we may not have seen that life itself is evolving all of the time (Shh.... even though it is!)

Granted, this ‘all at once’ piece of our current timeline is a lot, some say ‘too much’ and some will say ‘not enough we have so much further to go’ – depending on one's current perspective, as we’ve seen at rapid speed and avalanche levels of forced evolutionary process of change.

This may be the actual point. Or is it?

It’s almost as if we even understand the 80s Valley girl “as if” tongue-in-cheek reality check as we examine humanity itself.  Here we can understand deeper-than-deep levels actually looking at said term as profound because we’ve found ourselves in a place we never thought was possible... "as if" we would find ourselves in this drastically different looking world than 2019.

In reality, some of the TRUTHS we've seen almost make the human existence question what is real as it unfolds, "as if"  (hehe) some of the present-day consciousness has been living under a rock. Shaken by truths is most often a way to say we've been blindfolded to much, while certain sectors of 'earthly beings' look away like cringing at the reality of what is being presented.

Here we have opportunities to clear up, clean, fix, repair, repurpose, reinvent, make conscious different choices.   These can be small or large depending on the day and whether or not you are "Happy Today." 

Hmm. Yeah, This is the real truth.  But it is in honesty with ourselves we can come to a place of deeper understanding of this truth.  It's not always pretty.  It's almost always uncomfortable and this is the place where we as a collective consciousness can GROW forward into better tomorrows, whether or not we are "Happy Today." 

Yes, this is something bigger than human ego.

This is something bigger than all of us.

It is a choice, which brings you back to your perspective asking yourself some harder questions and putting in the work.

However, if we're not participating in this daily work, what are we doing? 

Has humanity as a collective lost itself looking so far ahead that we’ve become blind to how lucky we are to have the present moment as it is and to work with it, right in front of us instead of future casting?

If you think about it, most of the work we do predicting, planning, organizing, strategizing isn’t about today… it’s about tomorrow.   

Dare I say ‘as if’ we already know we’ll be here tomorrow (thus, asking is this hope or cockiness assumption/taking for granted), always preparing for tomorrow, when we actually don’t know this as a fact of our own reality.

Yet, we all must prepare to plan for a tomorrow we’re not certain will come until we are there, arriving at said day, grateful for the yesterdays that looked ahead for said advanced levels of preparation.

Hmm…and sigh, and gads….

If your work currently has you living out your tomorrows today, are you actually finding the moments of living today or are you labeling your present day by what you today whether its contents is for tomorrow?

It has been a while since I have blogged, for the very reason that I am living the lyrics of the Gumby theme song, of seeing what I can do today, getting in touch with my own heart to be both present and part of what the day presents, which is in context the whole point of life.

What started out as a deliberate social media hiatus, ended up as a longer period after having my sister taken from me suddenly and unexpectedly.  Sporadic social media gaps gave me some of my private grieving period of absence that was both needed and essential to work with ebbs and flows of processing life's bigger scope of things beyond what was already a very complex scope of things.   

Hopefully you all have a heart to see even in my blogging absence that I’m still a part of you and vice-versa, as in the whole point of the meaning “Namaste.”

More importantly, I am here to acknowledge the collective higher consciousness has not called for me to be here blogging haphazardly anyway, just when ‘called upon.’  

Thankfully, these last few years, I've only honored this calling from this place, which I have learned in time is unpredictable in itself, because I am not in conscious control of the flow of this connection, rather I am going with the flow of this said connection.  

This is difficult for avid digital people to fathom with perceived rules that one's own blog or social presence is a scheduled one.  That’s okay, I’m not them and vice-versa, our respective journeys are our own. My intent is to help you with your journey as I consciously live mine and together we work through what is tugging to open up gateways of understanding.

What I am seeing in observation is that many people are understandably in digital burn-out mode, with many choosing hiatuses that are deliberate in order to get a breather from the chosen narratives of the world to connect to their own in real time, in real life.

There is so much to say and do and there is also so much more to experience in the stillness that is poetically in motion with a rhythm all its own.

Social consciousness connectivity in real life is forcing attention on present-day matters.

While social media can be helpful or harmful on any given day, it may or may not be a good use of our time. 

Do we dare ask what is being asked of us right now these days, as if today is indeed all we know at the moment we have to actually work with?  

Collectively, through this pandemic we’ve learned so much about ourselves seeing first-hand what is here is not always here, therefore we best be here wherever that is that calls us to be present.

It is up to us to find our own unique balance of navigating life without the self-imposed pressure having it all figured out as we explore the new life paradigm.

Sometimes you may find yourself with something to say, share or maybe you just show up and listen. Regardless of your choice, you will find that whatever is organic and true to your very own energy will resonate in Divine Time.

I will leave you with this thought, Lovely Souls: 



Happy Today!

Blessings to you.


Stacey Kumagai