Saturday, September 9, 2017


By Stacey Kumagai

How do you define restlessness?  How do you cope?
Can you find your solution… in this thing called HOPE?
Feeling anxious and unsettled?  It is not just you.
Everyone is tested, with something to go through.
Are you facing some obstacles?  Feeling stuck and defeated?
Are you finding that your energy is completely depleted?
If events at this time are compounding little sleep.
Maybe your head is spinning, with endless thoughts that you keep.
If your mind is busy, or your body tosses and turns,
If your soul feels anxiety or your heart simply yearns,
Perhaps your worries, anxieties, and all of your fears,
Challenge tranquility …to find a path to your ears.
Your mettle may be tested, during these challenging times,
Clear away the clutter that weighs upon your mind.
As you question what to do …and how to find peace, 
Surrendering control, can be a way to release.
You’ll be shown a path, and an unexpected light,
For when you have doubts of reaching, what’s in your sight.
In the light you’ll find answers, you’ll see what you need to see,
How to have trust and faith -  to believe in serenity.
You will know that tomorrow, will bring you another way,
Sitting in gratitude for now, will help get you through the day.
You have not been forgotten, so take a deep breath---
Tough times challenge everyone, for their own life journey tests.   
Have hope that help is coming, trust that your needs are understood,
And that everyone can rise up for the greater good.
Grab on tight and hold on… be as brave as you can,
Find all the courage you have, and know that ‘you can.’
You will discover what you’re made of, by finding inner strength,
From here you will realize you will go to any length –
To endure, to survive and power onward to be free,
To become the strongest you,.. that you ever could be.

Namaste. Prayers, light, strength and hope.