Thursday, September 24, 2015


It's no secret that sometimes when the world is not a kind place, for many, it can chip away at their self-worth, their self-esteem and happiness.

First off, we need to stop the bullying.  That's just a fact.  But why do bullies, bully?  They have no self-worth, therefore they need to rip others down in order to feel good about themselves rather than be a pillar of support.

So why not just be a pillar of support?

Those who bully don't know how because they've never been supported and their world is filled with negativity and this is why they choose to clutter yours with it, too.

It doesn't matter if the bully is a stranger or if the bully is in your own family ....we need to examine how the cycles in families occur and how people's self-worth and happiness are affected unless the cycles are broken.

One can justify "they don't know any better" and they had a "rough childhood where they were not shown love and kindness" --- yes, this may be true.

But I would like to gently ask you to.......NOW turn your attention to a rescue dog or cat at an animal shelter.

You know some of these animals have been abused and had horrific things happen to them.

Yet, there have been many documented cases where their behavior can transform into unconditional love, rebirth/evolution in new behavior and moving forward from their default abused position.

How is it possible that THEY are able to show love, give love, and BE LOVE even though they have had the same things happen to them (or worse) than a human?   How are they able to still love and be kind and loving?

Interesting thought, isn't it? 

Thus justification and excuses don't hold up for the human any longer. Pointing fingers of blame at your parents and living your whole life that way is not healthy.

WHY?  You become a victim and you allow your power to be given away.

Are you allowed to be human and feel your feelings?  Yes, absolutely.

Are you allowed to experience pain and heal?  YES.

But do you NEED to make the rest of your life a living hell by your own hand if you choose not to heal, and give permission to someone else to prevent you from living the rest of your life and making it the best you can?

That's up to you.  You have the power to take back your life.  

You have the power to change and transform your life.  

You have the power to turn hurt, anger and disappointment into something more beautiful --- IF YOU CHOOSE.

Each human is responsible for their own transformation and change into stopping the cycle so that the cycle is not passed down another generation.  It is here where people who had it 'bad' can REMOVE THIS LINK from being dwelled upon and start making changes to pro-actively seek a happier, healthier, better life through the process of reclaiming self-worth.

YOU are not the events that happened to you. 

Yes, they are part of your journey.  Hopefully, you are starting to sift through your own LIFE LINKS to decide what you don't want linked to you anymore and what you do.  CHANGE is possible.

Read that again, please.

Negative links do not need to be part of your destiny.  This is where Linkronicity can help you switch links in your link-line of life.   You can always remove links that do not jive with who you are or who you want to become.   You can always add a new link to make your journey happier, healthier and better.

WATCH HOW TO GET YOUR SELF-WORTH IN TACT .....You do not need to validate your existence by other people's nods: 


Still with me?

Is it possible for humans to evolve?  YES...  It is.  It is a choice.  THIS IS A NEW LINK you can add to your life.  It is up to you to do it.  However it needs to start with the human in wanting to make that choice. You have heard hundreds of stories in the news where people have turned their life around.

This is part of the human spirit and free will. 

Getting the right help and having a willingness to change is part of the transformational process.   It isn't easy to rise from the ashes and overcome trauma or a life that has not been easy, but if we can all work on our own human souls and help each other heal, this world can be one heck of a better place if it starts from home base.

Why not just spread peace and love?  YES, we can do that. Let's go for it.

We MUST do that - it is imperative to do that in order to help each person heal one at a time.  As Ellen Degeneres says at the end of each of her shows, "Be kind to one another," - it's a good message to spread and a good thing to practice.  The more kindness, the more love, the more support and positive energy, we all can make the world a better place.

But has to begin with each of us.  In order for this to happen, we all must get out of the mode of EGO.  Does that sound like a contradiction?  Ego vs. Self-worth?   Hang tight - you'll have the answer to this shortly.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you can go an entire week of only spreading kindness, joy and love.... can you do it?   Can you go a week without a single negative word or thought, reaction or action?   How much discipline does it take within your being to do so?    Can you actually take on the challenge to allow one week to be all about everyone else and not about yourself and your ego?   If you can do this - then you know what is possible and that change is possible.  If everyone can do this, the power of creating change is within everyone's grasp.

LINKING to your self-worth is easier for some than others - particularly when lots of negativity is abundant everyday.  But just as negativity is abundant - so can positivity and positive energy if we choose to mirror it back.

This painting is what I was inspired to paint one day as an affirmation.  The inspiration came after getting an earful from a friend who decided to complain for several hours about how others were affecting her life.

My question to her was "Why do you let them?"

She looked at me blankly and didn't have an answer.  But she was so much in her 'ego' that she was too blind to SEE HOW that was possible..

This is when I realized that everyone has their own homework and footwork to do - ALL IN THEIR OWN TIME.  Sometimes not everyone is ready.  It's like waiting for a flower to open or that hard avocado you pick up that's not quite guacamole-ready to use.

We can help as much as we can, but someone must be in the position to RECEIVE.  Receiving guidance, a road map of life of sorts requires self-worth to accept it!

Whoa, right?

We cannot save everyone, but we are responsible for saving ourselves.  While we are on this journey, it's also a good idea and kind to offer a hand up to discovering what is possible with a little encouragement and support.  Do what you can.

However, for those of you who try and try - it is important to understand that no one can find happiness or self-worth in any amount of advice given unless they are in that place to SEE IT, HEAR IT, RECEIVE IT and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Everyone must find it for themselves within and be open to removing LINKS of old behavioral patterns of conditioning and add new LINKS of gratitude, joy and self-esteem. 

I made some tea and much like the 'light' you get from opening a fortune cookie with a message, the Yogi tea I had pulled out of the box had this timely little message at the end of the string.  It inspired the painting - I took it as a sign it was meant to be that this needed to be a message which surrounded my daily life.  I needed to spread this message to others to remind them of their worth. 

This is the first thing I look at when I wake up and the last thing I look at when I go to sleep. Now I share it with YOU so you can take in this message and apply it to be reminded of your worth.

If you are feeling 'invisible' ... you have to take stock that someone out there does connect with you, comprehend you and knows that some days are a bit more challenging than others.  Some days you may face a lot of rejection through your work or your craft or in some other way in communications with people. 

But no matter how much friends, family, partners, pets or even your job can lift you up - it is NOT THEIR JOB TO DO SO.

What?  Yes - happiness is your responsibility... and YES, IT IS AN INSIDE JOB!

Happiness comes from within and is born from self-worth. THIS IS A VITAL LINK EACH SOUL NEEDS to know the meaning of both.

Have you ever heard that the saddest and loneliest souls are the ones who appear to 'have it all?'

Well, happiness and self-worth is not something anyone can supply to you directly and no amount of money can buy - it has to be organically born from within you or resurrected from within you to reclaim for yourself and declare in self-confidence WITHOUT EGO.

How does one have self-worth without ego?   Ego has to be eliminated completely.  "Pride" and "ego" stand in the way of authentic self-worth and pure happiness.   How is this possible?  It is possible because pride and ego are part of ATTACHMENT.  If you are attached to outcome and attached to results and your pride and ego are wrapped up in it, when you-know-what hits the fan, your self-worth plummets.

Have you ever heard of unconditional love?  Many people say they believe in it, but if you have ego and you have pride, then there is no such thing in your internal world.   Love has conditions and has three times as many IF love comes with ego and pride, because someone always has to 'be right.'

Clinical psychologists have asked the question, "Would you rather be right?  Or would you rather be loved?"

Depending on which side of the fence you stand you could either have a love-relationship with these questions or a hate relationship with these questions.

But let's get some clarity and perspective on the matter - Being LOVED is about simply BEING LOVE.... and when ego is removed, judgment is removed.  Love is love and it is what it is.  Ego is not involved and neither is pride.  Just love.

SO -- if you have self-love (self-esteem, confidence, worked on your insecurities), and your self-love is pure without judging yourself based on how others judge you - you have self-worth.   In other words what others think of you does not affect you because their opinions don't have any value in what you think of yourself - there is detachment to the outcome of their thoughts because you have arrived at a whole place to be yourself.

If you are in the sales field or if you are a creative Indie type and you have developed self-worth, daily or hourly rejection doesn't deflate your passion because you have a self-worth shield in tact and you can live your life happily without the rejection affecting you negatively or impacting your ability to get up the next day and plow the fields again.

In conclusion, self-worth and happiness links in your life take some time to work on, but it is possible to have both and in vast abundance because they already reside and live inside of you.... it is just up to you to reignite them and remove the links of negativity which stand in the way of letting those self-worth and happiness links shine.

YOU ARE WORTH HAVING HAPPINESS. Repeat this to yourself... and start to BELIEVE IT!  


Tuesday, September 22, 2015


We all have cloudy days and sunny days as humans.  Our souls have those days, too.  There are times when we lack clarity.  While there are many ways to 'get clarity' - it is not the same for everyone.  We are individuals and what works for one person may not work for another.  The way to get Linkronicity within our being to our own road of clarity can be as simple as being still.

If you have tried to journal, meditate, do yoga or go for a walk to get a clear head but that doesn't work for you, WHAT DO YOU DO THEN?

The answer?  Nothing.  This act of 'nothing' can actually lead to 'something' brilliant if you let it... it's called stillness.

We are human 'busy beings' and it is not often we STOP and just be still.  You may recall as an antsy child in school your teacher probably told you to 'sit still' in class.  Maybe your mother told you to 'sit still' at a wedding or a funeral or in church or at an event and you may have thought she was reprimanding you.  But in truth, sitting still can help you learn better and be 'present' because your energy can be still enough to gain clarity.  By being 'in the moment of stillness' we are allowing other processes to 'shut down' so traffic can clear in our heads of 'doing' to simply 'being.'

While you can be 'still' in meditation, for some Type A people who like to 'control' what is going on, meditation may not work as well because these types are 'conditioned' to want to control the meditation, when the whole point of meditation is to let everything go so your mind can go be still to gain clarity.   Suddenly the focus becomes 'how am I breathing?' or 'am I sitting comfortably enough?' rather than the whole point of being still to gain clarity.

Stillness can help you lead to clarity with absolutely no activity involved.  There is no stimulation of distraction for the mind to detract from creating more space in one's mind.  This is often overlooked as a process because we've become so busy with so many multitasking distractions to be present in the moment.

PURE QUIET (no background noise) is about centering yourself to listen to your inner thoughts rather than hearing the drip of a faucet leak, the click of a clock, the latest commercial off your television or the strum of a guitar in music.

You've probably heard the terms together "peace and quiet'.... they do go together like peanut butter and jelly.  With stillness comes quiet, with quiet comes peace, with peace.... we get clarity.

This is how they are LINKED together.  The process to clarity in stillness is to let go of everything that involves us 'doing' anything in order to start 'being' comfortable with being still.

Stillness is not always a comfortable place for a lot of people.   Most think the only time we are allowed to be still is when we sleep.  Even when we watch a movie, while we are still - we are still actually 'doing' something, thus... not being.

If we look at our minds like a computer hard drive, we can 'defragment' our minds and eliminate the temporary daily cache that clutters it.  We are not downloading anything except what is left after the clearing and the defragmenting and it is here we are simply left with our own thoughts and feelings as they are.   When we get to this place, without any outside influence, we are dealing with raw material.

It is in the examination of the raw material in our minds and hearts that is left where we can start fresh to gain clarity and perspective from where we are..... simply being STILL. Now we're at the root of where things are at in order to process what is pure to deal with it head on, once we get back into our 'doing' mode because we can take action after the clearing, the de-cluttering and the over-processing of our minds each day.

Linking to the root place is like diving deeply into our truth.  This is where Linkronicity can begin - with the truth, the root, our organic selves being most authentic in the pure moment of stillness.


Sunday, September 20, 2015


Are you the busy, hardworking professional, who works so many hours, there is no time to explore the world of woodworking or crafting? 

Perhaps you are the husband or boyfriend who has given up making model airplanes because you’ve been told you’re an adult and you need to grow up?

Or maybe you’re the busy mom who spends more time cleaning up your children’s painting messes, but you’ve neglected pulling out your canvas and oil paints to create your own masterpiece? 

Believe it or not, most people have given up their hobbies and their joy of creating due to work, responsibilities, relationships and perception that there is lack of time.


When was the last time you played or had fun creating?  Can’t remember?  Has it been a long time? 
Our happiness factor is LINKED to the ownership of creating.  

Creativity is the activity our right-brain needs to feel alive.  If you’re in a left-brain centric occupation, chances are you have put your right-brain on the back shelf of your life.

Linking your left-brain and right-brain together can actually improve your productivity, sense of joy, happiness and fulfillment and well-being. 

This vital link of ‘creating’ is necessary for driving our life’s journey and ‘purpose’ forward as we take ownership of our pathway and gain clarity in daily life. 

Zoning out in front of video games, TV or the Internet in a zombie state of being, hinders our internal curiosity factor we were born with in childhood.  

As a child, if given Play-doh or Legos or crayons and told to ‘go create’ – we had the liberation and freedom of creating whatever it was we wanted.

As we become adults, the idea of ‘perfectionistic tendencies’ creeps into our psyche and we become judgmental of ourselves and others in the creative process.

This is destructive to your journey and actually roadblocks you to your destiny of creating something that you enjoy.  In essence, you censor your ability to have the ‘wonder’ factor of creating freely as you wish and you halt your ownership of your own FUN ZONE.

Now creating has become a task – making it more difficult to create happily. Negativity can enter and be self-sabotaging to your ability to move forward in your life. 

Is this how you want to live?  We all know that you don’t want to imprison yourself from having fun or creating freely because then you limit your own freedom to simply BE. 

About four years ago, a colleague and I stumbled into a place where you can purchase a canvas and paint on the spot.  There was no art class, there was no prerequisite to participate…. BUT there were rules….

The rules were – you were not allowed to use a paintbrush.  You were not allowed to ‘control’ any aspect of your art.  In other words, you had to let your art simply ‘flow’ freely and be satisfied with the idea that you were creating something beautiful, because YOU did it – no one else and not even your mind, you simply created. 

We used small squeeze bottles (similar to the kinds you normally see ketchup and mustard in on vendor carts) – filled with various colors of paint.  You were allowed to choose your colors and use as much or as little as you want and how you wanted.  You could do swirls and lines and it would all puddle together becoming whatever it was to become and spill over the sides and make a mess.

This was the most liberating, freeing feeling … to create without borders or boundaries, or self-judgment or rules in terms of what it must look like to be accepted as art.  We are all artists.
The lesson was not lost on the idea that this was applicable to each person. We were all encouraged to get in touch with their ‘inner artist’ and be free to create and return to being that child who just go with it. 

Psychologically speaking, we were given a life gift in our journey to go back and claim that lost artist-child within.  Linking back to that freedom and innocence of the FUN ZONE of playing and being was joyful. 

Don’t we all deserve to have joy?  You know the answer to that.  So ask yourself….

  •        When was the last time you created something?

  •       How long ago did you have fun and freedom just being playful?
  •       Did you forget your inner artist?
  •       Is there some creative endeavor you have not tried yet, but want to?

  •        Have you only put creative efforts on a bucket list for when you have time?
  •     Where were you when you last felt creative and what did you do?
  •       Have you forgotten how to have fun and is this the real reason you don’t start?

  •       What obstacles have you put in your way to prevent you from creating? 
  •       What obstacles have others put in your way to prevent you from creating?  Why the heck  did you give them permission to do so?  

It’s time to LINK back to your artistic side, your right-brain and build a bridge between your right and left brain again to allow yourself to have fun, joy, creative fulfillment and happiness in your life that YOU get to incorporate whenever you please as you please.   

Without this precious link to your inner artist, you’re not enjoying your journey and you could be preventing your destiny from happening.   

Find your own Linkronicity within your creative self and simply let out that true artist within.


Friday, September 18, 2015


Dogs get excited to see you come home.  They share openly their joy and appreciation for your return. They are not shy about letting you know that your loyalty in returning actually validates their trust that you won’t abandon them. They will be more vulnerable in displaying their feelings in both physical and vocal behavior at will. 

People think cats play hot and cold. They will appear aloof, but in truth they are allowing you to be you, while giving off the appearance of detachment.  Their truth is that they are not detached, their love is just as unconditional as any other pet, but they do not carry out the behavior as openly or freely until your feelings are reciprocated, so that trust is built.  

Birds are vocal and have been given the gift of wings to fly and leave at will with an overview of in their perspective of life as an observer.  Communication and freedom are within their DNA to be themselves until they are caged.

We have seen recently on the news animals from the wild coming into suburbia. Imagine their shock to discover what we’ve done with their stomping grounds.  Small bear cubs were in the news recently taking over a backyard pool, starting their own frolic-filled playtime, ‘enjoying’ what that means… to play. 

This list can go on and on describing the gifts that animals bring us in their display in linking to human behavior.  Studies have been done through primates who appear to be most human-like.

However, when you stop looking at animals and humans and start examining the soul, you’ll start to see that all animals have behaviors similar to humans in various aspects of being. 

Animals are our LINK to life.  Animals are our LINK to relating and our Linkronicity is helpful in developing ourselves and improved communications with one another. 

Their behavior (unless trained) is rarely censored and is displayed as their most authentic self. 

The human censor and filter (thank goodness we have one), is what navigates our behaviors.  This is a good thing most of the time. 

Nevertheless, it can also be a barrier to authentic communication with other humans and souls when the soul is conflicting with the human.  The soul wishes to express true feelings, but the human is afraid of judgment.

When you go back up to the top of this blog looking at dogs and cats, you are sure to find similar behaviors in humans that you know in your life.

The question remains at ‘the wall’… that is put up and the ‘double-standard’ in judgment in terms of behavior.   

For example:  When a dog is loving and hyperactive and showing appreciation, it is considered gratitude.  When people do this, humans may go to the knee-jerk reaction of someone being overbearing or ‘clingy’ or ‘needy’ or too open.  

When a cat’s behavior lets you be you, it is considered acceptable because the cat is cute.  But when a human behaves like the cat, the default reaction to humans is that someone isn’t connected or emotionally intimate or engaged in your interests.  In this scenario, the human becomes the dog overcompensating thinking that more attention will trigger a more engaged reaction.  But the truth is nothing’s changed.  A cat will let you be you and for humans who are evolved to let you be you… it is the same. The engagement is no different, however humans judge other humans on this behavior.  They don’t judge animals.

When we get out of our human selves and start to examine the SOUL instead… we can take a step back and fly above like the bird while observing from above what is going on.  We ascend higher into a different state of consciousness and being.  It is here we SEE what is happening and the higher we fly to observe and learn, the less we wish to be caged.  There is freedom here. 

This freedom frees your soul to be you – your true being of who you really are. It is in this, we can thank animals for giving us life lessons in comprehending further that behavior is behavior.  Acceptance, tolerance, perception, and understanding give us tools to navigate our lives much better.  It is here we can establish peace.  It is here we can find a sense of well-balance in our being.  

Linking ourselves to the world of animals and seeing in their eyes, their souls is a good lesson for life as humans to do with one another.  It will further breed a deeper level of connection within all of us here on this planet.