Friday, September 22, 2017


Do you see what I have pointed out for you to see reading what you just read in the above graphic?

Do you understand the context of the cliché’ you’re tired of hearing?

Or do you only see what I stated you’d see, when on the other side of what you experienced and could not see at the time?

Are you still following me in what I am saying or are you just seeing that you are confused by what you’ve just seen?

These may seem like questions of jibberish… but look at them closer and you will perhaps see what it is you are meant to see.

Don’t believe me?  Read on… and dare I say, you WILL SEE.

We are a complex tangled hot mess, are we not?

Humans. Souls. Existing. Living. Being. Becoming. Searching? Some do, some don’t need to and some are confused as to whether or not they should. 

If you can’t be bothered to comprehend this, you could be living in bliss.

If you find all of what you have seen so far, somewhat intriguing or intoxicating as your eyes read what you just read, you could also be living in bliss. 

Or maybe you are living in cerebral nirvana as you are challenged desiring to think beyond the depths of frivolous emojis and hashtags, looking for something more substantial than “likes,” “shares,” or “followers” or even fleeting comments which grace your social media. 

If your human is only obsessed with the latter, then you don’t SEE and you are missing out my friend.  But if you are living in cerebral nirvana reading so far… I welcome you to read on to SEE even more. 

My human does not know you.  However if anything here is resonating, then perhaps my soul may know you more than you think or we’re merely on the same page (which is not an accident), not just reading, not just seeing, but actually SEEING beyond what we see. 

Welcome to the ethers. 

It is where souls fly occasionally.  Some belong to the frequent flyers club.  Others may be new to it, only arriving here for the first time.  However, if you have been here before, you will know this place well.  The boarding pass in your hand is crumpled and slightly damp from the human sweat of your palm as you’ve given yourself carpal tunnel grabbing on so tightly to the safety bar of your wild ride in this thing called LIFE. 

Humans like to sweep this place under the rug and never speak of it, because they don’t like to be judged or thought of as a freak for talking about it.  They may cringe or wince if they receive a strange “you’re crazy” look and feel it is better to be silent than criticized. 

However, souls will wink at one another knowing their own depths as they admit, “Yes, I go there, and thank goodness you have too… I know I am not alone.” 

If you are lost reading this, you may have already stopped reading (i.e. downloading your brain with all that is being presented here).  

However, for those of you who are still here, you know I am about to go into a territory of talking about what humans only scratch the surface of in conversation. 

This cliché’ of ‘everything happens for a reason’ appears to be something everyone talks about as a human consolation when we face challenging times.  

Those who utter it from a place of knowing – mean it from the trenches and place of experience; while others who utter it use it as a crutch default because they really don’t know what else to say and they believe it to be comforting, yet hypocritically have never been on the other side of it… at least in the ethers. 

Those who are grimacing in amusement right now, I see you. hehe

We know that this is not judgment, this is pure truth – not in observation, not in opinion, but fact. 

When you have been to this place called ‘hell and back’ from an ordeal in your human life, resurrected, survived and fought hard to “return” to declare “endurance” – then you understand how much your soul can appreciate being here…FOR PURPOSE. 

This “purpose” isn’t something you need to ‘search for’ any longer, it just is. It means you have determination and pure conviction and fierce will to see everything through like a beast and nothing is going to stop you.  Granted, it doesn’t make the human process any easier to navigate Planet Earth, does it?

Some may understand you or say they do and your human mind may question if this is truly so and may need to discern the authentic souls from the ‘talkers.’  

However, in your GUT…. Your internal intuitive sense of knowing and heightened awareness of being, you know who the real ones are.  Those are members of your tribe, and those are the loyal ones who will stand by you.  

These same people may even disappear for periods of time but when they return, you pick up right where you left off like no time has passed since it is not real anyway and you know that is a soul contract that is seen through for its purpose and “everything that happens for a reason” is from an authentic place.  

Your soul then welcomes them back and says, 

“Oh, whew… thought I lost you for a bit.  My human got a tad messed up and had doubts for a second, but my soul remembers, I can’t get caught up in that human stuff anymore, it just makes me insecure and causes my mind to spin and my heart to sink…” 

The soul then says, “Ah… thank goodness I don’t have to say 10,000 words to clear this up, but rather when I SEE, and YOU SEE and we both SEE, then that is all that we need to SEE.”   HONOR. LOVE. LIGHT. TRUTH. PEACE. KNOWING. SEEING.

With that, if you are still here with me RIGHT NOW, and you SEE beyond the words of what was just said, I smile with you, because you GET IT.

This is the core context of what ONE WORD, “Namaste” means… really, truly, authentically.
Again, like the cliché’ of ‘everything happens for a reason’ – those who get it from the real place know the word’s power. 

Take a look at your life as you do your inventory and ask yourself about your bigger picture of life, your quality of life and above all what YOUR TRUTH IS inside your soul.  

Bottom-line, you KNOW… so the question must be asked, why is so much time wasted on NON-TRUTHS?   

Do not allow your mind to ruin the beauty of what your soul has orchestrated in its ‘all-knowing.’ 

You have already SEEN what you need to SEE and YES, you DO KNOW what you must instruct your silly “human” to do – but you are wasting precious “earth time” not taking action due to fear.  Human fear, mind you.  Souls do not have fear.  Did you forget that?   If you did then maybe you need to be reminded FEAR IS NOT REAL.  Watch this video.

This place in the ethers is a place that is so comfortable to fly you may have to remind your soul to return to earth to do what it came here to do and to live the way you wanted to actually live, as your TRUE SELF.  However, FEAR is what prevents your poor human from doing just that.  

Let me just say this aloud so your human and your soul (whomever is driving this time machine) both hear me…. This thing you get TIRED OF HEARING ME SAY,  “Everything is for your highest good” is real, it is true and you may not SEE it as you are going through the tough stuff, the challenges, the things that seem difficult.  But trust me when I say that when you get on the other side of the “reason” – you will SEE WHY and you will then say “AH HA – I GET IT NOW …. I really get it.” 

If we are lucky that our divine plan for our life is as epic as we dream for it to be… and our highest good has served us in the faith we have to keep pushing our at-times annoying stubborn human forward, we understand.  

It is here we SEE.  It is here we shake our head and can’t believe that our TRUTH has been here all along for us to OWN and grab hold of and use to take ourselves to other ethereal realms of understanding WHY so we can make peace with all of it, that our poor human struggles to understand.  We then kick our human around like a hacky sack and say “Why didn’t you do…. XYZ?  You wasted so much earth time!” 

You can smile at that, too… particularly if you have been there, done that, and bought the souvenir T-shirt!  I wink at you in ‘all knowing’ … and toast you, clinking our glasses and say “Cheers.” 

My hope is that YOU SEE …TRULY SEE that I SEE YOU, really SEE YOU, which is why I am writing this to confirm what you know, but your human has not allowed to utter or admit.  

You need not be afraid of what I SEE in you… there is only acceptance here, zero judgment and yes, I am past all that ‘human stuff,’ but that does not mean that I am not human.  

My human is grateful to be here and my soul is grateful to reside in this human.  Yeah, I may have to rein in this verbose one from time to time just to give you guys a break once in a while so you don’t get retina cramping.  Rest assured, my human - she means well and comes from a place of love, compassion and wanting to assist you the best way she can.

She’s not always intense and if you think so, you’ve misjudged her severely… she’s just passionate about what she shares in order to assist lost humans who CANNOT SEE or SEE the point of SEEING but who really need to SEE because they’ve spent most of their human life with their eyes shut.  She just doesn’t want you to waste another breath or another wink of your limited human time on this planet worrying, feeling fear or anxiety or feeling stuck or stalled. She wants to get you unstuck to LINK to all that you can SEE even if you have been blind to what your highest good is or what living your best life is truly about. 

While both the human and soul understand you are human at times, this is just a reminder you are not alone and you are on this planet for something even bigger than you realize.
If you are 'questioning' that process... yes, Linkronicity can help and is here to help so don't hesitate to reach out to ask questions on social media listed below (DMs are okay if you are shy) or go to and fill out the form.

Meanwhile,as you muster up the courage to do just that - remember that optimism can get you far along your journey as you are living it. 


Just know, she, the human SEES you and I, the soul SEE you and what we both see is someone pretty spectacular with a lot of great things ahead in life if you choose to SEE the same thing… wake up and SEE it, too.  Don’t forget your glaucoma test… that little puff in your eye may awaken you to SEE even more beyond the eye chart. 

Namaste.  (aren’t you glad you know what this word means now?)