Monday, July 15, 2019


Lovely Souls, 

This is as REAL as it gets.  Energetically this is a time all about renewal to come into your new cycle of real love.  Everyone is being asked to step into a new vibration reality to only go for this truth and what authentically resonates and not waste time on energy that isn’t who we are

This is a different level of self-love harmony than you have worked on before.  It restores your every confidence and helps you step up and into what you want for your life, true passion resonance on every level. It’s not about talking yourself out of what you deserve. It is not about losing hope or having doubt.  That has to stop NOW or you will block energies of what is meant to be realized and self-actualized.

You ARE strong enough.
You ARE capable.
You CAN do this.
You ARE love.
Good things ARE coming to you.
Your dreams and your vision ARE YOURS.

THIS is who you really are.... not the other person that goes opposite of this direction.

Why is this happening?  So no one can ‘get away’ with being fake anymore or living a façade… in other words, living a life that is not who they are at the CORE.

When you are your doubting, worrying, stressed self...That is not your authentic self. 

The real you?  You can do anything and that is how you can be to love your life and have everything you want IN IT.  Love leads you.

This also means, to not settle for energy in your life that isn’t vibrating with your heart.
When you were a child, if you did not want to play Dodge Ball, you said, “I don’t want to play Dodge Ball” – you read a book instead of getting hit with the darn ball.

Train your brain to step into your truthful energy of knowing you are accepted, and that somebody sees you for who you really are and loves you just exactly as you are, and yes your choices - even if they are different.

While you may know this intellectually, what is happening cosmically now is that the energy shifts for this to become reality... not just a thought process, not just a "life advice tip" for you to follow, but to OWN for yourself and stand tall within.

THIS is perhaps the best analogy for what is happening cosmically in terms of a new cycle of real love. It starts with YOU before it can turn into 3D reality with the kind of connection you want with your loved ones.

You do not need to ‘go along’ or ‘go through the motions” in a half-baked effort in your daily life that does not make you feel ‘alive,’ ‘creatively challenged’ (in a good way) or inspired.
Once you recognize this vibration, everything you want (health, true love, philanthropy, stability, etc.) will evolve into this higher ground for you and your life on your ‘new terms’ of living your life.

If you are not in harmony, then you are going to be challenged and asked “What really sparks your soul?”  This is so that new conversations can begin on THIS level, not the ‘meh’ level where you feel a part of your soul chipped away at, each time you lower yourself down from who you are.

Anything that falls short now, leaves the realm of possibility- because The Universe KNOWS what you truly want (you’ve prayed for it repeatedly) and won’t deliver anything less than that. Then you will be pushed to answer this question honestly this time to step up into a HIGHER VIBRATION. 

Trust that the very best is already yours….and on the scene. It is here and you know it – you just need to choose it and claim it, declare “I want ________(XYZ).”  

In simple terms/words, it’s time to DIG DEEPER and there are no more beauty pageant ‘answers’ to questions – the Universe will ask you what you want (and to be clear).  For others who have not lived this pathway and have been living life on auto-pilot, most of this time, this question is going to get REAL for you in fumbling for YOUR ANSWER.
This energy that is happening right now is funky/gnarly and NEW.


Thus, if you do ‘not know how to do this’ – it’s okay.  If you do, then you lived through the timeline when the planets were in this EXACT alignment that they are right now, which is eons ago.

So if you are feeling out of sorts, you are not alone – EVERYONE is feeling it on a different level, based on where they are in their own VERY SPECIFIC personal journey BASED ON THEIR SOUL’S CALLING.

What am I talking about?  I am talking about DNA activation in your TRUTH of this next cycle so that you can live your best life.

But take a deep breath – relax.  It just means you are making ROOM FOR NEW ENERGY.
So what does all of this mean?   

For those of you who have NOT yet watched this video – please watch to get “caught up” on what is happening…. And WHY.

Now… let me be clear, this is not the ‘best life’ that you have heard a thousand times before, rather this shift of energy consciousness has to do with something even DEEPER for…

  • ·         Your emotional activation

  • ·         Your spiritual activation

  • ·         Your mental/psychological awakening of your power activation

  • ·         Your choice to move into your new physical world reality

  • ·         Your soul’s evolution and choice to rise higher and higher

  • ·         Your cellular activation

  • ·         Your spirit’s CALLING that you’ve tried to turn away from

If you are feeling like you are losing everything familiar --- or your ego is upset that things are not unfolding to your ‘perfect vision’ – you are misreading what is happening.

What if I told you that ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS have been heard and that everything you wish for is here, you just have to open your eyes and see what is here.  It is not about looking at it from your lens, but to see it is delivered and you have to just have to declare and claim it.  

Everything that is falling away (projects, friends, things you’ve worked hard toward/i.e. old goals, maybe loved one, your life as you knew it, etc.), it because you are being prepared for a NEW WORLD. 

That’s right… a new world you have not set foot in before.

WHY?  Because you are a new you with a renewed you, an improved you and therefore you must now enter a NEW CYCLE OF LOVE.

If you were pushed to the walls of injury, illness, disease, or distress, you are not the same person as you were before.  You are now meant to step into your power to use your experience to help others see what it is you experienced and use this as a gift of knowledge to share.

If you were forced to take on new responsibilities that you did not foresee coming or even if you were forced to change careers, jobs, pathways due to the economy or life circumstances, you are not the same person as you were before.  You are now meant to gather all that you’ve learned to shift and navigate your next pathway with clearer vision and understanding for where you invested your energies so you can do this with wisdom for efficiently for your soul’s energy reclamation. 

If you were backed into a corner with your friendships, co-workers, colleagues, relationships, family obligations, etc., you are not the same person anymore. You are now meant to seek your new tribe in terms of the collective with like-minded energies to expand consciousness so those people left behind can be helped just from the energetic field of your new united energies/power with others. 

Do you see what is happening now? 

We do not understand what is happening at the time when it is happening, but it is indeed happening for a greater purpose than we know.  

Sometimes it is merely about the human GETTING CLEAR on TRUTH – and being REAL as opposed to ‘going through the puppet motions’ of what is expected in terms of conforming.

The Universe is sifting out those who have conformed too long – because they have lived most of their life as ‘not their true selves’ or in a box of half-baked desires. 

Even those who have been rebels and have been true to themselves are having their foundations shaken to clear out old residue of old tapes from childhood (parental parroting) of outdated ideas of ‘how things should be’ – vs. what is in the rebel’s heart/truth to be who they truly are 100% aloud. 

For others, foundations are being shaken for the idea that these people are to be the ‘cycle breakers’ for their family lineage – to CHANGE the story somehow from how things ‘were always done’ so things can be done differently.  Sometimes this is for karmic cycles to be broken to change and clear/heal old karma to have a clean slate. 

For those who have done the massive work, this is also a time when Twin Flames and Soul Mates find each other in the 3D, because they are now whole and healed to actually build something constructive as an example for others to follow.  They have worked through karmic cycles and healed old energy and stories wrapping up loose ends from past lifetimes. It is here they collaborate, merging all their gifts and build something together for the highest greatest good.

For many of you dealing with elderly relatives – this is your ONE CHANCE to say what you need to say once and for all so you can make peace NOW and create a bridge of understanding while you can so that you can enter your next chapter without any regrets. 
And last but not least – for many of you being taken off the chessboard and planted in a completely different scenario of ‘Gee, I have never felt anything like this before or experienced this kind of energy before’ – seeing your world do a 180 degree turn, simply put YOU ARE NEEDED in a different context.

In other words, you’ve already become complacent in where you’ve been sitting in your comfort zone of same ‘ol, same ‘ol far too long, settling.  The Universe knows what didn’t work before and what hasn’t worked before and now is asking you…..

”Are you going to go down the same road to get the same thing you got before?  Or do you want something different that aligns with your heart and soul’s truth of a higher vibration?”
WHY is this hard? Because humans are creatures of habit and will stay in bad situations (bad job, bad relationships, bad community energy, and bad karma energy, and so forth)
Let me just say this:

  • First - You are allowed to grieve your old life. Please do this so you can fully purge/heal.
  • If you are one of these people who like being a creature of habit…. You’re being pushed out of it.
  •  If you truly feel uncomfortable… the Universe is making you get out of your comfort zone.

This is a challenging, yet magical time. It IS a rebirth and it is a time for you to renew your self-love rituals so you can embrace the love that is already here for you in your life to enjoy now as an enlightened soul.  

The Universe is delivering this FOR US ALL so we do not need to be living status quo antiquated thoughts/ideas of ‘how things should be’ – but rather invite us to step into a reality that aligns with our dreams in how we want to participate in to create the life we truly want. 

Deep breath, Lovely Souls.  Welcome to the new cycle of loving your life.  
I think you’re going to truly love it!  Embrace the change.


Sunday, July 14, 2019


The first step.  These three words encompass so much for the human and soul experience.

As children, our parents marveled at our first step we took, knowing first-hand that we would be taking steps throughout the rest of our life.

The road is long. We are not told that in the beginning.  We are merely asked to keep going, putting one foot in front of the other.  

We are asked to stop to enjoy these steps.  We are asked to bask in them.  We are asked to never take them for granted.  We are also asked by the Universe to never fear taking a step again, because time and time again we are shown that in doing so, we are protected as we keep stepping forward, sometimes onward and sometimes at the steepest incline upward.

Most humans are not always conscious of their steps unless fear creeps in, or uncertainty grabs hold or a roadblock appears to paralyze one from taking a step.

The soul is fearless because it knows what it feels like to step into a cloud and have it cradle the footsteps, lovingly enrapturing it with calming, reassured energy, a whisper of praise, and a reassurance of signs.

It is here, the human is urged at some part of the juncture to take a leap of faith. This is a new video I was channeled…. My apologies for my brain’s auto-default accent to my Southern past life (not meant to offend anyone – I’ve spent so much time in the South that it is a trigger).

The Leap of Faith - This is not always easy for a human to do, as it searches for the echoes of “it’s okay, don’t worry” as a toe gingerly tests the waters making sure the human is safe. Oh but the soul is already “all in” and knows the human’s highest and greatest good is served by taking said steps, because the soul knows human earth time is limited in the physical body.

But it is here we have to revisit one’s idea/thoughts about Conviction, Faith, Trust and Belief – the four pillars of your core values and principles as well as your own raison d’etre.

The higher consciousness has already acknowledged, “Your human flesh puppet is merely your vessel. That vessel is not here forever…and you know it.  When you leave this planet, your soul will only have regrets for what it didn’t do when it was sitting around wrestling with human emotions.”

The human sobs, laughing at the same time knowing how the soul knows so much better than the human.

The soul asks the human, “Why do you torture me so?  Why do you put me in this crazy gut-wrenching place of contemplation or indecision?  Why are you wasting human time analyzing when you could be leaping?”

Good question, eh?

So let me ask you Lovely Souls …. What is your answer and how are you facing your own period of contemplation?

You are NOT imagining this. You are changing at a cellular, intellectual, emotional, physical, chemical, and spiritual level right now.

However your human may only see it as chaos, turmoil, something icky or uncomfortable to feel. Some of you may feel it as a rollercoaster of emotions  - up and down, sideways and topsy-turvy at 4Gs one minute and a calm, graceful Zen moment the next.
NO… you are not crazy. This is real – this is destined and it was in the cards to happen

For the past several years, I have been “channeled” messages from the other side to share in blogs to prepare you for what is happening this week. 

THIS IS YOUR NEW PORTAL.. What you choose to do or not do RIGHT NOW during eclipse season will reveal itself fully by your life choices in your life’s outcome in January 2020. 

This is called Divine Timing.  I knew this was coming and it is why I was ‘called’ by my soul to start a blog 200+ blogs ago;108 videos ago and with no proof this was needed or reason other than “I knew I had to do it” and it could help someone… maybe even you reading this right now. 

Doing a blog and video channel for Linkronicity was MY leap of faith – as it went against the grain, uphill like a salmon upstream, opposing all I knew from a traditional and conventional business module for a private practice. It was a difficult tightrope to navigate, too – with my private counseling practice’s code of ethics, much like some financial planners have the same dilemma.  You can’t really have a presence or too aggressively promote because it is not like selling widgets, but just disseminate information, but not too much information. Gads. I hate rules sometimes, but I must honor them and the sacred space of what I do, yet at the same time, the spiritual calling of the ‘bigger picture’ and ‘grander scale message’ beckoned simultaneously. 

Scrutinized by marketing peers for not aggressively marketing this, was not easy.  It may appear ‘strange’ that for a 34-year marketer to NOT market with paid ads, ‘advertorials,’ ‘co-ops,’ ‘sponsorships’ or even press releases, or what I call ‘media whoring,’ to be like a 180 degree from all that I have done aside from organic editorial pitching. However, even that was off limits.  This is what I was told from the Divine.   At first it seemed like a prison – but then it was the most liberating thing to not be attached to the outcome, ultimately just freedom to be not measuring up to some scale.  Luckily, I have no ego - that was removed when I first got into promotions because you are conditioned to have low expectations that just because you promote the hell out of something does not guarantee butts in seats - people have free will and choice.

THIS WAS MY TEST from the Universe.  Could I go against my intellectual and turbo ambitious entrepreneurial business self (and my entire career past) and surrender to my higher self, my spiritual self, my pure heart intention self and honor my core values and integrity of who I am, as I dared to be my authentic lightworker intuitive empath self? 
Could I rectify a past-life soul karma contract of not being in control of said outcome of this pet-project with a brand?  Could I remove all expectation?   Aye, carumba.   Oil vs. water…. Oh yeah.   Water had to win.  Water is life.  This was not about wanting ‘commercialize’ my message with non-stop sales pitches galore or promotions propaganda to ‘buy, buy, buy.’ 

This is not a cookie cutter thing here. I’ve never been about that.  What I have done here is merely wish to ORGANICALLY reach those who were genuinely in need of the resonance energy. I remained devoted and faithful, honoring channeling from the Divine, even the several nudged to share my own human stories to try to actually humanize the soul stuff. This is where I took my leap of faith to believe in something I could not tangibly see, yet my inbox had people jumping in with questions.  

Why?  For the small handful of the ‘chosen few’ who SEE ME and follow, I am here to tell you that you have gifts within you that go far deeper than what you know, because you have stayed.  Something resonates within your own soul’s curiosity of what you think/feel and intuitively know within yourself – the same very things that you think about, ponder, wonder about, and reflect upon and put into practice somehow in how you heal the world in what it is you choose to do.

You are the kind who would NOT stay if you were only interested in the bastardized commercialization without heart, based only on the stacks and stacks of reports, and analytics. I want to thank the loyalists and also my fellow light workers/coaches/empaths who need support in return as they expend their own energies. 

Back to leaping…Perhaps it is because I chose to throw out any common sense of ‘research’ to JUST GO FOR IT, that I vibrated with your own truth in your own wanting to take a Leap of Faith yourself. It was here you could explore the abyss that has swirled about in your psyche, and the depths of your soul so YOU CAN BE SEEN and understood somehow.  

Thus, our journey together began.  My heart screamed to spread the message to help people with tools I already had inside of my psyche, my soul, my gut, my human’s four-decade experience of growing up in cemeteries and going through in my childhood what most people do not experience until much later in life. 

If you watched the video above… you know I talked about frogs.

In nature, frogs leap naturally as a part of survival in the animal kingdom.
Humans have two modes of leaping ….

  • Spontaneous gut-driven leaping from the heart

  •  Extremely careful well-thought out planning, then leaping

Which are you?

Or are you someone who sits in the in-between?

If you’re busy ‘doing the work’ within you - you will discover that you have forgotten the playful childlike wonder of leaping. You abandoned your child-self telling yourself “that’s kid stuff… you’re an adult now.”  

However, if you are only doing external work, you will miss seeing that you abandoned your child-self because you are so darn busy in distraction and then it is here you will only find chaos and confusion.

This is where things went upside-down. 

WHY is this so? 

As an adult as you evolve, balancing your human intellectual with your emotional energies is ‘the work’ your human  does.  Your soul naturally gravitates already connecting to the gut intuitive instinct. 

When you get total alignment on this planet in the earthly plane, that is your human alignment but it is still not that child playing leap frog – because the human ego controls the human leaping/not leaping.

This is the tightrope walk/juggling act that takes place in order for humans “to feel comfortable enough leap.”  

Since everyone is a ‘work in progress’ – everyone is at a different level with the tightrope walk and their individual leaping ability.  

When a human is never consulted in the matter and the soul just leaps, the soul has chosen to function from the soul space. 

Because adults think this is the rational “grown up” thing to do incorporating responsibility, logic, wisdom, memory-recall from past mistakes, and therefore there must be some sort of ‘protocol’ before one takes action. 

  • What if only part of this was true?  How would you feel?

  • What if none of it was true?  How would you feel?

  • Does any of this matter?

Well, that depends… if you are only choosing to live life with blinders on in the 3D earthly realm, and do not wish to seek the higher self-knowledge or evolve into self-mastery, then perhaps you function/operate in the purely structured state.  You know…. As a human.
However, what if I were to open your mind and all of your chakras and tell you that you can leap daily just with your thoughts? 

  • When was the last time you took a leap of faith from your soul and not your human for survival? 

  • Did you follow your intuition? 

  • How did it turn out? 

  • How did the outcome affect your perception on leaping in the present day? 

It requires nourishing the soul, while feeding the human mind with rational thoughts, but not ones that get in the way of actual decision and somehow making sense out of organized chaos that is in this beautiful thing called life.

What it is we know to do naturally vs. what we do upon impulse or instinct is easy as a child.
Children climb monkey bars and trees, jump off rocks and pop wheelies, and do so with zero fear.  For a refresher on how FEAR IS NOT REAL (just perception and conditioning) ---- rewatch the video on the topic:

Something happens to the cognitive brain as an adult with the following mind-spinning conversations….

Is it the right decision - that may or may not pan out?  

Or is it spontaneously impulsive ready to bring about a huge surprise for the better?
This is the wrestling match of the brain hemispheres – that cannot be choreographed like any WWE match… even if you pride yourself at having the wrestling match skills of Ric Flair – Whooo! 

Taking a leap of faith in the 3D technically shouldn’t be very hard if you’ve flown in the 5D… yet somehow it IS what becomes the hang-up of most humans. 

Humans have to calculate, plan, organize and go through this computerized methodology mentally, psychologically in processing, praying hard that the memory recall doesn’t provide some sort of obstacle or roadblock to moving forward. 

So it is here I will ask you … who will win – your human or your soul? 

What does your human want?  What does your soul NEED? 

As we enter this week’s portal – my true heart wish for you is to answer your own call of what your soul knows it must do.  

This is why we’re here. Live beyond existing. Step into your soul’s truth. Take your leap of faith.

I’ll see you on the other side. 

With gratitude and blessings, strength and support.  BE GENTLE WITH YOUR SOUL THIS WEEK – Happy Rebirth to your NEW FUTURE.