Tuesday, June 30, 2020


A beacon of light and a ray of hope...  Humans look to this place of fortification for soul nurturing at every turn as we go through cyclical and linear experiences, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Think back to when you were beginning to dream, your innocent child-like mind of what you could see.  You lived from a place when life was linear in that you would go to school, do your homework, learn, eat your vegetables, grow upward… and graduate through all these levels of school ascending in the educational staircase that would lead you to your dreams and goals.

Life appeared from your young mind to be a straight pathway to whatever it is/was that motivated you toward what prize you had your eye on to achieve.

As you got older, you started to see life was cyclical… things repeat, not just in life lessons, but in the world as you lived within its daily existence and change.  

From the cost of living, to the economic ebbs and flows, adult responsibilities, change in your inner-circle world of people moving away, friends and colleagues changing career and lifestyles, family dynamics and so forth… every five-to-ten years had its own ‘cycle.’ 

Change came in many forms – sometimes reminders of the past, an opportunity to craft a new future and also to understand the cycles in a different context in something that would make you dizzy.  

Humans questioned life in cycles and sometimes as the late Billy Preston best asked “Will it go round in circles?” 

What we’re being shown now, may seem unfamiliar in that we are simultaneously living BOTH the cyclical and the linear lifeline.   

The truth is, we understand this complex configuration in our higher consciousness awareness… while humans by default try to cling to the linear – we often take detours and unexpected rest stops that may veer off into areas we had not planned.  

If we choose to see truth and the reality that all is for purpose, we can ‘justify’ in our human brains what our soul already knows in all-knowing, to have conviction that the pathway will keep going, in most contexts ‘destination unknown.’  Part of our psyche understands and knows this truth, but today it feels different than what you have experienced before.

That’s the whole point we are being made to see, if we take time to actually pay attention to see it.

The bigger question is…. Are you seeing it?  If so, what do you see? 

Our witnessing the beacon of light and the ray of hope can somehow explain what it is we need to see, even with what the human eye or even the mind’s eye cannot.

That has not changed, unless you as a human have changed to the point you have forgotten to see it.

For those of you who are awakened on another level to see it, the light reminds you there is a way through via the ray of hope, but by your hand to activate the change.

  • Will you ask the right questions at this time?
  • Will you comprehend the answers within?
  • Will you accept both the linear and cyclical in co-existence in a different context to allow your human to step into what is meant to create a shift? 

These may be simple questions or complex, based on wherever it is that you sit in your human vessel at the moment.  Answering the questions at the same time with answers you may or may not have pondered intellectually to apply in your entire lifetime up until this moment. 

WHY am I being asked to ask YOU these questions? 

It is because of ‘what is not being revealed right now’ ----  The Universe is asking you to trust in what you cannot see, and still show up to answer these questions anyway. 

As we take on these days and weeks ahead, our human self must learn how to adapt, grow, expand and change.   While it may seem easy for some, more challenging for others, or even unfathomable for most, we are being asked questions right now in order to find the answers we are seeking but not from the external… rather the internal. 

For those who are addressing this in monumental proportions – I was called upon to channel this for YOU in case you feel alone, to assure you that you are NOT… rather you are part of this purposeful process to evaluate, contemplate and integrate all you are aware of in your earthly existence right here and now.

Do not numb yourself from this experience of this evolution. Nor should you ever dare to dim your own life's light within yourself by clinging to your old familiar way of being.

It is like trying to cram your foot into a shoe size you've outgrown. It will hurt as you try to walk your new path if you do this.  

What is the point of that very message? 

We must embrace the obvious of what we have outgrown - even if that means our own perception of life as we once knew it; thoughts, dreams, goals and even the said bucket-list which is no longer a match for who we have become NOW.

This could mean the shedding of one's self.... the peeling back layers of heavy belief systems that do not resonate any longer - be it the confines of your own growth or or even in conformity of ways of doing things.  

It is here where innovation and evolution take place or the adaptation to what you limited yourself doing.   An example of this is in the way we do things - from the simple and mundane to even the bigger picture ideals - for all is an adaptation.  

While life is now much more than the "No forks? Eat with your hands" type of problem-solving, it is in the same context of reinventing the thought process of how we remain flexible and make adjustments.

It is okay to rise, to change, to expand by changing your footsteps and your shoes for your next human journey – even if it feels lonely at times when you do, if others are unwilling to travel to the ascension arenas only you are daring to travel. 

All of this was meant to help you shift to remember who you really are right now… rather than try to cling to who you thought you were. 

Yes… please read that again. Perhaps that statement alone will be an epiphany trigger for you so that you can see for yourself, where you are in this moment and how you may have inadvertently put road blocks onto your path. 

Regardless whether you have or not – trust that the beacon of light and ray of hope never go away, rather they will find you at this juncture regardless of what you put in front of yourself.

For many of you who are feeling nostalgic in grieving a life you used to know/live/experience it in the context of how you used to experience it - your feelings are normal and it is part of the process.  

So let's review - ICYMI  (In case you missed it)....


We are allowed to be human to "honor" that pathway of what was - whatever that means for you.  

For some of you who lost a loved one... you are looking at life from the seat and context of going forward without them; or perhaps in a way that you can no longer.   

No one should tell you how long that process will take - as it is different for everyone and even when you recover/heal, there will be a piece of you that is not the same.  However, it is in that beacon of light and that ray of hope THEY will come through to remind you that you are still here and not to waste the time you have on the planet.  It is here you'll be guided and reminded of appreciating life because you have one to see through.

For those of you who are feeling lost in your direction of your livelihood/profession/job/career:  (ICYMI)

Wherever it is that YOU sit in your needing to find that beacon of light or ray of hope right now, understand that your ability to seek it, see it, embrace it and reclaim your foot forward onto a path you cannot see is is ultimately always a chance, a choice and a way forward.

We're being shown in our human journey, we must trust our soul knowing even if it is in a place of reconfiguration.

That is the whole point of this message… for we are being asked to be open to the idea that both light and hope will find you, even if you’ve gone off path, spun in circles or cycles and disembarked from the linear voyage. Therefore, labeling where you place your feet doesn’t matter so much as knowing, trusting and comprehending that the beacon of light and ray of hope are a constant.

Take a moment to soak it in… let your human bask in it.   Let your soul marinate in what your own truth reveals as your inner-knowing. 

It is here, Inner Peace will find you… even in the most challenging of times.

Sending a beacon of light and a ray of hope to all of you, Lovely Souls.

Take on the day gently and be gentle with yourself and others.

Stacey Kumagai

Friday, June 26, 2020


Greetings Lovely Souls,

How are you doing?  I hope you are all remaining healthy and safe. 

I am hoping you are gaining the rest and the recuperating energies you need during this exhaustive six-planets in retrograde phase of our energy shifts of new beginnings.   We’re all being pushed and pulled into the swirl of what is occurring in order to get us to get out the last remnants of energy that do not serve us for our highest and greatest good. 

With that …. Yes, the Divine has called… and I channeled this poem above for the Collective energy of the world.

As many of you are questioning the WORLD… Your FUTURE… and LIFE as we know it, I was told that
what was channeled in the poem was something many of you needed to hear.

We’re at a place in this moment in time that may feel unfamiliar, but IN TRUTH – Is very familiar.

What?  Yes.

Your Soul’s energy KNOWS from your previous experiences, and yes, even the crossroads of all of your
Ancestors … this energy vibration.  The only difference is your HUMAN in this life has not experienced all that is unfolding to this degree before.   This is where your HUMAN self is needing this poem – although your SOUL knows that on the other side of this energy, you are stronger than your human allows you to believe that you are.

So I was awakened in the early hours to be the conduit for this message in a context of what my human delivers as written art, to share with you a comforting love and hug from the Universe to say … you are being seen and you just need to know you’re going to be emerging even stronger than before.

I wept as I wrote the poem, because I know for many of you – your loved ones on the other side know the piece of your heart/soul that battles your mind at times.  They say the ‘struggle ebbs and flows,’ and that sometimes pride gets in the way of you asking for help or admitting you don’t have every answer, but in truth you do – you just haven’t wanted to seek them inside of yourself.

The process of your own transformation is causing this discomfort of uncertainty thinking the worst instead of being aware 24/7 of the blessings you do have.

So at this time I am being asked to remind you of what it is you do have and was asked to ‘channel’ the following questions…

·       As you come to terms with who you thought you are, based on who you were… what is it that you are facing head on right now in confrontation?

·       Can you forgive yourself for your past and others for theirs to unleash your human’s attachment to what your soul ultimately knows is preventing you from moving forward into the new doorway? 

·       If you know what it is you want, and the clarity is becoming clearer in every passing day, are you understanding what it is that you wish to have for your life forward – not as your old self, but in your awakened self after all we’ve been through this year?

While these three questions are fairly deep excavation, you are NOT done with this exploration process – and the Universe wants you to know, it’s okay to give this some deeper contemplation. 
You are human, after all…..   (*I heard a laugh*)


Okay, I hope that helps you Lovely Souls.  This is going to be a summer of excavation and change on new levels like you’ve not experienced them before if you choose to allow yourself to truly understand who you are either returning to or transforming into next, as everything is shaken up to have you ask yourself about your beliefs, your values, what matters and what you move into your next chapter with or without in terms of what serves you or not.  It is here you will see what baggage you’ve been carrying like a security blanket – when in truth, even Linus from Peanuts had to part with at some point.

This is a time when old conventional training wheels on our bicycles are taken off and we cannot see the path as much as we wish to see it – we just know we must ride this bicycle ahead into what we are not fully being shown.   They call this the spiritual blind-curve, we must trust the path ahead is there and all will be well.

“Where does this go?” is something we can ask again and again, but we only have the answers within us, not in the external – based on where our reality check is within ourselves.   The bigger question is ‘Where do you wish to go?  What do you wish to see?’  

While this is all about your deeper desires of manifestation, it is not a time to feel restless, but feel restful in knowing you can move forward.  That’s truly all you need to know.

As we take a step into the new portal of these next moon phases and all of the energy it brings with the planet retrogrades we have currently in transition with what is still ahead to come, we must be more mindful with the interdimensional communication we have going on in the ‘in-between’ of our soul’s knowing and our higher levels of conscious thoughts.

This is a time to further develop deeper compassion with ourselves and each other in this space of regrouping our energies and reminding ourselves of who we are at the core.

Trust in the new beginnings.  Give yourself the opportunity to honor your purpose for being here right now and if you are reading this, know that this message was for you.

It’s an honor and sacred privilege to be able to deliver these messages to you Lovely Souls and I hope that you take on your day knowing you are loved.

Be gentle with yourself.
Blessings, love and light,
Stacey Kumagai