Monday, September 4, 2017


Some things in life cannot be explained, they just are.  

However, did you know that your INTUITION IS ALWAYS LISTENING – even if your human is too busy or isn’t paying attention?  

You may be the chillest, most Zen person on the planet, but let’s be honest – sometimes your own intuition freaks you out a little bit, right?

Have you ever had a moment you ‘knew’ you had to do something or maybe NOT do something and you did not listen?  It is these moments where we kick ourselves as humans and say …. 

“Ugh…  I knew I should have done this when I had the chance.”


“I knew better, but I ignored that and I wish I hadn’t.” 


“I feel the need to do/say this… and my gut is saying yes, but taking the chance is scary.”


“Maybe, I shouldn’t go to _______ I’m not feeling 100%, but I should push myself.”

Sometimes, our intuition can be confusing, especially if you are trying to navigate yourself between the spaces of human vs. soul, head vs. heart, past experience vs. new arena, and yes, even between Heaven and Earth. 

Sometimes it can feel like … “Gee, was this a dream or is this real?”

“Was it a premonition or a forecast?  Or am I being Punk’d with a test?”

For those of you who quiet your mind down long enough to relax, you know what I am talking about.  

Sometimes having this new energy can be invigorating, exciting, and motivating.  Other times, it can be paralyzing to take action because you do not know which part of yourself is actually having INTUITION.

Ah, does that define it for you in human pedestrian terms? 

It is helpful to pinpoint it and put your finger on the pulse of it, huh?  I know your human likes to ‘know’, ‘define’, or ‘compartmentalize’ the labeling of what cannot be explained. 


Sometimes the Universe presents obstacles or ‘blockages’ on purpose in order for us to BE CLEAR about our INTUITION AND INTENTION.  This is HOW we know what we want FOR REAL… in other words, sometimes it helps us with the decision making process by putting us through the wringer ON PURPOSE.

If we are impatient saying “Oh come on already!” and we wait and wait for what seems like forever and we DO NOT GIVE UP… then we know OUR TRUTH.

If we throw in the towel and give up, we will find that whether or not our intuition was right on. We will ‘see signs’ all around saying “Um, HELLO?  Remember this?  Let’s try that again” OR it will not come back at all and that is how we know OUR TRUE PATH. 

I decided to write this as we get ready for this next Full Moon September which transitions from Tuesday into Wednesday and we do some sort of gear shifting for the rest of 2017 in preparation for the Harvest Moon coming.   

Most of us are ‘doers’ … we like to take action. For many confused post-Eclipse, sitting in that ‘void’ I always talk about… breathe and rest easy, we are going to have some relief here shortly.  This is why I am trying to prepare you to stay in tune with your own intuition – you are going to find it very handy! 

The purpose for this is because some of you may be receiving weird energy signals, which may be freaky, unfamiliar, uncomfortable, confusing, and you may not know what the heck to do with your emotions and feelings, your thoughts and your ‘higher self’ in your own state of consciousness. 

Do not worry… you are normal.  I just needed to say this to put you at ease. 

Whew!  You are glad I did, right?  

Yeah, my intuition told me that you would be glad I did. ;)

Our inner gut, our voice of truth sometimes is very combative with our logical mind, which is why most humans IGNORE their gut, their intuition because they rely upon the ‘safety zone’ of the “absolute, tried and true” – because no one wants to FAIL or take a RISK because of the FEARS that reside from doing something stupid.

While that is ‘human’… keep in mind those very words…  THAT IS HUMAN.

Our human has collected a variety of experiences throughout our journey and life thus far.  Sometimes we think WISDOM knows better, and yes, sometimes it does.

However, it is our GUT E.Q., which is more intelligent for our highest good than our brain I.Q. when it comes to navigating toward our own GROWTH.

Read that again – I highlighted that and boldfaced it for purpose.  

You see the brain likes to ‘talk us out of’ things from collective “data” based on our experiences. 

“Remember human, you went through XYZ last time so don’t think it’s going to be any different” – is perhaps the most difficult sentence to face.  You want to punch the confrontation of this sentence with all your might because it is this sentence that has at times, prevented you from living your life… your best life.  It is a sentence born from a place of so called ‘reason’ … 

BUT IS IT REALLY?  Isn’t it just the idea of getting out of one’s comfort zone vs. not getting out of the comfort zone driving this reason? 

Let us be truthful…there is something we do not talk about as humans when it comes to data.  We think the analytics are the ‘be all, know all’ and it is this, which SHUTS OFF INTUITION. 

Do not get me wrong, sometimes data has its place.  It does…  Though, not all the time.
But how do you know?

Well, here is how you know…  WHICH SIGNAL IS STRONGER?
This nagging, gnawing ‘feeling’ – if very persistent can/will be your guide – if you let it. 
That feeling can override your brain’s battle of fighting your heart and soul and it has the power to override any fear/concern if the feeling is strong enough to resonate within.

I spent some time in the South.  The simplest way to describe it is the way Southerners best describe it, so pardon me y’all as I pick up my accent, and put it back on.

“Darlin’, if there’s somethin’ stuck in yer craw, or a burr in your saddle – you best pay attention to it.” 

THAT is how you know the difference --- for THAT is INTUITION. 

I have found this to be helpful – because INTUITION NAGS.  I wanted to put it in a human context because it is just easier to digest than formal clinical dialogue here. 

We are operating on Earth as humans in this lifetime so; sometimes we have to get real with how we face this reality.

How do we know this is true?  Have you ever had something ‘repeat’ and your awareness says, “Hey… why is this vibe coming up again?”

'We will,' (vibration) that is your intuition trying to get your attention. 

When we get to any crossroads place, it is easy to gravitate toward tried and true, but as you know from human experience, If you always do what you’ve done, you’re always going to get what you got before.”

This is what creates the stagnant/complacent place and you may wonder why things do not change. 

So ask yourself  “Self, what do I WANT?” 

If you can answer that, you will know whether you are ready to listen to your intuition and face it head on or go back to same ‘ol, same ‘ol. 

Intuition can be something we embrace or ignore… that is FREE WILL and the human’s decision. 

Moreover, yes, the human sometimes ignores INTUITION based on fear.  However, as you might remember, fear is not real… Let's bring up an old graphic that always is applicable.

Our brain tries to be smart… sometimes even smart enough to try to ‘outsmart us’ and that is where INTUITION kicks in. 

Our soul’s GPS system is one that is connected to the truth within the heart.  Sometimes if you actually hear yourself talking to a friend about a dilemma, you’ll hear out of your own mouth, the answer to said dilemma and realize what came out of your mouth was DIVINE guidance coming from your truth place when you get out of your brain’s way to say.

“Yes, SELF, this is ME.  Or No, SELF, this is NOT ME.  OR “Shut up, Self – at the end of the day, I know if I admit it, this is really what I want/need.”
Deep down, we know.  Trusting in that knowing is sometimes a little hard, because it means trusting in our self. 

*** DING DING DING*** This is where humans get hung up the most.  Here is a video for those of you still working on TRUST. 

Okay…so get in a quiet space…. Ask the questions of your heart and soul.  Then clear your head as best as you can.  When you wake up the next day, if the nagging is still there, imagine your BEST SCENARIO… that’s right, THE BEST ONE.  Let it permeate through your being.  Sit with it.  

Are you happy?

Does this best scenario make you glad you trusted your intuition?

If the answer is YES, you have reignited your trust in intuition.

Now…ask yourself what will happen if you do not trust it.  Look at that picture.  Do you like what you see?  

Based on how you answer this question, you have just made your own decision off that nagging intuition.  If you can live with the outcome you desire (either way) – you have recalibrated your INTUITION LINK to ‘guide you.’  

Sometimes our ‘highest good’ or ‘greatest good’ is based on change.  

Intuition nudges our change route.  While change may be scary, it is always there for something better and it is here we also ignite our trust back into what our intuition is telling us.  

Choose to listen to what your intuition is saying.  Coincidences are not coincidences when you do, rather they are ‘Universal communication’ links arriving ‘just in time’ to make sure you are on the course that is best going to serve you for your life.  

It is not an accident… this communication ‘pulse’ beating within you is for purpose, reason and human ‘nudging’ for your best life… always. 

While it may be difficult to ‘believe’ in something you cannot see because it is a blind curve, just think about the horizon as the sun sets into it.  The sun knows that blind curve is like a train track that has a route it is going. 

It knows what you truly want and what you truly need.  Moreover, as sure as that sun is going to set, you can trust in that because that is what your intuition is linked to for your journey’s purpose.  It is your friend and like the waves of the ocean it loves who you are and it will keep returning to the shore whether you get off of it or not.  

Reignite your intuition link and see where it can take you.  You might just love where you travel.

Bon Voyage!