Tuesday, September 5, 2017


TheopholisThistle the successful thistle sifter,in sifting a sieve of unsifted thistles thrust 3,000 thistles through the thick of his thumb.


Scratching your head?  

Are you perplexed as to what a tongue twister has to do with the subject matter of this blog?  

Hmm…. Exactly…that is the point I am trying to make. 

If this is your first time here, you may be confused.

If you have been a regular reader for the past two years, you may ‘see me’ or ‘know me’ well enough to know there is a very relevant point coming. 

The heart is complicated.  Articulating messages from the heart is an art. 

Quite often for most people communicating what it wants to say can often feel like a tongue twister like Theopholis Thistle with something lost in translation. 

Luckily, I don’t have that problem – I’m a gusher… of course that has its own obstacles, issues and problems, but I’ll get into that in a minute. 

Let’s first address the confusing relevance…

The tongue twister Theophilis Thistle is something I had to recite every day seven days a week for five consecutive months as part of the curriculum intensive in acquiring my FCC license. 

One day one of my broadcasting classmates asked, “Why do we have to do this tongue twister?”

Do you want to know what the vocal coach’s answer was?

“Articulation and diction are important in radio, people cannot see your mouth. Unlike TV, they cannot see your lips to read them if they do not understand you. Without articulation, no one will know what you are saying.”

It got me thinking… if you cannot see someone’s heart and they cannot see yours, is it possible for someone to understand it, see it, or know it - if it does not speak?  Even if neither of you speak?


Think hard.

What are your thoughts on the matter? 

If intuition can help us tap into what we don’t yet know, but feel, can it also be of assistance in hearing a heart or feeling a heart and understand it?

Pretty trippy question, right? 

If we look at the big picture of humanity, the number of people on this planet, how we can collectively shift higher realms of consciousness to be on the same page to change the vibration for hope, peace and the greater good…. What would that mean for matters of the heart to breed understanding?

Can we see hearts, and can our hearts be seen?

If we look at our families – for all that is said, or in some cases not said enough, can the intention of our hearts be seen and can we see within their hearts of what is not shared?

If we look at connection with those in our life on a daily basis, strangers even, is there something that can be seen or felt if not technically known?

Going back to my point about seeing a heart, WITHOUT WORDS EVER SPOKEN…. Look at these strangers… tell me if you can see their heart…and specifically if you can feel it.  There is a combined vibration of both pain and love, gain and loss, liberation, imprisonment unleashed through the freedom of an artistic expression....

If we look at our thoughts, our ideas, our feelings and yes, our intuitive sense of knowing – is it here we can understand the tongue twister of emotion that is never said aloud or ever expressed? 

I have a curious heart, mind, and soul that is the eternal ‘seeker’… these questions I ask always have more than one answer, because your perspective, experience and life have shown you things differently just like everyone in the world. 

Let’s take a look at some of the potential answers. I invite and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas on social media: Facebook.com/Linkronicity or Twitter.com/Linkronicity if you come up with something that I fail to explore here.  Collectively we can address various ways the heart is seen when it may not be known. 

I ask you… do you see Stevie’s heart?  I mean really SEE it? There is a sadness there...with passion and an art to be an artery extension for what cannot fully be articulated elsewhere.

Lastly.... How about these animals?  Do see their heart? They cannot talk...other than through sounds and body language, action and reaction.  They could live anywhere on Earth among hundreds of different cultures.... but they only know the language that is in their heart.

I like to ponder what this world is truly made up of and like basking in wonder about things that matter and wonder if, and when, the rest of humanity will be like these animals, these dancing strangers, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  I also wonder if they will remain silent forever with their truth.

Our world needs the art of the heart, where both passion and compassion resides. 

Don't you think our world needs both?

Aside from Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit pillars, and the pillars I speak of in my Master Link of Knowing video – Trust, Faith, Conviction & Belief… my other personal four are Writing, Food, Music/The Arts and Travel.  I believe through all twelve of these pillars, we have the combined foundation for peace. Here on this planet is where we dance within the beauty of nature (Earth and all other life) and the wonders that inspire the last four pillars I mentioned.  

Where there are language barriers (even if you speak the same language), the heart knows what it knows.

When we combine the pillars above, we can articulate so many things which resonate within the heart if we can connect with someone in a shared experience.  

We have the ability to connect through all twelve of these pillars. It is here you will find the art of the heart where we can feel comfort, unity, love, compassion, truth, and find meaning in life.  

As I stated earlier, I'm a gusher through expressing love in articulating it verbally in person... which has sent many friends running the opposite direction, even though they know of all the deaths I've been through that I don't want a day to go by without those in my life to know how I feel. Meanwhile, aside from family, friends and three (!) jumbo old-school Rolodexes of colleagues now passed away on the other side... I'm still not apologetic for being who I am with my heart seen, heard, or felt.  

In person...it's been a hefty challenge. Gushing goes against the grain of my culture and for some people of my cusping Gen-Xer generation. My flesh puppet chosen in this lifetime is 'expected' to be a quiet, reserved, passive stereotype for which I laugh at boldly, effervescently, and demonstratively without apology.

I often half-jokingly say I am a Twinkie.which is either laughed at, rarely high-fived, or mostly scowled/tsk-tsk'd at depending on which random Asians I run across.  Over the years most of the scowls have included family - some with repelling abandonment.  

Much like Stevie, the dancers and these animals, utilizing an artery extension has been helpful. 

While many business people and professionals in my sphere frown at my blogging here being raw, real and transparent, like an artist,  I am still plowing the road less traveled, being that damn salmon upstream, that against-the-grain girl, breaking molds as not the round peg - not the square peg - but the octagon peg with rainbow wings in 4D 8 cylinder turbo mode 0-60 mph in six seconds. 

The only way to inspire humanity is to start with being HUMAN. Only then can we begin to cherish, treasure and appreciate the soul driving it forward. *Damn* .... I love what just channeled through my body. I think I'll put that as a graphic.  Here...

I refuse to go to my grave with regret, not saying bravely what I wanted to say because if by chance I can give even one soul the courage to do so also, my intention is to help, transform, change and motivate a life to be brave enough to honor who they are, their authentic self.  Perhaps you see why I am so ferociously passionate about what it is I do.  Yes, I've somehow blurred my lines a bit here between life coach, and exorcised artist - but further proving my courage to you is like life imitating art and art imitating life 360.... is it not?  

If I can hike the summit through opposition - you can too! 

Poetic justice is completely ironic and accidental like truth being stranger than fiction.  

My hope is that some of you actually find it resonating with YOUR SOUL. As much as every droplet of potential inspiration or life pearl or whatever you want to pull from this can be - ultimately, if I can speak to YOUR HEART somehow so you feel seen, realized, or understood.... I altruistically sit the pocket of plastering it all out here in some sort of organized mural to be received.

My heart is worn on every piece of art I create... from every blog, poem, novel or song I write, every graphic I create, every picture I paint, photograph or draw, every cookie I bake, herb or flower I plant,and the list goes on. Artistic expression has been my life raft - as my gushing seems acceptable here. 

People have asked me for over twenty years, why the heck this is on my PR website...

Now it's time to explain... 

Yes, there is a heart that shines brightly and can see in the golden light of honoring silence…

But there is also a heart that that shines brightly underneath the shiny silver duct tape that silences those who feel like they cannot articulate what their heart feels…

There is also a heart that shines brightly no matter what it has endured through the thorny thistles of what life has put it through on a platter like in the above video examples.

My greatest hope for the world is that we all keep all of our senses open including our hearts to feel what isn't always said, heard, seen, or articulated with the clearest diction of Theophilus Thistle.

I remain committed and devoted to the process of being truthful with my heart in the same breath that I hope to inspire you to be truthful with yours.  Life is short.  We're only here for a finite amount of time... honor your own heart and follow wherever it takes you.  You won't regret it and you won't miss the duct tape. ;)  Let's gently rip it off now, okay? 

Now let's start from the top... say it with me....

TheopholisThistle the successful thistle sifter,in sifting a sieve of unsifted thistles thrust 3,000 thistles through the thick of his thumb.  Articulate. Express. Use Diction.  Tell your tongue to untwist itself to let your heart shine!

And with that...another 360....