Friday, December 28, 2018


The other day in the middle of Trader Joe’s I overheard a teen boy say to his father, “If life doesn’t always go the way you plan, why bother planning at all?” 

It took all of my conscious human restraint and grace to not insert myself randomly to discuss this at length with these strangers, and instead say, “Stacey, please channel this energy into a blog where it might be useful, if nothing else, entertaining or enlightening to others.” 

I giggled to myself in amusement picturing in my mind how that question would fly in a room with a bunch of Fortune 500 CEOs, a diverse group of religious leaders, politicians, and activists, a group of metaphysical lightworkers and free-spirit tree huggers and several classrooms of innocently wise and pure Kindergarteners across the globe. 

Wouldn’t that be the most fascinating summit meeting? 

What do you think would happen?  What would they all say and argue?  How would they related to that teen boy’s question to his father? 

It’s that time again… 

One of the things most people do in this space of quiet contemplation at this time of year is to look ahead at the New Year. 

Where were you this time last year?  Do you know?  Can you remember?

What goals and intentions did you set up for yourself?

Did you accomplish them?  Are they still brewing?  Did you forget about them or are they on your list once again this year for you to focus upon in a new light? 

First -  there is no right or wrong answer here. It just is.  

THIS is where we begin.  

Some people see the New Year with fresh optimism and anticipation, vibrantly looking at the new slate as an opportunity for new potential and possibilities.

Some people kick themselves upon reflection for what they failed to do last year, wondering why it is back on the list again this year.

While others may feel lost wondering how to get themselves into a space to even connect to a new and overwhelming list of new objectives, feeling pressured.

There is still a fourth group who carry out the bah-humbug spirit of the holiday blues comatose state of exhaustion, due to not applying self-care. This only encourages defeat wondering why they should set New Year objectives (or resolutions) at all.

Keep in mind, Lovely Souls – you may fluctuate between all four of these spaces throughout the remaining days of the old year as you walk into the first month of the new.

This is normal. It is human and … rest assured, you are going to be okay if you do this.

The key to successful realignment of your human and soul mission to this ‘list’ – be it in your mind’s eye or on a yellow legal pad on your nightstand, is to first purge the negative energy that is holding you in a space of regret.  

You cannot reverse time, so there is no use to carry around negative thoughts creating blockages for forward movement.  Yeah… I know you’ve heard this before but let me provide some deeper insight to this thought to make you more successful in letting things go…

Have you ever thought that maybe what didn’t happen last year was not by any human doing or undoing but rather part of your divine plan all along?  

What?  You heard me.

We fundamentally understand how one delay or another can perhaps be for our highest and greatest good, as a series of events that produce a cause-and-effect action… i.e. If you had not been delayed, you wouldn’t have had another event happen, which gave you strength, wisdom, insight or even a connection or moment that would affect the entire bigger picture.
If we realign our link to how we SEE New Year’s goals, resolutions or objectives, we may understand HOW OR WHY things get derailed OR REDIRECTED for a greater purpose, beyond the initial goal.  Therefore, rather than kicking yourself for what you didn’t do, let’s look at what you DID DO instead.

Do you need an example? 

Let’s say you had a plan to get more organized as part of your New Year’s resolution last year. 

Today you may be looking at your resolution list as a failure because you see piles of things in your home you have yet to tackle.  STOP! 

Now let’s flip this around…

Look at what IS organized in the rest of your life right now.  

Could it be that you did achieve your goal to get more organized another way?  

Perhaps your desk at work or your usually overloaded unattended Inbox is pristine. 

Maybe your family relationships or friendships are in good shape because you made time to catch up. 

Could it be you organized your phone plan, budget, or car maintenance or even your own health regime and eating schedule or sleep schedule to be better than it was last year?

Did you use your time being of service to help (your friends, family, boss, co-workers or fellow-students, neighbors, or even your community) organize something that was monumental if you hadn’t given some assistance? 

DO NOT DISCOUNT these efforts!  Instead realize that you did accomplish organization.

So in essence, maybe you were so ‘generalized’ with your goal of ‘getting organized’ – that you may look at getting your home organized as a failure, when what you meant to do was one thing, but you still succeeded in another. 

Taking a step back now, DID YOU FAIL at your New Year's objective?  

See how you might have been quick to judge yourself?  Do you see how that might have been not-so-self-loving and destructive?

What can you celebrate in other areas where you actually accomplished the resolution you set in another area where you did not fail?  

Perhaps your ‘intent’ wasn’t specifically targeted to ‘organizing’ yourself at home, but if you can SEE where you may have applied your intention or energies from your initial goal, you can realign yourself to see that your human DID NOT FAIL. Instead, you unintentionally realigned the position of your initial desire of where you wanted to see success or the Universe essentially did it for you.

Take a step back and see if this was for something bigger than you realized. Maybe you would have wasted energy or time getting your home organized when it was the other areas, say like getting your sleep pattern or health regime organized because if you hadn’t, due to the kind of year you had, you might have gotten really sick at the pace you were going, and wouldn’t have accomplished anything at all!   

Now this of course is a severe example, but you get the picture of “divine order” and that everything does have a timing and a purpose. 

None of your goals or intentions are failures, lost or even wasted – because the purity of your energies from where you wanted to go somehow succeed in other ways we humans do not always see. 

Sometimes the greater benefit of our time and energy is meant to be applied in other compartments or areas of our life we’ve been neglecting or it may even be to break us free from old habits of putting the same darn thing on the list every year when the Universe is tapping you on the shoulder to say “Ahem… hello…. What about this?  Did you forget this, and why isn’t this on the list?”  

Seeing goal-setting in this new light, not only is a healthier way for you to navigate your human and be gentle with it, but it may kick your human into a higher gear of breaking a cycle that wouldn’t have been broken, that wasn’t good for you to have a one-dimensional focus on anyway. 

It is here you can see that the timing of what you needed to do for reasons you don’t have time to sift decipher. 

So as you begin to wrap-up your year’s end and look forward to your New Year’s resolutions, goals, and plans – keep in mind, things will not always go in the exact direction you plan, but perhaps it is more essential for your bigger picture outcome. 

You can choose to be more specific with your goals, target intention, or even breakdown the general goal into compartments to help yourself feel momentum in achievement like a series of tasks.

What is more important for the entire ritual is that you somehow find all of the good that exists with what you have done, discover what you learned about yourself in the process, what ways you grew, stretched or expanded your own consciousness.  

Remember, let’s reiterate that nothing is ever wasted, rather it is more about understanding that you may have many unrealized and undiscovered territory you did cover that was not part of your initial plan, because it wasn’t even on the list to recognize.  

Sometimes the Universe’s realignment and redirection is so you can tackle areas to assist you with your more generalized objective. 

Look at it like chipping away at a block. You might have intended to move the whole boulder, but it might be easier to do so if you get other things handled first, which essentially is better for you in the long run, to have the mind-set or organizational abilities in your smaller practice runs.  

Take time to evaluate and celebrate progress, you’ll discover that what wasn’t there before could be highly useful for where you are going and what you choose to tackle next, because life is kind of like that stack of unorganized things sometimes
You can try to put things in your own order, but it doesn’t always mean you can see exactly what is around that corner which may surprise you with the unexpected thing you weren’t even looking for to help you expand who you are.  Now isn’t THAT something worth celebrating and recognizing as something masterful that you accomplished?   

Happy planning and wishing you happiness upon your unexpected routes of realigned goals for the New Year! 

Blessings and light.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


What from your life has given you your greatest life’s message?  

What answers did you acquire in your own problem-solving to prompt more curiosity within your own life? 

Is there something your parents said to you growing up that seemed clichĂ© that you did not understand? 

Perhaps you were told something and blew it off as ‘random-in-passing’ comments that didn’t have any significance at the time, what comments have you repeatedly ignored?

What can you remember that has repeated as an event in your life? 

How much awareness do you have to understand exactly what that is and what it provides in terms of a life’s message today?

Okay, so I am asking you many questions, but I will be providing a very insightful answer to all of the above in terms of having you reflect upon your own life.

How? Answer these questions and then look at your answers. Your answers will prompt more questions and those questions that you ask of yourself will provide even more answers than you bargained for.

For those of you who have avidly followed my story, you know that my mother’s twenty-six year battle with Alzheimer’s disease has brought up many questions. My entire life’s journey has been answering questions to her disease in terms of mind-body healing and mastering the art of understanding the compartmentalization of how the brain works specifically with the rest of one’s ‘being’ as much as ‘doing.’

But let's take neuroscience completely out of this, and get it back to the human relations aspect of everyday questions and answers. 

It all answered questions to my purpose, my quest and above all, the ability to heal others through her sacrifice, because it put me in the position to do what I do. 

While I had answered the biggest question she would ask, “Who are you?” in every context through introspection, spirituality, cerebrally/psychologically, emotionally, physically, culturally, generationally, geographically, behavioral and past lives I have lived in various time periods, and multilevel depths soulfully twenty-two layers beyond the ethers of empath lightworker connection, I would be foolish to believe that was the only question that needed to be answered through said excavation. That isn’t enough work to do, granted it’s a lot, but when left to ask upon believing I was done, the Universe laughs and says, ‘Oh, you’re just beginning. But wait, there’s more….’ 

I state this for those of you actively working on your continuous ‘work in progress’ pathway of being and becoming, for your own individual footwork.  It doesn't matter if you are a fellow therapist, coach or metaphysical healer or a gardener, plumber or construction worker,  many of you may have halted your own progress believing that you are ‘done.’  Let me shed some obvious light, you are never done.  All of us humans do something with a beginning, middle and end completion manifestation process to what we do with our jobs/careers in order to give us an end-zone, but in life there is no end-zone, there is always more work to do. This continuous process of discovery is an endless and infinite loop and that is what makes life beautiful. 

Many of my clients believe they are ‘done’ with their work when they graduate after reaching certain summits.  While that may be true for said goal, the real work begins when they understand they’ve only just begun to open up a floodgate/gateway to what else they can discover in learning about their pathway. The work never ends if you continue to have a thirst for life and learning.  But that is up to you. 

So I encourage you to think about your life, your teachers, your parents, your friends, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers and even random strangers who challenge you daily providing answers to questions you did not know to ask.  I also want you to ask the questions of yourself from said encounters as to what it means in terms of what continuous work you need to do.  

For example, ‘why did you not find a particular item at the grocery store?’ and why did the Universe force you to go to three other places to find it?   It may seem like a random benign thing or a life inconvenience, but I will tell you that it is NOT an accident – you were being asked to SEE something, and in turn it was revealing to you exactly what you needed to hear/see or experience at the time.  Maybe it was to reinforce your own determination or tenacity to see something through, that you are not doing in other areas of your life.  Maybe you were supposed to change your environment deliberately to notice something else you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.  You get the picture. 

Your everyday experiences are something you may blow off as just life. But it is not – it is life lessons beyond the lesson, it is the comprehension you have for your every move, step, action, word, emotion, encounter and consequence.  Every single thing has a purpose, and not just in your life but in another person's, too.  

In a few past blogs I’ve talked about traffic delays, car or computer problems and how these things are not random either.  They are designed to either slow you down or get you to learn something you did not learn before or even be significant in a time delay in order for you to take that phone call or be somewhere else that you wouldn’t been otherwise without said event happening in your life. 

Think about if one random inconvenience did not happen, how would that have changed the course of where you are now?  Maybe you wouldn’t have had the pathway you have now.
People believe a tough road is a bad thing.  But if you’ve emerged from it, you gained ten-fold something you wouldn’t have, had you never walked through the experience.  Every challenge, which presents itself big or even what appears to be petty/small and frustrating like a splinter has a purpose.  A ten second pause in your life or ten hours or months, is ultimately for YOUR PURPOSE.  Sometimes life has to catch up to you to thrive. 

Sometimes you need to stop in your own tracks to appreciate where you’ve been to thrive.  Other times, you are being asked by the Universe to look beyond the obvious to see something you’ve been too busy to see or blind to see or cluttered to see because you haven’t cleared your own pathway. 

When we get to the place of understanding that all events are blessings, even in disguise, we grow that much more, learning something new, prompting new answers and of course new questions. Though it may seem cyclical, it really isn’t cyclical at all… it’s an upward spiral to your own escalation of connecting to your own higher consciousness to be enlightened in a way that would not have ever occurred before, but now has. 
It is in these moments we can be grateful and rest peacefully in the answers or get ignited by new questions and find balance in being in both areas and say THANK YOU.


Friday, December 7, 2018


It’s time to set your intention for the New Year…Are you prepared for new change? 

By now, you know that I am here to help you remove the LINKS, which do not serve. 

I’m here to help you tweak the LINKS of communication in your mind, body, soul, and spirit healing to help you live your best life with authentic communication internally within yourself and externally in your personal and professional world. I can help you add links of positivity to your life chain where there were not any before. 

But now… we are going a new direction to help you prepare spaces where you can have open links to invite change. 

Are you familiar with the shell game…Where a series of shells are shuffled around with a ball underneath it and it is your job to guess which shell contains the ball?

Well, the interesting about this game is that no one stops in their tracks to see that the only reason why this game can even be played is that there are always two open shells for the ball to move to.  

THINK ABOUT THIS. What if the other two shells did not have any room for the ball to shuffle around?  What if you couldn’t change your life, because your open spaces were closed off to even invite change in, in the first place?  

That would be horrible, right?  That would mean GAME OVER.

So, are you ready to clear out the other two shells in order to jump into a new adventure game for your New Year?  

Welcome to your next chapter.

While each New Year ahead is just like this shell game, this is where we’re put to the real test of what we step into next. 

The key here is not to worry about where the ball is. 

What… you worry? Nah… why would you do that?  

Don’t get obsessive or let your brain take over wasting time on figuring out the game.
This is why this New Year is called an adventure because you won’t know where the wild ride is taking you.  Just when you think you know, you really don’t… so just don’t drive yourself nuts.

Seriously. You are being asked to trust where it shows up and not be afraid of the fact it’s a whole new ballgame. 

Are you ready? 

Control freaks… are you ready? 

How about the doubters… are you ready?

Non-believers, are you ready? 

It’s time to embrace new challenges and changes ahead. 

You’re going to be asked some tough questions throughout our next planetary shift as things start to move swiftly into the unexpected. 

If you’ve done your year-end clean-up, the answers will be more readily available for you to see because you have spent time doing the ‘clearing.’  However, if you are still buried in old clutter, it will be a bit more challenging for you to see.

So what is this old clutter that I speak of?  It is all about your counterproductive energy – the energy that is negative where you choose to fight yourself.  

Your higher self knows what is best for you.  If you are still burning the candle at both ends, depleting your energy, getting sick and not investing your higher wisdom, you’re sitting in old clutter.

For those of you who are sitting in denial of what you need to do (i.e. Hello Procrastinators!) … ask yourself ‘why’ you are procrastinating …. Is it self-sabotage?  Laziness?

For those of you who pay more attention to the nonsense dialogue of your human, who tries to lure you into subscribing to negative doubt … tell your human to ‘knock it off.’ 

If you struggle and wrestle with ‘letting go’ – ask yourself why you haven’t released yourself from something that isn’t good for you (i.e. bad habits that affect your health, or your own productivity, goal-setting, etc.)

Congratulations to you if you have done all of this year-end work. Lovely Souls, if you have done the shedding of old energy, GOOD JOB!

For the rest of you Lovely Souls still working on the above – don’t you worry, there’s still time, BUT - Get. It. Done.

Ahhhh…okay, how’s that for a clearing?  

Say goodbye to the above, you don’t need it anymore dear human.  

Now, let’s focus on what is next. “But how do I do that, when I don’t know what is next?” you ask. Hehe.  This is where I will ask you….

What is your foundation, your core, your base?

Are you ready for change to take you to a new place?

Have you given some thought to where you have been?

Are you happy with what resides deep within?

Come on now, be honest – look at your truth.

Because if you don’t see it, this is all moot.

There is something the New Year will ask you to see.

So that it can take you to where you want to be.

Do some soul searching and ask yourself this…

Where are you whole, and what have you missed?

That is the answer – for what’s missing is where,

The adventure will propel you to step into if you dare.

Here lies the work, you are being asked to do,

So that you can take hold of your most evolved YOU.

Don’t be afraid, it’s time to keep growing,

Here you will see what the Universe is showing.

With it, new energy will usher in the New Year,

And your brand new chapter of life will begin to appear.