Tuesday, January 30, 2018


There is no
Life I know
To compare with pure imagination
Living there
You'll be free
If you truly wish to be  ~ Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka

These are the words from a beloved song, “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka.  

Are they true?  Yes, they can be true. 

However, these words can only be true IF you choose to BE FREE within the ideas which you allow to have FULL FREEDOM to flow within your mind.

This is the problem for most people.


Many people can ‘imagine’ when they give themselves the time to have their imagination take flight. What about taking the time?  So many people say, “they don’t have enough time” to do this.

Why is this so?  Perhaps not taking the time, is about not making the time?

Is this the cyclical process of denying one’s own imagination to take flight?

Ask any child “Do you have enough time to imagine, dream and soar?”

No child will give you the excuse “I don’t have enough time.”

Ask a teen the same question.

Many teens are filled with dreams…..so many dreams they have.

Ask an adult… sure, a few adults will tell you they have imagined their dreams.

Some will tell you they have forgotten “how to dream”…. And others still will say once again, they have no time to dream. 


I’ve been trying to process and understand how humans limit themselves in this arena.
Let's remember this -- imagination is YOURS. It costs nothing.  Having an imagination does not discriminate.... it is free for you to access upon your own will and it is a beautiful freedom to have.  Having an imagination is not for a select few.  You are allowed to imagine.  You are allowed to dream. 

Your mind can be a beautiful thing, when you get out of your own way to use it to its optimum and maximum capacity.

It is the same thing for your heart.  When you allow both to do the same.... WOW.

Life for me has been about visualizing, dreaming, ‘seeing it’ and putting conviction, trust, faith and belief in it - not just for myself, but for helping bring things forward for others to realize within themselves.

Therefore the idea of back-shelving imagination is foreign to me.  

Sure, my human ears can hear you as I listen to your words, though this human and this soul cannot comprehend the reality of this being so, other than you have put up walls to deny yourself this freedom. 

Perhaps it is your conditioning, your environment, maybe you have many naysayers or people who don’t believe – but let me ask you… DO YOU BELIEVE?   

Who was it who told you to stop believing?  
Who told you not to dream?   
Who did you give permission to, to allow them to steal your imagination power to dream?  Why bother to enable this energy, when your imagination can be a powerful, magnetic, and beautiful resource for dreams to take flight?

Let us not waste a second of energy or time pointing fingers of blame --- for it is TIME FOR YOU TO RECLAIM IT RIGHT NOW.



And yes, my Dear Lovely Souls – you have the power to SOAR once you return to this energy space of imagination and dreaming. 

My soul (and my human) have lived with the idea that no matter how many obstacles may come across your pathway, no matter how hard the summit may be to climb, and whether you go against the toughest grain or try to swim upstream against what seems like a tough current – whatever creativity you have thriving within your heart…. It is possible to VISUALIZE AND REALIZE.

VISUALIZATION is the only pathway to not only putting things in your ‘mind’s eye’ – but putting your reality into a place of understanding that the power of your imagination is the stuff from which dreams themselves are fueled.

Your life, your heart, and your soul thrive on the purpose of visualization, imagination and dreams.

Here you can imagine greatness and with pure intention in your heart to see things through, you can create amazing things, inspire and produce change, spark that seed into thriving with upward mobility and spiraling growth for something beautiful.

So just imagine… if you will what your life could look like if you dared to dream and allowed yourself the belief that your imagination could take flight and soar? 



Monday, January 29, 2018


You have your plans.  You have your long list of things so meticulously organized with what you wish to accomplish.  You told yourself “This year I’m going to __________ (fill in the blank).”

Things start to go that direction.  You are proud of yourself for planting seeds, working overtime, doing what it is you felt you needed to do to bring things through to fruition.  Bam, bam, bam --- things start to evolve and you are feeling great. 

This has nothing to do with sticking to your resolutions.  You are in this regardless of what the calendar says….  You have goals and ideas and you are ready to move everything forward.

You begin to make plans and think…  “Okay, this is what I’ve waited for…” as things start to unfold your way, which you believe is the right way and then SCREEEEEEEECH here come the brakes. 

You can still smell the burning rubber from the tires and then you hear …


Are you stalled?  What happened?  You look up and you ask “WHY?”
Argh.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  You scream. “Are you kidding me?  Really, Universe?” you ask.

Am I psychic?  No.  Do not be creeped out.  I am not actually a fly on your wall.  

However, I have just entered your soul….and I see all.  Just kidding.

I am here to offer you a gentle smile, a nod, a reassuring fist bump, some cookies, a hug, your own spotlight, wind machine and entrance music, and I am here to tell you “It’s gonna be okay, you will strut your stuff again and do your happy dance.”

“But how?” you ask.  “How do you know, Stacey?” 

Think back to a few years ago… when you were at the place before these recent little victories. 

Life kind of sucked, right? 

Ahem.  Yes, that is a real clinical term.  It sucked.  

You believed you would not get out of the abyss that was your world-gone-wrong.

Yet….  HERE YOU ARE. You lived to tell.  Right now, right HERE is still better than where you were…am I right?  

I see you nod and under your breath say, “yeah, yeah…”

  • ·         Stop believing that your best days are behind you.

  •  ·         Do not lose your footing and give up.

  •  ·         Keep going.

·         Have TRUST AND FAITH that they are still ahead in front of you and everything you have done up until now has prepared you for where you are going. 

·         YOU ARE A SURVIVOR.  You have gone through this before and yes, will go through this again.  You will prove to yourself that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.  You can and you will get through anything.  

This is just a little hiccup. 

What you need to know is the one secret to endure all of this.

“Wait, what secret?” you ask.  “Are you holding out on me?”   

No.  Nevertheless, I will tell you the secret – you need to begin surrendering what you have no control over…AND you must remember you have nothing left to prove to anyone but yourself. 

Ah… though this is the tough part, huh?

  • ·         You are your own worst critic.

  • ·         You are toughest on yourself.

  • ·         You beat yourself up sometimes, because you know you could have done better or done something different.

STOP.  Please stop kicking yourself.  You're too amazing to be doing this.

You have to realize that sometimes you are not driving and there is a very good reason for where you are right here and now in the present moment. 

Sometimes you are the passenger and life takes you on a ride that you are supposed to go on in order to learn something about yourself you would have not learned otherwise.

“Pfft. “You say as you shake your head and flip me off.  

Do not worry, I forgive you.  I permit your human to be human and realize your soul will come back around because you do want to know more about this secret of not driving.  You will not admit it, but your human is somewhat curious. 

Well, let me tell you – when you get a different perspective on your situation, it is much easier to see what is happening than when you are in the situation.  

For a refresher….  Let us remember the cow, truck and the tornado when we talked about CLARITY:

Now that you are back on the ground, let me gently remind you that your concept of “lack” is what is getting you in this horrific place.  

  •   If you are reading this, you have everything you need right now.

  • Your greatest and highest good is here to take you where you need to be going.
  •      You get to choose to be ‘at peace’ or ‘in conflict’ with yourself.

Now let me ask you… what is the greater waste of your time? 

Being at war with yourself OR being in the same mental/emotional place you were when life sucked before?

Things that make you go “Hmm…  Damn it, why do you have to be right, Stacey?”

Deep breath.  I am not here to sit in that place.  

I am here to remind you that you have choices… and that you have endurance.  You have the opportunity and possibility of changing/tweaking your perception.

Yes, believe it - I am on your team.  Therefore, if you look at it from this place, now you do not have to be mad at me for being right, but rather, be glad you are not alone.  Thus, you can stop singing that horribly depressing “All by myself” song (sorry, Eric Carmen & Celine Dion). 

Hallelujah.  Amen. Peace sign (a better use for that middle finger and it looks better on you, too). 

Now, what are we going to do about this FUNK?  

Let me rest your beautiful mind…. It is a temporary funk. 

Hang in there.
Soon you will fly.

That was not an attempt to be a cheeky cheerleader, but something of a mantra to say when things get down and get funk-ay…

The energy, which surrounds you, is necessary for reflection.  

Reflection is part of the process where we get to re-evaluate our pure intention, our heart’s desires, our dreams, wishes and goals and aspirations and perhaps to revisit that well-laid-out-plan we organized with such detail and vigor.

Things change.  We change...  daily.  

Our lives are designed to constantly be in a state of change because nothing really stays at a standstill for long, even if you think you are hearing crickets for an eternity. 

Now, how does one ‘rest’ in this energy?

First, you must LET GO of the idea that you are MISSING OUT. 

You are not ‘missing out’ on anything other than your opportunity to be less stressed out… oh and having a better quality of life by inviting peace for your mind and heart. 

Hey now…  I see you *gag*…  However, you know this to be true.  

Release the self-imposed pressure feeling as if something needs to be happening because you are working like a maniac to try to make something happen. 

If things are not flowing in the direction vs.  you feel they need to be flowing “according to your well-thought-out-plan,” - take a step back to take a closer look.

If the Universe suddenly has activated the brakes, you are being asked to STEP INTO YOUR TRUTH with both feet, not just one toe.

This is where you are being asked to TRUST IN YOUR OWN PLAN to evolve as it needs to for THE GREATEST GOOD AND THE HIGHEST GOOD for the larger picture - not just one-dimensional. Ask yourself how important the plan is for your life.

  • ·         How essential is the plan to your happiness?  Can you create and release and know there is impact that you may never know about and be okay with your work as a catalyst?
  • ·         While goals are nice, what will you regret the most in the end?  Is it not seeing it through on your own terms or having to surrender to the divine?  Take a closer look at your answer...the divine is the master plan.  You can stop fighting yourself here.
  • ·         Is everything hinged on just one thing?   

Take a step back and examine your plans, ideas, thoughts, and goals. 

Once you step into your truth with clarity about what matters most, you get to prioritize and refine your plan better, so you can be clearer in what it is that you are trying to do.

Trust what your heart knows for the bigger pictuer.  Settling is not your style.  You know what you want.  While staying true to yourself is the only way you can live your own journey, you do not need to be extra hard on yourself for what is not in your control.

Say it with me…”You do not need to be extra hard on yourself for what is not in your 

Ahh….how does that feel?  Doesn’t that feel better?

When you learn to be at peace with what you are doing, what you can do, and surrender to what is not in your grasp at the moment, you will find greater Zen within.

Just because you cannot SEE what is going on in the ‘greater divine plan’ – does not mean that nothing is happening.  Sometimes things are shifting and moving all around you in order to meet up with the best-aligned energies for your higher purpose.

Trust in your truth or you will be spinning your wheels (and we know this is exhausting) and if the conviction in your heart is rooted firmly with your belief, anything is possible when you understand the abundance of what is in the blessings you have in this present moment.

Time and abundance are about perception. Shift it, and you can breathe a little easier by being less critical of yourself and by this idealized ‘time frame’ of how things are supposed to be according to your plan.  

The divine plan for your life is full of abundance and things will be aligned perfectly for you at the right time when you are ready to let go of energy, which is wasted and does not actually propel your plan to where you are going. 

When you say, “I’m not always driving” – you comprehend that energy greater than what you invest is at work to actually support the work you are doing.