Thursday, January 21, 2021



What a difference a year makes! 

Sit with that very thought.  Not only will you find yourself nodding your head in agreement as none of us are the same people we were a little over a year ago; but you will see something profound in how YOU process time, communication, and how you think about your own journey as a human on this planet.

If the pre-pandemic version of you and your daily life may look like someone from a prehistoric time, this is because in a strange way through an altered timeline, it is true.

We’ve observed and experienced so much. So HOW do we IMPROVE our communication links to renew our journey?

FIRST, we must UNDERSTAND what is going on. In quarantine, you’ve had a lot of time to think, but you may have not used the time productively to understand beyond your own daily reflection, as it takes some excavation to dig deeper beyond what you see.

Let’s examine what that means for your Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit health well-being and your communications dialogue you have with yourself and others today vs. how that differs from last year.

Personally and professionally, we ‘relate’ to ourselves in different ways.

For the first time in our lifeline history, we have come to terms with understanding that our identities have changed when our ‘human’ is in this mix in relation to health, safety and how we evaluate compromises, sacrifices, choices, core values, ethics, principles and the responsibility we each have as we also observe and witness how others ‘process’ their own definition of all of these terms.

We have discovered unexpected matches and mismatches in how we identify the prioritization of these definitions.

Through this, we are questioning the measurement for how the above same or different page of people’s actions change our existing environment vs. what we change ourselves for ourselves.

Read that line again. It will dissolve ‘expectation’ misplacement and turn ‘personal accountability and responsibility’ on its head for you to see that in a pandemic – our life and the lives of others are not only in our hands based on what we do or don’t do, but it changes EVERYTHING ELSE AS WELL, inclusive of the relationship we have with our life rules and boundaries for total well-being.

Through this we also question what we as individuals can create, change and observe how we’ve all changed in respect to what we’ve observed.

·       What have you learned about yourself through the experiences that The Universe has delivered to challenge all of us?  Do you see it as ‘a life learning moment’ or do you see it a different way?

·       Has your dialogue changed with yourself, your circle, and within your own community?

·       Are you communicating differently in terms of your own health, safety and well-being?

·       What messages are you putting forth and how much do they reveal about how YOU have changed through our world-changing events and where do you stand?

·       Has your perception changed through the information you’re filtering out - or because of the barrage of what you’re choosing to swim within?

·       Have you educated yourself on all you’re digesting?

·       What are you processing and owning in taking responsibility for in your actions vs. what are you choosing to change in what you believe is yours or someone else’s?

Yes… this is a list of questions beckoning for answers, guaranteed to unpack quite a bit in terms of HOW you answer these questions with each passing day.

We as HUMANITY are learning more, we’re unpacking our own revelations about life, the world, mortality, and our place of where we sit and how we’ve changed (and are still changing) through it.

At this time, The Universe is renewing our sense of being AND simultaneously renewing our sense of what it is we’re choosing to be doing (or not doing).

In other words, many cards are on the table and what we are proactively choosing to pick up or ignore and move differently is all part of the Divine Plan in getting us to get closer to our truth in who we choose to show up to be and if we decide to truly evolve. 

This is a key word here – EVOLVE, because evolution is a choice, amid the inevitable change. 

However, those fighting change for the highest and greatest good, will REVOLVE and repeat cycles that are not healthy for Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit health well-being in daily communications with higher-consciousness by way of denying that the shift is happening.

When I ‘channeled’ my 2019 video about the ascension coming in 2020, rising to the next level of awareness – many may have thought it was some jibberish; however destined evolution through the energy of the cosmos is always to remind us of who we are, why we’re here and what a privilege it is to be spiritual beings getting the opportunity to have a human experience. 

Mother Nature gives us these same lessons and wakeup calls through every wildfire, earthquake, hurricane and tornado, as well as the four seasons which may now blur through global warming looking differently than twenty years ago.

But it is here, we see there is always something brewing to teach us things.  We can choose to be good students and learn, deciding to take this knowledge forward to be better humans and of service, not taking life for granted; or we can pretend that it is all a dream or label it as a nightmare when in fact it is how we perceive it, apply it, learn and grow from it.

Consciousness and intention, mindfulness and action, choices of options in our reaction and above all of this ----- we are being asked to authentically be transparent in said choices.

Old habits which worked in our previous pre-pandemic world are now apparently not working and that is for purpose and reason.

Our renewed being is here to re-evaluate where we are and what we do, where we go and what we learn amid the most challenging of circumstances in our Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit health well-being.

So as you take on your day today, and your New Year – ask yourself the long list of questions above.  You just may surprise yourself by your own answers, particularly if you choose to see how you might have answered these questions with the old version of you that had not experienced 2020 and now the very changed version of yourself having walked through the fire.

As we continue to navigate our lives through this world pandemic, Lovely Souls … and looking at life’s journey with a renewed sense of evolution in our perception going forward, may I gently you to look inside of yourself through this process in approaching your day-to-day with new eyes on a future you create by how you assess the journey in the here and now with what you can choose to see differently.

Stay healthy, safe and diligent in protecting yourself and others.

Be gentle with yourself, your loved ones and community.

Choose growth and evolution knowing it is the dawning of a new day and you get the sacred opportunity to participate.

Sending love, light, and infinite wishes for peace.


Stacey Kumagai