Saturday, July 17, 2021


Our concept of time is a phenomenal thing.

They say time can bring you a new breakthrough as we evolve in our own concept of time. 

It is here we gain insight into how our communications evolve with ourselves and others, even if we are not conscious of it at the time it is happening in the present moment.

There is no greater teacher of this communications evolutionary process than your own growth and insights you gain within your ‘constantly evolving perception’ and new actualized truths amid your own environmental changes.

But what does this mean exactly?

Let’s take a very elementary example of known absolute statements.

When you were a child did you declare “I don’t like vegetables?”

Later as an adult you might have grown to see your statement change, as you evolved, developed a taste for nature’s gift of nourishment and essential life force food consumption.

While this example may be extreme, let’s apply it to situations, experiences, relationships, memory recall of events, and the journey we walk and grow within every step we take.

Whether it is business or personal, through opportunities and challenges or overcoming obstacles – we discover that the statements we once believed were absolute truths, were actually only said truths of that phase, moment or framework of conceived time.

Perception is the mental and emotional exercise in everything.  Understanding what we communicate has much to do with our own well-being, the work that is in progress even if we’re processing and making sense of what it is we’re trying to say, based on what we think, how we’re programmed to think, what we believe and above all how we feel at the time as we’re going through said narrative.

For example:  When you were in school taking an exam, much of your success in passing this exam has a lot of variables.  Maybe you studied for weeks and weeks and even did a practice test and aced it but the day of the exam, you did not do as well.  This could have been for a number of reasons… maybe you didn’t get a good night’s sleep the night before, or the things you studied were not the exact things on the test or maybe you get test anxiety and were nervous as you finished it, you didn’t go over your answers or your body/mind/soul were not in top performance because you did not eat breakfast and were focusing on the fact you were starving. Or maybe the pop quiz, was true to its name, a different test than anyone expected and not of the actual content you memorized.

Regardless of what came into play for the above, your external communications output did not match what you had perceived in the projection of how well you thought you would do.  Internally, you may be scouring your brain for the reasons ‘why’ and emotionally you may be exploring your expectation factor.  Sometimes we even put such a high expectation on something – but in reality the exam itself had no clue what the student was going through/had thought/had prepared/wanted/expected and so forth.

What we can see when it comes to our narratives will have a lot to do how we ‘believe’ what happened vs. the reality of what actually happened. 

As you digest all of the above, you may wonder what has changed for you personally and professionally as you examine more each of these areas a little more deeply to see what may still be transitioning in your communications with yourself, with others and what you articulate in your ‘new normal’ of the world we know right now.  

However, it’s kind of tricky with this ‘concept of time’ - eventually we have become an evolving truth into in the present moment of our new reality and new truths. 

In short, we do not call our five year-old selves liars for saying at that time we do not like vegetables, rather as an adult we see we grew into evolution and change and now like vegetables. Nor do we say that we totally understand what happened as a student taking said exam.

What you choose to digest, process, remember, recall and believe is your evolution could be true or continue to be the work in progress as you process your outcome of reality.

Feel free to insert any childhood truths into your present-day consciousness as an adult and see just how many have changed in how you see your truth.  You may find yourself creating a huge list of things from your human reality and this itself can prompt more questions.

For example:

1)      ‘When did that change and why?’ 

2)      ‘What significant event made you realize through more experience and knowledge, you educated yourself by opening up your world to new discoveries, hence the change.’

3)      ‘Who did you perceive yourself as in your ‘attachment’ to said truths?’

Truths change based on our own perception, just as clearly we understand childhood absolute statements of “I do not like vegetables” – is no longer an absolute truth anymore. “Or the outcome of the class exam wasn’t what I had prepared/studied for in the first place.”

If you look at yourself today, you will see (as you reflect) many of your truths evolve WITH YOU.

So as you look at the growth of your life, your world, how you see your world, how you function in your communications with yourself and with others, how you show up professionally and personally – you are guaranteed one thing:  the constant change you’ve witnessed never stops so your relationship to said change should not either.

This pandemic has brought forth the collective consciousness of humanity to see, experience, learn and become more self-aware of who they are now vs. who they were pre-pandemic.  Some things just cannot move forward into the new world – it just doesn’t fit.

The same goes for communication and HOW we all communicate, what we say, how we say it and what intentions are behind said statements.

In the early parts of the pandemic we heard statements like “I hate quarantine.”

But later with more time humanity said, “I’ve learned so much about myself in quarantine.”

Even later, emerging from quarantine, humanity said “I am grateful for quarantine, because we survived it to see what of what we were made in our own strength.”

With the pandemic still going on some say “I never would have thought about my work/life balance this way or changed how diligent I am about ______XYZ or switched directions.”

You might have also heard, “It saved me and others, while we had a chance to tend to life in a way we had not deliberately made time for before.”

Years from now, sadly after even more lives are lost humanity will spiritually evolve to say, “I learned to see time differently, to value each day as a precious gift for every day we get to have life and not take it for granted.” 

And several years from that, we will say “We learned more about what truth is, how we perceived it all along throughout our lives, and now see other truths that came into the light that we might not have seen until we had to experience the unexpected.”

When this is in the history books, perhaps an author will say, “History repeats itself in cycles to introduce waves of change to create invention and solution, to fix what is broken, to bring to light what needed to finally be resolved, to reveal hidden truths that were detrimental and now can be changed.”

As we look at ‘systems’ … how things are done and what was complacent in status quo and what was never right to begin with that can now be rectified because it is under a magnifying glass, is the only way to improve upon communication that did or did not happen; or was perceived incorrectly or received with a different intention or was delivered with the same type of situation as the student exam taker who may be sifting through ‘why’ and ‘how’ and ‘what’ went wrong to gain a better understanding as clarity chooses to surface from new truths.

It is in this process above, we are literally “building links to a communications breakthrough” when we pull back to see the steps and our own connectivity to said steps.

In this process of continuously building links, we’re literally building more steps to climb to grow and create better ways of understanding how we once communicated to ourselves about the situation we were in, and moreover perceived it, while watching that perception evolve simultaneously in our own relationship to this so-called concept of time.

Our own understanding and relationship to said understanding must come with compassion for the growth process – our own and with others.  It is not a time to get frustrated with growth being or not being where we perceive the finish line to be.

Keys to the evolutionary kingdom unlock each time we make a new discovery about our communications process, the words we choose, the emotions or intent connected directly to them and the generosity of spirit we allow to flow through in its most authentic and purest form.

What we’re learning as a collective consciousness in the present moment allows us to see this change if we slow down enough to examine what we’ve learned during this time, when ‘the meaning of life’ is compartmentalized for some in human context. 

Others who view what we’ve been through in the last year and a half may find consciousness blanketed on a larger expansion mental and emotional framework.  Yet still for others there is the unlimited potential field of finding infinite growth on a spiritual level that almost seems vastly too enormous to digest all at once.

This is where we are now.  We’re flying in and out of these areas with sometimes frequent stops in all of the above with a different level of intensity. 

Communication now takes on a different form/shape and it may be all over the place depending on where we are during the process as the constant change prompting new shifts continues onward.

Mindful questions right now are key – so let’s dive and dig deeply into the deepest of the deep:

        1) When you ask questions now, are you seeking an ‘absolute truth’ answer that would satiate  your old self’s ideal answer to meet acceptable comfortable perception ….or one that has evolved into a ‘new truth’ with no expectation and more ambiguity well-knowing it is shape-shifting in its own evolution?

This kind of question is not something you would have asked yourself before the pre-pandemic ascension.  However, the events which have unfolded within our framework of working through challenges, mixed emotions and confusion with some misinformation given to us has done something to us in the process.

The idea of ‘going with the flow’ as the pandemic, the economy, the world kept changing brought us to a place where we were expected to take things slowly, digest news bits as we were fed information, ‘wait and see what happens’ in the same breath we tried to control what we could to be proactive. 

We saw things we cannot un-see…. But it is here we CAN CHOOSE to gather and make a conscious choice of WHERE WE GO FROM HERE. 


2) What changes will we make to go forward?

3) How will we navigate our new world, our new realities?

4) Where do we find our own communications challenges as they evolve into this new paradigm?

5) When do we understand our ‘final chosen truths’ amid a constantly evolving one in growth, challenge, change and the perceptions we’re grappling with as a collective within our communities?  How about across humanity and globally?

As we ask ourselves who we are, what we do, where we go and how we change, we can also begin to ask ourselves what we believe in now as our chosen absolutes vs. our evolving new truths in the discovery process for our humans, our souls, our lives, our communities, our work and businesses, our world and in our day-to-day, we can start creating our own new framework for our new tomorrow.

It is this first big step we now link to our communications breakthroughs so we can understand something greater than from where we first began and take what we’ve learned forward.

Wishing you greater connective links to your communications breakthroughs as you continue to emerge into your new reality of our new world, ascending to the new timeline.


Stacey Kumagai