Friday, May 18, 2018


Are you feeling out-of-sorts?

Do you feel on-edge?

Are you anxious and not quite sure ‘what to do with yourself’ and your energy?


If you grumble reading that word, then you probably need to rest more than you think.
If you get frustrated seeing that word because you don’t believe it is the answer to the questions asked above, then you need to re-evaluate what that means.

What if we change that word “rest” to ‘slow your roll’ or ‘chill out’ or ‘kick back?’ 

Do you feel better seeing that instead of the word, ‘rest?’ 

Isn’t it interesting how we humans apply our own self-imposed thoughts, feelings and ideas to words, even if the words essentially mean the same thing.

Why is that?

We live in a society of ‘go-go-go.’

Somehow, the idea of delivering is like being expected to always be ‘on.’  

What if I were to say, ‘you don’t need to be “on” today” – but rather, “you can just hang out and float for a bit?” 

Would you feel ‘relieved?’  Would the pressure somehow magically dissipate?  

Could you feel tension leave your being where you could feel like you might be able to just breathe a bit?  

Sometimes, we need to give ourselves permission to be human. 

In this non-stop immediate gratification world of delivering, and being ‘on’‘ over the top’ and in excessive-mode of ‘doing,’ ‘achieving,’ and constantly producing results like machines, we need to regroup and ask ourselves WHY the restlessness is there when we are not ‘on.’ 

This stems back to things like people-pleasing, feelings of not being up to par, or somehow creating disappointment or guilt related to not meeting someone else’s perception/idea or expectation, and sometimes has to do with self-imposed expectation. 

Somehow a stigma is attached to the idea that if you ‘rest,’’ you are lazy or that it is somehow selfish to do so, when there are so many things ‘to do’ and ‘places to be’ and ‘ways to show up.’ 

Over-commitment is as much a psychological disorder for the sake of over-compensation for fear of there being some sort of ‘lack’ or ‘void’ or a need to feel placed into a space of belonging and self-acceptance. 

Humans fluctuate in this ‘space’ quite often …all humans have encountered this, no one is immune to this ‘crossroads.’  Sometimes the space is created by work places enforcing participation. These are usually the places demanding constant ‘overtime,’ even when someone is off-the-clock, with the expectation of being a slave to your mobile device 24/7.

Other times, family ‘guilting’ or social pressures ensue with friendship circles to ‘be on.’ 

These ‘pressures’ have developed a dis-ease of ‘go-mode’ on a new level, because people are being slaves to technology, in addition of the regular showing up further fragmenting their HUMANS and in total neglect of their SOULS. 

The outcome?  Restlessness when someone is actually trying to rest, because there is no quality rest to unplug or “be” or prioritize self-care in the realm of being a source for soul fortification. 

Sometimes this restlessness is paralyzing because there are so many ways you have spread yourself thin to ‘answer’ to others, before you have a chance to answer what lies within your own needs for you to be your best self in order to show up. 

Here is where you discover your self-worth and where it is realized, self-actualized and where you can claim it for the first time or reclaim it from where you lost it in losing yourself in being “on” and “out there” instead of taking the time you need for “inside” your head and heart.

Self-worth creates self-esteem. Self-esteem is something that can be lost, when you are overcompensating to over-deliver to ‘be enough.’   

Where does this come from?  It could come from a place where you are creating a basis to deliver on your own unrealistic self-expectations or someone else’s imposed expectations, which you feel compelled to meet.  

There is nothing wrong with over-achievement. However, you can be a detriment to yourself in being this way, when your tank is empty from being everything everyone else expects you to be, but lose your own soul’s guidance, mission, purpose, ‘reason for being’ and honoring within why you are here and what you are essentially here to do. 

Take a deep breath, because you are enough as you are, once you are enough for yourself. This is where it starts … with YOU.  Here things fall into proper place and realign perspective so you can feel less restless, by being fulfilled in your own quality rest to regroup the balancing connection within. 

Once you get to the place of this balance, you are able to honor your own quality time resting so you have more of yourself to deliver to show up as your authentic being wishes to show up in daily life.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018


WARNING:  If you are squeamish or you are eating, don’t read this, as it may gross you out.  

The elementary school nurse’s office and the First Aid kit is scary for most kids.  In the second grade, I saw one of my classmates fall off the monkey bars with a finger bent sideways protruding like some alien claw.  Another time, a classmate was coughing up green stuff.

But when it came to scrapes and cuts, it wasn’t such a scary place.  In fact, the nurse told all of us kids that we need not be afraid, because a clean wound was our friend, because it meant it could heal.  

In second grade, I had a friend who had a book of scabs.  When she fell down, and her scab healed, she would peel it off and glue it into a scrapbook.  To some, this is weird.  To some, this is sick.  However, before you judge, it will surprise you to understand the bigger picture of what this is.

One day, my friend saw the scrape on my knee from when I fell off the monkey bars.  I no longer had a Band-Aid on it.  She begged to pull off my scab and put it in her scrapbook, which was actually nicely organized.  It had the date of the injury and the date of healing.  It was like a diary of ‘boo-boos.’

At first, I was not quite sure what to make of it.  As I got older, I later came to understand she was trying to give me a gift beyond sharing her scab book with me.

Both of us believed the nurse and all she told us about a clean wound.  We were not afraid to confront the wound.  When we both fell down, we did not wince pouring rubbing alcohol in the wound.  It was not that we sickly enjoyed letting it sting like hell.   

Maybe it was strange we marveled at the hydrogen peroxide bubble, foaming up, sizzling like Alka Seltzer, but it wasn’t because it looked cool or like some science experiment.  It was something more.

Once clean, the wound would be healthy and be void of bacterial that could cause infection. The pain it would take to do the right thing would make us healthier in the end, no matter how scary it was as a thought to pour something in the wound that would hurt.

There was none of this throwing a Band-Aid over it to not look at it and confront it, rather it was just to keep it clean, but eventually the bandage would need to be ripped off – and swiftly.  Ahh… from here the wound can breathe. Liberation waited to be claimed in this ‘freedom.’ 

In life, many people like to use bandages metaphorically to cover something up they don’t want to look at, confront or face head-on. Perhaps the bandage is a way to avoid acknowledging what is underneath, never to be addressed.  In the end, if things are not addressed, then they are never fixed or healed.

My friend who kept the scab book kept her scabs like trophies – they represented something more. The book itself was to manifest a sense of resolve, completion in making a statement, an accomplishment.  “I healed.  Yes, I may fall again, but I WILL HEAL.  I have physical proof of this, therefore I must trust..”  This was her message.  This is what she was trying to say to me, by asking for my scab.

“Remember that time when you fell off the monkey bars on XYZ date and you’re your knee healed?  Look at your knee now, you’re okay.”

I am sharing this nugget so that you can see that you will heal, too.  No matter how many times you fall down in life, you will heal.  You cannot fail.  You just heal and start anew.
You have everything you need to be okay and succeed.  Maybe you feel scared.  It is human to feel scared, but you don’t have to let it isolate or paralyze you from doing something, because it is far scarier to attempt nothing and have no wounds, stories to tell, moments to share, victories, triumph and yes, healing.

Your LINK to healing begins by acknowledging you have nothing to fear because fear isn’t real.

Healing begins with reflection, introspection and above all the ability to broaden your willingness to be open to a having a new perspective on any situation you need to heal from.  Once you take this on, you can exorcise the negativity that may be holding you back from living your best life.   Why have an oozing, puss-filled infection underneath a bandage?  Cleaning and healing your deepest wounds will get you on the road to real healing.

While it is not comfortable, know that once you do this, you will be healed and won’t have to go through that process of addressing it again, if you do the work.

The ‘idea’ of putting a Band-Aid over a cut (granted we know it’s smart so it keeps out the dirt) – is like putting a rug over a stain on the wood floor.  Covering something up doesn’t make it go away.  Life’s events will happen whether or not you fall down and scrape your knee, and whether or not you cover them up, so why not clean up what is there and heal?

All of your wounds and scars make you who you are, show you what you can overcome and prove that you’re still here and you have lived through your experiences.  Declaring that you have overcome obstacles can be empowering, life changing and provide hope for others that they can get through challenges too and no one is truly alone.

This also leads to the pathway of self-acceptance and ownership of what you are made of and help you see that you are stronger, wiser, and more knowledgeable because of your experiences.

We get to become more honest with ourselves on what we need to solve, resolve, or dissolve.  This prevents us from wasting unnecessary time on things that do not matter.  Once we apply our time and dedicate it to healing, we experience true freedom.

True freedom allows us to spread our wings.  When we spread our wings, we can soar to discover life on another level instead of spending time licking those wounds and staying in a cocoon.  Life is about blossoming into new areas of growth and expansion to experience joy and ultimately, peace.

Digging deeper may not be easy and sure, it may sting a little at first. However, that LINK to healing begins with being your own Paleontologist, which you give yourself.  It is here, you are living in an expanded way, the way you were meant to and have a happiness you never thought was possible.

So remember… when you get hurt, you will heal and that healing can begin today.  Love yourself enough to know you are worth every second of your footwork you are doing to remove the obstacles and infections of your past so you can overcome whatever is holding you back from healing.  Be aware of your dimensions and appreciate your awareness factor in this moment that healing is possible.

With each day, that scab is going to be ready to come off – and it is waiting for you to let it go to say goodbye.  It’s your choice to let it all go so you don’t have to keep it with you forever.  The point is, it can be memorialized just like my second grade friend’s scab book, there is the date that it happened and the date that you can say…”I healed.”  Once you declare it, you are free.  Won’t that be something wonderful to look forward to?


Thursday, May 10, 2018


If you could be given the ‘super power’ to fly… would you? 

How do you imagine your own ability to fly?  Do you fly at will?  Do you have wings?  

Does your flying only happen during the daytime under the blazing sun?

Do you only fly at night among the moon and stars? 

Are you a solo flyer or do you have your own flock?

Do you carry passengers?  Or are you like a lone-warrior helicopter flying in tight remote places?  

What if I were to tell you, that you have this ‘super power’ within you today that you do not need some magic wand to grant?  Would you believe me? 


Hello Lovely Souls, this is your pilot Stacey here with your ticket to fly!

There is nothing to buy, there is nothing no app you need to download, and there is no link for you to click. 

Hey, I’ve got your back.  I see you better than you think I do.  How?  Well, I fly of course. 

Now before you think this is some funky gimmick lure, I assure you – this is not.

You have the ability to fly on your own terms, at will anytime.  All you have to do is find a quiet space and close your eyes.  

You do not need to contort yourself in any yoga pose.  You do not need to buy any transcendental music.  You can fly quietly in your own sacred space anytime you want. 

This is called ‘Tweaking YOUR LINK’ …. And this is part of what I do.  What does this LINKRONICITY adventure entail? 

You can reduce your stress levels, find daily peace and yes, change your entire life’s perception to remove every negative link that is within your psyche, heart, soul and belief in order to remove the obstacles that are in your way.  You can remove challenges by gaining insight to your own problems and figure out how to solve them, simply by flying.

When we fly above the chaos, we can SEE IT much easier than when we are IN IT.

So let’s try it. 

Close your eyes. See yourself flying above your problems.  Let’s get to an elevation where your perception meets reality.  Stop looking at your problems from the lens of problems being problems, instead – let’s change your language right here and now to look at these ‘challenges’ as ‘opportunities to learn.’  

What is it you can learn about yourself by ‘solving’ this problem?

What solutions can you see, flying above the issue?

Who is really in the way, causing this problem?  

Is it you?  If so, we can fix this.

If you think/believe it is ‘someone’ or ‘something else’ – believe it or not, the problem is your perception. 

How so?  Let’s see what you can do communicatively to resolve the issue.   

Have you tried to have a conversation?   

Are you dealing with confrontation on the matter?   

Can you find a way to approach the subject or challenge differently? 

How are you able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to actually SEE how they are coping/managing it from where they sit?  

If you can do this, you can fly even higher to SEE how YOU can create the change for the challenge and become the solution to the issue.  Maybe it starts with a conversation.   

Perhaps it can begin with dissecting the problem as to what you can DO NOW vs. WHAT NEEDS TO BE WORKED THROUGH.

The only problems that truly exist are the ones that humans don’t tackle with action.  We all have the ability to begin the footwork on an existing matter and find a pathway toward resolution. 

Sometimes it requires courage and bravery.
Sometimes it requires using your voice.
Sometimes it requires stepping into your truth.

And yes, sometimes it begins with your ceasing to see a problem ‘the old way’ in order for you to find a new way to become part of that solution. 

Complaining and blaming are easy scapegoats, which are merely crutches you use because they are comfortable and familiar.

What if we were to get you to FLY into a new space to see that it is only because of your discomfort that the problem exists at all.


Yes, it's true. If that statement created a shift, then I am honored for the opportunity to do this because I want you to see what I see when I fly so that you can have the same vision as you choose to fly above your own issues to create more internal daily peace and find greater enjoyment in your life.

Life is short.  You don’t need to waste it battling your own head or heart.  You know deep down there is a better way and my heart-felt pure intention is to help you fly and see for yourself, you can live another way… with joy, with insight, with a changed perspective.

So here….I have your ticket.  Are on board?  It’s beautiful up here. Come join me and remember that the sky is the limit in your finding daily peace of mind – we can change your links to serve you better and get rid of the ones that don’t.  You don’t need them here where we are.

Blessings and light.