Friday, December 7, 2018


It’s time to set your intention for the New Year…Are you prepared for new change? 

By now, you know that I am here to help you remove the LINKS, which do not serve. 

I’m here to help you tweak the LINKS of communication in your mind, body, soul, and spirit healing to help you live your best life with authentic communication internally within yourself and externally in your personal and professional world. I can help you add links of positivity to your life chain where there were not any before. 

But now… we are going a new direction to help you prepare spaces where you can have open links to invite change. 

Are you familiar with the shell game…Where a series of shells are shuffled around with a ball underneath it and it is your job to guess which shell contains the ball?

Well, the interesting about this game is that no one stops in their tracks to see that the only reason why this game can even be played is that there are always two open shells for the ball to move to.  

THINK ABOUT THIS. What if the other two shells did not have any room for the ball to shuffle around?  What if you couldn’t change your life, because your open spaces were closed off to even invite change in, in the first place?  

That would be horrible, right?  That would mean GAME OVER.

So, are you ready to clear out the other two shells in order to jump into a new adventure game for your New Year?  

Welcome to your next chapter.

While each New Year ahead is just like this shell game, this is where we’re put to the real test of what we step into next. 

The key here is not to worry about where the ball is. 

What… you worry? Nah… why would you do that?  

Don’t get obsessive or let your brain take over wasting time on figuring out the game.
This is why this New Year is called an adventure because you won’t know where the wild ride is taking you.  Just when you think you know, you really don’t… so just don’t drive yourself nuts.

Seriously. You are being asked to trust where it shows up and not be afraid of the fact it’s a whole new ballgame. 

Are you ready? 

Control freaks… are you ready? 

How about the doubters… are you ready?

Non-believers, are you ready? 

It’s time to embrace new challenges and changes ahead. 

You’re going to be asked some tough questions throughout our next planetary shift as things start to move swiftly into the unexpected. 

If you’ve done your year-end clean-up, the answers will be more readily available for you to see because you have spent time doing the ‘clearing.’  However, if you are still buried in old clutter, it will be a bit more challenging for you to see.

So what is this old clutter that I speak of?  It is all about your counterproductive energy – the energy that is negative where you choose to fight yourself.  

Your higher self knows what is best for you.  If you are still burning the candle at both ends, depleting your energy, getting sick and not investing your higher wisdom, you’re sitting in old clutter.

For those of you who are sitting in denial of what you need to do (i.e. Hello Procrastinators!) … ask yourself ‘why’ you are procrastinating …. Is it self-sabotage?  Laziness?

For those of you who pay more attention to the nonsense dialogue of your human, who tries to lure you into subscribing to negative doubt … tell your human to ‘knock it off.’ 

If you struggle and wrestle with ‘letting go’ – ask yourself why you haven’t released yourself from something that isn’t good for you (i.e. bad habits that affect your health, or your own productivity, goal-setting, etc.)

Congratulations to you if you have done all of this year-end work. Lovely Souls, if you have done the shedding of old energy, GOOD JOB!

For the rest of you Lovely Souls still working on the above – don’t you worry, there’s still time, BUT - Get. It. Done.

Ahhhh…okay, how’s that for a clearing?  

Say goodbye to the above, you don’t need it anymore dear human.  

Now, let’s focus on what is next. “But how do I do that, when I don’t know what is next?” you ask. Hehe.  This is where I will ask you….

What is your foundation, your core, your base?

Are you ready for change to take you to a new place?

Have you given some thought to where you have been?

Are you happy with what resides deep within?

Come on now, be honest – look at your truth.

Because if you don’t see it, this is all moot.

There is something the New Year will ask you to see.

So that it can take you to where you want to be.

Do some soul searching and ask yourself this…

Where are you whole, and what have you missed?

That is the answer – for what’s missing is where,

The adventure will propel you to step into if you dare.

Here lies the work, you are being asked to do,

So that you can take hold of your most evolved YOU.

Don’t be afraid, it’s time to keep growing,

Here you will see what the Universe is showing.

With it, new energy will usher in the New Year,

And your brand new chapter of life will begin to appear.


Sunday, December 2, 2018


I laugh at #MotivationMonday each time I participate in it. 

Oh, the hashtag that is so counter-productive at times because you spend time trying motivate others by posting or motivate yourself by reading, while time ticks away depleting your own time to work on your own motivated productivity. 

Therefore, motivation is well all there is, but you ask yourself, what the heck you’ve done with said motivation.

People, I see you – I know your “struggle is real” within the cyclical mayhem that occurs sometimes, when you don’t plan for that to happen and if all humans are honest, they will admit the same. 

Analytics numbers may indicate what you do, but fail to say what you actually do beyond being a statistic.

Marketing people will argue with me on this. But that is because they are traditionalists in measurement.  

It is a complicated walk of the tightrope of marketing, promotion and branding vs. productivity behind-the-scenes of growth and real motivation to measure results purely motivated vs. organic results that occur simply from states of staying motivated or being realized within motivation.

For those of you who were able to stick with me in that long run-on sentence. Let’s celebrate with a happy dance of motivation.... if you have the time... Haha.

For those lost in the “Huh? What the heck did she say?” – perhaps I can offer some more motivation.

People like to judge by numbers, but truthfully even if the numbers appear absolute, what people fail to see is what exists behind the numbers.

If you talk to a health care professional or a financial advisor, you are bound to have different opinions about numbers being absolute vs. statistical, depending on whether or not you are discussing forecast, actualized motivation or that which is fear-driven. 

Think about that for a second (I'll wait... *elevator music*) in how people’s ‘motivations’ are REACTIONARY vs. REAL.

Isn’t it the actor who is constantly asked “What’s your motivation?” 

This is what cracks me up about how people measure a performance - you can have two people do the exact same scene, recite the same said words, but what the recipient FEELS on the other end of said performance is subjective.  It has no bearing upon the actor's performance or their abilities to get you to evoke emotion or reaction.  Even the audience cannot be measured, because no two people are alike and may have different emotional and cerebral trigger responses to said performance.

This is why criticism is stupid. Was that oxymoronic in that I criticized criticism? 
Well think about how this measures in analytics.

People look at short-term immediate gratification. They do not look at longevity, sustainability and the long-haul bigger picture aspect.  

This would be another reason why people are quick on the trigger to judge, quit, and change something that truly is not broken because they're not receiving the results they want.  

However, I will now bring up the question....did you even see motivation happening from this place initially?  Was this part of the plan?  Or did you only recently discover it as you started to try to make attempts to reinvent your own proverbial wheel thinking that will change said result, when you haven't looked at the total picture? 

Motivation cannot truly be measured as an accurate statistic, unless it is UNDERSTOOD.
How many people subscribe to the daily motivation for that jump-start-kick-in-the-behind to get off their own to go do something is either a reality, a perception and no matter how you slice it, SUBJECTIVE.

  • So let me ask you, what does it take for you to get motivated?
  • How do you actualize your productivity from the initial nudge to get motivated?
  • Where do you take your motivation beyond the inspirational push to produce something beyond your initial goal setting?

How do you even know if it resonates with your true self at the time vs. your unconscious need/want to be part of something, even if it is not who you are?  

This one is a trick question by the way and you get extra bonus points if you can answer it from the context from which I asked it!  :D 

Read this for example:

  • Now that I’ve put out some motivation, where will you take this?  How have my motivational posts in the past motivated you beyond what you read? 

  • How have you motivated others beyond your own motivation you’ve taken into action?

  • More importantly, how do you measure it beyond analytics, inventory, or sales? 

If you only measure it by popularity, that doesn’t tell you much other than just that.

Some motivation comes by way of a happy accident.  Others by waves of the subconscious manifesting motivation into the souls' need at said time, but it is not driven by the action of habitual continuation of the initial motivation.

For me, my measurement is not conventional nor traditional and never will be much to the clucking tongues and tsk tsks of traditional and conventional yardsticks. 

Why is that?

  • You cannot measure motivation from solely the brain putting the physical being into action.

  • You cannot measure the ripple effect of what you cannot see and may never know.

  • You cannot measure inspiration solely upon numbers, because emotions are not measured this way.

  • You cannot measure your own helpfulness because innately, some humans will never articulate to you what it is you said or did that actually motivates them in ways you do not even know, particularly if they themselves have not taken an inventory of ‘how many ways’ they were motivated from the get-go.

So as I conclude this thought process for your own pondering – let me ask you this….

Have you been motivated today and what ways have you used this to get something done?
More importantly, how has motivation changed your life? 

Think about that, and may it motivate you to come up with some answers.



“Why does life have to be so hard?” whined the college boy in the aisles of the grocery store as he threw the 50% cacao chocolate back after hearing from his buddy that their mutual gal pal only eats 72% higher, so what he had in his hand would not be satisfactory.

I silently observed this scene to myself in total amusement as my brain appreciated their crossing on several multi-dimensional layers of present road, past road, future road, Earthly being/existence, soul awareness, and current mainstream human sitcom dilemma. 

Yeah, I admit, it is pretty entertaining inside my brain at times. 

As someone who is a self-proclaimed chocolate theobromian snob due to both health reasons and my former chocolatier humble beginnings, I concur with her boundaries, though I empathized with the uninformed one in that he must have felt frustrated to just be learning this new piece of information.

  • His friend knew the key piece of information, which probably frustrated him more… how could his friend know what he didn’t when they both were shopping for same said friend and why wasn’t it shared before the excursion/mission to go do so?  What was THE REASON his didn’t his buddy share this earlier before the mission began?
  •  Was their friend selective with what information she shared?

  • Did she value one friend more to reveal something she did not to the other in her preferences as a piece of her own personal preferences? 

  • Did she do so only because one friend had bothered to listen or simply because one failed to ask questions?

  • Was there a communication disconnect from the uninformed one, in that maybe he never bothered to ask her said question but his friend had or at least had been paying attention?

  • Or was the uninformed one so caught up in the bubble of his own ideas of what to get that his friend’s preferences and choices were invisible? 

  • Was there a greater communication disconnect in that if they were going to go do this, that they didn’t discuss said agenda/choices to make the journey a tad easier to plan, shop and make this as painless as possible?

  • Was this a logistical-task difference between their two brains in how they tackle a mission?

  • Or was this simply a ‘go with the flow’ and not worry until getting to said crossing they both share?

What was more interesting than all of the above is that the uninformed one thinks THIS is what makes life hard.

Where we can be compassionate and understanding is for all of us to see that if buying chocolate is hard for  him… he may have a harder road to cross later when something more significant or challenging comes across his pathway.  You are not supposed to judge him, but perhaps this is where you need to ask yourself – HOW do you identify ‘life being hard?’
How we compartmentalize “difficulty” or “challenge” is subjective, is it not?  

Everyone is doing the best they can with WHAT THEY HAVE and whatever their limited abilities are along said journey for the moment until they have actually walked through something different. 

Each individual processes life’s challenges differently – and no one’s journey is easier or harder. It may appear that way on the outside, but you have NO IDEA what is really going on in the background or what bridges people have crossed or roads they have walked until you yourself have walked them.

I decided to write blog because it has been recently brought to my attention that my brain operates on simultaneous odd/weird cylinders and pistons from what you just read that I was told ‘normal’ other folks do not go through in 15 seconds to ask said questions. 

Personally, I had no idea this is how I was perceived  - it’s not like people display their opinions about that for me to digest and rarely does anyone share their thoughts, rather they just come back to this well in their own silent observation.  

In my reality, sometimes my journalist hat is worn more often than not.  But this could be my perception and not my reality and that is simply the point I am making with this blog today. And while I am not a stranger to being called ‘abnormal’ - which in reality is just someone’s perception of me being different from them, but aren’t we all different from one another?
Anyway, if the chocolate shoppers were on public display for their day, and it was someone other than me observing them, they might have been compartmentalized and labeled by a series of opinions - which may not be true or accurate. 

Should you find the above helpful in your own communicative problem-solving, let me know on social media. 

Let’s start tackling the idea that ‘this is hard’ – but before we do that, let’s ponder something…

  • ·         If you were the uninformed shopper, what would you be thinking/feeling right now?
  • ·         If you were his buddy, how would you see the situation and what would you do    next?
  • ·         If you were the girl recipient of said chocolate who had no idea this went on, how would you see this situation if you were the fly on the wall and what would your very own perception be from where you sit in reality?

This whole blog you have started reading is not about chocolate at all.  I utilized it as a way for you to see beyond the chocolate, even if you are eating it as you read this.

What we miss in the day-to-day of our communications is the understanding that while words are exchanged, so much is missed… 

Social media folks may have called the ‘uninformed one’ simply a ‘whiner.’  They might have given him a label he did not deserve, because they looked at him with a lack of compassion or putting themselves in his shoes to perhaps remember a time they’ve been in a similar spot.

Some may have judged the buddy for not being a good friend, while others may have judged their mutual friend who may have no idea they were shopping for chocolate at all as someone who was simply more comfortable in sharing information about likes and dislikes.

I see this all as a series of miscommunications or lack of communications and processing of communications in different ballgames for all three of the people – inclusive of the chocolate recipient who may have no idea this entire scene went on in the grocery store. 

How do I know?  This is what I do for a living.

Many people sit in the wounded ego place of being judged simply because they are misunderstood.  But how can we as a society change that if we do not do the work ourselves to understand how we are not bothering to take the time to ponder where another sits by putting ourselves in their said shoes?

For all you shoe-lovers out there, let me please wake you up from your shoe (and chocolate) induced comas for just a moment and ask yourself of all the shoes you own in your own closet, how many other people's shoes have you bothered to put yourself in, in the arena of compassion, understanding and improved communications to improve your circle of relationships?

This question comes to you - not as a judgment for what world you've been living in, but merely as a generous offering for you to put your feet in for just a moment to think about how you can improve your life beyond retail therapy and improve your daily communications in the world you encounter day-to-day.

What goes on inside of a person, whether articulated or not is where everything begins and if we don’t start with that, we have a lot of road blocks on every crossing – whether it is a tunnel, a bridge or an artery of roads and superhighways in life that have their own sig-alerts.

So let me ask you….

  • ·         How do you look at challenges and how do you identify their level of difficulty?
  • ·         Where are you lacking in your own communication and how often are you misunderstood?
  • ·         What responsibility do you take for your communications?
Hopefully, I’ve opened up some entertaining cans of 72% chocolate covered worms here.

Bon Appetit.