Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Life happens.  Sometimes as a human you go through the motions on auto-pilot. Other times, you are trying to just keep the plane flying.

In recent weeks, you might have had stressful deadlines, overloaded work schedules and conflicts, maybe you might have had ‘too much going on’ – and feeling a bit taxed, stressed and depleted.

Maybe you have had anxiety, nervousness with a lot of uncertainty over what is going on in your life with many things happening at once with your family, friends and social circles and their energy.  Are you contemplating some life-altering decisions?

Right now, it is peacefully, joyfully fulfilling and quiet in your being.

Are you questioning why you are feeling mellow, calm and dare I say…  Zen?

WHY?  Have you had some sort of transformation?  Are you feeling disconnected?

Whether or not you can put your finger on “the WHY” you are calm, I would like to propose a few thoughts to inspire you to believe that maybe your idea of trusting in the highest, greatest good is finally sinking in.

In this world of greater awareness of ‘how to chill out’ … and an escalation of ‘self-care’ practices, the human psyche, and spirit are becoming more conscious than ever before.

While the mainstream is starting to shift in the openness to be ‘aware’ – how much credit have you given yourself to know that you know yourself better today, than you did a few years ago?

Have you given thought to the ‘process’ of life where ‘going with the flow’ seems easier, where your human does not get all riled up over things that used to bug you? 

So maybe your ‘control freak’ side of yourself has learned to calm down.

Maybe your own self-value has risen to know you need to take care of yourself better.

On the other hand, just maybe you are finally realizing that wasting energy on what is not in your hands and worrying about it, will not solve the problem.


You have graduated to a place where you know that sitting in stillness sometimes, while uncomfortable ‘since you’d rather be doing something’ – is good for you to regroup your energies, refuel your inner being’s tank of positivity, and reinforcing ‘what is’ and knowing what is needed.

Bravo, Lovely Souls!  This is a better place for you.

I wanted to do this blog today to remind you that you don’t need to be alarmed for this “shift” or “change” when others wonder why you are ‘not freaking the heck out’ over your situation.

Are you sitting with your calm-Zen-self proud of how you are coping?  You should be… it could be new territory and I wanted to help reassure you that “ALL IS WELL.”  

It is okay to be calm, especially if you know uncontrollable (not in your hands) disruption will happen in your life, and along with it may come the “Murphy’s Law” side effects of your rational adult decisions.

Sometimes, even if you play it safe, or have well-laid plans – things may twist a different direction to keep things interesting because CHANGE IS INEVITABLE and meant to show you that what is coming will ultimately benefit you, even if you do not see all of the pieces right now.

Trust that behind-the-scenes, things are actually working FOR YOU – so that you evolve, learn, stretch, and expand yourself in new ways that maybe your original plans did not factor into previously. 

The bigger questions now are:

  • ·         How will you ride this tide?
  • ·         Who will you become in this exercise of your soul’s expansion?
  • ·         What will you be most grateful for in the process?
  • ·         Where will you take this growth factor next?
  •       When will you begin to accumulate the higher-level lessons and choose to apply them going forward?
  • ·         Who are you now because of knowing what you know in the present moment? 

When we take a step back to examine our “Calm-before-the-storm” energy, we can further evaluate the reasons “WHY” this is necessary in order to strengthen the bigger change and transformation, which comes with growth.

Everyone is a work in progress.  Our best selves are yet to come and our best lives are taking shape in every minute of every moment – THIS is what the calm energy is for and how we can benefit from using it to our best ability.

So take a deep breath, Lovely Souls. 

All is well.

You will be okay.

Moreover, yes, YOU’VE GOT THIS… all you need to do now is to rest in the calm; rejoice in the chaos when it arrives, knowing you had the wisdom to refuel your soul’s energy in the now.


Monday, July 9, 2018


They say we ‘don’t know what we don’t know.’

The irony is that someone knows this.

Thus, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say, we are aware of our shortcomings, challenges and ignorance – however, our own awareness of this fact can provide the pathway to seeking knowledge. 

The bigger question is… how aware are you in terms of what it is you still have to learn?

Where do you see your opportunity for growth?    

Have you ever questioned what you don’t know, where you lack knowledge, or what you are determined to learn vs. what you have surrendered to being ‘okay’ with not needing to explore?  

At what point are you satisfied with your quest for knowledge?  

Do you look at your life as a series of lessons you have overcome? 

This is something we humans need to ask ourselves for one very important reason…

We need to understand that learning is infinite.  

We will never know all that is out there to know, no matter how long we search, no matter how many books we will read, or adventures we take under our breath or what lessons we can absorb, receive, and gain from others.  

All things are possible.  Opportunities are infinite.  However, our ability to learn everything there is to learn is finite for time our human has to grace the planet. 

Nevertheless, what if I were to tell you that as your soul has infinite wisdom?  Do you believe this is possible? 

If we humans take comfort that there is ‘deeper knowledge’ beyond the scope of our own human existence, and that we have the ability to tap into lifetimes of acquired knowledge, there are other elevations of exploration for our introspective realm of possibility.

While this may seem ‘out there’ in context to process, let me enlighten you with the idea that it isn’t, because ‘inside’ of your own psyche and soul memory there is much more than you know from the surface of what you believe you know.

Bear with me here.  While this may appear to be a series of riddles, it really is not if you take a step back at what already exists. 

Let us take for example, the idea that certain abilities are learned, while others are simply natural.

We humans call these natural abilities ‘gifts’ so that we can process this concept in a more digestible context.

What are your ‘gifts?’  

Do you have the ‘gift’ of patience, calmness, and grace under pressure?  

Do you have the ‘gift’ of organization, memory, troubleshooting or creating?

Perhaps you have the ‘gift’ to be the voice of reason or you have quick-wit, or helpfulness.

Maybe you have the ‘gift’ of certain talents to build, design, deal with numbers, detect flavors, hear certain tones, visualize special reasoning or you have the eye for coordination.

Whatever your ‘gift’ is… maybe you don’t even know ‘where’ it came from, and you know you did not ‘learn it,’ but rather it came naturally from when you were a child, and further development through extended learning helped you perfect said ‘gift.’ 

People talk about others being ‘born with’ a certain ability, strength, level of knowledge, talent, or wisdom.

If you know someone who appears to have mastered something by a ridiculous age, you may say …

“Oh, they were already born with this knowledge or must have been XYZ in another lifetime.” 

Certain athletes may appear to be born with ‘super ability’ to swim like a fish or have speed like lightning; or some people have genius brains; while others are naturally funny with quick timing or some can intuitively know where to go even if they are lost. 

If we embrace the idea that our pool of knowledge exists within us, perhaps then we know what we need to know and for anything else we don’t know, we either apply ourselves to learning or simply hone what already exists within us.  

In the world of self-discovery, this can be a chaotic place to be in order to dissect ‘what to do’ with ‘what you have’ vs. ‘what you venture to learn or seek.’  

While we are all lifelong students of ‘life’ … understanding the duality of knowledge and wisdom – internal vs. external is an art. 

When we get out of our own way to sit in the space of seeing what there is to work with, we can adopt greater clarity in our perception of being enlightened vs. being naïve and creating a pathway to broader knowledge in the same breath as more intricately based knowledge. 
However first, we must stop self-judgment and instead step into the space of self-acceptance in order to clear the slate to be in the space to remain open to the infinite wisdom – both external and internal.  This is where most humans ‘get stuck,’ by only seeing one dimension of learning.

Go easy on yourself, Lovely Souls.  There is more within you than you realize to actualize, you just have to get off the hamster wheel long enough to see pieces of yourself that have been there all along to grow your internal wisdom to its full potential.  

What you invest by knowing yourself, will get you further on your life's trek when you actually seek the external knowledge.  It is only in your own realization of how you process your own learning curves, dealing with life's lessons as well as the ones you seek, will you find your true learning potential for all there is to learn. 

While there is a lot ‘out there’ to learn, know that is not the only place where you can learn.  When you begin to invest time ‘within’ - you will have greater awareness of how to be more receptive to what you can do and learn. 

It is here where you can come to know what it is you do not know as well as all that you do.  You can take note of that to create a better quality of life learning once you see what is possible and what already exists.

Happy learning!

Saturday, June 23, 2018


There are days you may feel as if all of your LINKS work against you.
But trust me when I say they are only challenging to push you to grow.
So let’s change the language, shall we?  

“My LINKS are being tweaked for a higher and greater purpose – they are WITH ME.”
This week, many of my colleagues in the coaching community are backlogged with their own personal changes of deaths, illness, moving, handling the ageing loved ones, or huge transitions in the professional sphere simultaneously all at once.  Some are experiencing delays, standstills testing their patience, while a handful of others are dealing with other derailments as they help others through their changes.  Many of my colleagues in the metaphysical community have claimed astrology sites have crashed and there is been a force of energy that is swirling about.

What I see here is that CHANGE IS INEVITABLE… For all of us – it doesn’t matter who you are, change is always ‘just around the corner.’ 

We should rejoice in this.

Though it is challenging for Type A personalities who want to micromanage and control.
For others who are used to sitting in the calm of status quo, are now experiencing some challenge and change either communicatively, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually in some realm of gear-shifting in their life in order to take them to another level.

Now as you read that, keep in mind ‘another level’ is always meant for upward spiraling growth… but let me shake up some ground a bit for you as I dare you to believe that upward is one way, but EXPANSION is another, when we’re talking widening the sphere of possibility.

For many traditionalist and conventional thinkers, they believe that expansion is merely lateral, and they avoid it like the plague because the ‘belief’ is to move upward.

What if I were to tell you that sometimes lateral movement is helpful so that you can spiral upward, escalating your thoughts, ideas and thinking process more swiftly?  

What if I were to tell you that it is in the side expansion, we can broaden our problem-solving so we can see more clearly and have better understanding and clarity to look forward and onward, as well as upward? 

Yes… (gasp)… I know – where was this information when you were spiraling out of control?
We can rest in this… and this is exactly why I am blogging about this now to assist you the best way that I can.  

Life is not meant to be about suffering in the pool of the unknown as much as it is meant to understand any struggles you have within the unknown. 

Here is a video refresher, should you need it if you did not check out the previous post:

There are periods of time when the Universe forces you to break all of the LINKS you know, in order to trade for ones dealing with the unknown. 

Yes…this is that time.

You may want to feel comfortable.

However, it is in the times when you feel uncomfortable you are pushed to your outer limits so far out that you have no choice but to look WITHIN.

This is called “your new destiny calling”… but the bigger question is, will you answer it?
We are all tested. It does not matter who you are. You can even be a master of your own domain and king or queen of your own terrain, which you navigate with splendid ease day in and day out.

Then, something disrupts and shakes up your world to ask you to take a deeper look at what you are truly made of and see for yourself something  you can declare that you would not otherwise do, by walking through the fire of whatever test presents itself.

This is your challenge.

Will you rise to it?  

Will you back away into your safety zone of comfort?

Will you reconcile your own fear? 

Or will you take on the transformation process and know that this is for your highest and greatest good.

When you ask yourself what you will do… Wait, let’s do this!  Come on…. Say it with me,
“Self, what will you do?” 

Pause. Breathe (this is important) and see how you answer. 

What does your heart say?

What does your head say?

Most important – what does your GUT say?  

Need that virtual tums again? 

It is now your chance to see if you will or will not do.  It is your opportunity to do the thing that you fear, or the thing that makes you feel a bit anxious.  

It may be the time to try the thing that puts you slightly out of your comfort zone.
Why is this so?  It is in divine order to see just how strong you think you are in order to endure ONE MORE THING… a test of strength, character, tenacity, will, and above all TRUST.

We humans are less trusting than our souls. Did you know this? 

It is true. However, if we take a step back… sit, breathe and even disconnect a bit from our own human, our soul will know better and will have the answer in what it is that we are capable of and how we can navigate more swiftly through the rough waters and terrain.

Things may not be easy, but in this time of flux, Lovely Souls – I want to reassure you that you are not alone and I am right here…..FOR YOU AND WITH YOU. 

I believe in what is possible. Do you? 

Blessings and light to you.