Sunday, August 20, 2017


Merriam-Webster Definition of eclipse
  1. 1a :  the total or partial obscuring of one celestial body by another b :  the passing into the shadow of a celestial body  
  2. 2 :  a falling into obscurity or decline
  3. 3 :  the state of being in eclipse plumage
As everyone is entering this “eclipse” extravaganza, I thought it would be interesting for us to talk about the things we SEE and DON’T SEE in the context of LIFE, LIVING and our place in this world. 

How is your life obscured by a shadow?

How are YOU and your truth/authentic-self actually falling into obscurity or decline? 

Not sure?  Let me bring some direct light on this situation so you can gain some clarity and insight. 

Much of our life as humans and souls we vacillate between the lightness and darkness in full contrast of what everyday life presents to us and for us in our state of being. 

For most, there are things, which resonate or do not.  Some things are either absolute or defined or the extreme opposite of a tangled complex mess.  While the majority of most people fall in the in-between grey areas, there is always that epiphany of light, which comes through like a beacon in the shadow of chaos. 

Our life is comprised of these various eclipse moments for LEARNING PURPOSES…life lessons, and opportunities for growth.  Quite often, we don’t have to go ‘seek out’ said life lesson curriculum – but rather things will arrive ‘just in time’ for us to learn what it is we are supposed to learn as if by serendipity in order to handle what is just around the corner for us to tackle head-on. 

In my last blog Removing Your Worry Link in the Hands of Time
I discuss the concept of time not really being real, but rather our perception of it is how we see its existence. 

When we look at an eclipse (not directly of course without proper viewing precautions), it is evident that WE KNOW WHAT EXISTS BEHIND THE ECLIPSE….  It is an actual TANGIBLE thing to grasp, right?

However, when you examine your own obstacles of your life, sometimes it is not so easy to decipher what the obstacle is (in reality) or if you just put a road block there by your own assumption of what has to be there so you don’t have to go through the road.

*SMILE* … Yes, I see you.  

When we enter our truth zone, we will see that our heart, mind, and soul know what it wants.  Sometimes the human will put a roadblock there for perceived safety-sake, justification-sake, or even procrastination in dealing with confrontation of perceived outcome in order to avoid going out of the comfort zone.

I know…  You are standing here totally in a reality pool with all of that I just shared. 

  • Do not worry… you are not here alone. 

  • No one sees you as weak. 

  • No one thinks you are fearful and NO, no one is judging you. 

Those who are, only deflect because they do not feel comfortable themselves.

Those who GET YOU and SEE YOUR SOUL, KNOW BETTER.  Trust in that.

I will tell you that those who comprehend what they ‘don’t see’ are part of your own tribe, because they understand there may be things going on behind the scenes, which you cannot yet share. 

Those who do not understand, have not yet walked in similar shoes of experience, and that is okay – everyone has to ‘get it’ at their own pace.  Their life eclipse situation may be timed differently.  However, where the timing is right – that is destiny anyway.  

For all the rest … This is human behavior – most of it is not even your fault, but your pre-programming in order for you to move and navigate yourself through the solar system of your life lessons.  That is why you are here – to do just that. 

This is what I was talking about with how the lessons come directly TO YOU automatically with every challenge that crosses your pathway. 

Like an eclipse, there is movement.  No one stays in the dark forever.  Most of life’s challenges are passing through.  When you overcome them, you feel victorious for having survived, endured, and graduated from the challenge.  This is what life is all about. 

The key to all of this?

  • ·         Do not sit in the shadow of doubt

  • ·         Choose to bask in the light

  • ·         Know that the eclipse is fleeting and temporary – sure it’s happening, but it will pass through

  • ·         Marvel at the benchmark moment because it is rare you get to see such a spectacle in life --- I am not talking just about the eclipse here, I am also speaking of the moment you walk through any challenge – you will never be the same again.

  • ·         Understand that there is beauty in what is seen and not seen

  • When in doubt – ask for help with how to navigate your life’s challenge/obstacle.  It is really a very simple thing to do. WATCH VIDEO:

With that said, I am going to challenge anyone reading this to go to or and ASK a question, ask for help with a life lesson-learning question.  

If you are too shy, go ahead and Direct Message (DM), me behind the scenes if you do not want to ask your question publicly, and I will answer your question as best as I can to assist you through your temporary life eclipse. 

Remember – change is a constant.  Moreover, like any eclipse, we can benefit from what it teaches us about moments, life and the things, which occur, and pass by.  All through this, we learn about something bigger than ourselves and it is here we can gain the tools to overcome what is in front of us that we can see and prepare ultimately for what we do not. 

As everything happens, be sure to enjoy what is in front of you now and be present for all of it. 


Wednesday, August 16, 2017


They say timing is everything.  But who are THEY exactly and where have you heard this?
We as humans think about the tangibility of time in a twenty-four hour period of a day.
This is something we know and both consciously and subconsciously attach our minds to in terms of what time represents to us.

We have had many conversations about the concept of time both with each other and ourselves right?  You know what I speak of when I say this as you hear yourself mumble about not having time for this or making time for that or running out of time for ___________(fill in the blank).

This morning, I examined time from another perspective – one that is not usual, as most pedestrians and drivers will bypass this idea of time when looking at this:

When a tree is trimmed and loses limbs, I do not know if it processes time as we humans do in terms of the attachment of the time it took to grow said limbs….  The effort, the energy, the nutrients absorbed from the soil, the time to literally expand, grow, branch out, reach, stretch, expand its idea of potential, possibility, and so forth.

However, when you look at it from those eyes (go ahead, laugh… it’s funny to think that a tree has eyes)… you wonder if it is like us humans in that it understands shedding layers of the past, burdens and weight of the old and opportunity to grow anew.

We can look at time and life in a variety of ways, however it is only when we look at the negative side of time, do human worries, fears, anxieties, and concerns become attached to time itself.


Some humans may worry about not enough time to either start or finish or heck, even write their bucket lists.  Some may think time is running out to find and connect with their soul mate.  Others may see time as something passing them by like a parade they cannot participate in, while others may look at time as something others do not understand or process the same way and therefore do not treat in likeness to have the patience to WAIT for it.

This last one is by far, the one that connects us all in some shape professionally or personally. 

The only thing that can connect the same concept of time is communication, consciousness, and connection.  When coupled with caring, creativity, classification, compartmentalization, co-existence, co-creation, collaboration, and of course the celebration of coincidence which is essentially serendipity, and yes, LINKRONICITY… of your alignment can we SEE that time can be crushed and condensed in space.

What?!  Yes.  Re-read what you just read… you will see how true that is. 

As souls, we look at time as non-existent – since souls themselves do not have gender, age, or time constraints… only the human vessel does.  Of course, we have to maintain the human vessel flesh puppet as best we can to carry out what the soul needs/wants/must do.  Nevertheless, in the space of BEING and BECOMING, TIME – is well, a word, a thought, an idea of sorts.

As humans we like to manage it, micromanage it, try to control it, turn back time (thanks, Cher), capsule it, capture it, freeze it (I see you cryogenics), chronologically map-link it (yeah, guilty), stamp it, and seize it – Carpe Diem. 

Understanding HOW we perceive it, helps us as individuals and yes, group collectively process cerebrally, emotionally, spiritually and physically the terms of what time is and how it flies. 

However, when we see time’s purpose in all things, for all situations and choose not to waste it (only you can define what that actually means to you).  From here, you can make choices about how you wish to live within the twenty-four hours.

At the end of our human time, is where we normally see what mattered most in that precious four letter word T I M E.   What we do not accomplish in this lifetime may or may not matter based on where your principles, core values, heart, soul and consciousness sit in the moment.

What we will all agree upon is the fact that most ‘humans’ waste a lot of time worrying.  Therefore, if you have only one thing to get out of all you have just read, may I gently suggest that you do not worry.  

Worry is a cousin of Fear.  Don’t believe me?  Let me give you an example.

You are a baby learning to walk.  You are clumsy walking like a baby deer as you take your first steps.  Some adult gasps, “Ahhhhhhhh” and triggers fear in your brain for their own worry YOU MIGHT FALL.  

Keyword here …  MIGHT.  You did not fall or maybe did not fall yet… but you might have fallen upon the very said step you got scared hearing the “Ahhhhhhhh” gasp/scream from a worried/concerned adult.  Now while the adult meant no harm to you and really only did it out of caring about your safety, the ‘trigger’ in your brain memory bank sits in the place of connecting your idea of worry to fear.

This is where it starts.  Thus, when we speak about TIME itself, the “OMG” worry factor about TIME – is kind of silly, isn’t it?  While this may not be silly for the human, it is probably amusing and humorous to the soul that the human places so much emphasis upon it for the idea of everyday joy.

While there are hundreds of valid reasons for honoring time, the one thing we do not NEED to do is WORRY about something, for we are only wasting more of this precious commodity we hold within our definition of what time is.

Take a deep breath, Lovely Soul… you know.  I mean…. You REALLY KNOW deep within and your heart does, too.  Can you make up for lost time?  Well, it’s never too late, is it? That is of course depending on how your sundial, analog, digital, or Apple i-watch is set.  

With that said, I am grateful for the time you spend here. Thank you.