Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Home is where the heart is… however, your own assessment of what makes your house your home can vary, depending on where you are in your life.  

Whether you were a military child who moved around a lot, or if you have stayed in the same small town or geographical area or have moved to a different city, state or country… the truth is no matter where you go, you’re never more home than when you are finally comfortable being your true self.

Sometimes in life, the ‘idea’ of a change of scenery can be a good thing. We all need things like vacations or breaks away from the grind of life that zap us from our own energy source. Most times, that may be all that is needed to feel centered.

If you’ve had a ‘calling’ of sorts, a tug, a pull to go to a certain place, it may be part of your destiny that you simply ‘know’ within your mind’s eye that is where you are supposed to go.

Other times, certain life events (job, death, illness) take you to a place where you have never even imagined you would be, or had even fathomed as a destination place to begin a journey or new adventure.  It is here you could be surprised by your own discovery of what feels comfortable and like home to you.

Home starts with us.  It begins within our being.  Nevertheless, how do you know whether you are ‘at home’ with yourself? 

Ask yourself a simple question – “Do I like who I am and where I am?” 

This simple question can tells you whether you are ‘at home’ with your being. 

Quite often we go along the road of life like a machine and only encounter this question on the side of when we’re feeling negative… it is those days where we ‘nit-pick’ ourselves. 

This is not good for our psyche, nor our soul.  It chips away at who we are and it is destructive at times to our own progress. 

Most humans nit-pick the external, (height, weight, appearance, job title, income) and utilize those as measurements for the answer to that questions.

Some humans who live in the emotional sphere, nit-pick about their relationships with others as well as point fingers of blame at others for where they are in life… when relationships require the participation of two people, not just one. 

There are those who fluctuate between the spiritual realm and human realm to ponder bigger questions about ‘the meaning of life.’  They often nit-pick about their own progress or evolution for their higher purpose. 

Nit-picking is not healthy to keep running through our veins of our existence.
The bigger picture of life is missed and dismissed when we focus on the negative energy space rather than the positive energy space.  And while we KNOW THIS from an elementary ground in general about life, we often do NOT apply it to ourselves.  

Quite often we are our own worst critics and continue to move farther and farther away from "home" within ourselves in daily life.

Regardless of where you sit, and who you are in where you sit to answer this question, the answer should be a loving one that sits in the pocket of self-acceptance because you are YOU and no one compares to you. 

When we understand that our own self-love and self-acceptance is key to finding our TRUE HOME within our being, we can begin to feel at home no matter where we are.  If we are rooted in the key foundation of all happiness, all success and all being and knowing simply because we start from our own base of HOME in who we are.

You have the key, you have your own welcome mat waiting for you… take a deep breath and realize your LINK TO HOME is right within the center of your being.

Take good care of yourself… and remember that your own happiness is centered in the joy of enjoying who you are as you are when you rest in the goodness that arises from the peace you have in your mind and heart.


Saturday, June 17, 2017


When life gets chaotic and busy, usually we keep pushing forward to keep going.

Sometimes when we push hard, we open ourselves up for illness, injury, or missteps in judgment, clarity, communication, and decision-making.

It is HUMAN to try to be everything to everybody and meet all the demands of life.

However, when the SOUL is tired… humans who function and navigate life from the mental/cerebral place of logic will often combat the soul and subconsciously justify in saying
“It’s just my human vessel that is tired, and the soul can miraculously do anything and carry on.”

Emotionally and spiritually this is true when it comes to endurance, tenacity, persistence and determination.  Though make no mistake - sometimes we need to honor our BEING in order to unite the human psyche with the human body so the soul can function from a place of replenishing gathered and expended energies within a cycle.

Huh?  What the heck does this mean… you ask? 

If you’ve ever battled a long illness, then you know your soul is so tired that your own brain isn’t sending signals to your body to recover as fast as your human would want it to.  

Or if you’ve ever injured yourself, you know that it takes a broken bone, a bruise or a cut to heal within a natural time frame.

There is such a thing called ‘soul fatigue’… it is real. When it is completely depleted or exhausted, it slows down to a halt.  Sometimes the soul and the human cannot communicate effectively in a fluid motion the way that we often take for granted. 

Sometimes our own souls are fed up with our human for lack of recognition and combats/battles through this fatigue to endure anyway, but there are times when it also needs a vacation. 

How do you know this is happening? 

Your human recognizes this as burn out and your soul says “Okay human… you’re on your own – I’ve gone fishin’ so this healing thing is gonna be slow as molasses.” 

Your soul simply feels ‘meh’ and ‘numb’ and ‘blah’ – in need of a recharge.

This is when your HUMAN decides to be a vegetable in front of the TV or become a hermit or the opposite, going to endless happy hours trying to ‘disconnect’ when you’re already disconnected. 

In meditation, your higher consciousness can float high above all of this to literally see your own soul’s fatigue.  However, when we operate on a human level – we will often find the ‘disconnect’ between mind, body, soul, and yes, spirit.

It is here the human tries to take over to be in ‘control’ and makes wrong moves operating in the place of only the head and not the heart, gut or soul level. It is here you will find arguments between humans, because there is a lack of understanding, compassion, empathy, because the human brain goes into a war zone of trying to survive, when it does not honor the soul to just let it be to REST. 

The difference between being and doing in human mode is quite simple.  The soul is the one being and the human is the one doing.  When we are healthy and synchronized with ourselves and our energies, external environment and others – the human will carry out what the soul naturally gravitates toward.  

However, when we are out of synch… we get muddled, confused, lost and suddenly nothing jives with the human rapidly trying to overcompensate when all it has to do is LISTEN to let the soul rest to refuel, recharge and refortify itself.

Humans do not like to HEAR the word REST… we’re always multitasking our life. But when we take a step back and SLOW DOWN we gain perspective and clarity from a new zone as we shut off the environmental noise long enough to process/release/surrender to what the soul ultimately needs to be back in tip-top shape once again. 

Give yourself a break (for real).  Release the self-criticism, expectations, self-imposed demands and remember that tomorrow is another day – we don’t need to do everything to the point of complete exhaustion whereby we end up being a detriment to our own well-being. 

Take on each day and provide the gift of patience to your own soul.  You’ll be glad you did and your soul will thank you! 


Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Got goals?  What are yours?  What do you ‘identify’ as a goal and HOW do you define what it means to achieve them?

Do you set dates and timelines? 

Are you a list maker?

Do you keep yourself (or others accountable?) 

How do you goal set and what works best for you?

These are questions which may get asked of you at your work place, but the bigger question is, how many times have you examined your own personal goal setting process?

Lines get blurred between the expectations of your job/career and your personal goals when life tends to get busy.  

How many times have you been disappointed when someone cancels on you or reschedules (or fails to reschedule)?  How many times do you accommodate vs. how many times has someone accommodated your schedule.

There is give and take when it comes to time, which is a valuable commodity for most. We have overloaded schedules and agendas, sometimes there are things that are not within our control. 

However, what does this mean for your goal setting?  Do you push your goals aside?  If so, how often?  And do you tend to put your own goals last when it comes to some of these eleventh hour schedule conflicts, cancellations and changes?

Sometimes flexibility and adaptability can be a gift.

Other times, a derailment becomes a bad habit that is easy to fall into.

This is when procrastination sets in and completely sidelines your goals.  

While your life goes on auto-pilot, it’s important to take a look at your goal links within your life to regroup, re-evaluate, reset and yes, sometimes tweak your own expectations in order to adjust to this thing called life. 

Life happens and more often than not, our own life linked timeline is readjusted numerous times, either with or without our consent.  

Is this an accident? No.

Is it for greater purpose and the highest good?  Maybe…

Is it karma?  It depends. 

When we take a good look at what we give to our goal setting vs. what we allow to adapt, we begin to see our own life line with more clarity.  Part if this involves patience, while we also learn to accept certain circumstances and outcomes for our own flexibility.

The key is to not utilize any one of these goal links as something permanent, because nothing is permanent and nothing is temporary. 

How we choose to examine our habits, behavior and choices is a very fine line to walk.  Sometimes without realizing it, we’re creating the set of circumstances happening because we do not set boundaries.  Other times we are allowing the natural flow of life to take us to places we wouldn’t have gone had we not relaxed with being taken off-course a bit to re-evaluate.

Still, the whole goal setting link is also attached to our own intention, will, and determination, while we also must let go of expectation for certain outcome that is really not in our hands at all.

So how do you map the success of a goal then, if all of the above is a potential cause/effect participant within your goal planning and setting? 

It boils down to how you define success and satisfaction with your actions vs. your reactions.

In any situation, you can take your positive emotions and turn them into your highest good, allowing goal shifting to be for purpose.  You can also take any negative situation and remind yourself that setting goals vs. achieving them are two different things.  

When time is not flowing in your favor, it could be for your highest good to prioritize what goals are more important than others.  You may have to take a closer look at your original intention with the goals… as some of your goals may not be applicable to who you are becoming. 


YES.  As you grow, evolve and change – ‘old goals’ may not be necessary to achieve, as they don’t apply to you any longer in your bigger picture of who you are.  Sure, you may have had dreams as a kid to do something, go somewhere, be ______, but maybe being an astronaut isn’t at the top of your list anymore.  Maybe your own bucket list is shifting direction simply because you are not the same person and attaining certain goals don’t really matter so much as some new plans you’d like to put in motion.

The beauty of tweaking your goal links, is that you do NOT have to look at lack of achieving said goals as failure.  Instead, your own evolution and growth simply as the current factor in letting your old goals go.  You’ve outgrown them and your new goals matter more as they are aligned with who you’ve become and more importantly, where you’d rather go in your redefined ideas of what happiness and satisfaction you can get from tweaking your own goal links.

Your own life map is yours as are your goals.  Sometimes if we get derailed from certain goal expectations it is a test of our character to see how persistent we can be to endure. 
Other times, the derailment is a gift in order for us to be more authentic with who we are now and what we really desire to achieve. 

Neither case is ‘the only way’ – but rather for each individual, there is a REASON for your goals shifting and changing depending on HOW MUCH YOU ARE CHANGING or GROWING or EXPANDING your own AWARENESS.

Individual shifting is natural.  Do NOT compare your goal achievement pace with anyone else’s.  Your life track and chain of goal LINKS IS INDIVIDUAL TO WHO YOU ARE.   

No one’s track is going to look exactly the same.  If you ask anyone – no two people arrived at the same destination EXACTLY the same way, therefore, your own path is about adapting your life’s journey so you can achieve your goals uniquely to who you are.  

In the end, this actually helps you become what you’re destined to be within those goals and your character will build, testing your own strengths and weaknesses to grow into the person who can handle all that you set out to do!   Remember, a carpenter can have a vision and an idea… but until several practice runs have occurred, the perfect architectural structure of integrity cannot shine or measure up to the lofty ideas that were set forth in the first place. 

So take the time to check in with yourself and re-examine what it is that is going to resonate with your being right here and now.  Just like we clean out a drawer, garage or closet – sometimes cleaning out our ideas, goals and plans can help us move forward with a fresh perspective and choices which work better for us in the long run. 

Tweak your goal links in your life chain… make them sparkle again and enjoy the feeling of what it feels like to refuel some new dreams.