Friday, November 2, 2018


Timing is everything or so they say… So the bigger question is “who are they?”
Think about that for just a second (ha) if you can spare it.

Can you?  Or do you choose to look at your time as something you cannot spare? 

When we think about “time” as a concept, we understand from the soul’s perspective it is not real, yet from the human perspective the clock keeps ticking (tick, tick, tick)… we are faced with the perception versus reality debate repeatedly.

Yeah, this can be a waste of time – depending on what you subscribe to as you live each day trying to make use of twenty-four hours. 

  • Human society makes us run against the rat race clock. Go, go, go.
  • Consumer marketing tells us we need to turn back the clock and do everything to stay encapsulated in this time machine of making time stop so that we don’t ‘age’ and we ‘reverse age’ and try to stay young forever. Turn back, turn back, turn back.
  • Children who bask in play, are forced by adults to continuously conceive time as something to hurry up and think about “what do you want to be when you grow up.”   

    ***Notice that the concept of time here is to rush through childhood to propel one’s psyche and mindset to not stay present but to forward-think into the future.  Push forward, push forward, push forward.

  • Spiritualists say, “stay present” and don’t move, be right where you are right now and enjoy where you are right now.

  • Employers ask the redundant and counterproductive question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Where most candidates should be turning the tables to ask the employer that question to see if said company has a plan/goal at all to stick around in this economy.

  • For the nostalgic reminiscent folks and historians, they want to preserve, hang onto and cherish the past.

  • For the innovators/inventors, they want to only see the future.

  • For those of us who live in the consciousness space of all of this, we sit back as we watch the humans and souls scramble with the mixed message of ‘what to do.’

It’s quite entertaining from this place to watch the pace as people relate to the concept of time.

I enjoy this as much as I can when I am in my rested, most grounded place.

The impatient creative and over-achiever ‘go big or go home’ side of me often battles my Zen observer applying meaning to every microsecond basking side.  Luckily, they both win out at some portion of the day thankfully because I have learned to master my own concept of time and how I use it.  

Hey, don't think it came overnight... this took A LOT OF TIME! 


However, trying to explain this to those who are frustrated and have not yet mastered their own concept is somewhat challenging when dealing with other earthlings whose idea of time is constantly sitting in a staunch iron-clad position of being unmovable, non-pliable and unwilling to be flexible/adaptable.

This is not criticism, this is reality for most. This is where humans struggle and my sincere hope is that I can help ELIMINATE the struggle, so everyone can find their own individual concept of time and peacefully work with it – so that every day is well, in balance and you master it for yourself the way I have learned to master mine. 

Someone once said that is a pretty altruistic use of my time.  Haha 

Well, hey, if this is where I leave my footprints, so be it.  I honor the time in which I can contribute to assist.  If it helps one person or more, then I consider this a good use of my time. 

See what I did there?  Those who took the time to appreciate that nugget just received an extra few minutes added to their clock.  

The reason I write all of this is to bring a higher awareness, Lovely Souls for you to examine how your human can sometimes feel in constant ‘conflict’ with this soul space as you process time for yourself, but you need not struggle with all of the above to where it leaves you paralyzed.

Read that again, please.

Many of my clients who have come to the crossroads of being ‘stuck’ – I simply help them untangle this knot in their life tapestry.  From here they can see what it is they really want to do, how they want to move through it both in present time, reconcile the past and prepare a fertile foundation to live in now for a healthy, happy future because they are living destiny now in their journey.

What?  Yes… Oh… you thought destiny was something you have to ‘wait for’ as in ‘later’ as in ‘future’ in another time?  No.  You can initiate the creative process to enjoy what is here if you choose, but the bigger question is – what will you choose? 

Courage and bravery are part of the process of choosing.  It’s not as hard as you think, unless you overthink – in which case, sometimes overthinking will paralyze you into believing that if you ‘mess it up’ there is no turning back time.

However, this is where the human and the soul need to come together to understand that if you choose your destiny within your present your journey, that time is now and you’ve been ‘waiting’ on the idea that certain things have to evolve with time.

What if I were to tell you it is YOU who evolves with time?  You can change within it as it is happening, because the change is already happening.

Did your brain just explode?  Is your mind blown? 

Sigh.  I love my job.

Okay, so hence the title of this blog, the LINK place to time and pace. 

Your journey has its own ‘unfoldment.’  Time for you is NOT the same as time for everyone else. 

Why is that?  Because there is only one YOU.  

This is why it is SILLY to try to ‘keep up’ or ‘measure’ your time against anyone else’s concept of time or for the world clock.  So let’s remove this “pressure” from your human right now.  The only person you have to deal with is yourself and how you VALUE TIME.

It’s about perception and the reality you choose from said perception.  

Let’s examine this from a fundamental place… let’s go back to crayons and paper.

In Kindergarten (or for some of us nursery school or pre-school), the concept of drawing a picture on a piece of paper as an assignment could be seen by your child-self as either a good use of time or a waste of time, depending on your temperament.   

While some kids would rather be playing dodge ball, and other kids would prefer to read a book, it’s all about how you relate to the concept of using your time with crayons and paper that shapes how you view the use of your time.

So if we take this idea forward into the realm of “What am I learning about myself?” or “How am I expressing myself” or “Am I able to see how I see the world by what I create?” and “By doing this with others I can see how they learn, express and see the world by what they do” …
Now what do you see? 

Suddenly how we once viewed that “snippet” of time changes.  Why?   

Because I just changed you, opening up the idea that there is not just one
 way to view the place of time and pace and how the measurement of time is utilized.
You’re welcome.  :D 

So as you change your clocks back one hour – ask yourself how you will use that perceived gained hour. Or better yet, how you can change how you use it. 

Don’t be late!  Haha


Monday, October 22, 2018


Say this:  “I have questions.  Life has answers.”

Now say: “I am life, I have the answers.” 

Do you notice the difference?

Ahh.  How does that feel now?  ;) 

Lovely Souls, isn’t it cool to feel the force of understanding that YOU ARE LIFE and YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS?

Do you notice a shift?  

Do you feel a vibration that reverberates through your soul a bit differently than before you uttered these words?

You are a power source of answers.  

Even if you “feel” clueless, lost, stuck or at a crossroads, TRUST THAT THE ANSWERS ARE WITHIN YOU. 

You just need to unlock them and dance in your truth.

Let’s open the apothecary jar here… I am going to go where many are not brave enough to go, but I must… as I am here for the very purpose of keeping doors ajar and opening said apothecary jars as a gateway to the door of your soul realization.

Humans choose to get stuck, feel depressed, and find themselves at a crossroads ONLY BECAUSE they live in the human space with what is and appears to be human limitations with parameters for solutions.

People begin to believe there is no hope when they start adopting the idea and making it become real.

Read that again. 

“But HOW does one change that, Stacey?”

It begins with what is right in front of you … in your way… dare I say -YOU.  :D

You are your own obstacle.

Your mind is powerful.

If you choose to set it free to believe a new reality instead of the one you have trapped yourself within, you have the open field of opportunity to now change your reality from the prison of your mind’s eye.

Um… yeah, heavy stuff, eh? 

What if I were to tell you that if you live in your soul space, not only will you get unstuck, lift yourself out of the darkness and help yourself step out of the crossroads to finding infinite answers and the real possibility of being and becoming the answers, you are ultimately the solution?

Sit in this pocket for just a second… let that sink in. 

:D  *elevator music* 

Okay… back live?  

The trick in all this is seeing.  It’s part of your own escalation, your own climb. When you choose to be proactive to climb, only here can you gain the perspective to truly see. 

What will you SEE… really see….?

While this may be heavy for most busy people to process, I am relying upon the idea that if you can digest what I have to say (I’ll bring ginger root in lieu of Mylanta)… you will begin to see the light and become the light you already are…because the light exists inside of you.

What does that mean? 

You have the power to overcome negativity. 

You have the power to find the answers that lean toward to choose to leap toward positivity.

You have to begin with the place of removing all judgment from your mind. 
When you judge yourself, you create obstacles for yourself.  There is a FINE LINE difference between being honest with stuff you can proactively change vs. believing a false-reality of what you have created to justify changing.

Whoa, right?  Yes, keep listening, keep following me to this pasture of truth… you will see that I am channeling some pretty trippy stuff that can help you. 

I am here to help you see that from the inside-out.

For those of you needing my part-time or full-time assistance, you can go to my website, and connect with me to privately discuss whatever sessions you might want to look into. I’ll give you a free consultation to see what deeper work you might want to explore.

For those of you just needing a nudge… as you know, years of blogs and videos are here for your access to have your epiphanies and realizations pushed with a bit more exploration on your part. 

So let’s get on with some more LINKS to your bigger Q&A.

·         Do you question your existence or purpose?

·         Have you felt as if you are looking for something, but have no clue what you’re looking for?
·         Do you believe that you have the power to manifest and can’t?

·         Are you in the position of feeling unrealized, invisible, or powerless?

·         Have you ever stopped in your tracks of Déjà vu and asked yourself ‘why’ this is happening and how you are supposed to connect your links of your life for the bigger picture vision? 

·         Do you believe you are here to ‘finish’ something or start something?

·         Are you confused about how to navigate your ‘knowing’ with the ‘unknown’ of where you are going? 

·         Have you ever felt like “is this all there is?” subscribing to the idea or belief that your human is just doing time?

Well, Lovely Souls, it is with these big questions, you can start to formulate answers if you look deeper within yourself to understand who you are.

The bigger question?  Do you know who you are?  

When I ask that, I am asking from a HUGE PLACE – not as in your name, and the surface stuff.  

That’s all nice.

But I am asking about your human’s acknowledgement of your soul’s bigger picture, do you know who you are in this pocket?

Do you realize that you are here to do something much bigger than yourself, your human, your place on this planet had a bigger mission than what it is you are doing or have done? 

How do you relate compassionately from the place of seeing what you need to see?  

Did you know it starts with yourself?  


If you cannot reach this place with where it starts (you) – it is impossible to connect ‘out there’ or the ‘outer world’ in the way that your truth needs you to do. 

You are needed, do you see that?

Perhaps you take for granted the ways you help, the ways you just show up being yourself and you discount how you are actually walking in purpose.

Go ask a relative (they’re the best choice next because they actually know you; the second best choice is a random stranger who knows nothing about you) if you can help them with something.  

At first you may receive an answer that they don’t need help with anything, but if you let them marinate in that for a bit, you may find that suddenly, you are needed in ways that can HELP YOU see yourself in a new light.

From here, you see yourself from a place of helping another, therefore if you are capable of doing that, you are capable of helping yourself get unstuck from your old perception of who you thought you were into embracing who you are without your own judgment, but through the eyes of someone who truly needs your help.

When we as humans are capable of seeing this light, we become said light to shine outward into the world to make the world better just by being and ultimately doing by being in this space. 

Suddenly these bigger questions become answered, because you see who you are with a different prism, a space where you can additionally reflect the stuff from the inside out in a positive way where it can be a source of growth – not just for yourself, but as energy you share. 

Now that, is one amazing answer to all those questions you once had, which are no longer riddles for your mind, but ultimately food for your soul.  Enjoy, digest slowly and use this energy to propel you forward… life can be beautiful from this place.  


Thursday, October 18, 2018


The brain fog is surreal when you are operating at turbo speed with all cylinders of your sensory overload going on simultaneously.

This sentence may be foreign to some who have had blinders on in their day-to-day living the status quo.

This sentence may be all-too-familiar if you are a creative with what feels like an A.D.D. “ahhhhhhh” vibration resonating through your limbs, wanting to write, create, produce, share, pound the pavement, push things in overdrive, while also flying in higher consciousness to honor your soul’s true passion and heart to the core.

The reflective Zen kumbaya part of your soul says, “Chill out, relax, take it in, sit for a minute, appreciate, digest and be grateful for this beautiful chaos.  Gently unravel the tangled knot of what’s going on and calmly organize.”

The ambitious-achiever part of your human says, “Go, go, go… logistically hammer out the proactive mode of productivity, early bird catches the worm.” 

This Lovely Souls is called the human-soul dance we do when we achieve spiritual nirvana with the realization that time is both not real (in the soul sense) and real (in the shelf-life of finite time on this planet).

The bigger question is … Where are you and what do you do with this?

As I endured a soul-excavating journey through the streets of New York, my mind swirled with both the adrenaline rush and the higher wisdom calm as I (no joke according to my pedometer) walked 115 miles for a week’s time into the unknown.

This much-needed therapeutic dichotomy was life-affirming and life changing, experiencing Mother Nature’s menopausal laughter with near 80 degree temperatures with high humidity one day with a frigid wind-chill of fall/winter turning on a dime the next.  For good measure, throwing in some rain never hurt anyone and like Gene Kelly, I was singing and dancing in it, thanking my teenage Disney days of bringing tours of people to the Country Bear Jamboree hearing that song on loop repeat.  

“Let the stormy clouds chase everyone from the place, come on with the rain, I have a smile on my face.” 

The lyric mantra made me laugh as I watched people throw their hoods on, pop open umbrellas and walk like speed demons with some organized chaos so much more efficiently and impressively succinct in harmony in comparison to the Los Angelenos (sorry/truth/keeping it real) who freak out at the sight of a few droplets. 

The concept of time and energy contrast is enlightening and epic if we allow ourselves to marinate our psyche into the greater depths of existence.

While this energy embraced my being for my soul’s affirmation of purposeful existence, for my human the motivation is so extreme to exorcise my ambitious desires of expression into infinite possibilities that appear unfathomable like inhaling and exhaling with only one breath. 

It is a laughable paradox, I proudly and unapologetically express in a raw, naked and transparent honesty that I’m still grappling with.  

I am sure some will judge my honesty. That’s okay, your perceptions are your own, they have nothing to do with the authentic experience anyone has as they walk through said fire and rain at the same time. 

This is called life. Your journey is your own. If you can relate and resonate, great. If this does not apply to you, then perhaps you can open a window or door to new said experiences of your human/soul existence?   Just a thought... you might surprise yourself!

Lovely Souls, I thought I would take the time to share this as a way of helping you ‘be human’ in your ‘soul existence’ to ask yourself the question of what matters to you when you fluctuate between these two realities…. 

What do you feel?   

What do you think?   

What do you choose for your ultimate way of managing these gem-filled spheres of beauty?  

Have you given this thought?  If not, why not?

Do you repel such beautiful self-actualization?  Why do that? 

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to have the complete awareness of all vibrations within your two existences? 

As I sit and celebrate this lovely position of being for the moment, calming restraining my human from doing long enough to appreciate this moment for actually existing, I ask you to allow your soul and human to do the same when you experience realizations, and let the epiphanies wash over you in your own self-discovery.

None of us are ever ‘done’ with learning. No matter how much footwork you have done in your own journey, there is always opportunity to experience your own upward spiraling escalation in the awareness expansion for your being.

As you take in your day to honor your thoughts and feelings, I encourage you to give yourself the time and space to take it in at your own pace. 

You are permitted to set boundaries from external energy interfering with this process and need not feel guilty for saying, “hey, give me a minute to sit with this.. I need to breathe.”
We humans often feel obligated to be on 24/7.  It’s not healthy to always be ‘on.’

  •  Choose a quiet place to sit to reflect.

  • Journal your thoughts to see with your own eyes, what is going on in your mind.

  • Refrain from external influence (opinions, other people’s graffiti on your brain).
  • Allow yourself the space to be confused in the joy.

  • Realize that change is inevitable and that part of your transformation is for your highest good.

  • Relax in the idea that everything you’ve just experienced is to propel you forward in newness.
  • Trust the space of where you are and don’t feel you are rushed or pushed to hurry the process.

  • Give yourself pauses through your busy day to check in with how you’re processing everything.

Coming from my world of media, I am aware of this more than others not in the industry how hard it is to feel normal when you have expectations put upon you to be ‘on.'  

I am here to say that it’s okay to literally allow yourself to be off life’s camera lens of being ‘on’ in the world to cocoon with your own thoughts once in a while. 

In fact, it is necessary, essential for our own health and wellness to BE and be allowed to BE without the pressures of being ‘on.’  Sure, at work, at school or anytime you are outside your home, it is not always easy to be the perfect _________(xyz).  This is especially true for caregivers of the elderly or people in service industries, where you are expected to shine, smile, and appear like your thoughts and feelings are pristinely organized in compartments. 

When we get comfortable enough to be able to take our own sabbaticals to disconnect from the obligations for a breather; we see the power we can gain to reconnect our human and soul in a new way.

It is here you will discover the magical feeling of “renewal.”  

It is here you can refortify the energies to move forward and change what can become a better and healthier mindset.  

Trust that it is okay to dissect the whirlwind and give yourself the chance to sit in the integrated energies of what you are currently experiencing.

Give yourself permission to sift through ‘what is’ to let the realizations find you in a way to help you clarify what and where you’d like to apply your newfound fortification… you’ll be glad you did.

Until then… “walk down the lane, with a happy refrain… just singin', singin' in the rain.”