Friday, June 28, 2019


You are not your head.  You are your soul.
When you make a decision, you move closer to your goal.
Your human is linear, your soul is a spiral,
Trust the Universe – for that trust will go viral.
Output of energy is real, yes it is.
So think positively, enjoying every turn, every twist.
Open your portal – the door to the best,
You’ve endured the trenches and every test.
When things don’t appear rational, step into intuition,
For this is the key, that turns the ignition!
So what does that mean?  Step forward see clearly what is in view.
Joy is waiting with each action for every victory to come through.
You need not feel a ‘crossroads’ – as it is not real.
This is your head, asking for your heart to feel.
You want to move forward, and the Universe knows.
Connection remains as a dream flourishes and grows.
The journey you live - is about to hit a new place,
So that you can rest in your soul-spirit space.
Nurturing is important, groundedness is vital,
But step out of old energy, that is merely survival.
You visualized your wish. You dreamt it, you saw it
Manifestation may come fast, so don’t you dare pause it.
Do you really want it?  It’s time to open the door.
You prayed long enough, you repaired and restored.
It took a long time to arrive at your ‘all-knowing.’
To release toxicity, to find your freedom in growing.
Laugh at your discomfort, let insecurities fall away,
Speak your truth with what you really have to say.
If entrapment of your mind is at combat with your heart,
You know you can get clear to move into a new start.
The new pathway is here, it’s glorious and grand.
Owning your power, taking a stand.
Have the courage to claim what’s rightfully yours.
Step up, step in and step through that door.
Be brave, be strong – only good things are to be,
Transformation takes shape beyond your telepathy.
You’re not lost, you are found with what has arrived,
The Universe knows where your dreams reside.
Breathe the tidal wave of blessings - awareness is here,
New tools are in your grasp, to continue to persevere.
No holding back, it’s your time to shine.
The gifts are all here, from the Divine.
Life is about experiencing all that you have been through.
Don’t worry no teachers are here to grade you.
Restore your energies, as you transform your story,
To help you step through to embrace your ultimate glory.
You’ve worked hard within and on your projects for each chapter,
All leading you to your authentic happily ever after.
~ Namaste, Stacey Kumagai

Okay………………………… what the heck was that mega-channel you ask?  
Hehe. Yeah, I know. Holy crap, Stacey. 
Welcome to my world, Lovely Souls. 
I channeled this from the Divine as medicine for all of you who need something to resonate with your mind, body, soul, and spirit during this rollercoaster season of transformation that everyone is stepping through to some degree.
Some of you are changing homes, careers, and some of you are care-taking ill or aging loved ones for some time. Some of you are attending funerals, weddings and going through a rebirth of your own.  Some of you are shattering your ego, your pride, letting go of old energy or relationships.
Some of you are ending old cycles (habits, addictions, behavior/ways of thinking); while others of you are changing perspective on how you’ve handled (or not handled) your emotions, your thoughts and feelings about your own vulnerability and truth in every situation from authority, co-workers, significant others or family and friends. 
Some of you just finished exploring a new field or educational chapter; while others of you are looking at ways of finding more balance and peace, joy and fulfillment or finding new streams of income. 
Some of you are in UNFAMILIAR territory spiritually - exploring deeper and higher realms of awareness at the same time, feeling overwhelmed with this NEW TERRAIN. 
We are all going through a major shift right now – everyone. 
Just when you think you cannot handle any more pressure in some aspect of your life – something may appear to test your theory.
First – take a deep breath.  You’re going to be fine. Happiness and joy are yours at the end of this metamorphosis, this self-reflection/introspective time of development.
If you’ve been following the last couple of weeks of my posts – you will see a series of videos and poem channels filled with messages I have channeled FOR YOU as a way to ride out this tidal wave of change.
No one is immune to being nudged, prodded and yes, even pushed to the corners of the walls of their pre-existing comfort zones to change what is not working to find new pathways and open doors to what will work better.
If you’ve been feeling funky and gnarly, your soul can rest in what you just read, because what will ‘work better’ is ultimately a blessing, right?  Your greatest and highest good is always available FOR YOU to access no matter what you go through to see the gifts of greater purpose for you to appreciate where you have been so you can get clear on what you truly want in where you are going next on this beautifully chaotic adventure called LIFE.
Re-read the poem channels that flowed through my fingertips removing more visible letters from my external keyboard, which grants me the honor of this opportunity to be this catalyst for change to help you with your journey.
Remember as you go through this weekend, in preparation for next month that you know/understand it is up to YOU to make things crystal clear within yourself. 
Here you can come to terms with who you are, respecting your uniqueness, making peace with your fears so you can release blockages, and yes, that final step forward through the door that may scare you to do the very thing you fear the most. 
If you are questioning THE UNIVERSE and how it is handling your dreams – DO NOT. 
Remove your insecurity.  Once you remove your insecurity – the UNIVERSE WILL USHER IN the UNKNOWN paradise that is yours. TRUST THE UNIVERSE – there is no more room for doubt.
You may think you are in fantasyland believing in the Divine Plan for Your Life.  Don’t doubt this either - for when you doubt, you only push away and delay what is on the other side of that door that you may or may  not be able to SEE.
Your future is carefully crafted by more than just you…. believe in it.  But you have to take action on WHAT YOU KNOW and TRUST the Universe will work WITH YOU to CO-CREATE THE REST.
I think Donny Osmond sums it up best in this song.  Enjoy.

Walk though that next open door with confidence, smile and know I see you and I am cheering you on all through every step you take!  You can do this! 
Stacey Kumagai

Thursday, June 20, 2019



With the misty June overcast weather setting this cocoon mood, it would be easy to want to nap, but my spirit won't rest. I felt a gravitational pull to stay alert in order to bring forth more light.

After returning from a business meeting, I heard a ukulele right here in the city, flowing through the urban business center.  I thought it was music being piped through the master system.  It was not.

Suddenly, I saw an elderly man sitting peacefully playing his ukulele - not a common instrument to stumble upon in LaLaLand.  Next to him was a little sparrow bird sitting there chirping.  The bird did not flinch, nor was being fed crumbs to stay.  This was not his pet, just a random wild sparrow.

The bird stayed to sing sitting peacefully next to the old man, as they played as if they were a duo that had gigged together before.

This scene from real life ends up becoming the ideal punctuation to wrap up my Four Part Linking to the Next Level Awareness video stream in higher consciousness.  (Parts 2-4 follow this video) I was driven to transport all of this divine energy this week before we jump into summertime.

As I examined the bigger message, so much gratitude flowed through me to know that what was being delivered was a vibration that had an urgency to share.

Grace is the highest octave.

The old man was not an executive from the business center, nor was he homeless. But you could tell that he had a purpose 'to be' where he needed to be.

The bird could have been flying off with other birds, and perhaps had previously sat in the branches high up in the tree and decided to come down to sit with the man to also just be where he felt he needed 'to be.' 

Timing is of the essence.  The soul knows this.  My soul knew I had to temporarily run on fumes to deliver my four videos and the above message for some sort of purpose bigger than myself - as I described in video one. 

The old man and the bird knew they had to deliver their song for some sort of purpose bigger than themselves, too.  They just knew they had to do what they had to do...thus, driving this point home, they were living from the soul space.

When we get out of our heads, it’s time to step through a new gateway, expand, grow, and move into a new energy to shift perception. Where all of us are all going next...there is this gentle calm,  if we dare to go on the new path. 

Listen to your loving intuition.  If the vibration in your soul kindly nudges you, trust in the safe sacred privilege of being able to honor your guidance to make choices that resonate with who you are.

We are at the end of the line, where there is no room for 'meh' or 'low-vibration' things that don't excite us, that don't move us, that don't resonate with our higher knowing of knowing what we need to do, being where we have to be and yes, playing our own song in order to  make things right with ourselves, our inner-knowing, our inner being.

Happiness is a choice to embrace the gratitude and grace... just like the elderly man and the bird. And like I have in my heart that is full for being able to deliver what I know resonated with what my soul needed to share.

All of this is important to understand as the energies coming in are all about rejuvenation. 

The Universe asks you...

“What do you want  to do next?”   

Those who step into the ‘rebirth’ energy, need to be reassured that as tough as things have been or are if you are walking through this fire – just remember chaos bubbling up before BIG transformation is always good

This is your prime time to step into courage and happiness.  In other words, real self-love is about saying ‘yes’ to change, transformation and upward spiraling movement - not sitting on the fence wondering if you deserve it or allowing your human to talk you out of it.

That’s how you commit this truth to yourself from the inside-out.  

So what did you learn about yourself as you did the exercises in videos 1-4?  

  • ·         Did you come to the realization you had a lot of clean up to do?

  • ·         Or did you recognize you have made significant progress but forgot to celebrate it?

  • ·         Have you known your soul’s truth and conviction all along?

  • ·         Or have you resisted it in order to try to conform to the ideas of something that     wasn’t you or someone else's dream?

  • ·         Do you now have the bravery to stand in your own truth?  

  • ·         Have you given your soul the compassion it needs?  Will you make the time?

  • ·        Are you willing to dive deeply soul-to-soul connection instead of remaining in the safer human sphere of mediocrity and acceptable commonplace puppetry, in order to offer another insight of action from your own soul?

  • ·         Will you give yourself the gift you deserve of positive reflection instead of negative?

  • ·        Do you have courage to be open to authentic deeper soul reality?

We must stay balanced in the soul space so that the human doesn’t “trigger” old trigger points that will derail progress. Clear direct communication clarifies all you are confused about.  

The only way to remove false perception – go to the source, even if that means LOOKING WITHIN then SEEK FACTS so you can get your true desired outcome.

I used my words, heart, truth and my voice to express my soul.  The elderly man and the bird use their own unique instruments to express theirs.

But it was coming from the same soul space.

Whatever YOU create by hand, by heart, by thought, by action, through artistry, creativity in your own way of expression or planning, execution of your own gifts you've been given as the very unique talent you have that your soul must cry out... you know.

Whatever feeling your soul knows in its truth and conviction.... without your head creating a road block ... you know.

Heart and soul conversations shed light on TRUTH.  It begins with being OPEN. New portals are here to create change, instead of drowning in confusion and indecision where you reside feeling like there is no solution.

If there is one point I would like to most drive home from the four videos it is that you have unlimited potential for the POSSIBILITIES and options when you leave human ego and pride aside and allow the soul to DRIVE instead.

Expansion time is available for those who have felt stalled. Expansion is accessible if we choose to reach. Life has a renewal process offering for you so you can ask old doubt, old fear, old worry energy to leave your realm during times your human is in an area of uncertainty. 

Here, you are FREE. Freedom and liberation can provide a new light to ignite or reignite within you what is already there.  Your strength is there inside of you to stabilize you at every curve in your own journey’s road. 

You have the key to release yourself from a mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical barrier to ACCESSING YOUR INNER-STRENGTH, and do not need to subscribe to other people’s negativity.  They're the ones who are too scared to see your light because they do not want to see the light within themselves. 

Let's revisit the Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit and Health Well-Being pillars I've talked about in the last 200 blogs/videos. Accessing these pillars internally is all about helping you through your excavation process WITH BALANCED ENERGY and NEW CONVERSATIONS.  Yes, even those that you have with yourself.   

This rebirth is about changing the communication that has previously existed in your world to IMPROVING the language of where you can take it in your world, to fill your heart. This is the fertile ground where authentic truth, love, light and depth can swirl together in the most beautiful emulsification process to shape your future.

Grace is about gratitude. Gratitude allows you to surrender to simply being in the place of saying THANK YOU, breathing, and comprehending that the movement is FOR YOU – never against you… and that is always as the light stays on.  So look toward the light and find a new vibration in that light.

Are you listening to the higher octave?   
Are you in tune with the movement and ready to dance in this next level of awareness?  

Take a moment of reflection to answer yourself honestly. 

Breathe and begin a new conversation… and perhaps sing a new tune now for what you choose for your next chapter.  Maybe you'll find  yourself accompanied by a bird and a ukulele.  :D 

I will be there to greet you warmly with love when you smile big at the higher octave of grace, as you embrace what you already know.

With that I would like to say THANK YOU with all the gratitude I have in my heart for your human not running away and giving your soul a chance to see my light with the hope it has somehow resonated with your soul to smile.

Blessings, peace, and light...