Monday, July 29, 2019


I was six years old. The sun was setting in an orange-y glow on a summer afternoon.
My father was teaching me how to shell sunflower seeds as we sat on the driveway, after he taught me what an 11/16 socket wrench was, to change oil on the family car.

In this moment, he did 180 degree turn from our day, as he began talking about life.

He told me that life is a series of both slices and shelled moments.

Some days we would peel away the shell of what we believed we were protecting ourselves from, ‘out there’ in the world.  Other days, we would step into life’s own ‘slices of life,’ or what he referred to as vignettes.

Throughout our journey we would have them – thousands of them.  As I write this, I see that he was taking in that driveway scene with the sun, the sunflower seeds, planting them in my head as he removed his own shell, to reveal to me a vignette within said vignette and that itself was its own slice of life.

While he would die just 20 years later from that day, the seeds he planted remained.  Every time reflection takes place, my mind’s eye sees vignettes, slices of life and sunflower seeds sprinkled all through it.  

These thousands of vignettes are ours to cherish, learn from, behold, or do with as we please, but the most important thing is to learn what we can from them as they do add up to creating our perception, our choices and what we see as our own life unfolding.

It is here we can LINK to what matters as we break apart our wishes, our dreams, our goals, our time, our energy, and SEE THE TRUTH of our daily grind.

This place where you may want to ask yourself the following:

  • ·         Where am I finding awareness within said vignette?

  • ·         Who am I as a result of what I learned?

  • ·         What slice of life most defined my growth and awareness?

  • ·         Which seed was planted within me that is still part of my value system?

  • ·         When do I reflect most on these vignettes? ----(i.e. needing motivation, inspiration, clarity?)

  • ·         What vignette have I chosen to define my actions and future actions?

  • ·         Why are certain slices/seeds more significant to my evolution?

  • ·         Where will I take this next?

As you take a moment to dive into these questions as you begin your brand new week, create a new habit of reflection for every ‘slice of life’ you have experienced to dissect the above list of questions. 

You will find your greatest insight and awareness growing, expanding, and broadening your perspective on your life’s journey.

In this ‘space’ you may find hidden gems of wisdom that are unique to your pathway that can assist you with defining what matters to you in a way that you may not have thoroughly explored for how you want to take on life next. 

My father believed in finding wisdom in everything – even what may appear to be a silly or stupid event, because he said that sometimes humans focus so much on what appears to be, they miss what something is really all about unless hindsight kicks in to show what something was really all about for the bigger picture.

So Lovely Souls, I will leave you with that to shell, plant, peel, slice and dice however you wish in how it applies to you, with the hope you find something that you didn’t know was there to take into your next steps.

Blessings and light to you.


Thursday, July 25, 2019


This morning it rained.  I heard neighbors complain. 

It was not the kind of rain that made everything clean – but rather the kind of rain that rinsed off just enough dirt from the leaves of trees to dirty the sidewalk.  However, I saw it as beauty, I saw it as light, I saw it as love and was grateful to be able to do so.

I love the overcast skies, and the misty dew and calm vibration underscore of the drip, drip, drip remnants slowly rolling off the tips of leaves from the trees and plants, as birds chirped overjoyed with gratitude for this magnificent surprise.

It’s been hot… 97 degrees, and somehow, some way – Mother Nature knew this serenity was needed, a ‘relief’ of sorts from the intensity, even if it made things muggy and thick. I smiled and said “Thank you, Mother Nature… I see this purpose.” 

Of course, the revving of engines, the impatient honking of horns and alarms going off next door as my neighbor burned breakfast again, and the leaf blower guys trying to blow wet leaves stuck to the pavement, seemed like the polar opposite of what was happening in nature.

These folks were grumbling in ‘the thick of it.’ 

However,  it is because of this ‘thick, muggy air’ that we are being shown (and gifted) to find a breeze and lightness – it is a wake-up call of sorts. 

If only, a deep breath …. We can find a moment to see – that the dirt drips on the sidewalk created a psychological “inkblot” of sorts of beauty, one that looked like the human brain or a corn maze or whatever it is one would imagine to punctuate all of the above that I have described.  Synchronicities exist here if you take a step back from our chaotic world to see that the Universe is giving us all a 'nod' in its recognition of 'what is going on' - however, we are being reminded once more that we each can 'shift' current consciousness to change a vibration resonance even in the simplest way. 

Whoa... I know... it's a lot to digest. So take a moment to digest it.
Ginger helps.  Hehe. 

It is here, I felt the love of this moment – a gift that I was being presented with to see to appreciate, even if others could not pause long enough to breath in this effect; but that I could feel urged to share after meditation, before I go turbo gangbusters on my own day’s to do list. 

We all have these loving pauses we are being given by life itself, if we choose to take them.  They are for us to take in to have gratitude for and to lovingly share with others. I feel nudged by Spirit to share this stuff, for those who need a little light in their hearts, peace in their minds or reminders for their soul.

So let me ask you…

  • When was the last time you paused for your own daily effect?

  • What was the most significant simplicity of everyday life that stopped you in your tracks to breathe in?

  • How did it change your mood in just one minute?

  • Did you take it into your day?

  • Where did you notice your next ‘moment’ like this?

  • Did it make you aware that you have this happening all of the time when you need it?

I ask you these questions as a reflective exercise in human curiosity- things you may not ask yourself or ponder, or you do – but you let it be as fleeting as a few inconvenient raindrops that my may or may not appreciate the way that you want.

This ‘out of body’ experience ‘in the moment of present human consciousness’ has several labels and names in the metaphysical world, in the clinical neurological world, in the spiritual space – but I like to group it into LOVE.

Why?  If we love life’s little moments, it becomes this chain LINKED together that we can appreciate all of the time, and from here it expands into our own gratitude, our own love, our own way of being thankful for simply WHAT IS.

What makes this important?  We come to the place of zero expectation for how things should be, but rather take a moment to treasure how things are, because they are perfect in that breath.

It is in this place – HUMANS feel peace, light, love and being in said moment… and it is where all fears, doubts, worries and negative energy cannot exist if we choose to enjoy life’s simple gifts.  

Yes, I just said that… for purpose and reason beyond what you see.

We are thrown so much information daily that is dark, negative, and toxic. What this does to our cell system, psyche, and soul is that it creates ‘more clean up’ of what you just spent _______XYZ amount of time to clean up to create Zen for yourself. 

It’s almost like you knitted a beautiful blanket and spent hours creating a design, with every purposeful stitch (this is the work you just did in healing, rising to the next  level and so forth that you worked on).  

If you only are thrown negativity, and you are not taking in the daily vitamin dose of the good and appreciating ‘the good’ – even in the simple things, all of the toxic stuff builds up and is like a snag ripping out every stitch of that beautiful blanked you knitted.

This is how humans get out of balance.  This is where fear creeps in and debilitates the human from staying on the positive track to have the courage and bravery to keep going in the intended direction from the positive healing one just did.

So I share with you a few bird chirps, raindrops, finding joy in simplicity of seeing love all around you as your cure, your answer in seeing what can be appreciated in the ‘here and now’ – RIGHT NOW as it is happening.  It is needed for your balance, your wellness, to sustain that beautiful light inside.

You deserve this. You are love. You are light. You are the art that is created from all that is washed away and even muddied.  It’s beautiful as is – like every moment as is.  

And so it is.


Monday, July 22, 2019


Here we are, Lovely Souls – We are in the new energy of what IS your new normal in how you move forward with your life in a healthier way honoring everything within yourself with 100% full acceptance. 100%  love.  This is called your truthful union with yourself - merging your soul and human, with complete acknowledgment (and forgiveness) along your pathway.

Hang on... I will explain this some more.

This "clearing" was a 'purge' of all negative thoughts, judgment (of yourself and others), forgiveness for the duration you carried burdens (your own, and those for others), along with toxic energies. This also means eliminating doubts, worries, anxieties - and instead having the trust, faith and belief revisitation of your soul's own identity.  In truth - your "human" created a bunch of graffiti on your soul's pathway. This is what we had to clear for you to get to arrive back to your true self - your soul self... to get back on the soul journey in a human world, that doesn't have to be what it once was (or as you once knew it).

It is about remembering who you truly are - capable of creating and having a positivity-driven life instead of projecting the opposite to yourself, dragging your spirit into a non-productive place.

Your beautiful boundaries know how to transmute negativity into positivity for higher escalation of soul growth, and letting go of the confines and beliefs that are NOT yours/who you truly are so that you can come into union with your soul and human living ONE unified existence - therefore no more 'self-battling' can occur.   This 'self-battle' isn't really who you are - it is a story you create - perhaps for your own entertainment purposes, or oddly enough, your own growth 'test.' 

Was it the Universe testing you?  Or was it YOU testing yourself to 'be sure?'  

Think deeply on that... you may have a magical epiphany about what I just proposed for your human to ponder as your soul says, "Come on, you know what she is saying."

You cannot go back now that you have immersed yourself in your new reality, coming to terms with it, cleaning up what doesn’t need to be in your ‘thought process’ any longer weighing you down. Great job! 

I want to thank those of you who have messaged me with your questions. It is exciting to have people show up 'behind the scenes' - and I do thank you for admitting you are not comfortable asking questions in the comment section.  I totally RESPECT THIS and understand. 

So this is why - Here I'll address a few of your questions anonymously, as you confirm within yourself what you already know, but asked only for confirmation. Yes, did you know that I knew that?  You need to believe more in yourself to know you already have these answers, but if it is reinforcement/validation you need, I’m happy to reconfirm your ‘knowing.’
So here we go…

Q: What does it mean to come into union with myself? 

A: You are ultimately only a SOUL. You are NOT your mind, you are your SOUL.
The soul has its own perfect, beautiful consciousness. It is not tainted. It is wise, it 'knows.' 
However, because you exist on “Planet Earth” – you have dissected your way of being by convenient compartmentalization, all because you adopted the belief you needed to be in ‘human’ existence way of operating in order for your soul to survive. What happened in this process was you also adopted some horrible human habits of believing all the negative things that you actually manifested for your human. This is where you worked your human auto-pilot, ignoring/neglecting your soul's needs only so you could function in one dimension.  Yeah, you always told yourself "I'll get to that soul work later" - which is why The Universe threw all kinds of lessons to your human to wake you up to do more in-depth soul searching. 

Quite frankly, REAL LIVING is the other way around. You need to HONOR YOUR SOUL and its mission in order for your human to not just survive, but thrive.  When you get your pre-conditioned ‘human misconception’ out of the way, your SOUL can find its way to its truth of WHY you are ideally here.

The human has an ego. The soul does not.
The human is stubborn.  The soul is not.
The human always goes into defense mode.  The soul does not.
The human worries about judgment, because the human judges.  The soul does not. 

What does the soul do?  The soul understands the difference and lives “human life” with less self-battling, because the soul is about love.  Your soul loves you.  Your soul cares about you. Your soul knows you can be anything, do anything and that you are lovable, smart, and so forth.

Whereas the human nitpicks the human to the point of self-destruction, and the destruction of others.  The soul does not do this – it knows this is counterproductive and that the 'human's misfires,' or 'crazy beliefs and fears' does not get the soul in alignment to do what it came to do.  It knows the human wastes so much time time and energy that creates blockages for the soul.   

When you come into union with YOURSELF, you can finally come home into alignment with your destined tribe, community, purpose, soul family, the projects that resonate, and your twin flame in order to ‘complete your mission’ of higher consciousness. Here, true resolving, dissolving of old stories, and evolving to create new ones occurs so you can step into what is next.

Q: In many of your videos, you talk about connecting head and heart, aren’t they separate for reason?  

A:  They have a purpose. Technically, they belong to your human vessel.  Remember, the human flesh puppet vessel carries your SOUL.  That is truly its only purpose, to carry out things for your soul via your human.  However, it is important to unite your head and heart in the ‘human context.' 

WHY? If you are too clouded to recognize that you are a solely a SOUL, how else was I going to connect with you?   It's not like I could just say to you - "you need to be at one with yourself." 

You'd be like "Huh?" It just wouldn't make any sense to you unless I took your human on this journey and called it your 'self evolution.'  I needed to talk to your most conscious being (human, since that's  your daily operating life where you function) to get you started to reclaim your SOUL for many who have yet to have this ‘awakening.’

By dealing with this in the fundamental human realm you understand from a simple ‘solution-based’ place, you can get CLOSER TO YOUR SOUL’S TRUTH, not the parroting beliefs of negativity from society, others in your life who have tried to get you to believe toxic beliefs about yourself that are untrue. You are not defined by your failures or success, they are WISDOM nuggets so you can do your own return to your SOUL’s TRUTH. The beginning of healing begins with forgiveness.  Here’s an old video discussing the topic:

Q: How can I move forward into all of these things you are asking us to do if I don’t know where it will lead? 

A: There is beauty existing in all that is unknown. Take a deep breath and digest that bold sentence. You're not supposed to know - remember, you signed up for this thing called "life," did you not?  Hehe.

Okay, Lovely Souls – this question actually opens up a great can of happy worms, as many of you are trekking in all new unfamiliar evolution growth territory.  Here, we can tackle so much more of our own process comprehension template, to create a bridge to greater understanding.  Let’s get started addressing the journey (that belongs to the soul).

Most humans ….
  • ·         may too busy to see it.

  • ·         refuse to acknowledge it.

  • ·         do not understand it.

  • ·         like to escape from it.

  • ·         feel plagued by it.

  • ·         get lost in it.

  • ·         battle in control of it.

  • ·         don’t feel comfortable in it.

  • ·         allow it to create worry/anxiety.

  • ·         constantly search for answers about it.

Which best describes your human?

Did you circle one or several? 

Let me provide comfort to your human for just a moment to remind you that there is a LIGHT SIDE to this SHADOW SIDE of you…

What are the perks of the unknown?

  • ·         This is where creativity is born.

  • ·         Here true soul excavation can start a new journey.

  • ·         You will develop patience, strength and deeper comprehension about yourself.

  • ·         Your real healing begins.

  • ·         All false perception and truths are revealed.

  • ·         The metamorphosis has a chance to take on a new level of transformation that could not happened otherwise.

  • ·         You see what you are made of – and from here start to discern from what you told yourself you wanted that would make you happy vs. coming to terms with what you really want that you cannot deny/backshelf/ignore where you know true happiness exists from your new place of recognition.

“Yeah, yeah - Pfft” you may say in the same breath as you do “Hmm….” 

I know that it has been a time of your own individual exploration of your next level evolutionary transformation.  Through this process of change that everyone is going through in deep self-reflection, it is easy to flutter back and forth – but it is through this exercise we sift out what is real, that has been there all along.

Ask yourself how you feel about the unknown as a SOUL and not a human.

Are your answers DIFFERENT?  This is the best way to SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

You will discover that your higher consciousness mind and higher self both KNOW what your human says you don’t know.

How do you know?  Your dreams, your intuitive flashes, your sudden epiphanies will intervene unexpectedly in order to guide you into following your heart, truth, soul conviction and everything else.

Whatever your thoughts are, manifest into co-creation reality –which is WHY you are asked to STAY POSITIVE and RISE ABOVE into UNION WITH YOURSELF so your SOUL can know something even better than human realm of dwelling in the reality you created there by only being conscious/mindful on that level, neglecting your ‘other world.’

If you have been living in oblivion, or only one-foot-in your curiosity of diving deeper into understanding your journey and yourself better, everything you need to know is revealing itself to your soul’s higher knowing.  

If your human is fighting your soul – this is where the real pain exists.  If you have done a lot of the inner work and just need to go that “last mile” – there are so many higher elevations of truth for you to find, but you must reconcile with yourself to stay on the path to really make a commitment to understand it all better.   

This is where I can help if you need it, even if it is just to answer one question to alleviate confusion on your pathway.  One key can open up the floodgates of your soul’s communication in a way that you didn’t even know existed. 

Hope that makes sense and provides clarity to those questioning their pathway, doing the internal introspection journey of self-discovery, deeply meditating seeing new things for the first time they do not recognize, and hoping for a new way to deal with what is now coming to the surface in your own realizations.

For those of you who continue to have ‘questions’ – feel free to ask questions at the social media outlets (listed below) or go to to go even deeper.

Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to ‘pause’ and ‘reflect.’ Being brave enough to continue to warrior through this crazy jungle terrain, I know has not been an easy trek for you.  However, take stock in knowing that this commitment you have made to your life to understand something with greater reward IS your promise in the light of your beautiful, brilliant new future.