Thursday, September 7, 2017


Warning: This is my longest blog yet, so grab a snack or an entire meal.  
THIS WILL BE THE LAST ONE I WRITE ABOUT "SIGNS"…the final component to explain what Linkronicity™ is and how it works.   

Therefore, if you are still saying “HUH?” as to HOW TO LINK YOUR LIFE… this one is going to drive it home for you.  ENJOY.  

Wahrrrr, wahrrr.  No this is not the sound of cats in heat in the back alley. 

For Gen-Xers & Boomers, we know that this just happens to be the sound of what DIAL-UP internet sounds like from the 90s, where AOL, Netscape, Compuserve, and others introduced us to the WWW – Worldwide Web.  Millennials, that is a glimpse into our #FlashbackFriday.  

We early adopters of the digital space had to navigate like blind-leading-the-blind into a cyber abyss we didn’t quite understand at the time.

OBSERVATION:  The internet to me back then is much like how HUMANS VIEW LIFE.

It is a pathway; it is a journey you navigate, figure out, with lots of blind curves to try to plug into to understand things you do not completely understand.  

Am I right?  For those of you who stressed out wondering how to ‘unsend’ an email, you know what I am talking about. 

You may look at your life right now and think….

“Gee, if I had only done this,” or “What if I had done that?”
Well, I am here to tell you – even if you did THIS and had done THAT – you would still be where you are supposed to be.  I know… you do not like when I say this, but IT IS SO TRUE.

Therefore, you may THINK your life is ‘whatever.’  But until you sit down to deal with your emotional time management, you probably do not give things much thought for forecasting where it is going to lead you, until you have a problem or until you feel stuck. Then you get here and I somehow nudge you to look at your life through a different lens, right? 

Reading my blogs, you may be learning your own life has no accidents, but perhaps you have not linked them yet.  Well, as you have witnessed from the last month, I have released bits of personal memoir here to demonstrate HOW Linkronicity™ works in a myriad of ways using my life as the guinea pig example for you to see unfold, further proving there are no accidents.  

Granted, there is not only one method either... but I think you've gathered that by now. My recipe is a complicated blend of cognitive behavioral and cosmos, holistic, psyche and sciences, biorhythms, birth positioning, external environmental conditioning and impact, destined 'elements' and their timing of imprint, physiological communicative connection and the cell system memory, metaphysics, chromesthesia symbolism, neurological default conditioning of the brain, traditional and unconventional fusion of Western & Eastern, Myers-Briggs, and yes... today it's also blending in plain ol' human numbers, unfoldment, repetitive action and yes, SIGNS for navigational direction. 

Today, I am going to demonstrate how SIGNS ARE ALWAYS AROUND YOU. This is my last time showing you LINKS - because now it is also about the recipe additive of kindred spirits and catalysts for change... this is the last part of comprehending HOW this all works. 

I had just moved to Los Angeles to be close to a music producer gig for a company that dissolved, which I no longer had at the close of my escrow.  I was flying by the seat of my pants, baking pumpkin amaretto bread for coffee shops as I was building my PR agency with a roster of clientele.  I was writing a movie script that took me to a conference where I met the writers of Frasier. 

Linkronicity was right here symbolically to acknowledge an initial trek that was back-burnered from when my mother got sick.  It was Hollywood's mirror of art imitating what had begun as my real life studying psychology and broadcasting. Not an accident…I mean it could have been a different panel, right?  It was a sign. Randomly at this same conference, I oddly had the honor of meeting the original odd couple, Jack Klugman and Tony Randall - a rare event...and only a handful of people got to meet them together.  

But WHY me and WHY this day? Later I put together THE SIGNS that the Universe was showing me.  My profession was an odd coupling.  I was coupled with entertainment multidimensionally through health charities, but was being 'shown' until I merged them differently for the greater good, I would not see the big picture of my life purpose. It was ODD but not DEFINED.  The story I was destined to tell was NOT in THAT script I took to the conference.   I would have to write a new one, that was for the greater good... but I would have to live it first for it to be told the right way. 

Yeah, heavy.  However, I was not ready to merge them differently.

An attendee writer and rehab counselor named Colin stood up and pitched his movie script called “Moonchild” to the panel.  Afterward, I approached him and asked him if by chance he was an actual ‘moonchild’ – i.e. Cancerian.  He said yes.  I said I was too.  He asked for my card.  He vowed that if he became a published author/screenwriter, he would have me be his publicist because I was a water sign.

At the time, I blew it off…because in Hollywood there is a lot of talk… only Colin wasn’t from Hollywood.  Cut-to several months later, Colin calls and says while he has not had success yet, he wanted to refer a friend, Dr. Jacobson who was a chiropractor who hurt his hands and could no longer practice.  He fell back on his literary degree and decided to write a mystery-suspense-psychological thriller novel.  He needed a publicist.  Oh, and by the way – Dr. J was also a moonchild, Cancerian.  

Okay, Universe – I see the signs.  Now… if you’ve been reading my other August memoir-ish blogs Raw Vulnerability, All or Nothing, Savoring Life/Linking To Your Senses and Synchronization (and particularly the FIRE & ICE ones)  – you will see, SIGNS, SIGNS, SIGNS are peppered on your pathway.  Coincidences are to ‘wake you up’ ….To SEE things you are supposed to see. 

It is no different than 11:11 on the clock...(OR any 'same' numbers on a clock) repeatedly or suddenly seeing 10-15 of (________fill in the blank) of whatever you and your friend were JUST TALKING ABOUT.  These are not coincidences - this is a 'vibration'.... and consciousness that transmits through your own awareness.  

You've had this at one point in your life, right?  Maybe you've been thinking about traveling somewhere or doing something or buying something and suddenly you see it EVERYWHERE..  We get signs like this ALL THE TIME.  I LINK THESE TOGETHER..... and can track it back to the day you were born!

My life has water; my life has fire, because that is my Western & Eastern.  However, it always starts with water…Cancerians, Scorpios and Pisces are the catalyst messengers.  Accident?  NO.  The Kindred Spirit Catalyst TRIBE of mine is for purpose… there is a message in this.  So my story here starts with water. 


Maybe you have not chronicled your life like this or maybe have not lived long enough yet to do it.  Either way, I guarantee you – IT IS THERE.  

What can you learn from this?  The pure intention of your heart ALWAYS WINS – ALWAYS.  

 You were born with a purpose for Earth.  It is like a domino effect, even if you do not see it. 

Health & Wellness reside in my heart, but I was walking a different treadmill at the time with HOW I addressed it.  All of the charities tied to every event I have done hold the common denominator of health or humanity bigger picture issue attached.  My life’s meaning was to address this – from my family and all their illnesses to myself and my health 180; to the connective purpose of my passions and pillars of Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit connection.  However, it did not exorcise itself just as a singular focal point and I did not understand it at the time UNTIL I LIVED IT and literally exercised it out via my own system.  Clarity showed I had to do what it is I did, to arrive HERE so I could share the flying overview scope with you NOW.  

That is the lesson FOR EVERYONE when you ask yourself WHY?

I took on Dr. J as a client, learning all about forensics, and fascinating things like DNA, and such from his thriller novel, “False Accusations,” which we ended up turning into a USA Today Best Seller and put into its second printing in just 6 weeks – which is huge for a first-time author.  

Why was Dr. J in my life?  To show me resurrection and what is possible. 

I had planned to wrangle PR for Dr. J at the LA Times Festival of Books that April.  We did not know what to expect when we got there... even randomly getting some B-roll from CSPAN.  How LATFOB was going to credential media or grant access... it was strangely random for the area we ended up in. We were positioned at the event between Star Trek legend Leonard ‘Live Long & Prosper’ Nimoy and health-diet author/actress, Marilu Henner.  We did NOT plan this.  To anyone else, it would appear to be an accident, like we didn't belong here.  However, THIS was NOT AN ACCIDENT.  This was destined.

WHY?  First, I had water…  Now here comes THE FIRE.  Nimoy & Henner are both Aries fire signs.  Now my water client symbolism was sitting between two fires.  HELLO?  Fire ram on one side, Fire ram on the other.  Coincidence in what they represent?  Uh…  HELL NO.

Again, I did NOT put it together at the time.  However, Nimoy and Henner (who can sniff you and tell if you had consumed dairy or meat!)  – were a flashing billboard, “SIGN” of my future which was to become my destiny with my mind-body-soul-spirit health journey.  However, first I had to master ‘signs,’ the cosmos ‘energy’ fields, live long and prosper to survive through my own health crisis, diet change and knowledge of the brain and tie-in with the body… and oh yeah... this foodie had to give up that dairy and red meat as some of you might recall. You know, to avoid death: 

Who knew?  The Universe laughs at me.  

I just did NOT know it yet.  Dr. J– the ‘Cancerian author in-between’ these two was also a sign.  I was literally between the Cosmos galaxy in what I was presently doing and Earth dealing with an author’s transformation of careers at this stage, while going through my mother’s Alzheimer’s battle on the other.

Your life is going to be a lot like this, too.  There will be blatant SIGNS all around you and even RIGHT IN FRONT OF  YOU… giving you the literal themed message right before your eyes.

Due to the posting of my online press releases, I gathered some unexpected moss from another publicist.  He wanted to take me to lunch to celebrate a milestone moment.  I found myself breaking Naan at The Clay Pot, an Indian restaurant with Charlie Barrett, Johnny Carson’s publicist.  We celebrated being ‘early adopters’ becoming the first two quadruple-hyphenates of media as publicists in Hollywood with Radio, TV, Print and Internet.  He was the first male; I was the first female he tells me.  How he figured this out I can only assess it was from ‘process of elimination.’  Doing online press releases in the 90s was not yet mainstream for most of my colleagues.  Most publicists were still using their fax machines.  Charlie kept encouraging me to blast my way through the Internet … it would lead me to other great things.  This was full-circle closure for me.  My first sound bite was on NBC at the age of three.  So 360 Internet, with the man repping NBC’s King… was like the Universe literally saying…”Okay, Stacey… you are DONE here… tidy package, nice bow, nice story, that's a wrap.”  But was it???

The internet was like a fourth arm to me juggling my roster of PR clients.  Little did I know, it would change my life leading me to further mind-body connection.  The DNA reference in my media pitches with Dr. J's book LINKED me to all kinds of LINKS, which later became part of my mother’s DNA Alzheimer's genetic tests as she battled her disease and my exploration to learning even more within my journey in health and wellness.

Uh…. Who could have predicted THIS?  

YOUR LIFE has the “what the heck is this doing here?” stuff.  You may not make sense of it at the time you are dealing with it.  Again, I guarantee you by linking your life to your most bizarre things you think have ZERO RELEVANCE – you will find, THEY ARE FOR PURPOSE.

Taking a detour, more LINKS happened through one of my other clients from 1996-2000 - Back Stage West, an actor’s trade weekly whose sister publication The Hollywood Reporter is one of the major trades in the entertainment industry.  

Back Stage New York and Back Stage West were an actor’s dream paper with casting notices and industry tips.  Not only was I going to be the corporate PR agency for their acquisition of their competitor, Dramalogue – but I was also taking on the PR for their first-ever Garland Awards and the next four consecutive years of an event called Actorfest - where the paper comes to life. OH…and yes, we were tied to a wellness/well-being benefactor, The Actor’s Fund – a health, health insurance, and social services organization for those in the performing arts.  

Tap, tap, tap is this microphone on, can you hear me?” asked the Universe.  "Do you see what we are showing you?"  LINK another sign... here it is.

Backstage West was a big client for me… with lots of moving parts.  The Internet was the perfect place to “MULTITASK” to begin tapping into acting chatrooms where I could plug into the minds, needs, wishes of the waiters and waitresses waiting for scripts, parts and their ‘big break.’  It would help me produce the event and publicize it from a real place – not just from peer-to-peer understanding applying my psychology studies, but from a marketing perspective as well.  Somehow, I literally became a Linkronicity Life Coach of sorts even back then without realizing it… as I found myself becoming this ‘Dear Abby Online’ to actors, sharing all kinds of advice on how to ‘break in’ and what to avoid so you don’t sell your soul, how to emotionally endure daily rejection from auditions, etc.   WAS THIS AN ACCIDENT?  NO.

Suddenly, I start talking with Nelson Aspen.  He had his own show, Nelson’s World on Microsoft.  He was one of the internet’s first ‘stars.’  He was another quadruple threat – only not a publicist… he was in radio, TV, print and on the internet from the reporting side and curious about covering ‘Actorfest’.  Little did we know we would work together a few years later, where he would moderate an actor’s panel. 

We took the conversation out of the Hollywood chatroom to email to discover our mutual burning of the candle at both ends, working seven days a week with long 12++ hour days, with several projects and freelance jobs.  It was some sort of kismet cyber collision… especially when I found out he was also a Cancerian moonchild. 

Accident?  No.  Freakier still?  Nelson’s life path is a 9.  So is mine… but we will get to the goosebumpy part in a minute. 

One day from overextending himself, he got the flu.  All I can remember is I sent (this was pre-Gif days) some ‘virtual’ chicken soup and the rest is a blur from there.  We became this what felt like this entertainment journalist/publicist super hero sibling duo of sorts navigating our way through the 90s and 2000s with a myriad of projects.  Nelson has covered many of my PR clients and later became a PR client himself when he became the author of “Let’s Dish Up A Dinner Party.”  I had not seen at the time, he was DISHING up LINKS for my life.  Thank you, Nelson for twenty fabulous years of connection and a buffet of power-collabs! 

From planting adventures with the Tree People of Los Angeles, shopping for spackle as we patched up our own side show biz project disappointments, working live events – this barely scratches the surface of our history which reads like its own novel.  We had many an adventure in the food world with Wolfgang Puck at Spago; to eating crickets and worms at Typhoon, a restaurant at the Santa Monica Airport; to a cheeky tea party on the radio with Little House on The Prairie’s Alison Arngrim and her Nellie Oleson’s Bitchin’ Scones recipe.  He has worked red carpets reporting, I have worked red carpets as posse wrangling.  All of it has been a colorful journey.  Believe it or not - EVERYTHING I listed above tied "non-coincidences' Linkronicity in my work with eco events, the home & garden show, an Entomologist Chef, and even Half-Pint at the AWRT Genii Awards. This is called cosmos destined 'mirroring' - showing pieces of information and life lessons through reflection. These were all LINKED together as a 'prediction-come-to-life' as to what came later.

Foodies in Hollywood of course must be conscious as the camera adds twenty pounds. 

Luckily, in 1999, Nelson was also moonlighting as a fitness instructor and trainer to the stars.  He had created “The Virtual Hike,” a newfangled fusion book club for people who ‘don’t walk in L.A.’ with The Brains & Brawn Workout.™ This treadmill workout meets book club packed into a 400 calorie burning journey was designed to work the brain and the body at the same time, since most Los Angelenos don’t really read much either. 


At the time, my author client Dr. J was still on his book tour.  As they say, timing is everything as Nelson and I united forces in another power collaboration to launch this into a media event  with CBS This Morning and The Los Angeles Times for a win-win dual launch of treadmill book club and author.

The Brains & Brawn Workout™ was a milestone in my life in so many ways, as I was dealing with my mother’s Alzheimer’s with her downward spiraling brain decline.  

At the time Nelson and I did this collaborative benchmark media moment on Cinco de Mayo, 1999 - it was the last time my mother remembered and uttered my actual name.  My mother never spoke Japanese (even though that is what we are) – she always spoke Spanish, which she picked up during her farming days and so May 5th, Cinco de Mayo was an interesting day to have this happen.  

Numerologically, let’s break this down: 5/5/1999 ---- 5+5+1+9+9+9= 38.  3+8 =11.  As I keep saying 11 is the number of destiny. 

KEY PLOT POINT HERE:  If Charlie was not a publicist repping Johnny he and I would not have connected in the first place for him to tell me to plow through the internet, which led to meeting Nelson, right?   Do you want to see some freaky symbolism here from ‘the other side?’ 

Johnny Carson was born 10/23/1925:  1+0+2+3+1+9+2+5 = 23…2+3 is 5.
Johnny Carson died on 1/23/2005:  1+2+3+2+0+0+5 = 13...   1+3 is 4

5+4=9   9 is Nelson’s life path.  9 is my life path.  We did this event in ’99.  

Side-bar crazy stuff:  Johnny was a Scorpio, born in October and the same sign as my mother.  He died in January, same month as my mother. 

Accident?  Coincidence?  I cannot make this stuff up. 

The numbers were mere souvenir trinkets to say…”Um, hello.. Are you watching?” haha 

No connections are accidents.  No 'random run-ins' with people are accidents.  Even the smallest 'moment' contributes toward something bigger than yourself for purpose. One word from one person, one piece of advice, one random call, or one run-in is like some soul contract agreement to say "hey, I'm here for two seconds to say this, to send you on your merry way of where you are supposed to go."

Nine is a humanitarian/global/philanthropic integrity and wisdom life path –one that is about the vehicle of inspiration in destiny to ‘reach the masses’ ….  We were doing just that.  His life has been media.  So had mine as the Media Monster.  That chatroom encounter was not an accident; it was a catalyst to propel something bigger than we were.   

Brain-Mind?  Check.  Health-Body?  Check.  Soul & Spirit?  Hang on…

Five is the number of freedom.  I did not realize it until hindsight that my mother was free into her new world and altered state of being.  My own mother set me free in a way I had not anticipated, cut free...  literally umbilical cord from mother and child on Earth.  She did not know the name “Stacey” anymore. 

Why does this matter?  The freedom release of no longer uttering ‘Stacey’ (meaning resurrection) was somewhat like an “I can leave you now to go tend to your destiny” moment from my mother…No need to resurrect, just use the journey.  She was not on Earth mentally any longer to utter my name whenever her memory decided to 'pop back in' - which had been fading to black since 1982.  Her real soul left this planet so my spirit could rise.  

As Nelson said of his workout, “Bodies in motion, stay in motion.”  I was in motion…however, the real workout of merging my own brains and brawn was not only in transformation mode on the way – but it was time to put my real life purpose together using both.  

My mother’s disease had me work on the brain part since I was fifteen at the start of her diagnosis.  Now my body had to follow suit to physically take action on all the work I had already done.

At the time, I was still juggling PR clientele events.  Soon I would watch more deaths follow through many of the events I publicized at Temecula Valley Int’l Film & Music Festival.  I had Nelson emcee that event one year, which consisted of life achievement awards. It's kind of ironic when you think about awards given at an event for 'life achievement' - is like its own exclamation point on a life lived.

Many recipients believe when you get one of these awards, it means you're dying or nearly dead. 

The irony in 'wrapping up a life' in front of a camera -either through a lifetime achievement award or reporting on a public person's death like Nelson has to do sometimes, is that everything in front of the lens is spent on reflection on what one did with their life.  

While the flip side for those who are 'wrapping up said life' behind the camera like I do as a rep is 'what do you do now?'  It is a lot when you are dealing with a task, compartmentalizing your emotions to get it done and being mindful of personal vs. public, vs. private, vs. 'being of service' vs. the footprints left in your heart, being a gatekeeper to protect legacies, and then consulting with your human about the 'why,' dealing with healing and looking at a head shot, an email, and a phone number that can't communicate back with you on earth again.

At that time, I had a number of clients pass inclusive of my film producer client who was only 38, who died of ovarian cancer.  She came from Hollywood royalty and died before her famous parents.  It puts things in perspective as no parent should have to bury their child and for me, because she never told her parents she hired me for her seven U.S. film festivals, I, the publicist was the last to know.  But because I had press releases everywhere, childhood classmates, her ex-boyfriends, nannies, were 'lost' and started contacting me, though her family wanted to keep everything private. All I could do from this place where I sat was to be my compassionate human, my mindful soul and apply my grief counseling hat from all my studies.  It was a hat that was worn during that time for weeks and months.  WAS THIS AN ACCIDENT?  NO. And she was gently guiding me...yes, from the other side in this complicated web.

Thank you, Ms. Heather.  And also thank you Universe for kicking in the blend of everything I studied and experienced in one swoop that I needed to apply.  Granted, not the way I thought it would and not in the best circumstances, but my LINKS for LIFE PURPOSE were here and I was thrown unexpectedly into this arena, in the fire.  This was not a coincidence.

The last TV PR thing Nelson and I did before he moved to the East Coast was with my holistic doctor client in Calabasas.  That day on a dirt path, I had worn these ruby red shoes, the color of the Cancerian birthstone. My shoe broke... it was, like Dorothy's ruby slippers were sending me some sort of message. 
My journey already conquered the brain the scarecrow sought; it had already conquered the heart matters which the tin man sought; so what was I doing here in the dirt with this holistic doctor at this juncture in my career?  I'd be forced to be the lion to muster the courage to take this unconventionally where I had to venture next.

Ironically, Nelson and I talked a lot about health during that shoot.  As he asked my client what he had for dinner, and my client replied "I've been eating a lot of apples..."  Nelson and I exchanged this bizarre glance I'll never forget.   Though my client's answer was honest, we were both expecting a more scintillating healthy and holistic culinary reply.  The bigger question for me at that point was, would I finally put these links together to create something scintillating of my own?  Communications is my plate. Like a blank canvas where I could take the brain, heart and courage of the lion to literally create a recipe for a new yellow brick road, or run on this one barefoot? The apples ... I needed a new bunch... perhaps another Oz, or if you read my other Raw blog, you'll get when I say an Osmond...haha.

Shortly after that, I picked up my third doctor author client, Dr. Amy– a first-time author. A water sign… a Scorpio.  Born on the same birthday as my mother!  Her book publisher is HCI ….  Health Communications, same publisher for Chicken Soup for the Soul. 

Get it?  Health.  Communications.  It was as if the Universe was trying to hit me over the head.  HELLO?!?!  Stacey...  this is your destiny.  Amy and I did an 18 month book campaign to empower women to get their mental/emotional health sphere balanced. We dealt with women in domestic violence shelters as the benefactor for this journey of what the bigger picture was about with this campaign.

When you are ‘going about your life’, doing what is in front of you - while it appears to everyone else you're plugged into your purpose - you do miss stuff. Rest assured, it is all around you all the time. 

SEE how what I said was true?  Even if you did THIS and had done THAT – you would still be where you are supposed to be. I am proof!

Okay, Universe, I am listening.  I am all ears.  This is not an accident.  Ready for more goosebumps?  Dr. Amy was just like Dr. J.  She was also a chiropractor who could not practice any longer and became an author.  What?  Déjà vu!  Coincidence?  What do you think? 
They say if you do not get it the first time, you will get the same message back around again.   

TRANSFORMATION.  RESURRECTION. CHANGE. Sometimes you are FORCED INTO IT for your own 'highest good.'

My talent and literary agent Marian of 23 years (2+3=5) died. She was like a second mother to me.  She died (1) one year after my own mother. I was destined to say, "Good-bye Hollywood."  New beginnings.  What do they say about when one door closes? 

So fourteen years from that writer’s conference…  (!) 14: 1+4 = 5… moonchild Colin calls me in 2010 to be his book publicist.  Accident?  No. He is a rehab counselor and his book was about that.  This was two years after my mother had passed away.  As his publicist, I continued to explore the brain due to the nature of his book understanding the brain’s addictive behaviors.  

Why was Colin in my life?  To show me how I was to apply everything I learned in the above with my ‘Virtual Hike’ with Nelson - to take the BRAIN one step further in my BRAWN trek of life.  Here I learned that most humans are addicts.  Work, technology, shopping, video games, TV, junk food, and even fitness/working out are just as much an addiction as a drug/substance thing or gambling, eating disorder thing.  A chip can be triggered in the brain in everyone if there is IMBALANCE to create a disabling behavioral crutch.  There is a VERY FINE LINE between addiction vs. obsession – which is not to be confused between passion and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  The brain has compartmentalization, though if examined further there is a blurred line and ‘bleeding over’ ability in thinking to create paralyzing of other behaviors. THIS was how Linkronicity was supposed to unfurl through the fusion of mind-body-soul-spirit into real-life NON-Clinical storytelling on a relatable level. 

"That's fine," said the Universe... "but you're not done yet... there's more... you can't move forward til you wrap up your other stuff."


Where this story began.  Remember that music production job that dissolved when I moved to L.A.? 

We are going WRAP THIS UP… really, literally!  During that time, I met a woman on the driveway on Sunset Plaza Drive at Who DId That Music. This woman was there to meet Jeff Koz co-owner of the company, also a Scorpio water sign (brother to Jazz saxophonist Dave Koz) where I had this music gig. She was there to SING.  This woman, yes, she was a Scorpio, too – was the beautiful and talented, Lou Ann Gideon – Actress, Singer, best known from Nickelodeon's Secret World of Alex Mack. 

This was not an accident, but we did not know it yet.  It was destined. We had lunch at a place called Cravings and discussed all kinds of projects, but our paths did not cross again until 2004 at Nelson’s book signing for Let’s Dish Up A Dinner Party.

Nelson introduced us but had no idea she and I met on a driveway almost a decade earlier with the Koz.  However, it would not be until 2012 (2+0+1+2 =5) that Lou Ann and I would work together.  Nelson told me Lou Ann had breast cancer and my heart sank.  She needed a publicist for her book, literally called - “That’s a Wrap” 29 (notice 2+9+11 destiny) Easy & Elegant Headwrapping Styles for the Tress-less Chemo Babe.

The title gave me chills because of Lou Ann's journey. I just couldn't believe it. My heart was breaking at what she had to go through, in the same breath it was honored and humbled and joyful to be working with her at last.   

This was obviously destined to have this be my last major campaign and it was supposed to be with Lou Ann.... what an HONOR. Seriously.  Talk about LIFE PUNCTUATION through LIFE AFFIRMING GREATER PURPOSE.  Lou Ann and I were talking about the one-woman musical she was working on with this whole journey of hers, further taking the two of us full-circle to that driveway where the music connection of ours began. This would finally connect everything she and I had talked about at that lunch that day at Cravings.  It just was wrapped up literally in one big package. We had plans. I had pitched her to Ellen and a bunch of other places. Medical news media took notice. They did a story and she was thrilled as Dr. Lissa Rankin and others also supported her mission.

She and I were destined, not just by numbers, not just by water signs, not just by way of previous connection on a ‘driveway’ or just through Nelson…all of it linked.  The Universe decided this was her final bow as it would be mine at the show biz curtain, both women stepping fully into HEALTH COMMUNICATIONS for higher purpose, wrapping it all up in more than a beautiful bow, more than a head wrap book ….  To literally wrap your head around the idea of what your journey is destined for in the transformation of the lives of others, helping empower people.She and I echoed that in what we wanted to do for the bigger picture.

Sadly, we lost Lou Ann in 2014... and I was the last to know. Nelson had shared some of her last moments that he had had.  My soul hasn't quite been the same and I thank her and Nelson for what its reinforced about my own journey, with gratitude in my heart for everything.

All the water catalysts for me were significant.  From the Scorpios - My mother, Dr. Amy, Jeff, and Lou Ann to the Cancerians Dr. J, Nelson, and Colin. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this ‘ocean’ of water signs was trying to transport me to a new island. I was transitioning out of Hollywood slowly into this virtual Mind-Body Health Communications life, literally working out my own Linkronicity.™ toward my destiny of where I was supposed to end up.  However, had I not done what I had done, or been where I had been – none of these kindred spirits and catalysts for my own change would have entered my life.  

Some were water waves and nudges and finally a tidal wave.  Some were flashing billboard fire signs and others were mega-collaborations much like Nelson and I had done to do crossovers into other arenas igniting the last four pillars I had talked about in the last blog of writing, food, music/the arts and travel. 

Sometimes you need to cook up other ideas, sometimes you need to travel into other fields of life and write your heart out. Sometimes you have to leave one job with one Koz to get to address another CAUSE. Sometimes you need to pay attention on that treadmill of life, use your brain, flex your brawn and see what you are really made of!  But there is always the music… where this LONG BLOG started…on a driveway. Now I will let the beautiful Lou Ann sing us out with a song SHE WROTE.  The message of her song is POIGNANT TO THIS ENTIRE BLOG.  NO matter what you go through IN LIFE….  

YOU ARE STILL YOU..... And I have learned along my journey, that is always a very beautiful thing.

Welcome to Linkronicity - Where Your Journey & Destiny Link™ - I'm Stacey Kumagai your Linkologist, and I am here to help you LINK YOUR LIFE. Thank you for taking the time to read and share in mine. My destiny is already here ... and I am here to help as your living proof that YOUR LIFE HAS PURPOSE...maybe more than you even know!   Let's unfold it together... I promise you, I'll help you float through the water, walk through the fire, breathe air along the way so you can live out your destiny on Earth.