Saturday, June 23, 2018


There are days you may feel as if all of your LINKS work against you.
But trust me when I say they are only challenging to push you to grow.
So let’s change the language, shall we?  

“My LINKS are being tweaked for a higher and greater purpose – they are WITH ME.”
This week, many of my colleagues in the coaching community are backlogged with their own personal changes of deaths, illness, moving, handling the ageing loved ones, or huge transitions in the professional sphere simultaneously all at once.  Some are experiencing delays, standstills testing their patience, while a handful of others are dealing with other derailments as they help others through their changes.  Many of my colleagues in the metaphysical community have claimed astrology sites have crashed and there is been a force of energy that is swirling about.

What I see here is that CHANGE IS INEVITABLE… For all of us – it doesn’t matter who you are, change is always ‘just around the corner.’ 

We should rejoice in this.

Though it is challenging for Type A personalities who want to micromanage and control.
For others who are used to sitting in the calm of status quo, are now experiencing some challenge and change either communicatively, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually in some realm of gear-shifting in their life in order to take them to another level.

Now as you read that, keep in mind ‘another level’ is always meant for upward spiraling growth… but let me shake up some ground a bit for you as I dare you to believe that upward is one way, but EXPANSION is another, when we’re talking widening the sphere of possibility.

For many traditionalist and conventional thinkers, they believe that expansion is merely lateral, and they avoid it like the plague because the ‘belief’ is to move upward.

What if I were to tell you that sometimes lateral movement is helpful so that you can spiral upward, escalating your thoughts, ideas and thinking process more swiftly?  

What if I were to tell you that it is in the side expansion, we can broaden our problem-solving so we can see more clearly and have better understanding and clarity to look forward and onward, as well as upward? 

Yes… (gasp)… I know – where was this information when you were spiraling out of control?
We can rest in this… and this is exactly why I am blogging about this now to assist you the best way that I can.  

Life is not meant to be about suffering in the pool of the unknown as much as it is meant to understand any struggles you have within the unknown. 

Here is a video refresher, should you need it if you did not check out the previous post:

There are periods of time when the Universe forces you to break all of the LINKS you know, in order to trade for ones dealing with the unknown. 

Yes…this is that time.

You may want to feel comfortable.

However, it is in the times when you feel uncomfortable you are pushed to your outer limits so far out that you have no choice but to look WITHIN.

This is called “your new destiny calling”… but the bigger question is, will you answer it?
We are all tested. It does not matter who you are. You can even be a master of your own domain and king or queen of your own terrain, which you navigate with splendid ease day in and day out.

Then, something disrupts and shakes up your world to ask you to take a deeper look at what you are truly made of and see for yourself something  you can declare that you would not otherwise do, by walking through the fire of whatever test presents itself.

This is your challenge.

Will you rise to it?  

Will you back away into your safety zone of comfort?

Will you reconcile your own fear? 

Or will you take on the transformation process and know that this is for your highest and greatest good.

When you ask yourself what you will do… Wait, let’s do this!  Come on…. Say it with me,
“Self, what will you do?” 

Pause. Breathe (this is important) and see how you answer. 

What does your heart say?

What does your head say?

Most important – what does your GUT say?  

Need that virtual tums again? 

It is now your chance to see if you will or will not do.  It is your opportunity to do the thing that you fear, or the thing that makes you feel a bit anxious.  

It may be the time to try the thing that puts you slightly out of your comfort zone.
Why is this so?  It is in divine order to see just how strong you think you are in order to endure ONE MORE THING… a test of strength, character, tenacity, will, and above all TRUST.

We humans are less trusting than our souls. Did you know this? 

It is true. However, if we take a step back… sit, breathe and even disconnect a bit from our own human, our soul will know better and will have the answer in what it is that we are capable of and how we can navigate more swiftly through the rough waters and terrain.

Things may not be easy, but in this time of flux, Lovely Souls – I want to reassure you that you are not alone and I am right here…..FOR YOU AND WITH YOU. 

I believe in what is possible. Do you? 

Blessings and light to you.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


For the past twenty-six years, the traditional Mother’s Day and Father’s Day outings have not existed for me. I have been an orphan.

Losing my father to cancer, and my mother to Alzheimer’s to where she had forgotten I was born or existed, made browsing aisles of greeting cards, and seeing the barrage of retail ads for ‘Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts’ sobering reality in a commercialized consumer world market place.  

What became glaringly apparent to me in my youth as a child and teen when my parents were alive was that they didn’t want the gifts, they merely wanted the moments, they wanted the time and the memory-making.  I am grateful this was obvious back then and I took stock of those moments to the max... because I didn’t know that would be all I would be left with for the remainder of my life in what sped by at the blink of an eye. 

I salute my elementary school teachers, who forced our classrooms of children to ‘write’ their thoughts, their feelings, their emotional insight regarding their parent relationships to share what they meant to them, what they loved about them and above all, what mattered most. I can peacefully say that my parents knew exactly what I felt about them both from my child’s eye, and also from my young adult one as I viewed them as people, not just as my parents. There wasn’t anything left unsaid, shared, or exchanged – and we had a respect and peace where love could grow in a way most humans on earth have not yet experienced to the fullest degree of honesty, compassion and understanding.

Today, in a market place filled with retail reminders punctuating year after year that I would not be revisiting these holidays the same way again since my parents have passed, I want to encourage you as adults today to revisit your elementary school classroom and write out today what your parents mean to you. Do it… you won’t regret it. 

If you have been fortunate to have had time with them, if they are still alive … share your thoughts, share your feelings, take on the emotional courage right now to say what you need to say. 

Over the years working with coaching clients, I have been an insistent force in helping others to deal with their own parental relationships from their own childhood to dealing with their own children in behavioral transference.  

Celebrating the good stuff is worth cherishing and honoring, being grateful for what you have, what you had and what you learned from their teachings and wisdom or gained from their strengths can be enlightening for you to see with your own eyes.  Sharing this appreciation with them solidifies questions in their own heart of what they may have not had the courage to ask you.

If you had challenges or difficulty, just remember that forgiveness begins the road of healing for both of you as you learn to accept the fact you have become who you are as a result of said challenges and in essence, you have the opportunity to change and grow as a result. You all do…. And that’s the beauty of life itself in learning emotional courage from one another, regardless if you are the child or the parent – every human has a place to begin healing.

In the end, all there is, is LOVE. Love is born from communication and understanding.  
If you have an opportunity to gather this in the here and now – do it.  Even if you didn’t get the opportunity to be blessed with more time on earth – you can still grow from your own emotional courage to embrace greater understanding.  It is here you can begin a new pathway in your own quest for emotional depth and growth in all areas of your life.

Most times in life, there are things that a greeting card cannot say.  There are moments that gifts cannot convey, because it is in the moments where longevity resides in the heart and mind, for you to treasure in your own soul. 

I am grateful for the treasured moments I had.  I don’t want you to miss any of yours, because time and life are short, so begin expanding your own place of cherished memories and moments with the emotional courage and bravery you choose to step into today.  Trust me….you’ll be glad you did!

If you need help with where to begin… reach out.  I’ll be happy to assist. 

Blessings, light and continued celebrations.


Monday, June 11, 2018


“I am a cancer survivor.”  These five words have been part of my own life’s tapestry and my very own personal journey.  

They are why I am still here. They are as much of a declaration for survival and life affirmation, even if they have only been regarded by most in the context of “I have a splinter,” or “I have a zit.” 

However, this past weekend I found these five words of my very own life to somehow be life affirming to others in ways I did not expect, and in return, I was reignited with life-affirming momentum in an apparent destined exchange.

Years ago, when I heard the words “You have cancer,” at the time no one actually cared that I did, nor articulated their concern for my having it.  The diagnosis did not actually have any more power than the five words “I am a cancer survivor,” for when I fought it, beat it and survived it.

It was up to me to stay, to know that it was for purpose in a way that didn’t make sense at the time, as others felt there wasn’t anything they could ‘do’ or ‘say’ to change what was happening, so basically  everyone around me stayed SILENT.
It was a lonely journey, and it made me question humanity on many levels for which I have no resentment, but only gratitude in that – if it were not for that, I wouldn’t actually still be here.

This weekend, these words “I am a cancer survivor,” actually affirmed life for another looking for some sort of beacon of light and hope in earthly human form to be actual proof of what was possible.

This is new for me as a human to actually experience.

For the thirty years, I have worked on behalf of benefactor charities and non-profits through media and production of clients and live events – these five words did not even matter in these arenas, no matter how many people I met, because that was not the focus.  I was to promote, promote, promote for visibility and awareness for these charities to bring to light their cause, gain support, and continue keep on, keeping on. 

I had begun to feel my life’s work did not matter on the level of making the impact or awareness until I had extracted my communications with neuroscience to integrate mind-body healing and help others navigate their own pathway.  However, even here…I did not feel like what I did mattered much for the bigger picture, despite the claimed transformation, elimination of burden and greater joy.  That may sound weird… but there is so much MORE I want to do with this to help more people to reinforce my existence for surviving more than just cancer and autoimmunity, care-taking of aging parents, and educating, hopefully inspiring others beyond the context of what is perceived.  

Although, even here with one client at a time, the feeling of having it actually matter on a soul-level to others was only visible to the third-mind’s-eye in higher consciousness for the greater good and not the human sphere.  For the soul it can be liberating, but for the human still stuck here… it is not as gratifying, until other parameters are met to ‘know’ mattering and influence on a very different level.

After coming off the psychologically and emotionally grueling week of the Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain suicides like the rest of the world, I wanted to begin conversations on a new level, to open up avenues for continued healing.  

People don't seem to realize the common thread of what  just happened.  But I know this common thread from a different place, in being a cancer survivor and still asking 'why the heck am I here?'  even while full-knowing (and doing) my own life's purpose.

What I witnessed everywhere I have trekked thus far is that more people continue numbing their pain with the tangible distractions of alcohol, retail therapy, and other crutch coping mechanisms of human distraction of busyness void filling, rather than deal with the confrontation of talking with REAL exchanges instead of the safe “beauty pageant” display. 

WHY did I just state this?   

I want people to come clean about their real thoughts and to be honest ... and I am on some mad exhaustive search to find brave, courageous, truthful people who want to be vulnerable and fearless without having to worry about judgment.   And for those who cannot 'go there' - this is WHY I am here... to help.
As you know from last summer's blogs (since you know what I did last summer), my naked truth of being open was to show I will never ask of others what I myself won't do, thus why I was open, raw, real and yet this slow-mo-go of finding others willing to go on this journey has been an arduous one... I won't kid you.

Where I am – I am not seeing it, no matter how I attempt to encourage it with my own vulnerability and rawness.   

In the 'mainstream' ---- Everything feels so glossed over, shelved dismissed or if it is seen, there is a symphony of CRICKETS building in some crescendo of silence that still disturbs my burning soul desiring so much more than frivolous cocktail conversation.  Yet over 200,000 profile views leave me scratching my head. It's inexplicable, yet, I know the answer.

That is my truth.  Though, I hang on wondering when others will be brave enough to join me to have this exchange.  This has nothing to do with me; this has to do with YOU.  Yes, YOU.  When are you going to wake up, show up, and participate?  Will I live long enough to see that?  My human and soul question this while I remain here on this planet. 

Talking is exactly what we need to do.  

Yet confrontation, depth, substance and meaning – as much as they cater to ‘mattering’ – people like to ‘run’ or ‘avoid’ or ‘deny’ or ‘pretend’ that talking is something to do ‘later.’
To be ignored is something I have been used to, and as my mother used to say, “Just brush it off.”  

My father used to say, “Children should be seen and not heard.” 

I refuse to subscribe to this mindset.  

The rebellion I have is not popular among the general public, though embraced by my creative arts people as free expression.  Occasionally, I am given a ‘what’s up/right on’ nod.  Though this is only usually, by the hand of the lone wolf warriors or entrepreneurs, also fighting the good fight. 

Yet, in the mainstream, traveling the pathway of the less-traveled, while no easy trek – I can only be true to this, because honestly, my soul cannot compromise integrity and won’t.   
Perhaps this is WHY I blog and why I have penned 67 books to exorcise my verbosity in the capacity of where I have been suppressed. In order to live, and declare to be a survivor, I had to rebel against my conditioning and how I was raised, to be here, to no longer be censored, or continuously invisible to being part of the bigger picture of healing and helping others.

This weekend, someone actually wanted to hear what I had to say.  It took more than half a century for this to happen, but Hallelujah – it happened, at last. 

I needed to walk. So I walked eight miles to feel invigorated by grace… the number of infinity symbolism.

Along the pathway, I was seeing signs of economic sadness with boarded up storefronts and ‘for lease’ signs everywhere on what used to be a decorated walkway of small business, entrepreneurial hopes and dreams, and opportunity.  

What now appears to be a ghost town, left my soul hungering for answers as much as it left me contemplating my own geographical move.  

The bigger questions of life loomed and swirled as I found my feet pounding harder on the pavement to feel connected to the grounding, as if to ‘shake up’ some sort of rumble in comprehending “What’s goin’ on?” as the late Marvin Gaye resonated in my head.   
With the song recall in the endless loop of my mind, I found my feet pushing out a rhythmic choreography, telling my body to chassé: and pas de bourreé, as if the Universe knew something life affirming was about to happen.

There was a woman doing a merchandising display in the window of a small store.  As I stood and watched, I remember when I had first entered the doors of FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) admissions in my early beginnings of exploring the psychology of display.

The woman saw me and motioned for me to enter the small boutique.  

At first, we discussed design and display because she was curious as to what made me stop my pavement-pounding trek as much as I was curious how she could be starting out in what appeared to be a ghost town existence of many ‘closing up shop.’ 

We talked for about fifteen minutes, suddenly diving deeper and deeper into conversation than I had ever expected as strangers…discussing pathways, when the words “I am a cancer survivor” suddenly mattered because this woman had just finished her first rounds of chemotherapy.

I had no idea she was wearing a wig – it looked real and her spirit was vibrant.  When she heard I was a survivor, suddenly I was received in a light that actually mattered in context to my own survival mattering FOR PURPOSE beyond just living, existing, dreaming, and surviving.  

What she did not realize was that her fight to survive life itself and as a business economically within the remains of a string of boarded up businesses, peppering the road was life affirming to me.  The fact she would choose to survive in that mess was motivating and powerful and I told her she can do this.

What I did not realize was that my declaration as a survivor to do my life’s work was in return life affirming in hope and camaraderie as an example.  She was glad I stopped to actually have this conversation with her to reassure her she was not alone on this journey and impart some healing journey tips of wisdom with affirmation.  I remember what it was like, when no one wanted to talk because they were afraid and I never want anyone to feel like I did in this process.

It was within this glorious human exchange, the soul and spirit were able to provide both light and hope and it was mutual. I did not expect to have her want to listen, as much as she did not expect to want to be heard.

So I will continue walking, talking and sharing as I walk my own talk and pay no mind to the silence, only to get louder and know that whatever resonates to someone, somewhere matters.  

I wanted to share this with you to let you know that LINKS of LIFE AFFIRMATION are around you. Sometimes you can be surprised just at how much your own survival can matter to someone.  But for the record, your life matters to me and I invite you to join in to rediscover that for yourself along this journey – you are always welcomed here.