Thursday, September 14, 2017


You are on a road trip driving cross-country in the U.S.  The sun is glaring through your windshield, the road is open, the air is humid, and you see nothing for miles.

As the sun finally stops blinding you, making its way to set peacefully in the early evening hours, you suddenly find yourself stumbling across a county fair.  

The aroma of the ‘fair air’ is a childhood nostalgic blend of fish-n-chips, barbecue and funnel cake as the breeze blows one direction, with the suffocating whirring gasoline fumes coming from the racing speedway surrounded by hay bales and livestock in the other.

You hear pigs grunting, chickens clucking, and the rhythmic fiddle on fire coming from a hollow-based deck entertainment stage where the boot stompin’ feet are keeping time.  

Orphaned balloons are escaping into the evening sky, and blue ribbons are waving from the proud first place winners of this year’s apple pie baking contest.

This entire scene invites you to revisit a childhood from eons ago, requesting  you to step into this scene. 

You enter… swiftly greeted by a wheelin’ dealin’ fast-talking carny who lures you into this House of Mirrors. 

You can feel the goosebumps emerge on your arms with an unsettling feeling creeping up in your gut as a trickle of sweat slowly makes its way past your brow as you hear the ear-piercing screams inside.  While you are laughing at your nerves, your curiosity and adrenaline rush is getting the best of you to walk inside this attraction.

Your vision appears distorted, your perception mildly off-kilter, your brain is trying to understand what the heck you are looking at… both familiar and unfamiliar.  Is it you?  Is it a tweaked version of you?  

Every image you see is ‘not quite right’ – but there is something you are slightly accustomed seeing. You keep staring as you are drawn and yet, disenchanted at times to want to look away.

Welcome to the House of Mirrors!


This is your life… dare I say, this is actually your EVERYDAY LIFE.  Only you do not have the county fair setting….  There are no corn dogs, tilt-a-whirls or enough Pepto Bismol shots to get you through your crutch with this unexpected finding, because you do not realize you are actually in a house of mirrors to request it.

Every single day, we have a mirror present.  You may be familiar with physical mirroring situations where you meet someone going through a similar dilemma or situation. 

Though, this is not what I am talking about.  Nor am I talking about the one you look at in your bathroom over the sink, where you are attempting to give yourself positive affirmations to face another day.  

You may not SEE the mirror either, but not because your eyes are closed.  It simply is not visible to you because you may not be expecting the house of mirrors to be IN YOUR EARS.

Screech…...Wait, What?     

The mirrors I speak of are words, thoughts, and feelings.  What we ‘hear’ each day can be a mirror of our life of what is going on inside our psyche and our soul. 

Sometimes we hear what we need to hear.  

Other times we hear what we do not want to hear. 

Both of these items are necessary for our movement, growth, and evolution in being, if we can find something beneficial to propel us to an improved and enhanced state of mind and heart.  

This auditory ‘mirror’ will resonate with either who you are, or who you are continuing to become.

It is how your life works to assist you in sifting through the debris, which is no longer needed, and to reaffirm with confidence WHAT IS WORKING vs. WHAT WE DESIRE TO WORK BETTER. 

For those of you who have done ‘life shedding’ … the elimination of toxic friendships or emotional vampires who deplete your being, or the removal of old behaviors or external environmental factors which no longer serve you - you may understand the meaning of debris sifting better than those reading about this for the first time.

Our own ‘clarity’ can come from a confusing house of mirrors.  However, first – we must understand what we are looking at, what we are seeing, and what we are hearing. 

Here is an example….

Let us say the first image you see in a house of mirrors is an image of yourself where you are pulled either vertically or horizontally in an exaggerated fashion.  That is what you SEE in a house of mirrors.

However, let us bring this back to the urban metropolitan or suburban area of living and let’s take this same image and bring it back to your ears.  Perhaps a friend, family member, or colleague states a repetitive loop of something they say repeatedly.  Maybe one day you hear it as whining and complaining about something.  Your ears hear it as the same complaint you have heard before.

STOP and PAUSE for one second.  The conversational context is what you may normally focus upon when first listening, however if you have heard this same conversation before, it may not be the context or content of the conversation as much as it is plainly representing that horizontal distorted mirror image.

This ‘horizontal hearing’ is spreading and expanding like a landscape between your ears.  

The purpose?  For you to examine your own life.  

Same is said for the mirror of behavior and your worries, fears, concerns or even your hesitation.

If you are shy to talk to someone or share your feelings, but frustrated they are not connecting with you, maybe they are a mirror to you and you need to ask yourself if you are willing to take said risk to initiate the conversation.

If you are worried about life, money, love, success... maybe the people surrounding you or you are magnetized to, feel the same way.  Perhaps this is a sign to connect to support or learn from one another. 

If you are staying in a comfort zone, while frustrated with life stagnancy, perhaps it is because you've stopped feeling like you can be the catalyst for change. 

All of this is relevant.


The loop auditory mirror is placed there with that specific intentional position to help you see how that loop in your LIFE is “mirroring” yours.  i.e. are you becoming complacent?  Are you bored?  Unhappy?  Are you sitting in the same pool of negativity without resolution to the same issue? 

This “mirror” has to do with your hearing it ‘again’ so that you can take action to do something about it in your life, following that whole ‘what comes back around again is so you can learn.’ 

When you make a change, suddenly that friend, family member or colleague will STOP the repetitive conversation loop.  WHY?  It is magnetized energy.  You are attracting that horizontal landscape auditory loop because you are stuck in one yourself.   

When you no longer represent this, you no longer magnetize that energy (yes, there will be remnants lingering), however instead you will attract the vertical mirror or a vertical conversation and you will have a better filtering system to see red flags of repetitive action or behavior coming from others toward you as well as your own projection.


The vertical mirror in ‘word form’ is something that piques your intrigue psychologically/mentally/cerebrally, or emotionally to create your ‘being’ to want to stretch UPWARD. 

Therefore, if you are finding you are now hearing things you have not heard before in a new light, discovering fresh energy or seeing how positivity surrounds you which inspires you to grow and ascend, it means your perception has shifted internally within to attract vertical conversations instead of horizontal ones. 

This ‘house of mirrors’ is about emotional growth.  When we see/feel/hear things which are horizontal, we are being pushed to ‘tend to’ what needs reflection, re-evaluation, reassessment or repair old behaviors in order to make a transformation to get out of status quo, if this no longer serves us.

The Universe has a way of pushing us past our comfort zones of what we would normally do.

How do you know you are in this position?  You may feel anxiety…even in the form of fear for losing a piece of your old ‘familiar’ self as you begin to transform into your new and improved version of who you are becoming.  You may feel like you are walking into this unexpected county fair, this house of mirrors and feel disoriented. 

Does this mean you lose confidence?  No. 

Any confidence you have gained/acquired over your lifetime is still very much there.  However, new and unfamiliar territory will feel like putting on a new pair of shoes… you have to break them in.  Therefore, if you feel ‘unsure’ or ‘worried’ or ‘concerned’ or even cringe when you are trying to be brave to take a new action – DO NOT WORRY or FEAR.
It just may be that you are not comfortable in these new shoes yet.  Rest assured, you will not slip and fall…, and you cannot get blisters unless you default back to your old shoes and never give your new ones a shot to form to your foot.

When we see/feel/hear things which are vertical, we are being pushed to become the best version of our self….i.e. stretch upward, move in a direction that is better for our emotional life by taking an even bigger leap than the horizontal mirror.  

This may include letting go of old fears and baggage where we are pushed to step into forgiveness or fingers of blame from your past disappointments/hurt, childhood wounds, teen and adult heartache and betrayals, jadedness, and hopelessness –all which have shaped our ‘VIEWPOINT’ or ‘IDEA’ of how things should be.

Perhaps you are a perfectionist and like everything to be perfect in your emotional life...  i.e. you want to be prepared, ready, have things aligned before you can allow yourself to say what you need to, or want to say.  

Maybe you have set a scene in your head with how a confrontational conversation is going to go down.  Perhaps you have rehearsed every line of dialogue so you can have your ‘uncomfortable situation’ take place in the most ideal way to talk about something unresolved or a specific family issue with a distant relative or something.  

Maybe you have to make a tough departure or work change announcement; or step up and initiate a new meeting that could lead to your ideal big-picture personal life transformation for the future you ultimately want in better health or increased happiness. 

Our psyche has a switch.  This switch is the same switch, which creates procrastination – like putting off/delaying resolving a problem or having uncomfortable conversations which you may fear will lead to combative situations.  

Did you know this same switch also delays joy, happiness, and good things?

That is a mirror, too!  When we shut off the flow of progress for dealing with negativity/challenges, we additionally shut off the flow of progress for good things, too.  The switch is a toggle mirror, essentially forcing the human to stop procrastination for all things (negative/unsavory/challenging/difficult as well as positive, joyful),
Whatever it is – when that vertical mirror shows up with encouragement “Do it, try it, go for it, why not, say it, take on the _______ (fill in the blank) challenge” you are being asked by the Universe to prepare for a life-affirming overhaul to literally go big or go home. 

From here that request translates for you to get out of all those old ruts and routines that you feel most comfortable in and step into that next slightly scary adventure.


This is the vertical mirror at the end of the house of mirrors, which propels you into your new state of normalcy for living through a transformation.  After seeing and hearing all of your horizontal mirrors, growing upward within your vertical mirrors, there is no longer distortion.

Now you see you, but it is not the ‘you’ that you are used to seeing.  You may believe your eyes are playing tricks on you, but if you look into your eyes and recognize your soul self, you will see you are still there and the reflection is merely an altered perception. 

As we attempt to grow and make necessary changes, which push us out of our comfort zones, we are constantly challenging the flat lining and status quo state of being.  

The perfect connection is a mirror, too. When your TRUTH resonates with your authentic self, suddenly you are CONNECTED TO YOUR OWN BEING.  When we step solidly in our real self, of who we truly are, we are able then to connect to other mirrors out in the world who reflect our refined and defined human and soul.  Suddenly communication is clear in every arena in your life, mental connection and emotional connection vibrate more deeply and in alignment of our truth in what we are projecting, therefore also in what we are attracting as well.

This is what happens similar to a road trip when we are driving cross-country and crossing state lines. 

As we drive into a new state, we may see a county fair with a house of mirrors.  The next state we get to, we will see an open lake – where the reflection will look a lot different because a reflection on a surface of water will have ripples.  Those ripples will remind us of all the stone skipping we have done. 

When we finally arrive to the city life, we see our reflection in windows…and there will be doorways and elevators, which take us to new heights.  When we arrive at the coast shore, we see that our reflection turns over again repeatedly in ocean waves. 

Throughout our evolutionary process “in progress,” our own mirrors from past to present in preparation for our future will change as we transform.  It will look different at every turn. 

When we go through the process and get to the other side, we will actually hear the rhythmic fiddle on fire and ascend like those orphan balloons.  Though instead of that confusing fusion of ‘fair air’ – we will smell only the sweet beckoning of baked apples with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger lofting from a warm vanilla buttery lattice pie crust where we taste the sweet reward of appreciating our life’s blue ribbon winning pie of life.  The bathroom mirror will then reveal in our soul’s eyes that the only positive affirmation necessary is the one of acknowledgment of arriving living our best life.