Sunday, September 17, 2017


By Stacey Kumagai

What if the spark of a dream coming true…
What if the spark had that happen for you?
What if you had freedom to fly like a bird?
What if you wrote a song that was actually heard?
What if you painted a fine work of art?
What if like Einstein, you applied being smart?
What if you could race at phenomenal speed?
What if you could do every possible good deed?
What if the spark of your smile, could brighten each day?
What if everything started going your way?
What if a spark fueled a poem... asking when, why and how?
And what if this spark ignited it to be read, right now?
If a spark inspired travel abroad... to savor a meal…
And it was Café Terrace at Night, how do you feel?
What if your life imitated that art straight from Van Gogh?
What if that spark created scenes where artistry flowed?
What if a spark could have you shred on a guitar?
What if you flew with NASA through the galaxy of stars?
What if the spark could have you dancing all night…
To wonder, to imagine, to dream and take flight.
And what if a spark could ignite such a fire…
To bring forward you all that you dream of and desire?
Wouldn’t this spark released you to be totally free…
From the chains that bind you, so you can just be?
And what if this spark banished toxic thoughts,
The kind that make your mind and spirit rot.
What if this spark killed procrastination?
What if the spark created a revelation?
What if the spark dissolved negative thinking?
What if the spark actually saved you from sinking?
What if the spark reminded you that you could dream?
What if that spark could show you all magnificent things?
What if the spark brought joy to make your heart soar…
To give you what you need, want and much more?
What if this spark came into view,
And you live your best self as the authentic YOU?!
What if the spark eliminated every excuse,
Which previously barricaded you into recluse.
What if this spark proved wrong every theory,
You had which justified for your life being dreary.
What if the spark of love took hold of your heart?
What if that spark was only the start?
What if a spark could infuse peace in our world?
What if a spark let co-existence unfurl?
What if this spark created many solutions…
To bring about a new whole evolution?
What if the spark took your imagination to new heights…
What if an idea sparked an invention overnight?
What if a spark could jump-start your soul?
With inspiration that made you always feel whole.
What if the spark helped inspire, motivate and move…
Our planet into a positive educational groove?
What if the spark could make each person beam?
And dare to dream the impossible dream?
What if the spark could make you believe?
That the spark exists … and you can receive….
Unlimited hope, unlimited love –
And everything that is mentioned above.
What if all this sparked a supreme life change?
A life, a world, completely rearranged….
A life filled with joy, wonder and peace,
A life that is healing full of release.
What if such a spark could provide warmth and light
To win your soul’s battle of the life-long fight?
What if this spark could magically produce,
A foundation and a base of ultimate truth.
What if this spark crossed your life path today…
To ignite what is in you, in a new profound way.
What if this spark was your destiny from beyond,..
But your shields repelled the spark and you’d never respond?
How would that feel to not embrace such a spark,
That always provided light, on days that seemed dark?
Wouldn’t it be such a shame, to avoid and deny…
What a spark could do if embraced deep inside?
The spark could be the key to life that you seek…
To give smiles in your heart, every day of the week.
The spark of what if… is scary for sure,
What’s to be afraid of …if you succeed and endure?
Taking risks to live life is unique for yours alone,
It's the  magic of "Go Big or Go Home."
And what’s to be afraid of, just for simply just trying?
Isn’t it better than a life of regret and simply just dying?
What if that spark showed you that you could not fail?
What if that spark created a new journey for you to set sail?
The artist, the dreamer, the creatives should strive…
To honor the truth which keeps dreams alive.
Why do so many souls avoid the spark of What If?
And lose hope and faith, instead of believing it exists.
Is spark avoidance too scary to avoid status quo?
Is the spark creating fear for a place no one knows?
What if the spark was present as only a positive light,
To provide your best life for all you have in your sight.
For it is the spark … that can fuel everything –
Of living life fully so one’s heart can sing.
Being true to yourself and living out loud,
Is about not being afraid to stand tall and proud.
The spark helps you to see who you really are,
And embrace within you, your own brilliant star.
We each have something that burns deep inside,
And sometimes we recoil, not try and just hide.
But what if that spark could eliminate fear…
Daring to ask you to see and to hear –
That true voice within that tells you to try,
To experience the unthinkable and feel truly alive.
We cannot hide from ourselves or our dreams,
Even if the dream seems very extreme.
So again - what if the spark of a dream coming true…
What if the spark actually happened to you?
Once we acknowledge the spark does exist,
We will know the magic of the Spark and What if…
And take on the spark and finally see –
The only obstacle in the way is what we choose it to be.
Sparks have the power to take your breath away,
Sparks remind you life is short, hit your bucket list today!
Taking this exquisite spark and receiving its gift,
Is what happens in knowing the Spark and What If. 


©All Rights Reserved Stacey Kumagai