Saturday, November 6, 2021




The crisp autumn air slowly bleeds into a winter chill.  The falling leaves, fade away into bare branches on the trees creating their own silhouette within the backdrop of the grey light.   

The changing landscape with rain, wind and snow reminds us once more that Mother Nature is with us again and again doing what nature does…. Change.

This is not strange terrain, rather it is what we anticipate and expect, adjust, adapt and embrace no different than changing clocks twice a year and adjusting to the fact that consumer promotions are happening earlier and earlier every year.

Pre-pandemic, we were seeing Christmas promoted before Halloween and we eventually accepted this as 'normal.'   As of this week, we saw Black Friday happening on Wednesday weeks ahead of time due to the shipping backlog supply chain woes. We read in the headlines that “There is a color blue dye shortage…” --- which in essence also means there is a green and purple shortage for they cannot be created without blue.

We are watching this year unfold into a wave of unexpected change and we as humanity are expected to adapt to the new state of mind adjusting to said changes.

It is a test....Not one of the emergency broadcast system, but one of the ‘collective’ asking….

“So what are you going to do now?”

Humanity often begrudgingly says in true affirmative mantra fashion, “Go with the flow.” 

Yeah, it sounds good, but with transparency, vulnerability and honesty, it’s not so easy to do and we see a domino effect of things happen causing the ‘reactionary’ survival knee-jerk as well as human tantrums driven by ego that cannot adapt to change.

It’s amusing to think that we as a collective consciousness have been tested and tested again with giant things like this pandemic, global warming and so forth, but many of our “smaller changes in creature comforts” almost appear ‘insult to injury’ at a time when most are looking for something to ‘stay the same’ or ‘to be stable’ or at least familiar.

Then here comes Windows 11. Hehe…

With every thought we think, word we speak, action we do and feeling we have….we are shaping ourselves into a new state of mind…. And yes, dear humanity, I see and hear you as you scream…

“Does everything have to happen at once? What happened when it was a long period of silence/crickets and things were good and status quo?”

It is “human” to feel and think that.

This is when I hear my late mother's voice singing loudly, doing her very best Doris Day impression... "Que sera, sera.. whatever will be, will be... the future is not ours to see... que sera, sera...!"  

This came from my mother, a woman who saw so much change in her life from experiencing the U.S. Japanese Internment Camps to breast cancer and Alzheimer's and the list goes on.

I often wondered if it was a Zen practice to live in that Doris Day default of hers to not fight against said grain.  But I also wondered at what point 'adaptation' came as a way of acceptance or if the dog in the fight had surrendered to a higher consciousness level of comprehension to let fate and destiny drive as she sat in the passenger seat.

My 'higher self' questioned if the surrendering was to not deliberately cause greater suffering or if in fact it was itself "divine intervention" to allow peace to flourish in the only way that it could with truly taking things day by day and as things would come.  

This is where WE get to get REAL with OURSELVES and ponder the same question/thought.

Our soul selves and higher minds “understand” intellectually that change is a constant and nothing is temporary nor permanent – change is perpetual motion in every micro-second.

Whoa, what?  

You heard me as you read what you just read… and you were ‘truly listening if you FELT what I just wrote’… meaning that YOU KNOW you “understand” – but it is the human ego vs. the higher mind soul consciousness that ASKS “WHY?” and chooses somehow to resist or battle change as if change is some war enemy to the cozy comfort zones and well-being.

So while we’re on this subject, let’s talk about disruption. 

For most, daily consciousness is about getting through the day… and that is key to the problem of most struggles we have collectively with energy as humanity tries to push through both real tangible problems just as much as the also ‘perceived obstacles’ based on the current state of mind.

If we allow ourselves to tap into a higher state of mind consciousness, it is through our struggles (big, global monumental and even petty, benign and laughably small) we find solutions by shedding light onto the darkness of what exists.

Here, we can gain clarity about what is happening in our current state of mind to see what needs to be worked on AND worked through. 

Believe it or not, negative energy, problems, and obstacles are a gift.

No, they are not always fun and sometimes they really blow chunks in suckyland, (it's an industry term! ­čśĆ)  but it is here we actually ‘suck it up’ and tend to the change at hand that sometimes is not even by our own hand.

It is only when we bury, hide, ignore, escape, or dismiss the work that still needs to be done, do we as a collective consciousness find ourselves in stalemate energy, which is very hard to sit with as we go through evolutionary cycles all around us asking us the big life questions.

In the small, mundane and petty, that looks like small behavioral changes…. Like say a company no longer makes a product you love.

In the medium scale of life, changes could be forcing you out of the habitual… for instance maybe a company you do business with has changed things in HOW they do business and so you as a consumer or customer have to adapt to how you interact with them.

In the larger, grander, more global things, we can look at what the pandemic is forcing us to see thought change as in major lifestyle habits, changes, behaviors and approaches to daily living – how we work, engage, interact, and operate in society as a structure.  This has changed how we ‘deal’ with life changing in a nanosecond.  One day we hear this; the other day we hear that.  One day we’re open; the next day we’re closed… and one day you can only do XYZ if you XYZ and adhere to XYZ.

It’s a lot for humans who are naturally ‘creatures of habit’ to adjust and readjust.

These past two years have forced humanity to take a hard look at itself…. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and globally on a human rights level in all facets of our identities.

Humanity was desperate to find fast fixes and solutions amid the survival mode of hanging in and hanging on.  But it is in this slow-burn process of working through all of the world’s problems we are discovering the real answers in how to overcome what is in our pathway.

What did YOU SEE amid the “perceived” joys and struggles of your personal and professional lens of “Heaven vs. Hell scenario” in the context of truth, reality, unthinkable, inevitable and the higher call for everyone to get real with changes we were all asked to be part of to create to move humanity to a better place?  

Perhaps you are still, like most people a work in progress in said process, navigating the day-to-day reality as other humans change goal posts on you once you've adapted.

This is natural.... everyone is make-shifting in their new timeline, perceived realities and actual daily adjustments as a 'we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" mindset.

We, as the world saw some things we never thought we would see in our lifetime and are seeing for the first time in our lifetime.  For others, they are seeing it repeat, but in just a different level of awareness and consciousness in a new shape/form. 

We saw fire and rain, blood and tears, hope and joy, new start innovation, grief and closure doing a funky retrospective evolution of life dances encapsulated amid a pandemic.

What was this exactly?

It was our life force push toward the necessary progress that humanity procrastinated in committing to actually doing for years. 

Suddenly, it became glaring as preparation wasn’t quite prepared enough to step into opportunities being presented unexpectedly, much like a natural disaster preparedness echo chamber of human behavioral, ethical, moral and purposeful being in this “altered paradigm timeline.”

The reality is this is a higher consciousness collective call to invite all of humanity to embracing self-compassion and compassion externally toward others in our own adaptation with patience to the changes that are at hand.

In the past, one year may have looked similarly to the next and change only occurred when we ourselves decided to shake things up, by our own hand.

In the past two years, we’ve discovered as a collective consciousness that the disruption to that ‘norm’ is happening to us, but in essence happening for us in the mindset of the way we CHOOSE TO LINK TO A NEW STATE OF MIND IN PERPETUAL MOTION, simultaneously as we ourselves change THROUGH this perpetual motion.

Our season of change is all season long in the human context of our existing physical environments.  But the real change happens when we allow ourselves to change our state of mind in how we perceive said change in order to adapt, adjust, accept and embrace said change.

So the bigger ‘life’ question is….

How DO YOU see your own new state of mind in perpetual motion?

How are you living in the present moment?

How are you reflecting on your past as you reconcile said change in your present moment?

How are you reflecting on your present moment to adapt to your future that you craft and create?

These common-ground human-levels of thought are a natural process for all of us as we look at where we are now, from where we once were and look ahead to what we SEE as our new state of mind collective consciousness to move into our crafted tomorrows sitting where we are today.

My pure heart-felt hope is that you are giving yourself enough self-compassion as you personally and professionally adjust to the on-going changes that life is bringing and finding your way through the journey of appreciating the things that change for the better, and the constants that only improve amid the changes in perpetual motion.

Sending healing light, blessings, strength and comfort in finding peace as you step forward into this light.


Stacey Kumagai