Monday, August 24, 2020



This weekend I saw coyotes running through the city street in 93 degree heat.  They were obviously in search of water.   Two traffic signals later, I observed two ducks taking a leisurely stroll on the hot sidewalk.  Just before the light could turn green, the ducks abruptly looked at each other, jointly deciding to fly.  I don’t know where they went in choice of their next destination, but I watched them fly toward the beach, presumably seeking cooler temperatures and water.

With California ablaze as the wildfires create a historic devastation in the West, and all of the tropical back-to-back storms and hurricanes threatening the East with a one-two punch, Mother Nature’s wildlife are following their natural instincts of moving from the chaos toward meeting their own needs in order to survive.

As we witness animals, insects and all of nature in our life’s environment, they remind us that amid this pandemic, we are no different from them- rather we are all doing what we need in the present moment to make choices to adapt, survive and use our own navigation for survival to return to the place of thriving.

Those of you who are living life status quo right now with smaller grievances may not have noticed something outside of your world like I just wrote above about the animals, because you don’t have to come from the mountains in search of water; nor pick up and fly to cooler temps for relief to see, recognize or acknowledge what the animals are facing.  But it is here you can have more gratitude for your status quo and at the same time open yourself up to seeing what I just wrote as a wake-up call to seeing more of what is around you.

The rest of humanity largely affected by the series of this year’s monumental events are looking at life through a lens of renewal, upheaval, transformational change, purposeful Universal messages from life and nature may be seeing the world through the eyes of pulling back long enough to notice, feel empathy and compassion to see the bigger picture and the message we are all being shown.  

While you may not see your symbolism via animals – you may notice it in other offerings presented daily to you by the Universe in a way you are recognizing purposeful shifts to get you reawaken your senses in another way.

Just like nature has its course, life has its cycles and we are shown once again how we are all made of the same energy.   When we are being shown that everything has its cycle.

It is here we are being asked to step outside of ourselves to notice the full cups we have instead of dwelling on the spilled or broken ones we do not.  It is here we are also being shown to truly value what is in said cups and how we wish to look at our own transitions through the phases with cup in hand, full or empty – and to be grateful for said cup to hold, not gripping too tightly, rather releasing in trust.

As we sit in the pocket of nostalgia, it is normal for humans to reflect on the past in the face of what others are overly stating is a ‘new normal.’   While this year’s events may have seemed like a world-make-overhaul only because everything happened all at once, the bigger picture is seeing that this same level of change happens all of the time, however – it is only in this shake-up-so-grand that humanity is awakened to notice.

That is the whole point.

How awakened are you?

What are you noticing in your own environment outside of what the news represents?

Which cycles are you cognizant of within your own life turning, churning and showing you a new reveal?

Everyone’s own unique path will show something with both a common thread and in the same space also unveil a very specific message to the life cycle you are facing right now, depending on the stage of life you are in as a human.

The question is, what is yours showing YOU about yours?

Just a couple of weeks ago, one of my friends lost both of her parents back-to-back.  This is a very sad, horrific and painful event, which she could not have anticipated happening this year, much like many other thousands of people also losing loved ones to Covid. 

After a couple of hours of sad tears, and stories which eventually transformed to gratitude tears, cherished shared memories with epiphanies and laughter, she thanked me for consoling her, it was in this, I was the one grateful for the conversation.  For it was in my consoling her, I had a ‘next level’ realization about the evolution of life cycles.

Losing both of my parents so early on in my life gave me only 25% of my lifetime with them on the earthly plane. After years of introspection, I came to recognize that there was a purpose in this which I carried out the rest of my lifetime up until this moment reminding others to cherish their own parents in the here and now, as one never knows how swiftly that can be taken away.

But it was in consoling my friend with her total parental loss, she said to me…

“We’re part of the same orphan club now….” – and I recognized the powerful gift in the evolution of a friendship that could take it to a new level of survival and transformation via the chaos. 

Much like the coyote who had to leave the mountains to seek water after their environmental landscape changed; and much like the ducks forced to fly to find a flock of ducks – as those who leave us on the earthly plane gather…. The human earthlings who remain shift into an evolved incarnation in recognition of common ground, even when life’s chaos and losses transform the human experience. 

Suddenly, the ‘purpose’ of my life events took on another layer and I hadn’t been looking for it.

Humans living life only in the 3D will see the above as: “Oh, a friend consoled a friend after her loss.”

Humans living life in the 4D will see the above as “How nice that the friend chose Stacey as someone who could truly understand her from a place of experience.”

Luckily, I found myself grateful to be living in the 5D to see it as something even more that what was presented.

Initially, yes…she knew I would understand the shoes she was presently walking in to have the kind of compassion she sought in her time of need.  I consider it a great honor and sacred privilege to be chosen as said pillar of support out of the great many she could have asked.

But it was in this aftermath orphan club we found this beauty of being gifted amid such a tragic shift and I saw the ‘bigger picture’ of WHY I was chosen, as if I was being gifted with something for my own path in the Divine showing two fully orphaned adult children being friends with a mutual place of understanding.

What was originally an “I can help others to cherish time with their parents while they are still alive,” with this one phone call changed to “I can console, support, comfort, pray and help those who are now facing said loss, as I have already walked through this myself” to “I can unite orphaned adults who are all living here now sans both parents so they know they are not alone.”

She had already recognized that there was purpose in her calling me, of all the friends she could have called and was being divinely guided to gift her own human with a friend that could be friends with her in a way other friends could not understand her.

The life cycles and evolution of your experiences do their own shifting and reincarnation into a compounded purpose for your existence.

We humans change and evolve and therefore any punctuated life event that happens in YOUR LIFE will also continue to change and evolve even if your own life events were eons ago.  The events themselves transform, but not just from your own perception… they transform in new purposeful actualization and recognition as everyone else’s situation also transform around you, bringing to light the next layer of answering WHY and also the useful HOW humanity can be helped from said situation.

We may not recognize it from the initial pain of the heartache in losing loved ones, because we initially focus on the 3D grief solely as it is organically as it remains.  But it is in the agility of the change, the acceptance of the adaptation, and the awareness of the 5D bigger picture we receive the gifts of the Divine in seeing how the love of passed on loved ones continue giving light and life beyond their own.

So while the coyote may appear externally to only be searching for water and while the ducks may appear to fly elsewhere for relief, we come to a greater comprehension of seeing that there is purpose from nature’s push toward an evolution we may not yet see or may not yet be revealed. 

The same can be said for all things happening right here and now and the Universe will unveil purpose for all things, but it may not always be in the form we initially recognized it.

It is with this, I share with all of you, Lovely Souls…. to open yourself up to working through things you may have thought you saw one way and take time to see it through new eyes.  You will understand more than your own human mind and heart will process when you understand it from the evolution continuum.