Monday, September 25, 2017


Dreams… do you have one?  Two?  Twenty?  

Did you know some people have forgotten how to dream or have given up on the idea of having one? 

Let’s look at these words:


Do they mean the same thing to you?  For many people – dream, goals, mission and life purpose have blurred lines.  Are your lines blurred?  Or do you have these words categorized to have their own meaning in YOUR LIFE? 

How do you categorize them in your brain?

How do you categorize them in your heart? 

What does your conscious mind know when looking at these words?  

Now … let’s look at how you drive your ‘dream’ forward… whatever ‘dream’ means to you.
First, I want to get everyone on the same page, let’s watch MOTIVATIONAL MAINTENANCE:

Daily motivation for you is either necessary from an external source or necessary for you to have by being grounded, and centered within for self-motivation.

Perhaps you will openly admit you need both, however most people will admit they only need one and that is how they define the difference between DREAM vs. MISSION/LIFE PURPOSE.

Goals are often some sort of ‘big picture’ idea of “I’ll accomplish XYZ by _________ time.”
We humans have become “programmed” to believe that we have to put a deadline to goals.

However, with dreams… there is no expiration date except for when we die. We can dream continuously about our “Sigh… ultimate life of ___(fill in the blank to define your paradise).”
A mission and a life purpose often cohesively walk side-by-side as something that both the human and soul know that it MUST DO… it’s a reason for waking up and feeling driven or motivated to keep going.

However, like I mention in the video above that you just watched, sustaining motivation is sometimes hard to do if you are not focusing on how you get your motivation.

Old souls (yeah, I know, souls have no age), will say that the mission/life purpose is enough of a motivator to keep going, to keep doing.  Though, I would like to bring up the point that sometimes, it is enough to keep going and keep doing, but not as always as easy to keep BEING.  But how can we make this easier?

Let me break this down a bit further…

When you DREAM, a dream seems lofty, surreal, fairytale-like in VISION. 

The human may think a dream can be confined to the definition of a goal, and mostly this is because Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it.” 

So let me ask you… is your DREAM a VISION?  Or is your dream your imagination creating? 

If we look at it in the context of what Walt said, we can drive a dream forward by compartmentalizing a dream in a tangible PLAN to execute. 

Therefore the DREAM has now become a GOAL. 

So if DREAMS have no deadlines, but GOALS do… well, haven’t we changed how we drive that dream forward?

***MIND BLOWN?***  

Is it?  Hang on... this could happen again!

Now… if this DREAM, this VISION which had  no expiration date now has a deadline and is a GOAL – if you have discovered your LIFE PURPOSE OR YOUR MISSION and your reason for being here on this planet …..

AND YOUR MISSION/LIFE PURPOSE is what you know you have to do…. Are you really in control of the GOAL-ORIENTED DEADLINE? 


Therefore, if you’ve suddenly put a DEADLINE on it… you are creating an expiration date while you are still alive and probably before your time is up to achieve said “Goal” – once the former dream.

Now that we look at MOTIVATIONAL MAINTENANCE … isn’t the motivation to “keep going” actual motivation to keep going until you can’t keep going anymore? 


I bring this to your attention for PURPOSE to show you how relevant this ‘motivation’ is and how you can become self-motivated.  

In other words, you do not need to be utilizing the crutch of external motivation for your sole SOUL existence of being… but your “SOUL” purpose for being motivated. If your DREAM is in alignment with YOUR VISION, which essentially becomes your MISSION to SEE THROUGH as a part of your LIFE PURPOSE, it already exists.  

Now, this is not to say we can go forward without support.  The HUMAN needs support. 
But bigger question, DOES THE SOUL?  

Much of the HUMAN ‘codependency’ is based on some sort of whip cracking to stay motivated to see a dream through isn’t necessary if you are driven by the idea that you have to do it… or if you’ve made it a goal and put a deadline on it. 

The SOUL has no codependency, THOUGH past contracts or visions to ‘carry out’ in our earthly existence could be reliant upon other catalysts to DRIVE THE DREAM FORWARD.
Still following?

Either way… if you have a DEADLINE to achieve it or a LIFELINE to live it out until it is… doesn’t the dream get driven forward no matter what?  


Part of my reason for this specific blog is for you to have an extension of this motivational maintenance VIDEO above, to show you that yes, the whole key point is introspection, but I have now give you special tools to identify how to apply motivation when you define what it is you need.

Understanding what you need for your mental, emotional and spiritual support of your physical dream/vision/goal/mission and life purpose is knowing with all that you have and all that you are, you CAN HAVE the force to drive that dream forward in BEING… NOT JUST DOING.

Through many of my blogs I’ve stated this, but perhaps you have not been able to apply the context of this in a productive way until now.  

If this is where YOU START… then I am glad you now have a starting point from the most functional fundamental foundation. 

So dream, visualize, goal plan what you believe to be your mission or life purpose knowing HOW TO DRIVE YOUR DREAM LINK FORWARD as best as you can knowing it stays with you as a part of you and there are no ‘secrets’ to it coming to fruition. 

Your timeline is yours and it is part of your pathway… the only thing you have to deal with is your patience and persistence to drive it all forward. 

That is your battle cry anthem - patience and persistence. These are the two things really needing the motivational maintenance….everything else is attached to perception.  

Luckily for patience and persistence… you already know from reading my August and September 2017 blogs that this is all connected to the LINKS in your LIFELINE as the dream unfolds, as the goals are attained (consciously or not) and as you evolve into your actual mission and life purpose which unfolds in front of you in unexpected turns. 

TRUST IT… even if you didn’t dream it or see it…. it is becoming what it is becoming right here, right now in being while you are busy doing.