Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Welcome to the new path of your new reality.  You are not the same person you were a year ago and neither is the world.  

With that, comes change… in other words, you’ve changed and how you ‘see’ the world and your own world is vastly different from that time and space.

While you have proactively ‘done the work’ in your own rising to the next level of awareness and tackled your own healing, as you open your eyes to see the world now, much has changed in how you process ‘life.’

Maybe your human is dissatisfied with said human experience.
Maybe your soul is dissatisfied with your dishonoring who you really are within said experience.
The Universe is here to remind you of this message (in case you forgot your gratitude)

The message in the graphic is like a ‘Reset button’ to get you grounded back into the gratitude seat of reality.  Your own perception may be tainted or changed with every new experience, but it is up to you to see the positive growth, expansion and opportunity within every challenge you face.

Has this year been an easy one for everyone?  No.  Everyone has gone through something this year of gains and losses in the earthly plane.  

From a soul level though, we are gaining insight as a constant.

The bigger question is, DO YOU SEE IT? 

It has taken over a week for me to channel all of this energy to try to cram it into this space, and while the courteous, polite social graces human person within would like to apologize for some of this not quite being as eloquent or profound, it IS WHAT IT IS.  I can guarantee that at times it will be messy with a dangling participle in tow.  My soul knows that if you genuinely resonate with this blog, you can lovingly accept what this is and isn’t and simply see what channel has come through to assist at this divinely funky time.

What we are being reminded of as we step into a new portal, is to remember that at the end of the day all of our daily experiences need to be in FULL ALIGNMENT of self-actualization. 

What does that mean?  

Everyone is going through a reactivation and initiation through a new reality portal of sorts for the mind-body-soul-spirit consciousness awareness, beyond just a transformation or metamorphosis.

So if you’re feeling a bit off-balance, this is where you need to get back in balance to handle these next three months of inevitable cosmic change that will feel even messier to you if you have not been able to get serious about reflection, introspection, self-care, and invest energy into your ‘insides’ rather than just your external existence.

The last couple of weeks have been ‘information overload’ for my soul to process in order to deliver what I am being called to deliver to the collective. 

And if you are going through it, I don’t need to tell you something you already know in that… It is a lot.

YOUR HUMAN may see it in its entirety if you’re plugged in.

For those of you who are not, you simply know that ‘change is coming’ – and yet you don’t quite know what it is, but that finger on the pulse of it is throbbing like your third eye, and you are not being shown the full picture, instead you are being asked to walk through a tunnel of discomfort and awkward energies completely blinded by what ‘you used to know.’

To the outside world, it appears there is a movement.  In some aspects this is good, because we know change is inevitable and it is always good when positivity can rise from it all. 

However, in some aspects this so-called movement is inauthentic, because there are many parroting people #Trending this as a trend, when indeed it isn’t a trend, it is a gift from the Universe DIVINELY GUIDED that is meant to change all of us for the highest, greatest good.  

To look at it as a trend, is like spitting in the face of the gift.

Yeah, I said it.  It’s true though. 

Those who ride it as a wave/trend and only connect to it this way are only in this for the quick fix crutch and not the long-haul human wellness in terms of actual evolution. 

In pedestrian terms or marketing or advertising, we call it 'the flavor of the month' - that sometimes rides said wave for longer than a month, but the initial investors are only in it for the surface value, and NOT for the real deal of actual change for humanity.

Commercialism of it is bastardization.  What do I mean by this? 

Human crutches are enabling co-dependency.  Therefore, it ultimately contributes to the problematic society of ‘needing’ a quick-fix instead of actually diving deeper to resolve. 

Will that new yoga mat change your life?  NO.  It won’t fix your insides. 

Sure, your human will have a social outlet. You'll meditate. But after you are done using it, if you do not live your life in authenticity to continue your transformation internally, much like a diet, you'll gain back the weight because it is not authentically in your pure heart intent to make the changes that spurred you on. 

The mat holds no value other than to have you belong to something.  Yes, humans need a place to belong, but it does no good if the person does not look at the internalized reality of why this is so and how to feel comfortable within their own skin to realize they already belong and to own their own existence in true acceptance.  

Will that retreat awaken you?  Perhaps temporarily, but it is only a Band-Aid if you do not do the real work to heal yourself. 

People are grasping at the manufactured and auto-pilot proverbial straws to cope, when in reality, this isn’t going to be as beneficial to you (rather a detriment) if you do not confront what is really going on in your human reality.

This is the part that is bad when it removes humans from seeing the greater depths of the soul actualization/realization.  

The initial original pure intent of WHY all of this cosmic light-worker energy is here…  FOR PURPOSE is removed by utilizing DISTRACTION.  Counter-intuitive means do not dissolve or resolve, it merely continues to distract, much like retail therapy. 

The truth?  Materialism as a means of a cure, instead of the authentic walk to cure oneself by participating actively walking said talk, we have something that is merely a shell of an illusion.

That’s the reality. That’s the truth.

While I am trying my best to gently, yet firmly articulate this, please note I am not here to offend anyone by my truth/authenticity, rather I wish to be a peaceful disruptor to the masks of what isn’t …. In order to reveal the reality of ‘what is.’  

So what can YOU DO to “Reactivate” this LINK WITHIN to your own soul’s truth? 

Getting real with yourself about your choices is a start.  

Let’s get you started in that exploration process now.

  • ·       How many times has your human ‘blocked’ you from doing things your soul wants to do?

  • ·       As you have satisfied and gratified your soul, what differences have you seen in your human reality?

  • ·       Where do you process purpose in terms of human life and death and your own activation of truly living in your authentic space?

  • ·       What stories have you told yourself in the process that have actually only perpetuated procrastination in deeper excavation?

  • ·       What ‘leveling up’ have you done in your day-to-day that feels more authentic?

  • ·       How can you improve your own awareness to stay present, not in terms of self-preservation, but rather self-escalation?

These are the questions I provide for you altruistically in order to pull you out of the funk that may have you sitting only wondering and wishing instead of doing. 

Do yourself a favor and take some time before this week’s Aries Full-Moon weekend and answer the questions. Get clear on your answers to move yourself into a new frame of mind and truth about your own soul activation work to reignite and reactivate a part of yourself that has been asleep for longer than you care to admit. 

It is in your own footwork of this REAL self-care from the core place that you will make the changes you wish to change in your reality.  From here, you can step more assuredly into the space you know will resonate with your higher self. 

In the meantime, I send you peace, love, light and blessings for what promises to be a season of change.