Saturday, April 9, 2016


Live, Laugh, Love.  Many believe that these are the three core components of what our existence is made up, of and what the journey holds. 

Laughter would seem to be easy to come by, but ask yourself this question: 

  • How many times a day do you actually laugh?

  • Do you remember what you last laughed about and when?

  • If you have an abundance of laughter in your life – what is the greatest source? 

If you lack laughter – what has taken its place/space in your life and what do you plan to do about it? 

You may think these are silly questions to ask, but when you turn on the news these days there is more tragedy, sadness, violence, and trauma flashed at the human psyche in a short span of time. 

This ‘exposure’ depletes a bit of daily joy, happiness, and laughter and over time, it can chip away at our ability to tap into a lighter side of ourselves.

Compound this with the negativity on the internet/social media, more world news, life’s regular challenges and bullying, laughter appears to be shorter in supply replenishing the tank of darkness.

Our LINK to laughter is a serious issue because beyond the clichĂ© of “laughter is the best medicine” – the TRUTH is that if you have no laughter in your life, you have no joy.  If you have no joy, you are lacking BALANCE.  If you have no balance, your health becomes compromised… emotionally, mentally, physically and at times spiritually losing hope, faith, and belief.

Balance is the key to wellness.

Wellness affects total health – mind, body, soul, and spirit.  It is the foundation to rebuild our perseverance, determination and strength, when one has no support system.

Not everyone is fortunate to have a circle of strength and support; therefore, we must build it for ourselves WITHIN. 

Health is essential for daily functioning and without it; life and love have even a more complicated navigation because you cannot be present to enjoy either to the fullest capacity because you are operating at half capacity and not 100% from a healthy place.

Can the laughter LINK be added and restored?  

The answer is YES and it is up to you to take a daily pause to find it.  

While that may sound strange to you because laughter is spontaneous, today life has many more distractions, pulling us out of spontaneity and awareness of what is around us.

Humor comes in many forms: Physical humor; behavioral humor; word humor constructed from various viewpoints of thought processing, puns, irony, and creativity; simplistic visual humor; auditory response humor; and other layers of present-consciousness for timing, pausing, and delivery.

Being present in life opens you up to more laughter and humor because your awareness is heightened without clutter of reflection from the past and planning.  This creates an opportunity to find humor right now, as you are in your present state of consciousness.  

It is as essential to your life as the necessities in order to live in the light to progress your growth and well-being as both a human and as a soul.  

When distractions happen, the laughter LINK of life is moved into the secondary shelved position of priorities because the distractions take us out of our consciousness to take in humor as a reflex response. 

This example is best represented when someone says, “I don’t get it” after a joke is told because their consciousness and awareness level may not be actually present on the same page or rhythmic flow of others on the same consciousness level.  

If a person comes from a place where their laughter/humor muscles are not as exercised as frequently as others, their mental response/reaction time can vary in processing something if they have been sitting in complacency of seriousness for longer periods. 

No one talks about this in the mental health community.  It is an ignored central spot of focus, however, ask any comedian, clown, or person you label as ‘funny,’ and they will tell you that most of their humor is derived from having walked a pathway on the other side of sadness, loneliness, isolation, and at times despair.  Bringing laughter to the outside world fills the inner empty tank of lacking laughter – thus it is created.

  •  Have you ever created your own laughter?
  •  Have you ever had a moment of embarrassment or silliness where you laughed at your situation or laughed at yourself from something funny that happened to you?

  • Were you able to stop in your tracks shortly to acknowledge a situation that appeared to be too ridiculous to be believed?

We all have the ability to create this.  We all have the power to make light of our own darkness.

When we can get to a place where we can acknowledge that any challenging situation is merely temporary, in the moment we choose to release our grip on reality and laugh at ourselves, we gain the potential to reignite our inner joy.

Reigniting our inner joy is like oxygen.  We need it.  We require it for our own endurance of daily living.  Our LINK to joy and our LINK to laughter is something we need to connect to with every breath.

Tweaking this one key LINK to have access whenever we need it, is like bringing sunshine around us at any moment, we are in need.  The LAUGHTER LINK is part of what unites us as a species, whether you realize it or not.

Have you ever seen animals smile?  They too have the ability to laugh and find joy in the simplicity of moments.  They find lightness in darkness and it is part of what they have inherited from generations before them as a SURVIVAL TOOL out in the wild to live, even when they face their greatest fears.

We can learn much from the animal kingdom when going through our most difficult and challenging times when it comes to survival techniques. 

So if you’re having a difficult day, a challenging period in your life – give yourself an open window within each day to breathe in laughter, humor and smile at one of the gifts we often take for granted.  Then do someone else a favor and make them smile, laugh and find that joy, too.

If we all make the effort to do this, not only do we make our human connection stronger, but also we build a bridge to happiness and living in the moment of positive energy, we have the ability to create for ourselves and everyone else.

Spread some joy and laughter today.