Friday, September 17, 2021





Yes.  You read that right. 

The title of today’s blog is the essence of what “the collective” is starting to gradually baby-step into finally accepting the ‘new normal’ on all levels of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health reality in four-part harmony.  However, while it is sad the progress is not happening faster, there is slight movement as new things come to light amid the perpetual global darkness.

While the evolutionary process still has some ‘growing’ to do for us to see 3D tangibility in the 180 degree shift … we seek balance as we enter fourth quarter in the annual cocooning of reflection, re-evaluation and re-fortification in what has been a topsy-turvy two years.

2019 may “feel” like it was ten years ago in your human life. 

You are not alone in this actualized sensory shift.

In this morning’s meditation download, I was shown many “reasons” for the world consciousness communications struggling to shift in ‘accepting’ our pandemic new normal due to the human confusion of understanding “timelines” of past, present and conceived/perceived old paradigm created ideas projected upon “the future.”

This may sound trippy to the structured human, requiring you to re-read the above paragraph several times, but rest assured everyone has their moments of reflection “wondering” all of the above in various “constructs” of the mind. 

As I shared in my July 17, 2019 YouTube video advanced notification prediction two years ago…. We were going to be seeing change in a way we have not seen it before. 

We’ve arrived at this place now where we must “apply” everything we have just gone through to formulate our newfound perceptions we are all grappling with in real time of our new normal.



It is in our willingness of the human psyche to participate in paying attention to ‘what is happening and why it is happening’ but more importantly for what “reasons” it is happening we craft our 'ideas' of our planning stages within our own lives.

This is where social media will casually ask in online lingo, “Am I right?” or the annoyingly misspelled, “Am I rite?” (Yeah, for those of you who get annoyed seeing donut as opposed to doughnut, I feel you).... 

All of this altered reality of in-and-out awareness, with everyone talking, no one truly listening fully rather selectively (and filtered), lots of static-filled noise of exerted opinions and/or predictions amid everyone doing constant self-check-ins with “Am I alright?

Humanity is changing in openness and vulnerability by taking the stigma out of burying the reality of individual answers to that question.  But is the working world adapting, too?  It is happening on a much slower scale.

This would be WHY you are seeing people ‘resist change’ and the human ego is driving forth the anger, frustrations and unsettling outburst violence because said portion of humanity does not know how to deal with their feelings and have not dared to ask themselves, “Am I alright?” Chances are these are the same people who haven’t had the luxury of being asked that question, so they can deal with emotions they do not know how to cope with in order to answer that affirmatively.

While humanity limps through each newfound day the best it can, we are seeing what we are seeing as a continued ‘work in progress.’

The last question is something the world is actually pondering making its way toward the more truthful process of confirming need for comforting form of structure-seeking.  

Those who need to move forward now, are choosing to buckle up, mask up, vaccinate and be safe and abide by new rules.   Those who do not know how to move forward now, are the ones who are reaching far back with that arm wishing for ‘the old way of life’ – and frustrated because their new normal reality is not reflecting this in the way they wish to see it.

Humanity is grappling for new solutions, new answers, and praying hard for new hope as most of the world is flying by the seat of its pants while simultaneously experiencing the domino effect of a multi-variant pandemic, global warming and natural disaster hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, droughts, floods, and storms, continued violence and unrest, and the list goes on…. And on….

I was having a 6 ft. + socially distanced masked conversation with a neighbor that I ran into while running errands. 

She and I were talking about our ‘new normal’ and how the last time we ran into each other was pre-pandemic when there were no masks.  Suddenly this eavesdropping man walked passed us and said,

“New normal yes, but old normal, we will never be normal in that way again. I have on 5 masks (!) and I have three vaccines in my body, this is my new normal as I see it for the rest of my human life….”

WOW.  What struck me most was how he had articulated his accepted ‘new normal’ and declared it as such as a way of saying, this was his designed plan to live the rest of his life this way to total strangers.

That was pretty powerful, as he had owned his choice based on how he wished to construct how he adapted in his day-to-day and had no problem stating it aloud.

Communications at its finest with clarity and conviction!  Kudos, dear stranger.

This is what most of humanity is struggling with right now.

SO.... IN TYPICAL LINKRONICITY FASHION, let's dive into some soul-probing questions:

  • As you think about what the stranger said, how much have YOU personally declared your own truth aloud like he did, in how you are choosing to move forward?
  •  How has your own communication style changed amid pandemic?  What is part of your new reality in what you are expanding/growing vs. what are you discarding in terms of how you clarify our own personal and professional boundaries?
  •  Where do you see room for improvement? What have you done proactively in self-compassion in order to exercise more compassion and understanding in your external world? 
  • What do you recognize as your "work in progress" homework to do to continue to adapt to what our new normal has become?   How do you define your own success in overcoming your mental and emotional obstacles in terms of how you define change actually changing YOU?

What the Universe is now showing all of us is that our own boundaries for our well-being need to evolve to the point of declaration with clarity and conviction of where everybody chooses to stand as they approach their unforeseen future. 

Humans are making conscious choices right now. Some of these choices are amazing.  Some need more work.  Others are horrendous. Each day of our new world we are seeing this lethal mix of proactive vs. reactionary processes.

Is this for contrast? Yes.

Is this for us to assess progress?  Yes.

Is this a pathway finder to create a better new reality?  Yes.

Is it happening?  Slowly but surely.

For the stranger, he declared his own acceptance, solution and process effortlessly.

We need more self-compassion and external humanity compassion for where everyone is in this day-to-day present moment.

Most people’s lives have changed forever in such a way that coaxing people out of their comfort zones to articulate their truths/clarity/communications position when they are still dealing with PTSD traumas they need to heal is what we need more transparency in understanding from every angle IN ORDER TO MOVE FORWARD in the spirit of the trajectory we hope to see.

This is what we must wake up to for greater understanding across the world.

Health and safety are top priority, and this goes across all realms of what that actually means. 

Mental and emotional stability of humanity right now relies upon understanding, patience and on-going evolution as it takes shape into what our new reality will become, but it starts within each of us.

Does anyone ‘know’ what is ahead?  No.  Everyone is taking their best gamble guess where numbers will land in the roulette wheel of life.

But just like that stranger, most humans are tired of second-guessing what is ahead.

This is ‘why’ where we see “the confused trying to pave a pathway for the confused” was “enough” for the stranger to create, declare and decide what HIS NEW NORMAL was going to be to his external surrounding situation.

Many of us are doing just that… everyone’s ‘idea of what is next’ is dependent upon where they see their new life unfolding and how they wish to go about it in the human experience amid a spiritual journey. 

The reality of our own world now is different for everyone.

How do we wish to personally and professionally dissect reality ‘in which we know it’ with a compassionate understanding of we’re all operating on what it is we know/think we know.

The truth is, in the reality of everyone wanting to know more of what we don’t know, we’re still combating the reality that most of the world is ‘uncertain’ about what is ahead for all of us, each person is deciding for themselves how they wish to adapt and no set boundaries on how they wish to navigate their newfound reality within the day-to-day.

Yes, Lovely Souls – the collective humanity plate is “full.”  

Everyone is trying to find their way amid this unnatural terrain, as humans fight to accept this reality because ultimately we all do want the same things collectively, but grappling with what is present in our day-to-day reality. But there is something to be said about the found peace of creating your new reality as things sift out.

While there is ‘no going back’ to what we once knew in the constructs of how we once knew it, there is opportunity to create ‘a new reality.’

Where we must work now is from the core of re-examining our truth in boundaries for balance and well-being of mind, body, soul, spirit and of course the biggest picture, health and safety.

Our own present-day consciousness is changing rapidly and slowly at the same time.

I was called upon the collective today to share with you that wherever you are, and however you’re figuring out your own ‘new normal’ is right on schedule of your own journey and personal evolution.

In other words, if we have compassionate action with the ‘process’ we’ll pull each other to a place of understanding the inner workings of perceived reality as we make our way within the unfolding one.

Our own spirit of a forward trajectory is the gift we get to have as we get up with gratitude for even being here to begin with to see what it is we’re seeing.  Some days we find hope, truth, and the unexpected growth we didn’t anticipate.  Other days we see the ugliness and unrest, showing we all have so much more work to do to make progress in a way that we’re being called upon to do.

Finally, there is the constant change which proves to us once more, nothing stays the same, but nothing is permanent either and our own reality check for doing what we can with where we are with what we have is a blessing in how we move in the direction of this forward trajectory and where it takes us next.

Until then Lovely Souls, let’s sit in the gratitude seat for what is good and the blessings we have now, while exercising patience, understanding and expanded compassion to move toward the light of what is possible in what we create next together.

We will eventually get to have a human collective consciousness that aligns and operates on same-page reality as we know it and actualize it in living soon.  Until then, the in-and-out twilight zone fluctuation is our new normal, so let’s be thoughtful, mindful, caring and compassionate in the process.

Stay healthy, safe, and remain seated in gratitude. 


Stacey Kumagai