Tuesday, August 1, 2017


You live on planet Earth.  Most of the time it is something you do not think about consciously, because your mind already knows that you do.

However, are you connected to Earth?  Really connected?  

In our everyday life as humans, we know we reside here and perform daily functions on this planet as most humans do.  Our ‘human programming’ and consciousness believes in the most elementary, pedestrian terms that “We live on Earth.”

The human vessel or ‘flesh puppet’ our souls chose to reside in as I like to say to represent our ‘Earthly being,’ operates daily tasks… most of the time on auto-pilot. 

Humans are humans in that there is a behavioral LINK to habit.  Humans are attached to these habits which are ‘justified’ by the actions of “well, that’s just who we are.”

The real question is…. Is it really?

That’s something we must ask ourselves consciously if we are to truly understand being HERE as in being on Earth, residing on Earth, living daily on Earth.

We as humans take the Earth for granted.  

We celebrate Earth Day one day a year (which I believe needs to be honored every day not just one day).  We are lucky we are here… right here, right now, in this moment, in this lifetime. 

However, our higher consciousness as souls, happen to know better.  

When you think about what we consciously do on a daily basis to our human vessels, it will surprise you.

  • We breathe polluted air. (sadly).

  • We all are exposed to water that is contaminated with chemicals... no matter how conscious and meticulous we try to be. Not everyone has reverse osmosis, especially most public places, which even if they do it is not enough.This is a seventy page essay alone... we won't get into this here.
  •  We are exposed to toxins in almost everything we touch from a gas pump to the plastic in our cars, which release chemicals at high temperatures on a hot day.

These are just a few things humans are aware of in terms of being and living on Earth.
We also utilize Earth matter to live - food and shelter mainly, also paper, energy and the list goes on.  This is not an environmental blog... these are just human consciousness points being made so you understand human digestive information vs. soul processing information.

However, when it comes to the SOUL… you may not realize that we also leave Earth in divine moments of higher levels of consciousness when we do not allow our humans drive life.

What?  Yes.  

I know… this is perhaps a tad trippy and deep… but it is real.  Our ‘higher self’ knows what it needs, what the gut, heart and soul wants sometimes more than the logical mind where cerebral tennis matches, processed behaviors of recall and oftentimes (when distracted, multitasking or surrounded by noise, provided enough sustenance to function, etc.) – not in the optimum psyche turbo performance mode. 

When we are grounded in our decision-making, we are rooted in the conviction and security of all four pillars of health operating at their optimum level (mind, body, soul, and spirit).  Our ‘human’ requires this ultimate balance for being and targeted wellness for better health.  The human vessel, which carries our soul, has needs.  It has wants, too… but it has needs as in requirements to function.

The soul has needs, too.  However, the soul is not reliant up on all of the things the human thinks it needs or wants… the soul can operate independently of the human vessel, and this is the LINK TO EARTH context of the whole point.

As you reside on Earth, and live here…life appears status quo.  The human needs its routine or habits to operate on autopilot mode.  This is a good thing for the most part, unless we humans become depleted and lose ground or lose momentum or ‘fire’ within to drive the soul’s purpose forward with what the soul came here to do.

Most of the time when the human is confused or conflicted, the soul can balance out the human being as just that – a human BEING vs. a human DOING and tell it to chill-out to regroup to get back on track for the soul’s purpose and reason for being. 

While this in the general conversation topic is not unfamiliar to those who have soul searched or taken breaks to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually regroup, it might be in day-to-day living of the 'treadmill life' unless one takes the time to unplug and check in.

Moreover, it is HERE we do our ‘inventory’ of the human.  When we get an assessment of how we are showing up, we can better nourish ourselves and expand our being in more ways than one.

Check out your personal ‘inventory’…