Saturday, August 26, 2017


What does your daily life look like?  If I were to ask you to describe for me and paint me, a picture of what that would be for you….  HOW LONG would it take you to describe it?

Do you have a short answer or a long one?

Is yours detailed or a summary?

Do you even think about “A Day in the Life of …?  (Insert your name here) being typical or unpredictable.

Your answers may surprise you as you answer today.

Two months or three from now (yes, check the calendar) - YOU WILL GIVE ME A DIFFERENT ANSWER.

How do I know this?  Let me count the ways…

The weather will change and for most of us in the U.S. anyway, the clocks will change.
Unbelievably, this affects ‘A Day in the Life of….’ in some of the smallest ways you are not aware of (i.e. sleep patterns and rest, relaxation, productivity, exercise location on some days).  It could also change in bigger ways --- particularly if you are having a storm season and have to do external preparations where you live, how you commute, etc.

Enter the holiday season… need I say more?

Your work may have its own season… we will be closer to wrapping up fourth quarter. 
For some of you that means holiday/vacation/sick time off to consider; for others you have to hustle even harder to make that fourth quarter period goals/sales/etc. reach a certain number…and for some of you, sadly (but let’s hope not) it may mean a pink slip if your said year-end isn’t looking so good. 

My point in stating all of this is for reason… what you think your life looks like today, may not look the same tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year.

*I see you thinking* … yes, this is true.  

However, you probably didn’t have THIS thought when I first asked you the question at the very top of the page, right?

We humans/souls are interesting creatures in that sometimes we are more “present” than we think!  Go ahead; you can pat yourself on the back for that!

So when we hear “be present” – you may only apply it in the context where you still need to work on doing so.  Sometimes, it just depends what it is, and for most people it is finding spontaneous joy.

You could have answered the question organically from the get-go as to what your day looks like (which means you were present).  However, if I asked you how conscious you were with what was going on around you for your other senses to tap in, in order to acknowledge this – probably not.

We humans do not utilize this muscle set in our brain, however, this does not mean that you cannot retrain your ability to exercise this a bit more in your everyday life.  

You are probably tired of me bringing this up… but yes, I am talking about that darn LINK to the unknown again.  If you have not already watched this video….  Here it is:

Let me demonstrate through more of my own Linkronicity as an example….

Last week – we all know it was Eclipse week… and I do not know about all of you, but energy in my life was pretty much all over the place, which is what prompted me to write that post-eclipse blog after meditation to realize what was going on.  Not only did I want to reassure all of you who might have also been feeling funky and out of sorts that this is only temporary energy, but your realizations would have more clarity in the coming weeks.

As the week went on, I powered through.  I had just finished a private coaching session with one of my clients who works a mile and a half away from where I reside.  Usually on this session day, I walk to and from their office, because why not?  A three mile round trip is always good for the body and the soul.  

During this walk, I noticed a pattern… crows were walking across the street like pedestrians. Usually, this is not an unusual sighting – there is always one or two who will do that. 

However, that day, there were eleven crows.  Cars were whipping around the corner and the crows calmly walked across the street in some sort of test of faith.  

Did the crows fly when the cars approached closer?  No.  

Did any of them end up being roadkill?  No.

At the time, I had noticed this and I was just about home, I notice a woman who is standing on the sidewalk looking lost. 

“Are you local?” she asked trying to shade her eyes from the sun.
“Yes, I am are you lost?” 

“I’m trying to get back to my hotel.  I asked one person and they pointed west, another pointed east and I’m turned around, and I don’t know who was right.”

“Well, luckily I know exactly where your hotel is, it’s a block over from where I just came from.”

The woman looked relieved. 

At that moment, I decided I was not going to just point or ramble off where to go, I was going to walk her there myself.  I looked at my watch and it was 2:11.  If I did another 3 mile round trip on foot – I would still be able make it back and continue with the work I still needed to do.

When I told her I wanted to walk her back because I wanted to make sure she got there safely, she looked at me with total disbelief and shock as well as with joyful surprise. 

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes, really.  Hi, I’m Stacey.”

“Oh thank you, Stacey.  I’m Pam.”

We talked a bit and I found out she was visiting from some small town outside of Philly.  Her husband was back at the hotel.  She did not have a cell phone with her.  It was her first trip here.  I was even happier that I could change her perception of what she may have experienced asking directions from the other two people who both gave her wrong directions as her hotel was North of where I found her wandering.  

Pam and I talked about traveling, the long lost art of conversation among strangers comparing West Coast to East Coast living and our mutual desire to be on the opposite coast of where we presently are now. Then we eventually arrived at the topic of restoring faith in humanity and connection that we were present to experience.

Yeah, I don’t know I think it is …  I seem to have these types of conversations with random people in odd places like in the grocery store or at the gas pump. 

“I didn’t think this would happen today,” she said.

“You mean getting lost, or getting wrong directions or being pointed in the right one?”
“All of it.  It’s so unexpected from how I envisioned my day… in a good way.”

“Do you always have a set idea in your head for how your day is going to go?” I asked.
“Well, it’s pretty same ‘ol, same ‘ol most of the time and this kind of stuff doesn’t happen,” she smiled.

At this point, it looked like some button or nerve was activated as I noticed her face slightly changed.  Emotionally, she was moved somehow.

When I walked her to her destination, she seemed lost again as I wished her a good rest of her vacation stay hoping she had a great time.

“Thank you, it’s off to a good start.  Do you mind if I give you a hug?” she asked.

We exchanged hugs, said goodbye as she thanked me again. 

As I am leaving, the valet meets a new arrival pulling up to the circle. He hands the guest in the car a ticket…  “Here, you’re 211…” said the valet as he pulls luggage out of the car. 
I walk back and start to put the Linkronicity pieces together. 

·         When my day started off, I left home at 11 a.m. to walk to meet my client for the coaching session and lunch.  

·         I saw 11 crows in the street walking calmly as pedestrians.

·         When I finally got home and randomly met Pam, it was 2:11.

·         As I left Pam, the valet handed a ticket numbered 211 to the new arrival.

Accident?  NO.  It was not. 

When thinking about what Pam and I spoke of during the walk – this was not an accident at all; this was the Universe delivering what was needed for that funky Eclipse week.

She was lost looking for direction.  She asked TWO people for directions who could not give her the right direction to where she needed to go.  

I find her and take her to her destination and while she was surprised, she allowed me to do this, which showed she had faith in me being able to do it.  I had faith I could do the good deed and still arrive back in time to do what work I needed to do.  

Two is the number of peace.  Eleven is the number of destiny.  As I stated - the two of us were talking about West Coast to East Coast living and eventually arrived at the topic of restoring faith in humanity and connection that we were present to experience.

Two people, two coasts, talking about faith in humanity and connection. 

Eleven crows were walking in the street.  They did not fly away as they too had faith that they would be able to do this and trusted that humanity would not run them over.

My point in sharing this story going back to the top of the page – sometimes we may think we know what our day will look like.

Other times, we will realize that there are really no two days alike, no matter what we believe them to be.

Sometimes we find our peace.

Other times we arrive at a destination we do not expect.

In addition, it is in those random moments we get our faith restored in humanity and connection, when we are present in ways we are not even sometimes consciously aware of.

So as you approach each day, remember each day can be more than you expect. 

Some days will surprise you with shock and awe.

Even when you are feeling lost or feeling as if your energy is scattered all over the place, you will be shown a direction that was not part of what you thought your day would entail.

Along the way you’ll be presented with a message you were intended to receive (perhaps even reading this blog) to be reminded it is in trusting in the unknown we surrender to faith. It is in restoring faith, we find peace.   

When in doubt…. The valet will circle back around and hand you the ticket in writing in case you forget.