Thursday, August 24, 2017


Are you finding that by some miraculous, weird, strange unexplainable energy you’re in sync even when you’re feeling ‘out of sorts?’ 

Do have some sort of synergistic vibe with signs and messages around you that cannot be explained in the soul world …. All while in the human world, things feel mismanaged and truly messed up to your plan?

You’re NOT hallucinating. It means you’re plugged in. 

Hang on… I’ll explain further….

Our humans hate the chaos of what isn’t going our way according to our perfect plan.
Our souls can find peace in what is working on a harmonic level.  This is wonderful as a place to sit and rest, even if our human is saying “But why can’t things in the human sphere match up?”

Our bodies, our minds, our souls and our spirits are plugged into a ‘knowing’ energy – when we slow down enough to pay attention. It is here we realize that there are no accidents and that if we are mindful, we can tap into our connections of unspoken communication almost telepathically.  

For those of you who are on the same page right now, you’re nodding your head and jivin’ with me….”Yeah, right on…’ 

This coincidence of ‘seeing’ where someone is and saying ‘yes, I see you’ --- EVEN IF you don't really understand or know what is going on - is connection.

It’s not a coincidence that we’re trying to have this conversation without having a conversation but subliminally are doing so.  NO - it is not your imagination.  You can smile in confidence knowing YOU are plugged in correctly.

This is no different than animals trying to HELP each other in the wild or how we can sense where we need to step up or step in.  It's an instinct, a sense, a knowing, a vibration of communication.

For those of you rolling your eyes right now, “Ah, come on… what is this?’ --- go ahead.
When you get that random “Oh – how were they thinking the same thing as me"  or "How did they know to do that?” – then I will be looking at you nodding, ‘Uh, huh – so now you get it... keep calm and carry on…'

We plug into life daily when we choose to show up and have hypersensitivity to what is going on. Our higher self knows the reality of WHAT IS.  We cast all human actions aside for a brief moment and stop questioning logistics of why something didn’t occur the way we thought and instead see the bigger picture of a more beautiful connection which our humans can enjoy to the highest zenith point of joy when it enters our life.

From here, we can create a deeper, meaningful connection to where our humans can experience even more.  Souls KNOW.  Souls SEE.  INSTINCTS RISE.

Oh - and so does the Universe - it choreographs and orchestrates things just as they need to be. 

Humans will allow their brains to ‘predetermine outcome’ or ‘worst case scenarios’ --- when they allow ego to take over the idea that the purest intention, truth and destiny is meant to be.  Souls on the other hand get navigated by hearing a calling or sensing a need and say 'Okay, we'll just pay attention and do what is needed or asked.'

Let me show you the most unexpected context… Ironically with the boy band N’Sync…. Fun, eh?

I had many serendipity/Linkronicity-driven strange life events with 102.7 KIIS-FM where I began working alongside two other careers starting in 1992 in Marketing Promotions a month after my father died. It was gratifying to work with events like KIIS & Unite with Elizabeth Glaser's Pediatric A.I.D.S. Foundation and many other great causes. Later as I moved on, I ended up working as a broadcast affiliate relations/music producer in 1994, crossing paths with the station again this time producing music bumpers. Then like barn doors and strange coincidences things came around again doing PR for a Gannett/Jacor/Clearchannel corporate acquisition gig with Premiere Radio and so forth.

Well, in 1998, with my mother’s fourth year of remission from breast cancer I was lured to KIIS one more time as they were going to put on a first-time ever Wango Tango all-star line-up concert benefit for LA Breast Cancer Alliance, tied to Olivia Newton-John’s philanthropy work as a breast cancer survivor.

At the time, I had put in my PR contract in January. After months getting impatient wondering why things weren't happening, I finally surrendered.  I didn’t hear back, so I had figured someone else got the gig.  WRONG.  

May 1998… end of May mind you… I get a phone call saying “Hey, we need PR.”
“Err… What?!  We’ve missed every news deadline for quarterlies, monthlies and biweeklies… how in the world…. Uh, okay.” 

I said, “Yes.”  At the time, I had wondered if I was doing something totally masochistic by saying this, because it would mean I’d be working 18 hour days for two straight weeks through the day of the event and then post event.   How in the hell was I going to pull this off?

Well.. I did what should technically never be done this close to something this big, I put out a press release May 30th, 1998 for a June 13th event.  Who the heck was gonna read this two weeks out?  Crews must have had their 'assignments' already.  This was like a crapshoot.

I spent day and night (seriously) emailing editors (on AOL dial-up, mind you) going into chat rooms for music, faxing (yes, we still had faxes then) and talking on my phone’s headset calling media while my hands were doing all I just mentioned. Coffee was my friend, sleep didn’t exist and somewhere I pulled energy out of the sky to endure to do this. 

This took diligence, patience and effort, but this was more than PR…. I now had to deal with logistics in full-fledged production.  TV people and radio people had different needs, as did print journalists, paparazzi, other newspaper photographers, teen magazines, yes, and online digital media too.

OH... did I mention George Magazine (John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s publication) called about the event to come cover this?   

Can you imagine my poor little cell system on overload at this point? haha

I am a one-woman show, an indie contractor with NO STAFF.  Joke is on me at this point.

Worse pressure? The guy in charge of this as my go-to person at the station had never done a concert of this magnitude before...ever. He was new to the station.  He was relying on little 'ol me since I had done stuff at other venues.  He confessed this to me when we were doing a venue walk-through... information that would have been handy to have before I said yes, but .... it was what it was.  Truth always surfaces, I say... and not at the most convenient times.

Lesson?  Take a deep breath. Step up. Rise... and keep going.

People wanted exclusives, interviews with only certain groups and everybody wanted Will Smith, who was not going to be available for pre-event interviews.  He was being helicoptered in to Edison Field (which is Angel baseball stadium), straight from a movie set by our very own Commander Chuck Street. Every act’s posse/entourage had their own requests, rules, parameters and I had to know every last bit of this.

Everyone under the sun and from out of the woodwork came out. MTV, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, E!, the BBC, all the news stations, crews from London, Germany, Korea, Italy… uh yeah International press plus all the college newspapers (semester was already over) tabloids, and three days before, I had commitments from 134 news media outlets. 

The day of?  Over 250 crews showed up! 

This was in addition to all the record label execs, plus all the entourage for every act listed above... on top of the entire station staff (all radio personalities - also being interviewed by media), random celebs showing up (not even on the roster) to meet the artists, plus their entourage (managers, agents, publicists).

Olivia Newton-John’s manager wanted to make sure she wasn’t bombarded by paparazzi.  Okay… I could handle that.  

Newer acts, like N’Sync at the time were open for press...they were humble, sweet guys ready for their spotlight (and well-deserving). All of them were so kind, very generous souls.  I have to say - that makes all the difference and people like me remember this, particularly on a stressful day, as they were easy to work with.  Their album had come out in March of 1998.  I worked with this cooperative and accommodating woman Gina who sent me their press kit, VHS tape, and CD (still have it!).  I am fortunate to say I am the publicist who actually by last minute KIIS-FM default promoted their very first-ever major event concert in Los Angeles in June of 1998 before they hit Disney Channel in July. 

All of these acts back-to-back had something unique going on with their own set. Gloria Estefan had a surprise, she was bringing actor Andy Garcia to the event to play bongo drums (he's good, btw) on stage with her, so that was kept quiet.  Okay, now I was supposed to keep that under my hat until show time. Shhh!   I know... do you know what it's like to be a gatekeeper of a secret like that?  But I did.

I had to comply with ASCAP/BMI recording rules for royalties, meaning every camera crew could only legally get a few seconds of the concert of songs, which meant every crew had to be personally escorted.  I called up six of my entertainment colleagues and hired them for the day of as contractors to help me do this, prepaid everyone in advance to do media check-in, escorting and making sure each person got the story they came for and left happy.

There’s so much more – but I won’t bore you with all the logistics, but let’s just say it all got handled. 

Media behaved beautifully all day. Everyone was courteous and everyone was generous, not crowding, they all knew they were each getting their own thing they came for. So there was no ‘mad rush’ to get greedy to hog up room to get that shot, that sound bite or anything.

Okay… so here’s the synchronization part…. 

HUMAN CONTEXT – Stacey wanted things to go perfectly to exact map and plan which—was a 17 page plan from green room, recording room, first-ever backstage live chat on Earthlink with a web cam (remember, this was 1998), as the artists exited the stage to talk to fans online.  Fire Marshal, EMT on the premises, (for fainters and unexpected emergencies), media credentials, passes, comp tix, stage access,  and the list goes on. 

Above all, I wanted everyone happy…. Particularly media. I had to make sure they all got fed, had water, etc. I wrote 'mama-bear' like letters to everyone about the importance of sunscreen, Advil for blinding sun headaches, wearing comfy shoes, protective eyewear and yes, ear plugs to protect hearing (amps were loud), giving them a map of where the restrooms were, where to park, unload gear, charge up electrical, get a clear satellite signal for live feed, where to get the best sound without reverb or echo if they were recording, with zen reminders to remain calm. It was going to be one busy day.  I got every interview with each act they came for and made sure the station got their 15 + minutes, too. Note: media never covers media as a media story... this was when corporate conglomerates, mergers, acquisitions and quadopoly radio was happening.  So let's just say, this was 'history' in itself happening, too.

SOUL CONTEXT – I was satisfied knowing every “I’ was dotted and “T” was crossed - therefore the soul was okay with what my human had done. I remained flexible and open to something more, I kept telling myself.

REALITY: Ahem... really, Universe?  You're gonna call me out on this and test me?
Is the whole thing going to CHANGE from here?  

Well, life happened. Everything was going like a dream until one of my staff had to use the restroom, which meant make shifting one-person gone during peak check in.  I step in.  A TV crew showed up right then in a hurry to get their B-roll to run it back to the station to edit and get it on the news.  They still had to drive all the way from Orange County to Los Angeles … in weekend traffic… in the summer, during tourist season near Disneyland.  Nightmare. Thus, this was a hustle and a half, which I respected once having to shlep like this on deadline many times as a reporter myself.  

I ran with the camera guy (first mistake) monitoring his music royalty footage (being responsible), tripped over a wire (oh, geez, is this really happening?) that had come undone as duct tape didn’t adhere to the field which had me slide front side across a piece of sheet metal.

Both of my knee caps were sliced…. Pretty bad, I’m talking GUSHING BLOOD in front of the entire stadium. How could this be with THAT much force sliding? I wasn't running fast. I’m hobbling back with no knights to rescue me as I leave a gory trail.  I radio for an EMT who got me to sit down.  I was in ‘shock’ not feeling any pain or anything at that point still talking on my two-way walkie talkie with one hand, on the cell-phone (which in 1998 was the size of a shoe!) giving an out-of-town media crew freeway off-ramp instructions with the other as to where to check-in. 

THEN… here comes Olivia Newton-John to the green room area that I could NOW NOT GET TO… to guard to let media in a few at a time.  The EMT was putting tourniquets on both knees. 

Well, it happened. I saw her and they came at her like a moving freight train toward a beautiful deer. Noooooooooooooo!

As my human tried to get off the chair, the EMT said “NO, sit the hell down…” scolding me as a piece of me was dying inside, collapsing from frustration, shame, concern and responsibility screaming ‘arrgh…’  contorting my face like the comedy/tragedy masks you see. Rapid pulse time...

Greater good of the Universe said, "We're taking care of you, Stacey... let go, let it be."

I kept all acts in their own tent with their own mini press conferences with scheduled interviews on purpose so flash bulbs didn't cross over like strobe into other interviews.

Out of the corner, I see Justin Timberlake poking his head out of the curtain partition silly-like some comedy sketch, bubbly, animated. I have to tell you - from one Disney alumni to another, I appreciated that he kept his wits about him as did all the guys. It was quite a blessing that day. 

I know for a fact he had no clue what had just happened to me.  He looks over – he sees me, probably wearing my face of panic. I see him.  We’re far away but that look – I’ll never forget. Then he glances over at what’s coming with the herd and Olivia.  He pops his head back in his tent.

I don’t know what happened in that instant, but the guys of N’Sync started singing
A capella.

Was this a request from another media outlet?  Did they just start to rehearse backstage?  Or did they just sing to drown out the external mayhem?  I have NO IDEA.

BUT - this was synchronization at its finest...DIVINE TIMING.  This in itself was enough of a soothing zen lullaby to calm any frenzied paparazzi.  The Heavens opened up. This action alone managed to lure some of them to back off what appeared to be an overwhelmed  (and rightly so) Olivia.  Everyone calmed down.  It was as if everyone went back to normal, only affected by temporary insanity from being over zealous Olivia was there.

Thank God. I was so grateful for that synchronized moment of timing with the Universe delivering what tidbit could perhaps salvage something totally horrific.

We were all being watched over.  People snapped into action and others snapped out of their temporary hurried insanity simultaneously.  SYNCHRONIZATION here was like dance of the hippos in tutus in Fantasia or something. Suddenly, everyone was in sync. Did their higher consciousness collectively get on the same page in unison accidentally or divinely?

My biggest concern (human talking here) aside from all the acts being happy, my station client being happy and of course concert-goers and fans happy was that the media all still got what they came for and that the greater purpose of the charity benefactor got out.
That’s my job.

Some media actually tried to help me, putting their cameras down after they got their story to help the other crews not from California. They saw my soul, they didn’t judge the situation from an external place.They didn’t think ANYTHING went wrong with the day. 


Lesson?  What you impose on yourself vs. what is happening in reality are two different scenarios than you realize.  What did I learn?  

Don't anticipate the worst - it's only self-torture.  Why do that?  Because you care?  Caring is a good thing, yes.  But taken to another level - not good. Most of the time, what is going on behind the scenes - no one knows.... 

Secondary lesson:  Don't make assumptions.  Appreciate WHAT IS.  If the Universe needs you to know 'all the goings on' after the fact, you'll get to know that for CLARITY SAKE and suddenly your heart will be freed from 'what you thought' which was not true or assumed on your part.

None of my crew felt like they had to step up and in to overcompensate for what I couldn't do. They were happy. The station was thrilled with the media that showed. 

Well, after my 18 hour day, and yes, hobbling still completing my job with my crew through the entire day’s concert with the knee tourniquets…. Then having to go to ER to get a tetanus shot because the metal plate I fell on was rusted through, I received the most glowing letters of gratitude from media.  I shared emails with my crew as compliments to our team poured in, then we all celebrated. I took my crew out to a garlic feast at Stinkin' Rose - semi-symbolic of both beautiful, subliminal, healthy lessons and a culmination of life and what it represents, beyond the surface of what you think.

So even though the reality didn’t go as planned the outcome was as destined for the greater good.  The first-ever concert launched in 1998 and in 2017 still going strong today.  I’m no longer doing this but there is a piece of me that knows the “Launchpad” springboard is something I created as a precedence. 

That ‘greater good’ was a domino effect even though I had to be the one to make some sacrifices that day with my injury, temporary stress, and some post-event drama, but everyone learned.  LA Breast Cancer Alliance got their check. The rest, well... that's another story.

These events were synchronized as they were meant to be and all turned out okay.
No one is worse for the wear. Above all, a charity BENEFACTOR was the mission.

HUMAN CONTEXT in hindsight – Survival, endurance, persistence, tenacity, hard work, integrity, effort, happiness for all.

SOUL CONTEXT in hindsight – All of the above – ditto for the soul, plus the Divine plan lead down the pathway toward other benchmarks, events, and things that could not be fathomed.  PURE INTENTION is always met with a good outcome.

SYMBOLISM CONTEXT  I am grateful for my knees being cut. Knees represent pride and ego. The Universe wanted me to remove attachment to the outcome of my work. In other words, just do the work... remove my worry about how people were going to criticize, judge or slam me for my injury affecting any outcome... they didn't all have that 17-page plan in their heads. Things were fine. Everyone was happy.  Hard lesson, but lesson learned.  I had to TRUST that what I did was enough and let it stand on its own.

SYNCHRONIZATION… IT IS ALWAYS WITH YOU.  I'm living proof of that.

YOU ARE, TOO!  Everything that has ever happened in your life via timing even if things didn't go as you orchestrated for them to go is proof synchronization of what needs to happen will show up.  That LINK is part of the greater good.

In these last few blogs, I've deliberately exposed my personal memoir to demonstrate LINKRONICITY in action, what unfolds, what you learn and how to apply it. My entire life is filled with it.  It can happen when you least expect's why I say your GPS is your own and your life holds more than you realize. You don't know until you let it evolve.

Yours has your own thread of LINKS just like mine - life lessons demonstrating timing, the divine and greater good.  But if I can enlighten you with mine, I want to be that person who can show examples, rather than provide some prescriptive formula.  I am NOT a believer in a one-size fits all formula.  My deliberate sharing is to show you individual customization of how you can LINK your experiences to show there are life lessons in everything. Beyond that, I walk my talk - I'm a life coach who has really lived through stuff first-hand, turning every challenge into a valuable lesson evolution.

This will help you see that you can find yours in the most unexpected moments (hopefully you don't have to lacerate your knees) - connect all the golden nuggets of wisdom and see there are no real accidents. 

Your Link of Raw Vulnerability  

Your Link to All or Nothing  
Savoring Life Linking To Your Senses 

I wanted to demonstrate to you how when things get out of your comfort zone, YOU CAN BE REASSURED THERE IS A PLAN OF ACTION YOU'RE NOT READY FOR that will surprise you.  This is where we discover faith, hope, knowing, and relaxing and sitting in that space of TRUSTING.

Sure, sitting in void space is hard…. And you may think to yourself it’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart,” as you walk through the fire.   

But you’ll see that sometimes whether or not your plan is as perfect as you wrote it, you’re made a better person for the experience. 

Take that nugget with you…, be free, keep calm, carry on – and “This I promise you” - Your destiny will continue to unfold ways you did not expect.  

Stay in sync.  Say “Bye,Bye,Bye” to your fear of the unknown.  

Your plan for your life is going to be better than you think.

The goals and dreams you have are in place and you’ll be glad that “God Must’ve Spent A Little More Time on You” and the big picture plan for your life!  

It’s going to be (and already is) beautiful.