Sunday, August 6, 2017


Are you an impatient person?  Do you work arduously trying to make things happen?
Have you ever questioned what you are doing, based on your waiting for the ball that is in everyone else’s basketball court to bounce back to you?

If you get frustrated waiting to get passed the ball so you can go ahead and do your lay-up shot, (yeah…  I feel ya) … this one is for you. 

WATCH THIS VIDEO to understand your LINK to sitting in the void of waiting…

Life is not perfect.  In today’s society of immediate gratification due to technology making us more impatient with life, we want all of our goals, dreams, and wish list to come true now.
This is especially true for anyone who has put in so much time, energy, hard work, and may have already spent weeks, months, or years to bring something through to fruition.

Talk to an inventor, an architect, a writer, musician, an athlete, a humanitarian, and the list goes on.  EVERYONE experiences this at some point in their life... when your work is on-going and many decisions are not solely yours to make and you're waiting on other people. 

If you have big dreams, big goals… things may take even longer.  Look at an athlete and how they may prepare, practicing daily, investing their energies into something to win a game or championship series or even the Olympics. It takes a long time. 

The loftier your goals, the longer things may take.  If you are an inventor trying to create, the next great technological breakthrough, or medical advancement cure or maybe create a solution to serve a world problem – it may be even more difficult to be patient….patents, distribution, legal stuff… and teams that need restructuring or tweaking to prepare for what is ahead.

Maybe you are a creative type...  you deal with a double-edged void issue.  Sometimes you need a void period to “create” and get more inspiration, but you also know there are many ‘gate keepers’ who are the ones who green light stuff...  whether it’s funding, a recording deal or some contract of licensing for your work..  Waiting is tough.  

Did you know Walt Disney’s Fantasia failed before it was realized as its own masterful creation?  So even after all the blood, sweat and tears to create it (when it was ahead of its time) - it did not even receive the huge success that we know it has accumulated today.

When it was released in 1940, it was not a box-office blockbuster smash.  Critics saw his vision, but the rest of the world had to catch up to getting it the same way… and so did economic times.  There are always many factors involved with any success and failure and sometimes in this case, depending on how you look at it, both.

However, with time and the evolution of people, their exposure to new things, open-mindedness, they can gravitate toward what it is you are trying to do.

Granted, you may also have to evolve…and maybe this ‘void’ period is so you can reassess, re-evaluate, and redirect so your vision can be seen differently or received differently for the current time until your grander plan can be realized. 

Yes, you are taking a deep breath right now and shaking your head, because you want things to happen with your dreams/goals/projects already.

However, take heart… do not worry, I SEE YOU.  You are the one pushing the button at the crosswalk 1,000 times thinking the light is going to turn green, huh? 

Do not worry… your dreams can come true, but maybe not exactly the way YOU had planned. 


Maybe you will take a time out, or maybe you will find a new game play strategy and think about that while you are on the bench.  The deal with waiting is that you do not know WHY and that is really, what you are impatient with and for.

Maybe this ‘void’ has nothing to do with work or a career, maybe you’re a student sitting in the void, waiting to hear about college acceptance or a study abroad program or about to graduate waiting on your thesis grade so you can start planning your life.  You also have this ‘void’ challenge in waiting and waiting.  

Whether it is waiting for permits to do a renovation or waiting for a promotion after working consecutive months on a major project to coincide with a merger/acquisition or whatever… at some point this ‘void’ place affects everyone.  

When I said in the video that you might have to wait for the world to catch up with you… the real context of that is looking at your life as a basketball game.  You know that at some point after all the fouls, and double dribbling that the time will come for that free throw or that three point shot.

You may get impatient watching your opponents.  But let’s remember this, the reason basketball is so great is that you know where the basket is and if you’re playing inside of a court, you know you only have to deal with someone wiping up the floor rather than other sports having to deal with Mother Nature ruining their playing field.  There is always a backboard and sometimes that rim has proven to be your friend. Your agility is just as much as an advantage in the game as stature and the ball is easier to keep your eye on. 

So rest in the void while the ball is in the other court, just when you think there is no hope you may look forward to having your own game in the refrigerator and get to hear Chick say…  “The door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter's getting hard, and the Jell-O's jigglin'!”