Saturday, July 29, 2017




Are you clear on CLARITY?  Maybe we need to dissect this a bit more.  Don't worry every person processes information differently.  Perhaps you are the kind of person who needs to first quiet their mind in stillness first. Much of the time we need to be still to understand...


Still not CLEAR?   

BOOM!  What was that a cow?  BOOM!  Was that a truck?  BOOM!  That was a picket fence … Or was it?  Can’t tell?  Why is that?  It is because you are stuck INSIDE OF A TORNADO.

It is called CONFUSION.  No, this is not the trending name that Meteorologists have given any specific climate event… sometimes this is your state of mind, your state of being.  

However, it does NOT have to be. 

Here is the thing… when you RISE UP ABOVE THE TORNADO of confusion…. 

·         You see the cow
·         You see the truck
·         You see the picket fence

You also see what did not ‘hit you’ while spinning inside the tornado --- THE SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM.

Now this may sound silly to you, but if you have ever been so buried within your problem and you have lacked clarity, while compounding your problem with the inflicted barrage of advice from others… then you understand how this is possible.

What also is possible is for you to gain clarity every single time you have a dilemma.
It is often said that sometimes the solutions to our problem are right in front of us.

Although, it is difficult to see the solution if you allow yourself to spin and spin.  The truth is, you do not need to spin.  No one is making you spin – you just need to gather your thoughts to see what is really going on.  

It is from here we can calm our mind, ask our heart the key questions and when we merge the two, we usually get the deeper and more meaningful answers to our life’s big questions.

Your gut has the capability to send you signals, red flags or little tugs of “yes” or “no” – either way.  Usually people like to say they trust their gut… but this only lasts so long until the brain gets in the way and starts to question.  So allow your GUT to drive sometimes… you do not always have to default to your mind. 

This can be another way out of the clouds. 

While we have great respect for the mind, sometimes the best decisions are not made with the mind, they are made with the soul.   

However, we cannot get to the place of tapping into that fountain of wisdom if we keep allowing self-doubt, fear, lack of trust and indecision through paralyzed action to override the sometimes-smarter heart and soul GPS navigation.

Giving yourself the patience, time and above all respect to trust your gut, and the tangible human task of writing out your problem to SEE… you can return to the place of clarity each and every time.

Be gentle with yourself as you do this… and remember you have the power to operate and navigate your life in the most beautiful way by honoring who you truly are.