Monday, August 28, 2017


Take a look to your right.... notice the 13 blogs this month?  There's somewhere in the neighborhood of over 30,000 + words here.

FIRST, THANK YOU to those of you who have read my blogs, particularly LINKING TO SYNCHRONIZATION: which had three other links embedded plus videos. I know it was a lot... but throughout most of August's blogs, I wanted to share how Linkronicity can be part of your everyday life and help you LINK YOUR LIFE.

I've been particularly VERBOSE this month.  It's a planetary download thing for me... and something that is challenging for me to control.  So with that said, I'm going to keep this blog short... and decided I wanted to give you readers a break.  You deserve it.


It's been one wild ride, right?  Ever since the Eclipse...there has been a lot of energy swirling about.  Maybe you're tired, you haven't slept, or perhaps you are ramping up for busyness again and maybe you've been burning the candle at both ends.  

Summer is almost over. Autumn is on the way and so are the holidays.

Let's do some creative visualization.  Call this a flashback or a throwback ...This video below was shot August 15, 2017... on "National Relaxation Day" - deliberately... because if the world is going to choose to benchmark something, I'd rather document it and then have it available for EVERYDAY. 

To me... National Relaxation Day is like Earth Day, Valentine's Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving...  days that are branded/commercialized on a calendar that drive me nuts.

WHY?  Because I don't believe in JUST ONE DAY - rather, I believe the relaxation and self-care, our planet, love, independence and freedom and gratitude NEED TO BE HONORED EVERYDAY.


So let's get to that creative visualization and start LINKING to YOUR SANCTUARY:  (Watch Video)

Simplicity.  Sometimes there is nothing like just breathing, right?

Our 'self-care' awareness is important. This goes beyond the everyday peace and quiet I talk about in another video.  We need our time-outs and our own private refuge to relax, be and find our space to clear our mind, breathe and honor that special place within that is the the engine that seems to go non-stop.

If you are a caregiver for a loved one who is ill, elderly, or you have children or you work in the healthcare or any other service industry or through a charity/non-profit that tends to the caring and well-being of others daily, this is especially true for you.

If you are a busy family person or you are a pavement pounding entrepreneur or stressed-out student with school starting or simply a daily-grind worker over extending... this is for you. 

This is just a reminder... because I care about your well-being.  I am here in this virtual space to try to assist anyone that I can - even if I just affect one life or one mind or one heart to say, "Hey... I really needed that reminder" or "Thanks for trying to humanize a moment to see/hear/realize me" --- then I want to be that person who can be a catalyst for that.

Don't forget your spirit.  Honor your soul.  Remember there's only one you.