Tuesday, August 8, 2017


"A crash of drums, a flash of light," - has your golden coat flown out of sight?

I am writing this line, not as an accident. If you are at the point of your life where you are singing  "Any Dream Will Do..."  from Joseph & The Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat instead of owning your own dream right now... this one's for you. 

Your journey is NOT an accident. It may feel like it at times, but it is also leading to your destiny to shape you into who you are to become to LINK TO YOUR INDIVIDUALITY.

Don’t believe me? 

Please grab your healthy snack of choice and sit back.  

I invite you to be here for a while – that is if you choose to be inspired by a bit of an unconventional way to understanding the LINK to claiming YOUR INDIVIDUALITY. 

You have heard me say more often than you probably care to count that THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU AND ONLY YOU CAN BE YOU.

This is true. 

You can hear me say this, read these words…but until they are embraced within your soul FOR YOU TO OWN, they are merely…just words.

Today, I’m going to take this blog a different direction.

I'm going to get really RAW and vulnerable with you... to try to articulate how my belief in what I share in everything above is true Linkronicity and how we are all on our own journey.

WHY?  While I have shared numerous ways to own your TRUTH, GET CLARITY, SELF-ESTEEM/SELF-WORTH AND HAPPINESS and LINK to your PASSION… sometimes we need more than just my example.  But... yeah, MY example will be in here, though I am going to demonstrate this through my own Linkronicity life chain.

So please bear with me... I promise you... this loooooooong blog will trigger some deeper thinking about YOUR OWN pathway - your raw individuality, vulnerability and OWNERSHIP of WHO YOU ARE.

Let’s look at truth from a very admirable place…. Rejoicing in being afflicted with a disease and saying THANK YOU for it (!)  What?  YES.

David Osmond, part of the famous Osmond family’s 2nd Generation has a different story...in exercising his own bravery.

That last video was uber-powerful, wasn't it?  If you walk away only with this positivity... you'll be changed just from that example.

I was fortunate to meet him once when he was a child while I worked in Guest Relations at Disneyland in the mid-80s. He performed in the very place where his father Alan and his uncles the Osmond brothers first performed at Carnation Plaza Gardens. He’s been performing all of his life. He and his brothers used to open for New Kids On The Block in a boy band.  When David’s music was taken from him due to Multiple Sclerosis, the crushing blow could have paralyzed his mind set as he was paralyzed in a wheelchair and unable to walk. But he didn’t allow it.  

This is not to say times were not tough or that he didn’t have all the thoughts we humans all do when hit with something life changes. However today he is walking, out of his wheelchair with a healthy diet, supplements, and the power of positive thinking.  

My question to you is ... HOW WOULD YOU HANDLE becoming paralyzed in a wheelchair and HOW WOULD YOU FIND THE WILL TO WALK AGAIN?  

What if what YOU loved to do was taken away because of a disease?  Would you fight to overcome it?  Accept it?  Or both?  And if you returned to your passion ... what would you do?

The above song is pretty cool... and it will make you question the idea of humans and their daily actions of consciousness.  Listen carefully and you'll see what I am talking about.

He has decided to make music as his place to inspire others and yes, he is taking the road less traveled… he strums his way through his own resonant truth.  

David was humbled by his life experience through gratitude and humility. He decided to change his perspective in order to heal and still look at there being a huge life ahead of him to do something with to make a difference.  

David now has inspirational album work to get his message across to show conviction in why he's still here to do something with what he has got. 

I’ve been extremely blessed to have my pathway cross with many Osmonds in my thirty year career...accidentally, completely unplanned by total serendipity, Linkronicity and by chance. It started at Disney with the Children’s Miracle Network Telethons and about twenty other places throughout the numerous hats all of us have worn since then… all by total randomness. 

That's my Linkronicity as I endured my own adversity losing pretty much my entire family to illness and disease from Alzheimer's to Cancer which is how Linkronicity was born. I studied health, wellness, psychology and holistic medicine and behavioral studies which stemmed from international cultural awareness actually at Disney and carried me throughout my communications career to mind-body-soul-spirit communicative wellness.

Is this an accident that I would lose my entire family feeling like an orphan and the Universe delivers this larger than life family along my pathway to remind me that I am not alone?
No.  Why?  Because it did not want me to sing the line from Joseph "The colors faded into darkness I was left alone..."  I AM HUMBLED WITH EXTREME GRATITUDE FOR THE BLESSING.

If I have learned anything through this Linkronicity observation in being blessed to have the Osmonds peppered on my pathway through their own transformation and mine, it is that change is inevitable and transition through gear-shifting in your individuality and pathway of multiple careers is possible.

What my mother's 26-year battle with Alzheimer's taught me was that you can have a clear slate each day, releasing old worries, baggage, grievances and start each day anew. She embraced her own struggle with humor every day even one Easter suggesting she hide her own Easter eggs! 

I also learned REINVENTION within owning one's individuality is about stepping up and rising to challenges that come across your journey and pathway.  No one's journey is an accident - and whatever comes across your path challenge-wise, you can overcome it.

Hard work is hard work. Saying YES to trying new things on your own life's path with experience, growth and learning is part of our right as humans as well as souls. 

Life experience is more rewarding when you see what you are made of... or as Donny's book is appropriately titled, "Life is Just What You Make It."

Donny wrote his book to talk about overcoming social phobia. Again, an example of rising to the challenge. Ironically, he had social phobia while performing in Joseph & The Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat.  AND... David was his understudy and filled in as Joseph. How's that for LINKING this entire relevant blog together?  hehe  See what I did there?

Anyway...  I got to do a radio interview with Donny during his book tour. This was serendipitous, too.  My broadcast colleague from MetroNetworks asked me to go with him to do this and handed me the mic to finish the interview.  Our paths crossed again as he transitioned from author to talk show host and I transitioned from journalist to being a publicist booking my USDA Organic snack client, Hawaiian cultural education dance troupe and actress/author/activist client from Dharma & Greg on The Donny & Marie talk show produced by the late, great Dick Clark. There are several other 'transitions' of our individual pathways where we crossed again and again. Though our pathways were different roads, we intersected in staying true to what we had to do.

At this time, Linkronicity was happening before branding in my coaching all of my eco, health, culinary, beauty, wellness, literary, education-awareness clients helping them navigate their journey and life path as I publicized and promoted it... yet, serendipity and Linkronicity of being shown a 'repetitive' symbolism of reinvention was no different than my first name Stacey which actually means resurrection.

LINKING to the idea that your INDIVIDUALITY is YOURS... how you adapt, gear-shift your life and navigate it is YOUR JOURNEY... and no one else can drive that home more than me.  But I thought I'd demonstrate how you don't know what you don't know and sometimes if you get cloudy, others will show up on your path that you didn't expect to remind you that YOUR INDIVIDUALITY THROUGH ADVERSITY makes you.... YOU.

How you steer your ship is up to you.

Tenacity and persistence to work hard is part of it. But OWNERSHIP is everything.
All of the back-to-back deaths in my family showed me a lot about LIFE.

And I wasn't about to waste a moment of my life, realizing you make the most of your loss and gain perspective on your life.  Just when you feel alone -  you are shown that you are not.  Your individuality and vulnerability can become your best friend.

Right now, I am walking my talk in being vulnerable and raw with you.  David was being vulnerable and raw in what you watched above, sharing his story and showing how he utilized his raw individuality for his pathway.  Donny publicly talked about social phobia showing his raw authenticity and individuality to help others suffering from their own. 

Being real, being raw….  Vulnerability is not easy.  Stretching our mental and emotional muscles can sometimes feel like bench-pressing 200 lbs.  But WHY IS THIS NECESSARY?

WATCH THE VIDEO and see why understanding your raw link helps you get on the road to your own authenticity of being......

As I said in the video...Whether you have been hurt, have experienced pain, betrayal or if you have a lack of trust, fear – or maybe you were censored as a child, or your feelings were pushed to be suppressed because your culture did not allow you to be real.... this is WHY it is scary.

BUT DO NOT FEAR - Yes, this makes being vulnerable even tougher.  If being real was against the grain of how your family functioned or if you were shut down by the existing outside world, teachers/professors, bosses, co-workers, your religion, or your colleagues and even bullied by people you know... OR DON'T KNOW (strangers) - know that you do NOT have to feel paralyzed to be yourself.... or SEE YOURSELF REALIZED.

TRUST that you can overcome any walls that you have put up and get up and over them.   YOU CAN DO ANYTHING -- you have overcome so many things before... you may not even realize JUST HOW STRONG YOU ARE! 

Removing emotional obstacles is possible.  Relationships and connections with people in life are better when you take risks, and while risks are not easy, it is worth taking the chance in order for life to be more meaningful and beautiful.

You don’t know what you do not try.  While yes, it is scary…  YOU CAN DO IT.

Think about it this way... if people are going to judge you anyway, which would you rather be judged as --- your INAUTHENTIC SELF or your AUTHENTIC SELF?

While it is weird to actually SEE vulnerability this way, there is an obvious choice here and you know which one resonates with you more, don't you?

When we speak about being TRUE to you, true to your heart, true to your soul, true to your being and AUTHENTIC to your TRUE SELF… that has a different level of truth for everyone based on their own level of TRUST.

As you go through your personal self-improvement EVOLUTION… it is important to be patient with yourself.  When you allow yourself to grow and take baby steps into OWNING your own SELF-DISCOVERY. 

There is liberation and freedom in feeling free instead of always feeling scared.
This is the truth.  When you feel that you no longer can deny the TRUE you, then you get to be you and find your own freedom in owning just that.

Life is short.  Life is not meant to feel empty.  Life is meant to feel full.  Sometimes we have to expand our comfort zone to be vulnerable to improve our communications, relations, and connection.

If we go with the philosophy THIS IS YOUR LIFE and only YOU can live it... then there's no way you can do it other than with you being yourself and deciding that is the only way you can live your journey.

Take a chance on yourself to be brave and you will find that the more you do this, little by little; life can be more life affirming when you discover there are opportunities to be accepted as YOU.  You just might discover you can accept yourself on a new level of courage, too!

David stated MS was the best thing that ever happened to him, because it changed his perspective to live life in a way he wouldn’t have otherwise, appreciating from a place of what is possible now.  



Overcoming adversity can help you step into your TRUTH to OWN your individuality.

There is much more here than adapting to the healthy eating lifestyle to improve one's life.

There is much more here than choosing to change the conviction and impact of the journey you are handed.

In case you are still confused…Why I bothered to share this diverse story is clear. 

It doesn’t matter if you endure the pain of caring or a loved one for 26 years with Alzheimer's Disease and breast cancer or if you are like David fighting a disease in your body that paralyzed you asking ‘why me?’ and struggling through pain from a wheelchair to your feet to try to live to make the most of another day, or like Donny - coming out to declare paralyzing social phobia which could affect your livelihood – the pain is the same because you are being asked "What are you going to do next with this....?"  

HOWEVER - The strength and power to overcome is possible FOR EVERYONE is possible in the same way even IF YOUR JOURNEY IS DIFFERENT.  It doesn't matter who you are, where you came from or what your situation is...  IT IS POSSIBLE – HEALING CAN HAPPEN. 

Once you do that – you have a powerful choice to use your voice.  

So don’t you dare SELF-JUDGE the way you might have judged each of them before getting this far in this blog.  If you judge yourself before you give yourself a chance to OWN WHO YOU ARE, you’re not giving yourself a fair chance.

As you can see, through the eyes of adversity, it is possible to be the inspiration for CHANGE… and you can do this, too. No matter where you come from or what your past is or how old you are or what your circumstances. 

FIRST YOU MUST KNOW YOUR TRUTH. So if you have not already read this blog I posted in July, please read it and watch the video that accompanies it:

Stepping into one's truth fearlessly taking the role of being the captain of your own ship and  journey is a brave, bold step... so I ask you.....




You have a powerful place from where you can use your knowledge, share, tell your story, and be the one to change the world.  

But you have to first look at your adversity through the eyes of what you can do and how you can inspire others to overcome theirs.  It begins with self-acceptance of your life’s challenges which are YOUR STORY.  You first have to OWN IT.

When we go through adversity, we manage to rise from the ashes if we choose.

What are YOU doing with your adversity and how are you turning your life into a positive pathway to inspire, create change and promote progress?  

Are you owning you’re your individuality pathway?  Are you becoming the change you want to see in the world? 

I shall end this with those thoughts and ask you … 

HOW are you going to own your uniqueness?   

You’re special as you are, you know… did you know that?  This IS what I mean by saying YOU ARE UNIQUE.   

As I said in the beginning and say repetitively…and in honor of the above examples and proof: 


OWN WHO YOU ARE….. your wounds, your flaws, your fumbles, your past, your present and create your future that is your reason for being.  You can be a hand up to lift up and you can also be one to say “Hey, you’re not alone, I survived and you can, too.” 

Whatever it is you have gone through in your life that has been your moment of truth, your wake-up call to owning YOUR UNIQUE SELF.  

If I have opened your eyes, mind or heart… then my pure intention of writing this blog has been met.  

If I have changed your idea about judgment and your perception is tweaked, even better.   

But if sharing this has motivated you to OWN YOUR TRUTH and LIVE YOUR INDIVIDUALITY PATHWAY BY EMBRACING IT...

Sigh… THANK YOU for letting me be that catalyst to share to inspire to bring a story to you
as an example of what I've been trying to drive home with these blogs I've been doing.

I've owned the storyteller in my soul. From print and broadcast journalist to publicist to mentoring and coaching people to communicate their authentic selves and embrace their truth.... to helping others to LINK their own lives to their individuality, passion, trust, vulnerability, and truth to letting go, purging links which do not serve, to creating new links to create bridges of understanding and clarity. There is nothing more liberating than stepping into raw individuality and a pathway where you can help bring education, information, inspiration and awareness to the forefront.

If you have been able to benefit from this blog or any of mine here or my videos or weekly inspirational messages, I am glad to have somehow left a footprint that has mattered. Thank you for the opportunity.

I will close with thoughts from David…. 

Be T.U.F.F. – Target, Understand, Focus, Fight.