Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Greetings Intense Souls… this one is for you.  

You are not alone, I am right here with you.  *I SEE YOU*… and if you are reading this, perhaps you see me.

For as verbose as I am… they say a picture is worth 1000 words. 

While you know I will artistically honor the place that allows you to gaze at the above picture…you also know me well enough to know, (and so do your bloodshot eyes from reading my 30,000 words in August alone), I have more than 1000 words in me.

Thank you for your support, by the way.  I do not take it for granted; I am appreciative of our sharing this space of awareness, and enlightenment where I can help you understand all the LINKS in your life chain.

Today we are going to talk about your EXTREME LINKS.

Within your head and heart, sometimes there is UNITY.
Within your head and heart, sometimes there is CONTRAST like Fire & Ice.
Within your head and heart, sometimes there is this haze where you do not quite know if it is smoke from the fire, or if it is vapor from the ice. 

When you are spinning mentally, emotionally and trying to RESOLVE something unsettled within your SOUL vs. YOUR HUMAN… these images above articulate what is going on.

Do not despair… its quite normal if you have ever been called “intense” or perhaps apply this as a self-label identification.

Being intense is not a negative thing.  Please repeat that.  My hope for you is to erase the stigma of this being negative.  It is time for you to embrace it.  

I am going to continue to be vulnerable, raw and transparent with you again in order to help you understand just how ‘normal’ this is.

When I was about six years old, I was trying to adapt to a new school.  We had just moved and I was forced to leave all my friends behind at my old school an hour away.  

At the time, this move felt like the above pictures.  This ‘change’ was such an extreme one.  While I did eventually make new friends at my new school, a piece of me had wondered at the time what would have happened had I stayed at my other school.

As an adult now, I see it was for my highest good.  You keep hearing me tell you that nothing in our life is an accident --- NOTHING.  

What I have learned most from the most emotionally challenging times in my life is that ALL CHANGE feels like this depending on where you are between your head and heart at the time. 

From a life lesson 101 perspective as a child in a life-changing move; to the back-to-back deaths of most of my entire family becoming orphaned as an adult and thirty back-to-back deaths/funerals in my professional sphere…. Major loss and change is never easy. 


Read that line again, please.  Notice I highlighted it for you and put it in bold face. THIS is called transformation.  Now back to my context example to make a point.

I came home from school trying to explain to my mother at age six that I could not breathe.  She took me to the doctor who put me on some codeine cough syrup for a cough that did not require that.  Nevertheless, why was I coughing?  Why couldn’t I breathe? 

Fasten your seatbelt.  I literally couldn’t breathe in the space between my head and heart. 

What?!  Heck, yeah.  Where was Eastern spiritual medicine then? 

As an educated health and wellness adult – I see this as clear as day now. 

This breathing/cough issue was a ‘trigger response’ for the literal of what was going on inside my body.  I was manifesting in my body what my mouth could not articulate or communicate as a six year-old with a limited perspective of living life and a vocabulary not yet of the spiritual higher consciousness realm. 

My mother told me that I was “intense” and she “couldn’t understand me.”  Though this was not true. She just could not understand me at the time (relating only to the six year old human).

Now… this was HUGE.  My mother was an extremely INTENSE Scorpio.  I mean….  INTENSE with a capital “I”… and if SHE couldn’t understand me… geez, who could? 

We were like peas in a pod.  The Universe gave my intense water-sign mother lil’ ol’ ME… a Cancerian Fire Horse daughter with Scorpio in South Node AND in Neptune (for those of you who understand astrology).  I was the caboose child she didn’t really want to have, but the Universe obviously had purpose for that, too. 

I mean, COME ON…you want to talk compatibility on all cylinders?  There was not anything we could not talk about…Hours and hours…chatty, chatty, chatty.  Destiny wanted me to understand all of this connection, so that when she would eventually transition into Alzheimer’s nine years later when I was fifteen, that I could begin my educational journey/trek to be here RIGHT NOW writing this for YOU TO READ. 

What I did not understand at the time was that my HUMAN was just six.  

Laugh… because it’s funny.  My soul self was 100 (yeah, yeah, I know the soul has no age) or something in a child’s body. 

She was trying to deal with the HUMAN…..NOT THE SOUL.

Eureka!  Sigh.  If I had this wisdom back then… eh?  Again for my highest good… because that would freak people out. 

Therefore, I share this with you – because as you try to deal with your INTENSE LINKS, you have to understand this difference in order to illuminate YOUR POWER.  Knowledge itself is power, right?  

If you comprehend your EXTREME places between the head and heart and understand the Human vs. Soul, you are taking your communicative consciousness to a higher level of evolving into your own illumination.

What I mean in English-speak, (‘bout time, girl) is that you can’t step into owning your power (for real) until you can navigate these places where you process your emotions and your thoughts.

Have you ever felt like you were in battle with yourself?

At one time in your life did you ever feel as if you were the actual lyrics of the Alanis Morrisette song “Hand In My Pocket” when trying to understand what was going on with your own intensity of extremes?

"I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is hailing a taxicab."

THIS is similar to that head/heart – fire/ice – human-soul issue.
That superhighway between your head and your heart is complex, much like all the arteries and valves to your heart. 

IF YOUR HUMAN IS GOING THROUGH MASSIVE LIFE CHANGE or TRANSFORMATION – then UNDERSTANDING YOUR OWN HUMAN vs. YOUR SOUL’s place IS YOUR LINK OF POWER to avoid any sig-alerts on this superhighway. This is how you make sure you do not derail or detour your internal GPS. 

·         We humans like to fix things. 
·         We like to have resolution.
·         We like to have answers and a plan.
·         We like to organize by nature and have things in order.
·         We like solutions.  We like absolute finite things.
·         Sometimes humans like to fight change, familiarity and comfort zone.

·         Souls however like to fly freely and sometimes do not like being penned or contained.
·         Souls want freedom to fly with ease and the breeze of what it knows it needs and wants to do and loves new, different, and uncharted territory to discover.

·        Souls want to explore, gather, see the unique serendipity of timing and the bigger purpose and plan for how/why things are and find enchantment with being enlightened.

When “humans” place roadblocks in the path (other humans as well as ourselves), it is hard to understand if this is something the human needs to “fix” or if it is actually the Universal Divine saying...

“UM…  NO…  We have a bigger and better plan for you; stop trying to open the damn door, human.” 

Still with me? 

So if you feel like you are ‘stuck’ or if you are ‘frustrated’ because your human can’t get things exactly and as perfectly as your human wants… you have to know how to take the route your soul is flying at times to “cope” with the fire and ice of your own intensity.

Also, if you are having conflict or misunderstandings with other humans, you also have to ask yourself if the person you are talking with is in human or soul mode.  Then you have to check in with your ULTIMATE INTENSE SELF....and understand the place where you sit, too.  Your human (see list above) wants those things.  But your soul is trying to navigate by the things you see in the soul list above.

SO doesn't THAT answer your bigger question about yourself in how your own INTENSE SELF sometimes gets twisted up feeling misunderstood?

Um... yeah.  DING-DING-DING.... bells are going off now, eh?
Are you smiling yet?  Or are you still scratching your head?

If you are intuitive, sensitive and aware of your own intense self, that is half the battle. 
You know who you are; therefore, it is the simple tweak of the LINK that blocks your psyche.  

Remember... BEING INTENSE IS A GOOD THING.  You feel things deeply, you are passionate and you have radar all around you.  So you 'pick up' everything.  Your psyche and your soul are hungry and thirsty for knowledge.  Though for intense souls, this also means there is a massive amount sensitivity where the brain processes things one way and the heart goes 'ouch' when you think you are being misunderstood. 

However, if you are synchronized in the harmony and balance WITH the extreme, you have power to use it for your greatest good instead of against yourself spinning and spinning, losing traction between mind and heart.

This is where I ask you to look into your heart.  You hear me say that a lot, but that is because the human brain is like a roadblock buzz kill for the heart and soul at times. 
There is a time and a place where logic accelerates your life.  

There is another time when logic is truly messed up and can tell your human to do insane things that are not for your highest good, just because your human wishes to be “in control.”
This has to do with yin/yang energy, too.  Yes, YOU HAVE BOTH. 

HERE IS WHERE TRUST COMES INTO PLAY (the hardest lesson of all for all of us humans on Earth)…. 

We need to apply that word you hate…PATIENCE and let things shake out sometimes.
Personal power comes from the place of understanding cause and effect. 

Humans who like to ‘control’ will unknowingly change cause and effect by actually affecting the current plan that the soul has already agreed to in the place of LIFE PURPOSE, SOUL EVOLUTION, and MISSION.

THE CONFUSING PART?  When does the human need to be smart and take action vs. the soul’s la-dee-dah ‘whenever, we have all the time in the world’ non-chalant space of letting things flow?

AH HA…  YES, Stacey.  YES...  please tell me, you say.

Well, let us start with communication.  If your human and your soul actually WANT the same things, then you need to communicate that and face your truth and YES, this is where you NEED to consult with your head/heart and human/soul to create a plan to manifest.
Without it, you are lost.

But let us get back to the heart of the matter... your heart, if it is pure (key here) then it has more powerful ability than your mind. 

What? Yes. That is truly saying something because we know how powerful the human brain is. Though let's not forget both the brain and the heart are your human vessel's DUAL ENGINE. It's just sometimes they want to drive your car (vessel) to different destinations.
But for INTENSE people?  The heart will resonate deeply, the mind has to shut up for a bit so that the heart can speak to the mind and tell it to remove fear, remove obstacles and let the heart lead even if the mind thinks it is scary.

This is why communication is important.  Then…. If what you want requires the involvement of other humans/souls to assist you somehow (depending on whatever it is you want) – then you have to communicate CLEARLY with them as well.  Clear communication is everything.

If it is impossible to articulate/communicate (not due to your lack of ability, but rather you can’t speak about something yet due to circumstances beyond your control which involve say, logistics or concrete information)… then DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS IN YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS?  

Step into your higher self and ‘send’ a message or show up in a dream-state to MOVE energy into the direction you need it to go.  YES, THAT IS POSSIBLE.

Again, INTENSITY is a positive thing…but if you have fought yourself in the oil/water configuration, what you are being asked to do now is step into your deeper understanding of how your intensity can become your power when you TELL YOUR HUMAN THINGS ARE FINE and that THE SOUL HAS THIS.

We cannot lose faith, lose sight, or lose trust in the fact that there is a bigger plan for us that is actually BIGGER THAN US.  This ‘’highest good’ thing is perhaps the best thing that can happen to you and for  you, however, our humans usually don’t have the patience to process or understand it (or can’t be bothered) to.  That is when the HUMAN gets depleted, sad, frustrated, or unruly.  This is even when the human tries to transfer despair to the soul and get emotionally or mentally overwhelmed.

I am here to tell you that everything is going to be okay.  Yeah, this is coming from ME… an intense soul like you whose human likes order most of the time. I just tell that girl to chill and get out of her own way and when I let my dreams drive my soul, what happens is I get 'mirrors' ... my intuitive sense picks up on those mirrors - visually, via action, all that is said and yes... UNSAID.  I see effort, I see connection and I feel the truth of what my higher self knows, once the human girl steps aside to trust and say YES.

Life is short. Your power comes from YOU. No one can hand it to you and if they do, you can't own it the same way as you would if you realized your own, step into it, claim it and embrace all parts of who you are.  It is in this, you can see another soul that sees your authenticity to validate/reinforce that your INTENSITY is there purposefully for you to own equally as your own truth.

TRUST IN DESTINY.  Is that hard?  Then trust what your heart knows. Trust what your soul knows.  If your head is in the same space/page, then you are not in conflict. If you have questions, ask... and you'll get answers.  Your GUT will tell you right away.

What I have (and continue) to learn is that every new situation really is not all that new.  To the human it appears new, but to the soul, it’s old hat.  We just have to blend that fire and ice together to see the beauty of the present moment as we walk through it. 

That beauty comes to you with even more clarity and appreciation when you see that what appears to be an impossible combination can become inner illuminated strength and artistry within your being, IF your human allows it… and if your soul agrees to enlighten the human heart and mind inside of you to accept it.

Accept your intensity ….not just for all its beauty but even for the times when it appears to be ugly to you because you do not know how to deal with it.  It is normal, it is okay.  Now that I have shown you how to navigate it, you can own your power with it. 

Once you sit in this space, that cough will go away and you can BREATHE, as you never have before. 

Still have trouble accepting your own intensity?  You know I've got a video and 1000 more words for that.