Sunday, August 27, 2017


By Stacey Kumagai

We are most human when we admit,
that occasionally we have some doubt.
Some days are tougher than others,
Especially when we’re down and out.

But let us look at this further,
So we can understand…
Sometimes a doubt isn’t really fear –
It’s just asking us WHERE WE STAND.

If you can answer these questions…
What it is that you believe?
Do you know that everything is possible?
And do you know what you can achieve?

The answers are truthful in your heart,
You’ve got this, yes you do…
Don’t doubt yourself or abilities –
Just let your light shine through.

You know how the old saying goes,
There is no failure if you try,
For trying IS success ---
Because it ANSWERS your question of WHY.

Why are you doing what you do?
Is it passion, or is it trust?
Do you just continue going forward?
All because you know… YOU MUST?

Ah YES – this is called conviction!
So if you have conviction, do you not see?
There really isn’t any doubt at all?
And it is HERE, that you are free!

Your doubts are just mere annoyances,
To nudge you into a bigger stride,
To remind you of what you want,
So you don’t become complacent and hide.

Step up to the play dear friend,
Erase any doubt you have,
Deliver all that you’ve got,
Go ahead and play your hand.

Don’t worry about what you’re doing,
You cannot do anything wrong,
When you follow what’s in your heart,
To go for what you’ve wanted all along.

All that you dream of is waiting,
You just have to make your move,
Trust in all of your actions,
Destiny will approve.

For those of you still sitting worried,
Don’t doubt yourself again,
You have everything you need to succeed,
As you make doubt your new friend.

Embrace the lessons doubt shows you,
Asking you to look within,
Once you know you are sure,
Let the games begin.

But do not play games with yourself,
This is time you know what you feel,
There is no stopping you –
You want everything to be real.

You are equipped to step into your dream,
The Universe wants you to see,
All that what you’ve endured up until now,
Has created the opportunity.

Doubts can be overcome,
Insecurities are not really there,
You know who you truly are,
So therefore you need not be scared.

If you know who you are,
At the end of the day, that’s the sale…
Because there is ONLY ONE YOU,
Thus, you truly cannot fail.

Your highest good is YOURS,
Your pathway is your journey to be,
You get to create how it looks,
So that you can design your reality.

If you believe in your reality and vision,
Trust yourself, and what you’re about,
Then you will suddenly see –
That you’ve removed your LINK OF DOUBT.

AH HA!  That’s right, you’ve done it!
But we knew you could do that, right?
You’ve been practicing this Linkronicity,
As I’ve shown you throughout this blog site.

So smile as you take on your day,
As the doubt has all disappeared,
You’re on your way to move forward,
Go get yourself in gear.

Today begins a new chapter,
Everything is possible to do…
And the only thing you need now
Is to trust all that is in YOU.