Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Greetings Intense Souls,

Here we are together again.  Thank you for reading Fire and Ice Part One. 

If you have not already read Part One, please do this FIRST otherwise Part Deux won’t make much sense.  Here is the link: FIRE AND ICE: ILLUMINATING YOUR EXTREME INTENSE LINKS OF POWER
*Don’t worry, I will still be here waiting for you.* 

Fire & Ice Part One was designed to be the foundation base of us tapping into some new territory to explore.  

My hope is that you have some basic navigational understanding of what you may internally deal with privately in your own head/heart with your own human/soul. 

While I know this is something you may not publicly talk about or feel comfortable discussing/commenting or even liking, (as some of you have told me in social media DMs),  I am willing to remain on the course of my raw vulnerability and transparency so that YOU can benefit most.  

In Fire & Ice Part One, I discuss the smoldering fusion of the mind/heart, and human/soul connection in the cauldron that is your ‘earthly being’ vessel trying to contain it all as it simmers so YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR OWN INTENSITY.

If what I wrote helped you, then what I am about to share in Part Deux will help you flow with the river of your life’s pathway with a bit more fluidity.  EMOTIONAL COLLISION LINKS are IMPORTANT… they can actually help you!  I will show you how.

Whew!  Right?  Yes…  I know this may bring you some relief.  

Do not forget – I SEE YOU.  I KNOW YOU DESIRE INTERNAL CALMNESS and that your ultimate desire IS TO MASTER IT IN THIS LIFETIME. 
I know that sometimes YOUR INTENSE EMOTIONS have the challenge of VISCOSITY and that TAILSPIN.  (What's a tailspin? Watch the video for clarification).

I SEE that your journey up until now has been a seesaw rollercoaster of unimaginable depths of introspection as you have tried your best to take alternate routes amid your life’s challenges, disappointments, failures/false starts, and attempts to rise again through the storms. 

How do I know?  If you are reading this, then you know YOU DID NOT ARRIVE HERE ACCIDENTALLY.  The Universe KNOWS what you need.  It happens to like you, you know.
When I hear my calling for a collective need, I answer.  You are plugged in, that is why you are here.

Even if you arrived here by magnetic polarity of opposition, you still arrived here to digest what is being shared.  I know that, too.  You may be skeptical of change, but you arrived here out of curiosity (something you have been thinking about) to perhaps open your mind and heart to applying something that could be useful to you TO EMPOWER YOU ON YOUR OWN JOURNEY.  Welcome. 

I take my role as a change-agent messenger and transformational life coach seriously.  I am here to help.  If I provoke thought, inspire contemplation, provide insight, enlighten or ignite some sort of spark within, my work here is purposeful.  How you choose to apply it, is up to you if you choose to step into living your best life. 

Now, let us get into this.  Are you ready?  Let’s go! 

Since Part One addressed illumination of your extreme intense links so you can be strong to deal – Part Deux needs to address what you do with that strength NOW in light of being given more insight and “Earthly Tools” to understand dynamics to avoid emotional collision.
Your human desires order.  Your INNER ZEN and CALMNESS are dependent upon it. 

WHAT IF…  I were to tell you that your emotional collisions all this time were for your greater good, your highest purpose and that they were destined to teach you who you really are and how you show up in life and in every situation?  

Perhaps you SEE WHY Part One had to get you your strength groove in check so you can now firmly grasp the reins of Inner Zen and Calmness.  You may feel that the only way to get your footing is stability so you can RUN FREE AND RUN FORWARD.  

Rest easy, I have you, we are on the same page. 

Now how do you run free and forward? Since you have embraced your realization of your INTENSITY, from here you have to grasp your ultimate grounding – getting yourself rooted in who you are.  When September begins, I will create part three of this where we define that from the beginning. But for now, let’s use what you have.

Let’s take that intensity realization and understand you are at the control board of SELF-CARE. 

  • ·         Self-care creates balance.

  • ·         Balance creates stability.

  • ·         Stability creates a firm foundation.
  •       The firm foundation creates Inner Zen and Calmness in order to run free.

THAT is how it is designed in your LIFE MAP that not only is already embedded in your DNA, your brain, and your heart.  However, it is also embedded deeply in the Divine Plan for your life, and in the Cosmos AND LINKRONICITY™.

What?!  Hey, I do not make this stuff up. 

First, let’s address this fire & ice thing a little more for those of you curious enough to want to comprehend the human/soul/mind/heart in the realm of the Cosmos. 

Fire and water (ice) are part of polarity.  MOST people have this in their life somewhere – FOR PURPOSE. 

Do you need a tangible example?  I will use myself as the guinea pig here once again to demonstrate.

Last blog, I shared that I am a (Western) Cancerian (water) Yang Fire Horse (Eastern).  I have Scorpio in my South Node & Neptune.  I was born to a Scorpio mother (water).  My mother was born in the year of Yang FIRE. 

Yang Water-fire child.  Yang Water-fire mother.  Accident?  NO.  It is Linkronicity. 

This was part of my life’s journey and lessons to prepare me for what my journey was going to become.  My family and I have our own LINKS based on our life lessons.

Unbelievably – YOU DO, TOO!  Hang tight... let me demonstrate so you can SEE.

On the day my father was told he had two weeks to live as pancreatic cancer took over his body, my mother was undergoing a mastectomy from breast cancer.  When she came out of surgery and she was out of the hospital just a couple days later.  My father said to me “Book a flight to Hawaii.  Oh and you’re driving us to the cemetery to go pick out a plot.”  

WHAT?  Holy crap!  Are you kidding me?  I am saying this to myself inside.  I did not utter it.  Nevertheless, I am telling you, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do.  Suddenly, anything that felt difficult before paled in comparison.  Picking out a cemetery plot?  Really?  NOTHING could prepare you for shopping for a cemetery plot for BOTH of your parents, knowing that it is so final and you’re going to lose your loved one and will be doing so, in two weeks.

I drove them to the cemetery, an extremely familiar drive as I spent my entire childhood here.  My grandparents (both sides) are here.  My mother was barely walking holding her colostomy bag post mastectomy surgery.  My father was frail, just having had just had his last chemotherapy for his metastasizing cancer.  Both were barely recognizable as the parents I once knew.  My father just had his 68th birthday a few weeks earlier.  My mother was going to be turning sixty-six in just a month.  They had barely taken advantage of Senior citizen discounts and AARP status and instead were spending retirement on medical bills.  Life is short.  

I do not even remember the funeral director’s name and just did not want to believe that at just twenty-six years old, this is what I was dealing with.  Most of my peers and friends my age were with their family getting ready for Labor Day vacations and barbecues.  My Labor Day weekend would be spent discussing cremation burial options and the plot location where my father wanted to see sunsets the rest of his life.  Something was very wrong with this picture.  While there was not a mall directory here to state it…Welcome Stacey, because YOU ARE HERE.   

Reflection, Introspection, Perspective, R.I.P.  Rest in Peace.  Only back then, I could not rest and I had no peace now, knowing that my father was going to have those three letters RIP attached to his name in just two weeks.  I was about to bury my father and he knew it on levels that go beyond my knowing it.  He already knew when to the day.  Sadly, it would be the day for the plane departure from LAX to Hawaii. While I had peace knowing he was part of this decision-making process, it was not enough peace.  How could it be?

Even though he and I had many talks and I had closure/peace with that factor, it still was not enough peace.  It just wasn’t.  The human part of me kept thinking how unfair it was.  The soul part of me somehow accepted that this is how my life was going to look like from here on without him.  The answer to “Who are you?” now had spray painted graffiti on my specially- constructed childhood mural.  I had to answer that with how I showed up.  My emotional collision was here… and how I navigated through it ALONE was up to me.

Oddly enough, he was at peace… at least externally.  I never saw him break, even though the show biz me was optimistically hoping he’d pull a Ferris Bueller and break the 4th wall. 
While I am sure he was scared, and regretful for not tackling his bucket list, he was also worried about my mother’s remission from cancer and her progressive Alzheimer’s which she ended up having for twenty-six years … he was graceful and peaceful.  I admired that.  I still do to this day. 

My father was a Leo (fire) and Eastern he was Yang Wood.  Thus, my mother, my father, and I are all Yang. We all have Fire. My mother and I just happen to have water, too.  Accident?  NO.  It is WHY I was the chosen caboose child to take care of both of them.

Had I not taken care of both of them, YOU WOULD NOT BE READING THIS RIGHT NOW…I wouldn’t have created Linkronicity or become a life coach from the experiences I had from my journey to my destiny based from the time I was born to understand health, homeopathy, psychology, wellness/mind-body connection growth, healing and evolution.

Still with me? You get placed on your path to learn what you learn for reasons you DO NOT KNOW UNTIL YOU ARRIVE and say.... "OH... I get it now. It was for purpose."

My siblings and I only have water as our common thread (both of them YIN Water Eastern) and my sister, a Pisces, so double water here.  But no visible fire in Eastern/Western. They were not part of this cemetery journey.  However, it was not destined for them to be a part of this lesson either.  It was mine – my chosen and appointed responsibility, my emotional storm and collision which I was shown and for what I must take ownership. Their destiny was different. Let me explain.....

People who have FIRE in Eastern are represented by the Vermillion bird or PHOENIX… so if you are born in a year ending in 6 or 7 (regardless of what your Western sign is)… you probably have resurrected your life path, career, or have been in transition a few times and changed some navigational direction.  Chances are you are a leader in your own mission; whatever that is and you are taking your cumulative life journey into a purposeful direction to change lives.  That's WHY I know even though I am Cancerian Water, it was that Yang Fire Horse that made me become the Phoenix and WHY I was placed in the position here and NOT my siblings. I already knew my life was about resurrection, that's what Stacey actually means and I could have gone with just my name's meaning alone.  But this was further proof and validation of what I came here to do.

This is WHY even though my siblings and I have the same parents, my purpose, mission, journey, timing, is different and they were not the ones chosen to take care of my parents.  I was the one to resurrect (ironically my mother, too)– but not my siblings.

Does this make sense?  

My example is for YOUR PURPOSE – to show you there are no accidents for where you are, who you are, or how you are being asked to show up.  Linkronicity is in your life chain, no matter how you may have first rolled your eyes at the thought of my bringing up timing, birth, destiny, patterns, and yeah, even what you may think is wacky astrology. 

FOR YOU… your family configuration has its own Linkronicity.  Your parents, your siblings, grandparents, closest family based relatives have some intertwined matched element (Water, Fire, Earth, Air).  Your EMOTIONAL COLLISION is for your highest good so you understand WHAT your life purpose is FOR YOUR OWN CONVICTION.

Our life lessons emotionally are tied to our childhood home base.

Look at your life, your family, your emotional collision within yourself – your mind, your body, your soul, your spirit, your heart and your connection with yourself.

Examine your family dynamic.  Next, I am going to ask you to see how you are connected with the EARTH. 

THIS IS FOR YOUR HUMAN – for Balance, Stability, Foundation, Inner Zen, and Calmness. 

What elements are part of YOUR Linkronicity life chain determine whether you are the one to learn certain lessons or if your connection to your parents or siblings is an earthly role (grounding), an emotional (water) role, a resurrection/leadership (fire) role, or a balancing circulation role (air). 

If we add in all the combinations of WHO WE ARE, we see nothing in our life is an accident and we get to stretch ourselves in how we deal with our INTENSITY LINK as well as our EMOTIONAL COLLISION LINK.  Fire & Ice?  You bet!  Maybe you have a multi-level purpose if you examine all of the elements.

How we balance out our purpose and existence within our families sets the stage for how we perform within our life lessons, what we take forward in our personal, career and ‘purpose’ agenda being on this planet.

My point in telling you this is so you understand our connection to this planet.  
We are HUMAN LIFE.  However, THE PLANET Earth where we reside connects all forms of life (animals, plants, and insects).  Why do I say this?  Our SOULS CHOSE human vessels to BE ON EARTH RIGHT NOW.  We didn’t have to… we could have sat on the bench this go round and waited for another lifetime to be here again to finish up old business or tackle new business. 

Our humans and souls have communicative empathy.  This is why everyone pulled for any earthly event.  Nevertheless, it is also, why OUR EMOTIONS sometimes get in a funky dynamic or upheaval and we cannot understand our deeper-level “homework” we have to do anytime we are tested on Planet Earth.

Whatever is going both on Earth and in the Cosmos - everyone is asked to transform, step up, own who they are, how they want to show up, choose endurance, survival, compassion, empathy, become their best selves THROUGH EVERY MAJOR LIFE SHIFT TEST ON THE PLANET (Human and Soul) no one is immune to the transformational push.  

We are being asked right now to OWN OUR TRUTH AND CONVICTION IN OUR PSYCHE AND OUR EMOTIONS as we finish out our year of GROWTH AND TRANSFORMATION. 

I am not going to get into a whole astrology lesson here, but Western, here is the breakdown:

·         Water – Cancer, Scorpio Pisces
·         Fire – Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
·         Earth – Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
·         Air – Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

Eastern for Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood, YIN vs. YANG is here (and so are the animals):
Now if you happen to have a full chart with a mix of this stuff (water/fire/earth) between yourself alone and add in your family….this does not mean you go grab some chocolate and sit in a fetal position in a corner for a while.  Okay…I know you are human and feel like doing this sometimes, so scoot on over, will ya?  I’m a giver, I will share my chocolate.  ;) 

As I mentioned, I have Scorpio in my South Node and Neptune, Taurus in my North Node, Pisces in Chiron, Saturn, and Moon.  Organized Virgo in Uranus and Pluto… so I am actually poking a little fun at myself earth and water – plus that darn fire horse.  Luckily, I do have some air, too.

This is why EARTH, WEATHER, HUMANS, and our emotions are CONNECTED.
Part of our ‘home-base’ is designed for this water-fire and other earthly balance combo in order for us to understand our own emotions IN ANY SITUATION. 

THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT.  You can laugh at this all you want, but I will tell you that all of my coaching clients I have ever had have in their family dynamic both water and fire somewhere.  


Water = Emotions
Fire = How you rise

Earth is how you stay grounded.  Air is how you move within said space. 

Is your brain exploding yet?

Our own acceptance and understanding of this within each other and ourselves, also requires proper handling of INTENSITY as we walk through fire, based on our own configurations.  

We are born into it.  All of the elements are there for purpose.  Once we understand the elements, we understand our mood cycles within our core being.  

Our psyche and heart, human and soul settle in accordingly in this configuration with earthly happenings.  How we function psychologically (reaction), physically (in action) also is dependent on our INNER STRENGTH from self-awareness  so our soul and spirit can FLOW.

As I mentioned last blog, information is power.  Knowledge is power.  How we apply it can make all the difference between our struggle and our calm.

Add in EARTH events and we understand why we get out of sync and haywire….  When our ULTIMATE GOAL IS STABILITY.

While life may throw some turbulent times, navigating an emotional collision is part of a muscle group we must exercise.

***** I know, I know.... BIG HUG. This is uncomfortable *****

Need a cookie? ..

·        Humans vs. Souls have a navigational balancing issue.  Emotional collision like the one I mentioned in the last blog is about mind and heart.

·         Mind and heart emotional collisions are based on our own core grounding in balance and that connects to where the Soul wants to fly for freedom but also how grounded the Human is on Earth (which is WHY I brought up the elements).  We have to be clear and our declaration must start from pure intention.  Without pure intention, we have no navigational direction of clarity, which in turn clouds communication.... and that makes dealing with an emotional collision more confusing.

·        However understanding the elements gives us stability because these LIFE TOOLS provide an inner calm of providing a deeper conviction in who we are, based on our life lessons we are given from the time we are born throughout our life.

·         The elements affiliated with each of us and our own families is the foundation from which we pull our security, overcome insecurity, step into our conviction, faith and power based on the trust we have from knowing nothing is an accident. 

How you navigate your emotional collision now that you have your strength, ownership of intensity and power (from last blog) coupled with your connection to Mother Earth, the elements, your family, and emotions and purposeful connective Linkronicity (from this blog) – I am arming you with the tools for Inner Zen & Calmness you can take forward. 
In Fire & Ice Part Three, I will show you how to even more basics to use. 

For those of you wanting a life improvement and journey transformation, I take what you have seen so far several hundred feet deeper for emotional diving excavation.  Total mind-body archeology, customized throughout your personal family connection is what I do in private one-on-one coaching sessions  I will take you on an adventure to give you tools to use specific to YOUR LIFE. 

Meanwhile, I hope what tools I provide here in all of these blogs for the last two years have been helpful.  I am here to serve.  With that said, let us have an emotional collision of the retro kind merging the elements of EARTH, WIND & FIRE as we look at our wishes and dreams. 

I am here with you on this galaxy trip.  Thanks for going along for the ride.  Keep your seat belt on and your hands and arms inside the time machine…. Moreover, do not forget to share your chocolate.