Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Do you ever feel like you are a chess piece on a board? 

Have you ever felt as if the Universe is playing with you? 

When all signs point to green light go with the flow because the Universe has listened to you, provided you with insight, timing, courage and bravery to take action…..

Then throws a detour or road block your direction – Don’t despair!
Follow your gut, take another course of action to stay true to what you want with pure intention, keep trying, be persistent, tenacious, fix whatever details you can to rectify any part of the situation that you can actually control.

Then take a deep breath and realize, that sometimes circumstances beyond your control (or anyone else’s for that matter)… things are not as pedal to the metal as you would prefer.
Digest it. Realize this is where you need to:

  • ·         Trust your heart

  • ·         Trust your gut. 

  • ·         Know they are NOT WRONG if your heart is in your dream

Timing may not be wrong either… after all ------MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE.


Laugh if you want… but hey, I don’t make this stuff up!

So if you’re feeling frustrated, SIT TIGHT.  It’s NOT JUST YOU!

We’re all being tested right now POST-ECLIPSE and Saturn is stalled.
It’s a VOID period…. Here’s some context:

Have I cleared things up for you a bit?

It’s like… “So that is what is happening, it’s NOT just me…”

We live in a time right now where we want to have things come to fruition right now, in this moment, and while we strive for that daily if we’re ambitious – sometimes we just have laugh, shake our head and say, REALLY?!  COME, ON! 

*I see you smirking… and sighing* - yes, yes, I get it.  I agree 100%. 

So what is the solution?  Do you have one?  

Here we see we have choices:

  • ·         Rise or Fall

  • ·         Break or Fix

  • ·         Resolve or Dissolve

·         Choose your truth of what you know is already in place for YOUR DESTINY (It’s all going to be exactly what you want)… it’s just Saturn being a staunch bully right now in terms of time….

Time has not stopped.  It just FEELS LIKE IT. 

Deep breath.  

If your projects are in limbo, if people are not responding as you wish, phone calls not returned, messages getting haywire, communications stalled, missed trains, planes and buses occur, if some of your plans are scattered and not aligning in an organized fashion, or contracts get delayed– we are supposed to exercise our determination to persevere.
Now is the time for self-care, staying grounded/rooted and do not get yourself too frazzled, frustrated or impatient (yes, I know you hate being patient – I SEE YOU)… 

Let me share with you something I learned when I was twelve years old (no joke) that might be helpful….

  • ·         See the bigger picture

  • ·         The end game is going to be epic

  • ·         This is a Michelangelo masterpiece coming together

·         You will appreciate the fruit of all the labor you put in right now!

It’s our time right now to show The Universe the following…..

“Yes, yes… I am sure, this is what I want.”

Then you must prove it by putting one foot in front of the other without giving up hope! 
It’s a TEST of FAITH. 

Pass the test you are being given. 

Graduate from this master class that the Universe is presenting you– keep your eye on the prize you really want with all your might, and stay focused.  

The Eclipse held all this promise to show you a movie sneak preview of what IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU – all your dreams, all you want.

But the Eclipse does not do a bibbity-bobbety-boo magic want thing – that stuff only happens in the movies.

You have to manifest it.  

You are the caterpillar in the cocoon who knows you have wings. 

But you cannot rip open the cocoon and expect to spread your wings and FLY immediately.

Trust me, I know you want to… you’ve been waiting to fly for A REALLY LONG TIME. 
But you need to understand that you must find PEACE first so when you DO take flight, you’re flying with the utmost serenity, the optimum confidence and conviction knowing there is NO STOPPING YOU from what you want.

Still with me?

So stay on the course. Do not give up… chill out, clarity of communication will come through and this weekend will feel much better.  

Just hang on and white knuckle it until you can get your head around the fact you are:

  • ·         Surrounded by support

  • ·         You are divinely protected

  • ·         Relief is on the way

  • ·         Stay the course on your POSITIVE OUTLOOK

  • ·         Do not think negative thoughts – only highest thoughts for the greatest outcome

·         TRUST that 2017 is going to end better than you imagined … 

August is almost over… and look… you made more progress in your life than you thought you would when it was February  (I’m right, eh?) 

Fourth quarter is going to be amazing (busy, but amazing).  


All your wishes will be realized if you stay focused, put all the positivity you have with all your might into your VISION.  

Create a vision board for all of your projects, dreams, personal, business, or all of the above. 

It is in your VISION, you will see that your sneak preview isn’t just a dream – you can make it reality.  Do not doubt your feelings or allow your brain to mess you up from the course you know you need to see through for what it is you truly want.  

It will be worth every effort.  You’re in the home stretch now – you just have to muster up that final second wind of energy, faith and courage to endure going through the rest of the course.

You’re so close, I know you can feel that the change that the eclipse promised you is just around the corner and it is.

However, we must honor the gift of that promise right now by sitting in the void that I talk about in the video in this blog. Hang on… the alignment is there, destiny is in place… and your journey is right on track… we’re just taking a brief rest stop not by our own hand until things move around after the weekend.

Be peaceful. Stay centered and take on the rest of the week and weekend gently.

Honor your soul by remembering YOU’VE GOT THIS!