Sunday, July 16, 2017


First, the LINK OF TRUTH BASICS (watch video)


TRUTH.  It is a BIG WORD.  Most of us know what it means.  Some of us know only a fragment of what that means in the context of living our authentic life on our real terms as we are in the seat of self-acceptance and non-judgment.

Whew.  That is some heavy-duty stuff, eh?  Hey, it had to be COMPLETE.

Everyone is spouting the idea of living your authentic life as your true self, however I must point out that most of the stuff out there is INCOMPLETE….  because what is missing is the self-acceptance part and non-judgment

While the majority of folks out there know, what judgment means from the exterior world, most fail to address what it means in the personal INTERNAL world of what goes on inside your head!

Let us get real for a second.  You KNOW you have moments of self-doubt.  You KNOW you have moments where you ‘question’ your thoughts, feelings, and actions based on what you THINK may be exterior judgement from the world.  

However, what is really going on that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT is how self-critical you can be as your own judge, kicking yourself, sabotaging yourself, and abusing yourself with negative thoughts, woulda/shoulda/couldas in your ACTIONS as how you show up as YOU.

So, let us break this down into something digestible… 

When you are asked, “how you are” – most people respond with “okay” as the conventional answer – even if THAT is not your truth.  You may think that is the politically correct response.  In addition, most days this response will suffice, right?  Some may be brave to say “eh, or meh or … surviving.”  Others may even go a step further to vomit their entire drama of what is going on.

We don't need to 'pretend' to be something we're not. It's okay to be human and sometimes we can connect even better with those in our circle when we show up this way. It takes the pressure off of everyone, so they too can be their authentic selves.  This is not to say you bring drama with you everywhere you go, but you are allowed to BE YOU when the right time/place/connections provide the safe haven foundation of doing so. 

Now when we get to the core of being authentic, and truthful in living our truth, it is about self-ownership.  Self-ownership does not mean we need to be an open book necessarily – we have our boundaries (which are healthy) and we have our specific compartments where we only give trust by a selective process.  However, your self-ownership has to do with NOT BEING IN DENIAL of what is going on, with the façade that does not serve you well.

How we SOLVE this TRUTH thing… is creating SAFE SPACE.  How we get SAFE SPACE is we develop it by our own SELF-ACCEPTANCE WITHIN OUR BEING.

The world is a tough place sometimes.  While it would be a miraculous and amazing world if the entire world accepted everyone, and everyone co-existed peacefully and we still strive for that and aim for it by our own personal actions with how we show up… it has to start with each one us first.  

When the self-acceptance thing comes into play, our truth is more evident, our voice is more real and we can confidently BE and DO what we came here to do as ourselves. 

If we are our own worst enemy, we do not get very far.

Then if we allow or give permission to the outside sources to AFFECT, INFECT and INJECT negative-speak to where we deny our truth, we do not get very far either.

Many people are not comfortable in their own skin as themselves.  Place 100 people in front of a mirror and they will say, “I’m too____________.” 

Watch the negative words fly.  Humans sometimes default to self-destruction or self-sabotage.  This is not healthy.

Place 100 people in a situation where they have to walk outside their comfort zone to do something and you will hear “I can’t/won’t.” 

However, you will never hear the real reason as to WHY.  Nine times out of ten, it will be based on exterior judgment, but the reality is that it is connected to INTERNAL JUDGMENT and perception and sometimes that is much more painful to address, as it results in confrontation.

Here is the catch… if you are too afraid to ___________ (fill in the blank) – then how can you own your truth until you get truthful with the “WHY” you are afraid?  At some point, you have to examine FEAR.  Once you examine FEAR, then you can get to your truth, because you will know WHY and then HOW to own it, fix it, resolve it or change it!  Voila!  That is how you get to your truth.  You don't need to be afraid of yourself.  You're amazing!  :)  Remember that!  There's no one like you! 

Be kind to yourself.  Addressing truth and fear is not easy.  It will not happen overnight.  However, once you make the decision to take action, you can finally walk, talk, and live in your truth and LINK to your truth so that everything resonates within.