Monday, July 3, 2017


Holidays – no matter which one hits your calendar, chances are there is always going to be food, drink, and merriment in celebration.

Even if you are at your healthiest and apply your greatest willpower with healthy food, no alcohol, and do not over indulge, you still might have overdone something.

Whether you got too much sun, not enough sleep, or spent too much mental or emotional energy trying to plan ‘the perfect getaway’ without holiday traffic/crowd mayhem… this too, can “deplete” you as a human.

As much as we’d like to believe that holidays are for relaxing, playing, having ‘carefree and worry-free’ breezy days, sometimes we over-extend ourselves when we’re already depleted from long hours at work, daily commutes, errands, and a myriad of social dramas coming at us from life.

How about a detox?  Not the kind you are used to with the green drinks and several hours sweating at the gym …  (Although if this helps you, go for it).

The Detox Link to Nourishment exists inside your body’s cell system to decompress, refuel, refortify, and replenish your mind, soul, and your spirit, which has the added benefit of detoxing your body, too. 

Reclaiming and owning this link however, is not easy.  It requires you to be committed to setting boundaries for yourself and your time. 

We have spent many days discussing being still, simply being, but actual applied tasks are helpful for your overall post-holiday detox:



Please check out these blogs (they are helpful!) 

Our default ‘go to’ is usually about going with the program.  Unfortunately for many of us, the ‘program’ is go-go-go without blinking or thinking doing what is in front of us like a major plan of errands to pound out as quickly as possible.

While it may seem impossible to slow down and attempt to bask in the great art of not doing anything, we can also greatly benefit in achieving much more with the application of making time, making space and creating our own cleanse within.

Our entire Universal existence isn’t just at the human level, however we operate from this space regularly – and it takes its toll on our bodies, minds and hearts more than we realize.

You take your car in for regular maintenance to make sure your engine is running properly and many of us believe working out, and eating right is enough to keep ours going.  Sometimes it is, but it isn’t the entire picture for our overall well-being.

By adding the above components to our detox, we can rise to new heights and gain momentum and feel fortified with new ground we did not have before to tackle the rest of what life throws at us.  

It is here, we can flourish, and feel renewed and nourished again for our spirit to soar.

However you don’t have to wait for just a holiday.  Much of this ‘detoxing’ you can do for yourself right now.  Some of you need deeper life detoxing because you’ve allowed yourself to go on too long with the status quo with old habits that do not serve.

Take a deep breath and a moment for yourself and read the blog links above for a refresher anytime you need to recharge.  You’ll be glad you made the time for yourself (and reminded yourself) that you are worth recovering your mind, body, soul and your spirit.