Wednesday, July 26, 2017


We have the power to make a difference in this world… but in order to do so as we intend, it all begins with understanding.  Without it, it is not easy to broaden and grow in our ability to relate to one another.

Understanding…it is a term with a definition and actual meaning larger than the number of letters used to spell it.  Understanding the word itself and the context with which we apply the word can help us dissect our own level of understanding before we can even expand conversation beyond the word on a deeper level.  Watch this video so you can see where this blog picks up where the video ends…

Understanding first starts with our own individual applied refining of our ideas about understanding as we continue to define our own capacity for what it means.

Just like people, there are millions of ways to apply understanding from the place where we choose to see it and additionally from where we sit within it.

Is this why there are misunderstandings?

Is this why there is miscommunication?

Can this be why confusion in dialogue can be misconstrued?

Does our lack of understanding block our own capacity to grow and learn from one another?
Does it begin and end with us? 

YES, it is a good start.  However, it is not only one-sided.

Just like anything that is subjective, each unique human may interpret understanding based on the level of where they understand logic, emotion, and context from knowledge, life experience, familiarity of their environment from which they function daily.

This is inclusive of culture, generation, as well as communication choices.  These said choices might be a DEFAULT behavior.  These said choices might be a SELECTIVE behavior.  

Is there a difference?  Absolutely.  How do we know?

Let us start with the basics.  Let’s begin with LINKING the mind and heart with intention and context. 

The written word and the spoken word can be vastly different, even if the exact same words are used.  

You already know this.  Technology has made things challenging.  Especially when words and emojis just do not convey the bigger picture. 

Technology limits our capacity to have conversation in the context of what power a conversation can contain beyond the words to develop understanding into something more than just the sum of it being limited.

When we examine tone, emotion, gesture, eye contact, energy, pausing, phrasing, diction, inflection, and yes -the powerful non-verbal behavior in facial expression, body language, hand gestures, conviction, confidence, and articulation with the understanding component of compassion… words suddenly become more than just words.  

Communication can become more than just an exchange. 

Seeing someone’s truth, with a conversation walking within it can be more than just eye opening, it can open the capacity to learning, growing and reaching further into the understanding sphere.

Understanding has the ability to help us see life through a different perspective, which can actually unite us just comprehending another point of view, staying open to creating even more understanding.  From this place, we broaden our knowledge, as we simultaneously get to extend our own ability to reach others from a new place and alternate angle.

There is power in this.

When we embrace this within, we have the opportunity to learn from one another.
When we learn from one another, we connect.

Now suddenly, understanding linked to the compassion component definition of the word, expands beyond communication and the understanding within it to connect to something greater beyond it illuminates and transcends.

Finally, we reach the great-lost art of conversation.  When we have conversation, we intensify connection when understanding can take on a wholeness and new role.

Why is this important?  We learn more about each other and ourselves.  From here we have a place where relating has the potential for peaceful co-existence within our world.

Our world has the possibility of personal growth.  We just need to understand that it can happen when not only we open our eyes, hearts and minds, but also our own perspective of how far we can seek what is possible.