Wednesday, July 19, 2017


First…. Let's go with the flow and LINK that into our pathway... and learn what a flow link is....


What are you doing right now?  Seriously… what are you doing RIGHT NOW?
How you answer this question depends on where you are – both in the literal and figurative place of where:

  • Your psyche resides in thinking about your being… 

  • Your heart resides in feeling… 

  • Your soul resides in resonating.

Whoa, what?  You probably were just going to give a sarcastic, obvious answer,
“Gee, Stacey what a dumb question, I’m obviously reading your blog now….”

Okay… so you are. I graciously thank you.

But how many other things can YOU recognize right now as I ask again .. what are you doing right now?  

Perhaps you’re thinking about the fact you have never thought about answering that very question from so many places?   

Or maybe thinking about the fact that your answer was at face value, “I’m at home,” or “I’m reading this on my phone,” or “I’m taking a break at work,” or _______(fill in the blank).

Smile.  I SEE YOU.  I get it. You’re busy and ‘you don’t have time to think about answering one question on so many Baklava multiple layered levels of your consciousness as it may be too offensively deep,” for where you are RIGHT NOW. 

That’s alright.  But there is a point to why all of the above is relevant. 

Honoring the LINK in your being which ‘goes with the flow’ is essential to ENJOYING your actual life as it is happening RIGHT NOW.

Need an example?  What am I doing right now?  I’m writing this blog to help you go with the flow and be present.  As I am “present” I notice that the breezes are picking up outside and the palm fronds are swishing about in the wind. Some sort of business vehicle is backing up and I hear “beep, beep, beep,” outside my window.  I’m giggly smiling at how present I am, realizing I’m never going to be in this exact spot EVER again with everything happening exactly as it is RIGHT NOW, THIS SECOND.  Even as I type the next sentence, it won’t be the same because it will be a few seconds later and neither the tree (and the cute birds creating a masterpiece nature’s symphony within it), nor the driver of the vehicle in reverse will ever know this is going on.  I laugh at that in amusement as you start to GET THE GIST of how to answer the question “What are you doing right now?” 

Ah… such a good place to be. Why is this relevant to know?

Humans worry, fear, plan, control, analyze, STRESS, neglect, disconnect, disengage, and even micromanage their own time management.  

This isn't healthy, people.  It just isn't.  This causes the body to react accordingly and it affects YOUR HEALTH.  You will see it happen externally - you'll see aging happen faster and your whole body just won't feel good - all due to your mind's processes. 

Internally, you get everything from heart palpitations, digestive distress, breathing issues (including asthma, respiratory infections, etc.) when everything piles on and builds up because you allow your brain and stress to override your life.

As I mentioned in my other VLOG:
Some humans map out everything… EVERYTHING and allow NOTHING to chance.  When you allow nothing to chance, you rob yourself of spontaneous joy. 

So what happens when you don't go with the flow?
When you allow nothing to chance, you rob yourself of spontaneous joy.  

We have moments in our life – even tinier than the one I just shared, where we smile, laugh, feel amusement, digest it, see it, feel it, hear it, know it and then take our own micro experience one level up in our consciousness of life enjoyment.

Now… IMAGINE IF we did this ALL THE TIME.  

Okay, so maybe it’s not possible to do this all the time, you say.  Maybe you don’t WANT to think too deeply about something like taking out your own garbage.  

However, let me bring to your attention the next time you may complain about XYZ – maybe you didn’t feel a connection to the actual ACTION you were taking as you were taking it. 

Have you ever watched a maintenance person do work?  They are 100% in it, focused, present, concentrating intricately on the task at hand, in the moment, taking pride in the work they are doing, letting nothing derail their attention.  The “investment” of time, energy, direct attention is targeted in the present. Anyone who is passionate about staying present understands what this means. 

People who are dedicated to what they are DOING NOW (no matter what it is from reading to work to playing a game or sport or going for a walk) are PRESENT. We start HERE. 
Then our level of higher consciousness has some room, space, and freedom to jive and groove in ways we had not previously anticipated.

The only time we see this elsewhere is with babies and animals…. They are PRESENT right here, right now…without conscious drifting.

And if you’re not feeling ANY TASK (be it mundane, tedious or pleasant) – and you are just NUMB – then you’re FLATLINING in your LIFE experiences in other areas you’re not even aware of.  This means you are not LIVING your life, you’re going on auto-pilot merely EXISTING in your life…. YOUR LIFE!  

Breathe…as you digest THIS TRUTH.  Don’t panic at the thought.  

For giggles, let's examine a very pedestrian task like taking out the garbage. While it may be a task you loathe, think of that spontaneous joy can FIND YOU here.  So you talk outside, and you notice a carload of teens driving down the street with their car stereo blaring - it just happens to be your favorite song.  Suddenly you are injected with a spring in your step and a smile you didn't have before on your way to do this task you loathe. As you make your way to the recycling separation bin, you notice there is a light above... you look up and tonight there just happens to be an extra bright glow from the moon creating this light.  You suddenly feel overwhelmed by its majestic glow and are reminded how vast and large this Universe is in that moment.

How does this help?  We have to feel good feelings every day... for our health & well-being.

Try smiling sends censors in your own body.

Yeah, okay... it's the tiny things... but these two accumulated digestible pieces are unexpected, unplanned, spontaneous tidbits of joy.  Your life is full of them... EVERYWHERE.  You just have to pay attention and notice or as Ferris Bueller says, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."  

Let’s flip the switch back to the other side of laughing, smiling, being amused at all the quiet or noise or events going on all around you as your backdrop to your scene of your life.

What if you did this half the time?  Couldn’t your LIFE IMPROVE just by adding this present moment component in a very simplistic way of sitting still, awakening your senses to the possibility of life on another level which most humans don’t take the time to experience?
Yeah, that was one masterfully long blah blah blah run-on sentence teachers would red-pencil with a tsk, tsk… but it was real, it was passionate and authentically IN THE MOMENT sharing so YOU can understand how ONE SMALL LINK TWEAK can change your daily living.  


Some people believe your life has to be a major overhaul, but the truth is sometimes it’s just the little things accumulating to more change, bits at a time that make up the whole picture of altering your perspective, your thought process, and how you receive going with your own flow in the present moment.  Think of it like puzzle pieces coming together for a larger vision. 

For others (and some of us who cannot help but operate on all 8 cylinders in turbo mode)… sometimes it’s just a designated Zen button we push in our brains to say … 
“Hey man… slow down and smell the chocolate and where it can transport you.”  

Once you figure out YOUR way of going with your own flow, you can begin to master your own presence by being present in a way that totally jives with your raison detre (reason for being). 

And it is here you can LINK TO YOUR PRESENT FLOW and enjoy your journey.