Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Got the summertime blues?  Have you seen one-too-many ‘heated’ arguments, cranky people, crying babies, impatient and agitated individuals floating about?   How about fainting, heat stroke, sunshine migraines and nausea?

Did you know this has to do with summer's yin and yang food imbalance?
Is there such a thing as MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL total-body nutrition?
Did you know this has to do with LINKING to Yin and Yang food?

What?!  Hold tight... we'll get to this in a second.

It is no secret that summer is a time for warmer weather and a healthier lifestyle.
We enjoy more sunshine, (Yay, Vitamin D!) get outside more, and naturally gravitate toward eating lighter foods, and generally, people are happier.  Sometimes though, some may feel ‘out-of-balance’ and not understand why all this joy and sunshine is feeling somewhat blah, irritating, and uninspiring. 

Your well-being resides in understanding the ‘balance’ of what you are putting in your body based on the fact that it is summer in order to help your MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL stability, too.  Our human bodies do adapt to seasons and our external environment dictates to our bodies what we need to feed our bodies.


Your body has an engine like a car.... it's your brain.   Your brain is actually like the Back To The Future DeLorean Time Machine – because it is your MIND that sends signals to your body when it needs cooling, for when you are depleted, dehydrated, and overheated.  Your cognizant behavior becomes affected when lacking yin foods.

Your brain has cell memory recall.  It can remember what you consumed most during the warmer seasons and can 'default' to the immune or autoimmune responses to create either well-being or illness/disease.

Our bodies are made up of cells which change constantly each day and our cells do adapt to our environmental conditions.  Yes, it is true that your cell memory can fade and adapt to something new, but it can also remember things through 'triggers' - kind of like your hot hands on the console of the time machine turning knobs, switches and buttons at will. Emotional or psychosomatic triggers like stress for example, are some of the ways our bodies respond and manifest outwardly in our health. 

Let us analyze summer foods.  Do you think that we are LINKED to gravitating toward our own cravings in summer fare

Take a look at the two things going on here Need (the good-for-you-cravings) vs. Perceived-Socially-Influenced Want (the toxic stuff) and how these things are wrecking your balance based on the season of summer.


  •  We were born to crave what we need...naturally.  That is if we just eat healthfully and follow our body's GPS.  Seasonally, we are provided just what we need, too.  Nature provides us with things like nourishing seasonal produce that has a higher water content.

Think this is an accident?  No.  Watermelon (natural electrolytes in lieu of manufactured beverages), cucumbers, all of these waterlogged produce items provide additional hydration for the body at a time when the planet’s temperatures soar higher.

We may be thirsty and require hydration – however lazy humans ‘forget’ to be mindful of calculating in extra hydration so nature does it for us.

Think that this hydration is only for the body?  Nope.  It is also for your PSYCHE! 

All seasonal foods happen to peak at a time when we need to get our bodies in balance not just seasonally for environmental conditions and metabolism, but hormonally. 

Did you know there are yin and yang foods?  

*Whoosh* Mind blown, right?   

That is what I said talking with an acupuncturist who explained meridian flow rechanneling for health.  Most things like heat rash, eczema, psoriasis, require yin foods in order to be corrected.  Summer migraines/sun headaches and even summertime blues are handled via acupuncture and yin food prescription to work hand-in-hand to speed-along-the-process of total wellness.  But you don't have to have all of these conditions to have a summertime imbalance. 

If your body is “out-of-balance” say from eating too many raspberries for their antioxidants or snacking on walnuts for the Omega 3 boost, or drinking too much coffee if that is your vice, (ALL OF WHICH ARE YANG FOODS)  you can quickly adjust this by adding more yin foods like apples you need into your diet.

What are yin foods?  Apples, zucchini, watermelon, tomato, cucumbers, peas, pears, lemon, mango, black beans, nut milks, pineapple, pomegranate, artichoke, alfalfa, mung beans, clam, honey, crab, and lemons. 

What are yang foods?  Basil, caffeine (in coffee and tea), alcohol, raspberry, cloves, nutmeg, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, dill, fennel, lobster, shrimp, sugar, thyme, walnut, rosemary, and chives. 

Yin foods hold energy that helps to cool the body, adding hydration to keep the system functioning properly from overheating. Animals have their own eating GPS out in the wild and they know instinctively what foods they NEED based on their environment.

For over a decade, I observed animals from 4H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) right alongside a real-live working farm as part of the State of California's 32nd Agricultural District when I worked contractually in media relations. You learn a lot about food, nature, animal behavior and how we metropolitan humans really need to recalibrate our education beyond just farm-to-table in understanding the human body and natural defense responses through our food system.

Many vegetarian diet-based animals in the animal kingdom naturally choose hydrating produce instinctively if they are feeling depleted, overheated and zapped by the external environmental conditions.  Humans have over-consumed so much processed junk, that their internal mind-to-body GPS system link needs severe tweaking.

Yin foods are considered essential to add moisture back into the body for total wellness and balance in addition to the water you are hopefully already consuming in copious amounts. 

Your blood in your body can become toxic all year around if you do not flush your system.  You already know about the importance of drinking plenty of water, but water alone is not enough during the summer season.  Your metabolism in the summer is very different from your metabolism in the wintertime and requires even more hydration, not just for flushing your system but to replenish hydration naturally released from breathing and cooling your body.

If you are imbalanced food/nutrient and hydration-wise, you become more emotionally and mentally imbalanced as well.

Have you ever noticed in movies or TV that when someone is “upset” emotionally or mentally fatigued, the first thing that is offered is a glass of water?

Yes, there is a good reason for that.  Water hydration will balance you in the four pillars of what I call the mind, body, soul, and spirit functionality to work in collaboration for your total wellness and well-being. 

Did you know that water rules our emotions?  It is true.  For all humans - half of our bodies are made up of the good ol’ H20.  That's a fact.  So when we're depleted of water, there is a void and our physical, mental and emotional responses follow accordingly.

Now to get all hippie-dippy cosmos on ya, another actual fact is that people born under water signs are more hypersensitive emotionally when Earth's water relationship is out of balance.  Tsunamis, hurricanes, high tide, etc. all can wreak havoc on something 'out of synch' when it comes to drain/fatigue, energy flow, and moods, thus an additional factor to all of the above you've read thus far.  As a Cancerian, I empathize with my fellow Scorpios and Pisces water signs. If you're into the Eastern stuff...pay attention to your elements... water exists there too - and no, that's not accidental.  That's for understanding your own balance and why you get out of whack sometimes. 

Fire, Air, and Earth signs may need even more water/hydration than water signs for the nature of their 'temperment' and how they react to their environments, expending energy through activity, words or actions --- which automatically deplete hydration, next level.

Did you also know that your DOSHAS (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) also play into your hydration? 

Our blood type also is a factor.  Type A and B (both negative and positive) metabolize plant-based diets better and require gentler workouts (non-stressful!) to be in balance.  When you work out and are less stressed, you're not depleting your own hydration with the 'elements' and environmental factor.  Therefore, you may not require as much yin food balance if you monitor this, honoring your metabolism.

Type O's digest animal proteins better than any other blood type and require more hardcore cardio, having a higher threshold for vigorous exercise.  But this also means hydration, yin foods and water balance is in a completely different radio than the other blood types - they utilize MORE..and may need even more yin foods in order to counterbalance their diets.

Sorry... this is a lot to digest, eh?  Need Mylanta?

You are unique as a human being... I keep saying there is no one exactly like you on Earth.

Water and water-dense produce/foods are required all year long, not just summer, but in different ratios for other seasons.  Wintertime we need to produce more heat to keep warm internally and burning heat and calories, we need hydration to keep up the immunity, too.  Though in summer heat, we need to keep moisture in our system and certain foods help retain that better than others within our bodies do.

In the summertime, we need to cool our bodies down.  Our brain function is also different and the signals that are communicated seasonally affect us.  

Concentration/focus/alertness, clarity, thought processes... all of these differ on our sleep patterns throughout the year, also affected by diet and our health.

Why does this happen?  Dietary imbalance affects us mentally and emotionally in the proportions for which we operate hormonally.

Teenagers and adolescents, men coping with andropause (male menopause 50+), pregnant women and women with menopause are additionally susceptible.
If you are consuming soy products (in general, please don't) during seasonal imbalances, this can wreak havoc on your system – it has estrogen.  

Hormones get out of whack every season and if we don’t balance our diets accordingly, we do not have mind, body, soul and spiritual peace within – because our brains simply can’t tell our bodies to CHILL OUT and RELAX or perform as we need to during certain months of the year.  

See how this works?

Summer menus may include seafood – which you think is lighter fare, but do not be fooled:  shrimp (yes, it pains me to share this) and lobster are yang foods.  They have a higher fat content, which is actually more suited for winter months… and you will retain the cholesterol and fat calories if eaten off-season more so than if you eat them when you can burn them more efficiently in the winter!  

Makes sense, right?

Crab and oysters are yin foods ironically and will be better adapted in your body’s metabolism during summer months.  Oysters are a great way to get zinc, which helps build your immune system to fight off summer colds much like high vitamin C yin produce like tomatoes, which also have lycopene and antioxidants like many other high vitamin C fruits you need to help your skin combat aging and skin cancer from the hot summer sun as an immune defense system partner to your high SPF sunscreen (which I hope you’re applying liberally). 

Notice that your body does not NEED to have all the fall spice flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves (and all those high carb foods you will find them in)… but your body will crave them in the fall/winter months. 

These spices fall in the yang category by the way and you will not need all of those heavy dishes containing sage and rosemary reminiscent of Thanksgiving fare either.  All of these herbs and spices are actually craved by your human in the fall/winter, as they are mostly antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal to help your immunity during the highest peak of fall/winter cold/flu season. 

Even if there is June Gloom, Cloudy Sky July and Fog-gust August… the grey skies cannot force you to eat these foods, simply because your body CANNOT digest them, as the summertime metabolic makeup of your hormones, cell system and brain communications toward your body's digestive ability just won’t have it if you over do foods that are not meant to be consumed during summer. 

This is also not an accident.  It will explain WHY you do not crave this stuff in the summertime.

Does this mean you cannot consume them?  NO.  Go ahead... you can eat any kinds of food with the herbs and spices you want.  BUT.... it is all about balance. So if you are suffering from any of the things mentioned at the top of the article, simply balance your own body with foods in the yin category. 

I know… you are about to argue this point.  

However, this is where we address "Perceived,"  "Socially Influenced," AND "Want."

Why are there foods in the summer like high sugary foods, fried foods and caffeinated foods that you think you want but really don't need ?   First, you shouldn't really be consuming this junk anyway. BUT a lot of people associate this with summer.  WHY? 

  •  Commerce and the advertising biz will psychologically try to mess with your logical mind to override your GPS internal “gut” (both digestive kind and your personal intuition) pre-programmed by your real cravings.  If you ate healthfully and let your internal intuition guide you - you wouldn't want or crave these foods, because logically your mind knows you don't NEED these foods.  
So why does this happen?  This is to push forth in promotion the foods you think are affiliated with summer, but are not, in order to get you to pay for items that may not naturally sell during summer months to obviously make money and move product. Most of them are not good for your body.

The other culprit?  Nostalgic memory-recall with endorphin sensors in your brain tied to events LINKED to summer.... i.e. festivals, county fairs, amusement parks... where sugary treats, fried-everything-you-can-think-of-on-a-stick and other items lurk.

You my think "Hey, it's summer... I am active outside, I'm burning calories, etc."  That's fine, but this doesn't change what these bad foods do to your psyche, your emotions, your hormones, your total pillar wellness.  Chemical and hormone imbalance in your body has a domino effect on your organs, your health, your metabolism and how you function with energy, sleep, and... uh.... JOY.

Your brain recall pushes you into being a moodie-foodie like a mood ring (Google it, Millennials) and you react THINKING you need these foods during the summertime.  Perhaps you may indulge as to not be a social outcast or the buzzkill in your gathering and whammo - your body is out of whack, throwing off your hormone imbalance system.

That is PURE TRUTH.  In turn this 'sell theory' affects your 'cell memory' in your brain and you automatically and psychologically communicate to your body that because it is summer you WANT those foods... not to mention the fact (research backs this) that addictive cravings are real based on the chemical imbalance processed stuff does to our system, teasing the brain to tell us we want it.

Need another example?  Since coffee is a yang food, iced coffees may tempt you during summer – and these drinks are PUSHED upon you at every turn making you believe they can cool you off.  Sorry to have to report, it will not hydrate you better than something with more electrolytes.  It depletes hydration IF YOU ARE OUT OF WHACK BALANCE with your FOOD.   

Most caffeinated drinks are not wise to consume in summer months…if you are needing the electrolytes.  Be mindful of diuretics.  In addition, the number on your scale may drop, but you are losing water weight, not actual fat, which is actually better released through breathing (hence exercise), but burning your breath also depletes hydration.

So if you're going to consume them, you'll have to combat accordingly with more water or yin foods.

I will leave nutrition density and calories to the master gurus and experts in these fields, however with holistic mind-body balancing and homeopathic/naturopathic wellness experience, providing educational awareness to how this LINKS to your psyche, health and well-being is imperative.  Mind-Body GPS LINKING to what you are consuming this summer can be tweaked and changed, adapted and adjusted based on your imbalance.

Bottom line... if you want to FEEL GOOD...pay attention to this wellness balance link... and honor it by doing what you need to do to get back in balance with yin foods and hydration.

Having this knowledge prevents summer meltdowns of the emotional summertime blues.
Information is power.  The more informed we are, the better off we are for total wellness and well-being.

Also – let us not forget we all could use an extra dose of wellness through inner peace: https://linkronicity.blogspot.com/2015/12/linking-to-wellness-through-inner-peace.html
When we add up all of these components, we can achieve total balance, health, and well-being so you can live your best life keeping everything optimized for your seasonal joy.