Sunday, July 9, 2017


Courage.  It is a powerful gift if we choose to receive it within ourselves. 

It is required for us to be brave enough to step into our TRUTH.

For many, this is a challenging thing to do out of fear.

For those who have courage, it comes from self-honoring that LINK within called self-knowing.

However, knowing ‘one’s self’ is where the root cause lies in understanding what bravery is.


Knowing one's self requires confrontation… the good, the bad, the ugly… and for many, this is a scary place as it recoils back to self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance in order to create confidence to step into their courage to be BRAVE.

Still with me?

FIRST - Let's get rid of self-destruction.  The more we destroy ourselves and our self-esteem, we cannot be brave... we cannot step into our courage.

Here is how we begin:

We have to get over the idea of judgment. This starts with our own NEGATIVE SPEAK.  Judgment creates the fear that prevents you from being brave.  Whether it is fear of judgment from your loved ones, or others around you or even your own obsessive brain, which is a harsher critic than the outside world.  Judging ourselves before we even give ourselves a chance is SELF-DESTRUCTION.  I explain in the video above what that is and how to knock it off.  :)

Now let's move to self-worth and happiness:

It starts with internal kindness, which breeds self-worth and happiness:

When we are kind to ourselves, we have a greater capacity to be kinder to others. 

This is like eating healthy food…. When we are kind to our bodies, our minds, hearts and even our soul functions better within – it is a ripple effect.

This ripple effect of internal kindness, creates confidence. Confidence creates courage.
Courage then creates bravery to be just that and we can SEE IT, FEEL IT and KNOW IT…
All of this leads to knowing ourselves better and where we stand, who we are and what is possible within our being in order to be doing and creating, paying forward the power of the kindness to create it, having confidence within a deeper core of becoming.

Is your head spinning?  Breathe.  It will be okay.  Digest slowly…let the rest of you catch up to these thoughts.

Simply put… bravery is an act, which is born from self-love.  When we can own that, we have a greater capacity to spread joy and awareness with that confidence to inspire others to see their own courage, and also to be brave.

Imagine what a wonderful planet this could be swirling about in this lovely energy.