Friday, November 6, 2015


Everyone seems to be buzzing this time of year about planning a ‘cleanse’ as they think about the food and drink they’ll be partaking in during the holiday season and the New Year’s Resolution they plan to make for a healthier lifestyle.

However, there is one ‘cleanse’ missing from the health agenda and that is a cleansing of the mind. 

WHY is this important?

As we wrap up a calendar year, we carry with us a lot of mental ‘junk’ we need to detox from in order to embrace the new year ahead with a fresh slate.

We cannot open up our world to anything new if we’re hanging onto old ways of thinking and old perspective which doesn’t align with what changes have happened over the course of the past year. 

Cleansing your mind is simply a healthy thing to do and it involves the following list:

  • Remove grievances and grudges

  • Eliminate disappointment
  • Forgive people you need to forgive
  • Banish blame and pointing fingers at others for your mental clutter
  • Let go of the guilt affiliated with resolutions you set for yourself you did not stick with
  • Forget the woulda, shoulda, coulda list from your mind
  • Stop negative thinking
  • Disallow preconceived ideas or assumptions to taint your traditions
  • Evict ‘vampires’ from your life – the ones who suck up all your energy, leaving you depleted
  • Say NO to demands and other people’s expectations of you, which put your health at risk
  • Don’t let the stress of the season to control your enjoyment
  • Abolish excuses which prevent you from your fresh start for the New Year

This simple checklist is a way to remove toxics LINKS from your life.  You can in turn change your chain reaction which no longer serves you.  

The mental cleanse is as important for your mind, body, soul and spirit well-being as a body cleanse.  This frees your brain up for sending healthier messages to your body, which can improve your immunity and your overall health.   

You can avoid illness and improve your odds of defending yourself against the cold/flu season by helping yourself with a mental cleanse.  The reward is less mental clutter and a sense of renewal to take in more positive energy for complete well-being.