Thursday, March 3, 2016


Space… everybody needs it, but not everyone actually finds the time to have it.

The truth is, we’ll never ‘find’ the time if we never look for it.

The truth is, we’ll never have the time, unless we make it.

Sometimes it is in creating the space for yourself, you can finally LINK to what matters most when it comes to organizing your thought process.

LINKING to your own space of time for yourself is a necessity when it comes to attaining clarity, but today there seems to be so much judgment about declaring time and space.

As a human, you have the right to ‘shut off.’  However, in today’s 24/7 “always on” mode of being accessible and available by phone, text, email on top of live and in person and ‘face time,’ no one really gets to ‘unplug’ or simply have the luxury of time to think.  

As a society, we’re losing the art of living when we cannot be allowed to be alone with our own thoughts and feelings.   

Ask yourself the following:

*When was the last time you had ‘nothing’ to do?

*Can you remember the last time you actually reflected?

*Do you know what it means to dream?

*Do you know what it means to daydream?

*Did you even know there was a difference between dreaming and daydreaming?

*When was the last time you read a book cover-to-cover and planned the next one you would read after you were finished?

*How long has it been since you truly had a day off – as in a REAL day off with no errands, bill paying, planning, organizing, cleaning or chores of any kind and actually PLAYED like you did when you were a kid?

*Do you even remember the last time you laughed – the kind that makes your side hurt?

*When was the last time you actually had a piece of birthday cake that was actually your own, that had candles where you made a wish?

*Do you even remember what the wish was?  And did it come true?  

*When was the last time you received a compliment?  

*When was the last time you gave a compliment?

*How long as it been since you’ve thought about any of this stuff?  

Now, how many of these questions could you actually answer?  Did your answers surprise you? 

The reason all of these questions have been asked is an exercise for you to see just how LINKED you are to your own ‘space’ of time, presence and being.

We don’t often think about planning or carving out a space of solitude to actually think.  While some people may think while riding the subway or driving to and from work because it is the ONLY time they actually have to do it, question is…. WHY?

If you take a long look at the definition of what having time and space means to you, you will understand just how undernourished your soul is.

Humans like distractions so they don’t have to think about things they don’t like to think about.  It’s become a default habit to the point that even when there are ‘good’ things to think about, humans have forgotten HOW to do that.  It’s no different than adults forgetting how to play like kids or how to have fun, because life becomes a serious place trying to figure things out.

What we don’t realize is that by creating time and space for ourselves, we can get our human selves back into the habit of allowing our minds wander long enough to actually connect with our hearts, our souls and develop healthier habits in being “free.”

Freedom is something everyone seeks.  People spend a lot of time looking for it, much like humans look for ‘time’ and ‘space’… but the reality is that everything you seek is actually within you already.  You just have to give yourself the permission to create it.

THAT is something we don’t often think about – the “idea” that we somehow denied ourselves the greenlight to do that.

Why is that?

Yet ---  WHY is it when we get sick, it seems like a hall pass to have space for ourselves to be quiet, in solitude and given the space and time we need to 'get well?'  

Are we not allowed to have that same time and space when we're HEALTHY?

WHY is there a stigma attached to it if we take it when we're healthy?  WHY do people assume automatically that if you prioritize your options to make time and space for yourself that you are "standoffish," "selfish," or others seem to take it personally when you just want a personal day to just be and actually think? 

Ask yourself this question and then see how ridiculous it is that there seems to be a strange double standard of sorts between being sick and healthy and the privilege of having time and space.

Prioritization is both a blessing and a curse in life, depending on what your priorities are.  If your priorities are all wrong, you miss the all-too-important idea that you are actually the one in charge of creating them.

When it comes to work and school, being “deadline oriented” is a learned behavior. When we learn and enforce that we need to meet deadlines, we actually create parameters.

The human psyche chooses to see parameters like a set of rules we become conditioned and programmed to meeting.  

So now let’s ask the question:  If we are able to create parameters and deadlines and meet them and we can condition and program ourselves to prioritize them – WHY is it that most humans cannot do this same exercise with their minds about time and space? 

What does it boil down to?  What is the missing LINK?  Or is it merely a LINK that needs to be further examined?

When we get to the root of what that LINK is, we are able to see for ourselves that if we own our journey and we own our life path as our own life that we’re living rather than meeting a deadline, we’ll stop ‘self-imposing’ the parameters which imprison our own beings.  Once we do that, the LINK can be reconditioned to learning a new set of tools and exercises to re-learn.

Creating time and space as a LINK in your own life for how you choose to develop a sense of balance is essential for your mind, body, soul, and your spirit for well-being. It can be a LINK you define and develop as a new habit on your terms.  

When you do this for your own health, like a sanity sabbatical you create each day, your own self-awareness sharpens and becomes even more open to possibility you did not see before. It was waiting for you to say, “this is my own space.” 

Take the time to create your own time to unplug to make room for yours today!