Monday, July 10, 2017


“You’re a good student… but if you only applied yourself.”

If you heard this from your teacher when you were a student or if you are a parent hearing this from your child’s teacher, this statement often leaves the listener/receiver in a state of flux.

Some may think it is a back handed compliment.

Others will focus on the words “good student.”

Competitive people may believe the teacher’s intention was to use psychology to motivate to become an “excellent student.”

Over-achievers will drive themselves to be an “outstanding student.”

Some may wonder ‘what is good enough.’

While others may ask the question ‘what more can I do and what more can I apply?’

Which part of this sentence do YOU fixate and find resonating with your psyche and your soul?

How we relate to feedback and criticism is LINKED within our brains and our minds process information.  Once we process this information, there is a reaction and then action or lack of action.

How we are motivated and inspired depends on how we were raised, supported, encouraged and taught… however, there is also a ‘hot button’ within some of us who defy all of the learned behaviors to become the opposite of our environment.

What it all boils down to is your internal light, the POTENTIAL LINK within you that has a driven desire to achieve and what makes you happy by doing something that makes you feel alive and purposeful.

Our POTENTIAL LINK starts with vision and clarity, self-esteem and belief in what is possible.

It requires the elimination of self-deprecation and the negative energy, which prevents you from living your best life. However, sometimes the naysayers actually drive you further, because you are determined to prove them wrong.

What matters most is your own conviction within what you believe you can achieve and this can be fostered and cultivated, even if you do not have all the support you desire by your own sheer will and determination.

You already have this within you.  All it takes is a bit of slowing down to SEE how far you have come, to appreciate your own progress.  This is something many people do not take the time to do, because ‘manic/frantic doing’ presents a façade of action when it is swirling energy.

Have you ever met someone (even yourself) who has a life full of ‘meetings’ yet it seems motion is stagnant because the meetings produce non-action and are not productive?
Going through the motions of being busy does not always produce the results desired.  Sometimes it can be detrimental to the end-goal if initial intentions are not set and put forth into an energetic field of direction.

Attachment to outcome is a human thing.  Of course, everyone likes to see the finish line and the said accomplishment being achieved.  However, sometimes life is a series of mini accomplishments accumulating for our own set course of something even bigger and greater than we can visualize, envision, fathom, or imagine for ourselves. 

Most will not be able to see it if they do not take the time to rise above the situation to see that there might even be a purpose for the greater good as a sum of all of the progress points – and that is called LIFE.

So if you are feeling derailed, halted, stuck, or lost – do not despair.  Take a breath and a moment to take a step back to see just how far you come, appreciate WHERE YOU ARE in your journey right now.  This is just a minor scenic rest stop for gratitude and assessment of your own progress.  It is here in this progress spot you gain perspective on the tools you have acquired through all of your challenging treks, knowing you are becoming fully equipped to handle what is on the summit ahead for the larger purpose of your life.

Set yourself free… allow yourself to fly within your own curiosity and exploration.  You just may be amazed at what you see!