Thursday, July 13, 2017


By Stacey Kumagai

From seedlings to birth,
We are here and we are born,
We're given shoes,
Which are meant to be worn.
Worn down all the way,
Back to bare feet…
So we can feel our own path,
Grass, sand or concrete.

Walking our life path,
It is here we are shown,
That where we walk matters,
Until we are grown.

But growing doesn't end,
Until we evolve,
Until we gain clarity
In what we resolve.

We are works in progress,
It is here we will see,
Who we become,
and who we will be.

Life soon takes shape,
From choices we make,
From every victory,
To every mistake.

We learn along the way,
There is beauty out there,
There is also devastation,
With moments of despair.

There are challenges that shape us
Into who we become,
How we rise above,
Becoming united as one.

We have moments we are tested,
We have moments we're tried,
We have moments of confusion
Way down deep inside.

There are moments of revelation,
Key moments we see,
Where we celebrate differences,
And similarities.

It is in this process,
As we walk life's path,
We sometimes question,
If we can ever look back.

Or do we just look ahead?
Do we see what's to come?
Do we just let life in?
To let our feet run…

Do we bask in liberation?
With freedom we feel,
When we encounter feelings
We know that are real.

Like blossoming flowers,
That open and bloom,
Our hearts can give and receive,
There is always more room.

Flowers are like people,
They bloom and they thrive
They reach for the sun,
Feeling vibrant and alive.
The ground is their launch pad,
Their roots firmly planted,
It is just like life,
We must not take it for granted.

We must enjoy each moment,
Take in what we can,
Be thankful and respectful,
And even hold hands.

Along our life path,
There is a garden for us,
To take in the beauty,

The universe provides,
We are shown the right way,
To survive and hold tight,
Just to cherish each day.

Tomorrow may never come,
Though TODAY we are here.
To celebrate moments,
Surrendering all fear.

Stop and smell the flowers,
Be thankful for fertile ground,
Be open to the pathway,
Of touch, sight and sound.

As we walk this way,
Let's leave footprints behind,
Of kindness and love,
With food for the mind.

Just knowing what we share,
Makes an impact so wide,
When we take a moment to…

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