Monday, December 14, 2015


Have you ever met an older person who has unhealthy eating habits, and doesn’t exercise and perhaps indulges in bad things like less than eight hours of sleep or worse, but they have not had the cold or flu in two decades?  

You may think it is unfair and completely unfathomable to be as healthy as they are, when you may do all the right things including eating clean, exercising daily and you drink plenty of water and have even cut out all your vices. 

“How is this possible?” you ask yourself over again as you recall George Burns living to the ripe old age of 100 years when he drank martinis and smoked cigars and he only died of natural causes and no long term illnesses. 

The answer is simple – wellness through inner peace. Ask any person who is completely healthy what their daily routine is, and you will find a common denominator…they don’t get too worked up about anything that doesn’t matter because worrying doesn’t solve problems and they make time to be happy and find peace and joy with appreciation of calmness in the moment. 

Wellness.  Everybody wants to be in total balance – mind, body, soul and spirit.  However, life tends to get a bit hectic and many become imbalanced day-to-day through crazy and hectic schedules, where time and mismanagement of self-care occur.

Inner Peace.  Everybody wants it and wants to enter each New Year with it inside their minds and hearts.  However,  just like the New Year’s resolutions to eat better, sleep and exercise more – internal peace is somehow gets kicked to the curb the moment stress flares up.

Are wellness and inner peace connected?  

Is it possible to gain complete tranquility and calm every single day?

Is there a way to attain optimum health physically when you have inner peace emotionally and mentally?  


But what does that mean exactly?

Without internal peace, our cell system rapidly goes into fight or flight mode and our defenses become weakened.

How do you get peace?  You must choose CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE to LINK to it within.
Now you may think that this seems far-fetched, however it is truly possible to do in moments.  This is where most people miss the mark because somehow, wellness and inner-peace seem like a giant goal to achieve and no one has a four-hour window to become centered.

Here’s the secret… think of achieving wellness through the ‘slow-time-released-vitamin’ of inner-peace and you can truly BE WELL in life’s most crazy and hectic moments.

When your body’s temperature and blood pressure become escalated in the middle of traffic, you are actually ‘allowing’ your body to feel stress.  When you feel stress, you are weakening your being and your body’s health defenses by forcing it to go through something that isn’t good for you.  So if you ‘STOP’ the process and calm your mind, take a deep breath and relax IN THAT MOMENT, you’re telling your body to be more peaceful. 

In essence what you are achieving at this moment is you are telling your body to not only be peaceful, but you are creating a preventative immunity breakdown through stress.

LINKING to this ‘GO-TO’ practice of creating peace in every moment you feel stress, you are actually creating a wellness protector.   

Rediscover a ‘GO-TO’ moment like this every single day each time you feel panicked, anxious, nervous, angry, negative, or defeated.

However, you don’t have to only wait to go to this “GO-TO” moment.  You can also carve out “energy booster” moments while you are already feeling good.  Consider this to be somewhat like a bonus wheatgrass shot for your mind, heart,and soul.

Refuel, regroup, recover, and refortify your sense of calm consciously by making the effort to plan a space in each day for it, like an appointment. 

It starts inside of you and your being.  It all begins with YOU. 

LINK to the place where you can feel peace at will and your body will respond favorably by keeping your immunity in check. 

We have enough external stress factors in daily life and there is much unrest happening with the world and the planet as a whole.  We must each do our part and take responsibility for keeping the peace vibration alive within ourselves, so we can have it resonate across the globe.  If we continue to ignore it within, we cannot extend it fully from our being. 

Imagine if each person in our world extended peace from their being because they committed to internal peace to continue to give peace and share it.  It would be awesome, right?  

Maintain your focus on your health.  Health does not only mean physical health.  Health is also an emotional, mental, and overall state of being.  Just like the vitamin supplements you take every single day for your physical health, you need a daily dose of peace priming within your state of mind in order to maintain your health.

Being off-balance happens to everyone.  People get busy.  Schedules get crammed with a long list of ‘to do’ items that seem endless and overwhelming.

You may laugh at the idea of the ‘domino effect’ but the truth is the domino effect is REAL and you are LINKED TO ALL OF IT – it is a chain that exists in your healthy pathway to well-being and inner peace.

Start with your environment.  Your personal space at home is a reflection of what is going on inside your body.  Did you know that?  If you have not been taking care of yourself, chances are you have not been taking care of your own environment either. 

If your personal space is cluttered, filled with dust and dirt and your carpet is matted with all the debris you bring in with your shoes from the day, you are actually creating an ‘UNHEALTHY’ space inside your home.  You breathe in this dirt every moment.  You may think you have allergies, but you may be suffering from a reaction physically to your actual environment.  When this happens, your physical wellness is being compromised.  

How can you possibly have peace internally if your only sanctuary away from the world is filthy and your body continues to live in a toxic environment of your own creation?   

It is pretty challenging to achieve optimum balance when you have mixed feelings internally and externally, creating further ‘chaos’ within instead of peace. 

Mental state-of-mind is also affected by your physical environment, creating less-focus, decreasing productivity, creative flow, and well-being.

CHANGE YOUR LINK by CHANGING YOUR ENVIRONMENT.  CLEAN IT UP and you will be creating your own pathway to mental and physical clearing in this space to provide and allow peace to actually have a place around you at home.

The same is said for your office space and where you work.  Keep your work station clean and free of debris, you will work flow will smooth out and your internal ‘frazzledness’ will start to dissipate so you can find peaceful moments with the work you are doing.

Making positive steps to take care of the planet we live on, even by doing one small thing can make a difference if everyone starts to do it.  Saving resources like water, electricity, reducing your carbon footprint – every little thing adds up to big changes.   

When you feel GOOD about the choices you are making, you start to accept within yourself that you are making changes in your environment, and then start to FEEL the change within your structure and being.  Your vessel starts to take on the energetic shift of that impact you have made in a positive direction. 

While this may seem far stretched to you – TRY IT and see how you feel. 

Notice the change within you and experience how different you feel about yourself and how much more peaceful you actually feel when you start to pay attention to your own support structure for yourself. 

Exercising kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness also play a big role in your ‘well-being.’  Doing something good does makes you feel good.  

Start by being authentic and real from the kindness place in your heart you were already born with. Intention is the most important because if the intention is not pure, it will be a toxic boomerang back at your well-being and be counterproductive if your own actions are not truthful.

This is the number one place where people are hung up and stuck.  Most think by being thoughtful, it somehow invites good karma or they will get something in return for their actions.

DELETE the agenda. Instead, change the LINK to be doing the kind act just because and because it is the right thing to do, NOT because you EXPECT something in return or you are secretly hoping for some sort of result.  Do not do it to be liked or popular.  Do not do it for selfish reasons and you’ll soon see that inside of your heart the vibration will invade your center within for a peaceful calmness and pure sense of being as you were born to do naturally. 

When you go against your own truth, your cell system will start to make changes with your mental and emotional state, which manifest physically.  It does not align with who you truly are.  This is another reason your immunity breaks down because you are fighting against your own natural current to do the right thing your mind and heart know is the better choice.

You were born with purity and innocence.  This still exists inside of you and who you are and it is there for you to tap into. Once you remove the human need to fill a void when you tap into the purity, you then have wholeness with genuine intention. 

When you do things for the greater good, and with the right intention vibration, you feel good; you have more self-acceptance about your own external actions.  In turn, internally you start to feel that resonate within as well.

POSITIVE LINKS = POSITIVE CHANGE.  Positive change brings inner peace. 

The actions you take each day can start simply with your own smile and giving that energy as you greet the day and go about it.  

Daily affirmations are simple and free to do.  You do not need any special exercise equipment or gadgets.  You do not have to cook or prepare or even buy anything.  A simple affirmation can change and transform your being.  Here is an affirmation for each day of the week:

  • “I accept myself as I am.  I am whole and I am healthy.”

  • “My mind and soul are at peace.  Everything that brings me joy makes me healthy.”

  • “I am love.  I am laughter.  I become vibrant with every hug and every laugh.”

  • “My spirit shines brightly when I give positive energy.  Positive energy ignites my healthy being into optimum performance.”

  • “When I am honest with myself, I am my healthiest being.”

  • “When I breathe, I feel peace.  When I feel peace, I am improving my daily life.”

  • “I love body, mind, soul, and spirit.  I am healthy and peaceful in just being me.”

  • “Each day is a new day.  I am grateful for my health and my peace grows each day.”

These affirmations can stop stress from taking over your health in your life.  By saying these affirmations in the morning before you get your day started, you set the tone for your overall start to a peaceful and self-accepting day.  

When stress starts to creep in, it has to battle the wall of positivity you have already set in motion.  If you do the affirmation repeatedly through the day, you gain peaceful insight to how you can overcome stress and reignite peace within. 

Saying these affirmations right before you go to sleep, allows the brain to process the positive message when your body goes into healing mode as you sleep. You are on your way to changing your cell structure and your body responds to the positive message as you heal. 

When you wake up you feel refreshed and inject more positivity with a new daily affirmation.
Your peaceful transformation begins to happen as your daily self-affirming, self-accepting, self-love heals, empowers, and provides a healthy mindset for your total being.