Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Can you learn to accept where you are without exception? 

What can you accept – right here, right now, right in this moment as it is happening in real time? 

If you are a non-believer in timing, opportunity, and destiny, you may say “Pfft...  Accept what?  I do not have to accept.  I make things happen.”

Do you actually believe that you do this all by yourself and that you are simply a human doing? 

If you have ever been ‘surprised’ by unexpected events, then you have your answer… it is clear the answer is ‘no’ – and that there are things evolving which you had no hand in, right?
This is not to discount the idea that you work hard or do things, but do you believe that timing is everything?  Let us first examine the LINK OF ACCEPTANCE and how it works 
with energy:

The old adage that preparation, plus opportunity equal the successful outcome is a recipe for life.  You might have prepared your entire life for something, but life did not go as you orchestrated, but rather prepared another opportunity where you apply your life lessons to do something you could not have imagined.

TIMING has a part in this, very much like how a piece of fruit ripens, a flower opens, a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and that all things require ‘energy’ of acceptance for all things to “become” in due time.

If you are a control freak, organizer, micromanager, or meticulous perfectionist, perhaps the idea of ‘accepting’ is hard for you because you feel as if you are surrendering full control to the unknown.  Sometimes that is scary, but surrendering control and simply accepting can provide more peace for you internally and a place where you can reside in TRUST. 

If you are open-minded and receptive to the idea that there is a purpose in the ‘then’ and a purpose in the ‘now’ as much as there is a purpose for ‘later’ … maybe you’re more accepting of acceptance and there is no exception except your own internal convincing to accept.

Regardless of where you sit in any of the above, you must realize that acceptance is a choice, but it does not need to define itself, nor does it need to define YOU or your position of where you are in your life’s journey.

Once you come to terms with this, the idea of acceptance will be much easier for you to embrace. 

Are you smiling at the idea that maybe saying, “Okay, I accept” is not such a bad thing?
You do not need to judge the idea or label it as something that makes you weak.
You are stronger when you learn to accept, it means that you honor the place where you do not have full control, and you can have confidence in sitting with not having to direct everything.

Sometimes you will discover that no matter what you do, things are not always up to you!
Yes, this is a tough lesson… but it is a real lesson to learn that there could be something happening you need to learn, understand, or go through to see the bigger picture.
We live in a society that is like a pressure cooker.  That pressure cooker sometimes transfers a labeling of acceptance as a lack of success.  However, in truth, it is quite the opposite.

Success is more meaningful as its authentic and organic creation when it evolves as it is meant to within the idea of proper timing.  When you accept your place of where you are, you are removing an obstacle by standing in its way.

There is bigger work being done behind the scenes of what you know as your divine plan continues to shape and create your best self by the lessons life throws at you.

Our own evolved consciousness may not always be on point with awareness to every nuance of these moments, because the human chooses to remain busy.  

Busyness is like a distraction and this human distraction sometimes is a good thing in that we do not become to analytical or obsessive every second with regard to time and timing.  Busyness can also of course like everything else, work in the negative when it becomes a crutch or an avoidance tactic for confrontation.

Yeah, sorry to be a buzzkill on this, but this is clinical truth and you do need to accept that sometimes you can get in your own way when you don’t allow yourself to be still to understand the place of where you are, hence why you cannot accept the idea of acceptance in the first place.  

The whole point of accepting your acceptance link is truly, so that you can find more peace and balance within… which is always a good thing of course.  However, the reason to get familiar with your link of acceptance is so that you can enjoy the journey RIGHT NOW.
We can eliminate the idea we have to ‘wait’ for something… and instead accept that the pace of what is happening is the pace for a higher purpose reasoning.

It is here we are able to grasp something better in terms of our own processing, comprehension of transformational change and personal evolution as it is happening.

Need an example?  Have you ever tried to grow an avocado tree from the pit and wait for roots to appear?  An avocado pit can sit in water for about a month before you see anything happen.  Then it may take another month to six weeks before you even see a leaf sprout.  It requires patience, but as you know – once you grow it into a tree and it starts producing fruit, it had to do what it needed to in order to become what you will eventually enjoy to the fullest. 

We do not often celebrate our place of arriving where we are when we arrive, rather we tend to think that it is something that happens later, rather than accepting that right here, right now is beautiful as it is already.   

If we choose to honor these moments in life, our lives become more meaningful.  As we go through the process of finding significance in what would ordinarily be blown off as insignificant, we graduate to another level of comprehending how things naturally evolve. 
It is that magical pause button accepting that sometimes you have to learn to accept where things are and have gratitude for what is right in the moment of the present moment.
Our lives shape us to prepare us for everything that crosses our path in the time that it crosses, even if we don’t understand it at the time, we later see the beautiful blessing in hindsight as everything connects as it should.

When we learn to enjoy the actual crossing, the process and find peace with the acceptance weaving its way into our life, we fortify our existence with quality moments.  Utilizing the acceptance tool in our life’s journey can provide nourishing tranquility to our soul as we learn the great art of balance in being with things as they are meant to be in the present.